Anonymous Proxy Servers

Using ‘Proxy Servers’ to maintain Anonymity

As opposed to web-based anonymous proxies, “real” proxy servers don’t rely on you having to visit their website every time to enter an Internet address, or URL. While generally they offer the same anonymous services as their web-based cousins, proxy servers are embedded into the Internet browser, within the settings. Another key feature is that they can also be incorporated into almost every single application that requires access to the Internet: Online games, FTP programs, P2P filesharing programs - just to name a few.

Like everything else on the Internet, Proxy Servers come in two flavors: Free and Paid.

Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

PROs: Free!

CONs: Everything else! (not recommended for anyone who’s serious about anonymity).

While the price can’t be beat, here are some less-than-positive tidbits about free (anonymous) proxy servers:

  • They are slow. You’ll notice that they’re sluggish to load web pages and surf, compared to paid services and your normal Internet speed.
  • They can (and do) disappear without a trace: This means you’ll have to find another one, and change the settings in your browser again (and any other web program that you set it up to use).
  • There are no guarantees in regards to the safety of any data being sent through them, nor can the ‘anonymity’ be ascertained.

Here are two websites that offer current, updated lists of free proxy servers:

PROs: Excellent service and anonymity.

CONs: $$ (recommended to those who can afford it).

  • ‘Paid’ is the better way to go if you choose to use a proxy server. Speeds will be comparable to your normal Internet connection, and the service is going to work the next day! Some providers will actually “guarantee” anonymity.

Some subscription-based proxy servers are software oriented and easy to install - the service can be activated by clicking an integrated button on the browser itself.

How to set up a proxy server:

To install a proxy server in a web browser, users require just two things from a working proxy - the IP address and the port number. If you are adding a free proxy server, visit one of the websites listed above (for example - Both of these criteria will have to be added to your browser.

If you subscribe to a pay service for a proxy, they will supply you with a specific IP and port number to add to your browser. But either way, the implementation is exactly the same.

In Explorer:

1. Launch Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS

2. Select the “Connections” tab, and click on “LAN Settings” at the bottom:

[ Click to
Enlarge](/p2p_extras/proxy2.gif “Setting up a Proxy Server in Explorer”){: rel=”lytebox”}

3. Select “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. Now enter the numerical proxy server address (or, enter a ‘text’ name for the proxy server - if supported). Be sure to enter the correct port number as well. Click “OK” to complete.

Now all of your Internet Explorer traffic and surfing will go through the added proxy server, instead of your ISP.

In Firefox:

1. Launch Firefox (2.0+), go to TOOLS > OPTIONS…

2. Select ADVANCED (at the top right), then select the “Network” tab, then click the SETTINGS button:

[Click to
Enlarge](/p2p_extras/proxy5.gif “Setting up a Proxy Server in Firefox”){: rel=”lytebox”}

3. Select “Manual proxy configuration:” and enter the numerical proxy server address in the HTTP Proxy: window (or, enter a ‘text’ name for the proxy server - if supported). Be sure to enter the correct port number as well. Click “OK” to complete.

Now all of your Mozilla Firefox traffic and surfing will go through the added proxy server, instead of your ISP.

  1. Malc Says:


    This looks great info. However, I am going round in circles! Can anyone help?

    What I want is to use bitTorrent anonymously (or fairly anonymously is ok) to hide usage from my ISP. I want to use uTorrent but do not want my browser to be anonymised. I am happy to pay for a proxy, then put the IP I am given into utorrent. But the paid proxies I can find are http and not socks.

    Can anyone give me the name of a service to use? Many thanks.

  2. amasiam Says:

    Take a look at BTGuard,
    From the website: BTGuard is a proxy service that reroutes your BitTorrent downloads thru our servers. BTGuard’s servers are located in Canada which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, ensuring the protection of your identity and IP address! We even protect you from your own ISP. No special software is required. BTGuard works with all major BitTorrent clients including uTorrent & Azureus. We don’t log any of your activity and download volume is unlimited. Purchase instantly below with Paypal for $6.95!

  3. siyamak Says:

    I need IP & port
    Anonymity For Proxy
    thanks a lot

  4. Mahr Says:

    Best protection ever is strapping a condom over your ETH-cable before pluging it into the Router :D

  5. Flyer Says:

    Isn’t there another way? - VPN tunneling?

  6. MUSHROOM Says:

    The Pirate Bay (Swedish)
    will son launch a new vpn service fore all of you who use torrents.

    this is were you can show your interest.
    and the cost will be 5 EUR.

  7. anonfreak Says:

    I found another:
    This service is compatible with almost any Public or Private BT Tracker,
    Your data is passed to the originating tracker as there were no proxy involved.
    No software installation is required on your computer, this service works on all platforms
    as long as your client supports setting up a proxy.

  8. freakyg33k Says:

    I live in canada, does that mean im safer? lol

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  12. joseph Says:

    is btguard free??can some one help me with a free Canada proxy with severs from Canada.

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