How to Browse Isohunt & Torrentspy in the U.S.

Yeah, we all know Isohunt and Torrentspy have banned access to Americans. If you visit their sites, you’ll probably see something similar to this image (unless, of course, you live in the rest of the world!):

How to circumvent this:

These two websites have blocked U.S. access to their torrents, but this doesn’t mean the exact same torrents don’t exist somewhere else. And the files are hosted by trackers that don’t block American users - the trackers themselves haven’t changed anything (they’re still serving up the same ol’ files to American downloaders from other BitTorrent sites).

All you have to do to start surfing again on Isohunt or Torrentspy, is use an anonymous web proxy (heck, they’re free all over the place) or use a proxy server. There’s even proxy software that’ll allow you “anonymous” web surfing (which is the same thing).

To start using a web proxy, do a search for “anonymous web proxy” in your favorite browser. A popular one is - and enter “” in the browse window, as seen below. The second screenshot shows Isohunt viewed through

Proxify on -

It’ll be a little bit slower in most cases, but you’ll still be able to view and snag the torrents. Check out our article here for more info about proxy servers, web proxies and anonymous software.

Troubleshooting it: If it didn’t work with, perhaps you need to try out other anonymous proxies that aren’t based in the U.S. Try different ones until it works!

A Different Approach:

Another way to get around the Isohunt blockage is to use a [torrent metasearch](../../26/torrent-metasearch-websites/ “Torrent Metasearch sites - for aggregated results”) site that incorporates Isohunt and TorrentSpy into the aggregated search results. Some will allow users to ’select’ certain specific torrent sites and display only those in the search results; and others will actually show the Isohunt page through a redirect within the metasearch browser window, such as TorrentScan and TorrentPond.

  1. leny Says:

    Use is search isoHunt (and more sites), and works great!

    You can sort the results, and apply some further filters (category, size, age, etc). This is my favorite torrent search site.

    Try it!