A List of File Sharing Networks

A list of P2P Networks and Clients

A P2P Network is a network consisting of other connected users, implemented for file sharing and transfers. To access a P2P network, users simply download and install a suitable P2P client application. P2P clients require a network to connect to, in order to join all of the users to each other that are using the same client (or other network-compatible clients). A common example would be Limewire - when you run the Limewire program, it connects to the Gnutella network. It is through the Gnutella network that all Limewire users are connected and thus all available files and searching. It would be fair to say that the network is actually more important than the client program - remove the network and the client has nothing to connect to.

Most P2P networks support multiple clients - that is, clients are created for the networks and not the other way around. For example, if the Limewire program were to disappear or stop working, there are numerous other clients available that will connect to the existing Gnutella network. Many new P2P programs are just adaptations of existing ones (for better or for worse) which will connect to those same networks.

A common misconception among most file sharers is that the quality of P2P file sharing (importance) relies heavily on the client program. For instance, lately I’ve seen comments in online forums from people who argue about which P2P program is better: Limewire, Frostwire or Addax P2P. I actually laughed out loud at the redundancy - essentially they are completely identical in every way - including the most important part: they connect to the Gnutella network. Thus search results will be the same as will the download speeds and available sources. (If you can’t find a particular song on Limewire, you sure as heck won’t find it on the other two, either).

Variety in P2P searching

It’s important to wrap one’s head around the significance of the network, not the program. Most tech-savvy P2P users already know this - and thus use more than one P2P program that connect to different networks (with a whole new group of users sharing different material). This is particularly important to users who are searching for specific files, hard-to-find stuff, or genre-oriented tastes and preferences - whatever it may be. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Limewire, try Direct Connect, Ares or eMule. This is not new information to IRC and Usenet users - they join specific channels or newsgroups that cater to exactly what they’re after.

About our List

Our list of networks/clients is anything but complete. We’ve purposely omitted many P2P clients that contain adware/spyware, cost money to use, or don’t connect (i.e. “dead” projects). This list is for MS Windows (XP) although many clients support multi-platforms. See the Wikipedia links at the bottom for more comprehensive results, including P2P networks and protocols.


P2P Network
(or Protocol)
Supporting active P2P Client Programs
Aimini Aimini connect to its own network
Ares Ares Galaxy, KCeasy
ANts P2P ANts P2P, JetiANts,
CSpace CSpace, RetroShare
Direct Connect DC++ (Among others)
eD2K (eDonkey) eMule, aMule, Emule Plus, MLDonkey, Shareaza
ExoSee ExoSee connects to its own network
FastTrack (old KaZaA network) Only one known to work - Torrent Searcher
FileTopia FileTopia
Freenet Freenet, Frost
giFT (OpenFT) KCeasy, AudioGnome
Gnutella (G1) Limewire, Bearshare, Shareaza, Truxshare, KCeasy, Zultrax, Addax P2P, Cabos, Fusteeno, Mastermax, MP3Rocket, Phex
Gnutella (G2) Shareaza, Truxshare, Mastermax, MLDonkey
I2P I2Phex, iMule, i2P darknet, i2pSnark
KAD eMule, aMule, Emule Plus, MLDonkey, CSpace
Manolito/MP2P Manolito, Blubster, Piolet (Adware/Spyware)
MUTE MUTE, MFC Mute, NapShare
Nodezilla Nodezilla
OFF Network Off System
OpenNap AudioGnome, XNap, WinMX, Napster (old version), Lopster, SunshineUN, JLop, Utatane
Rodi Rodi
RShare StealthNet
SoulSeek Soulseek (Windows), SolarSeek (for Mac)
Tor Tor, Onionland
WPNP (WinMX) WinMX (old versions with the MXPie patch)
ZEPP Zultrax

P2P Networks & Protocols on

P2P Network
(or Protocol)
Wikipedia Link
Ares wiki/Ares Galaxy - Clients
ANts P2P wiki/ANts P2P
BitTorrent (protocol) wiki/Comparison Of BitTorrent Software
CSpace wiki/CSpace
Direct Connect wiki/Direct Connect/Client Software
eD2K (eDonkey) wiki/EDonkey Network - Clients
FastTrack wiki/FastTrack
Freenet wiki/Freenet
giFT/OpenFT wiki/OpenFT & /wiki/GiFT
GNUnet wiki/GNUnet
Gnutella (G1) wiki/Comparison Of Gnutella Software
Gnutella (G2) wiki/Gnutella2 - Clients
I2P wiki/I2P
KAD wiki/Kad_network - Clients
Manolito/MP2P wiki/MANOLITO
Nodezilla wiki/Nodezilla
OpenNap wiki/OpenNap
SoulSeek wiki/Soulseek
Tor wiki/Tor - Anonymity Network
WPNP (WinMX) wiki/WPNP
ZEPP wiki/Zultrax
Other Useful Wikipedia Links
Category: File Sharing Networks
Category: Anonymous File Sharing Networks
Category: Free File Sharing Software
Category: BitTorrent
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