A List of P2P File Sharing Programs


eMule Plus
OFF System
P2P Muzic
Speedy P2P


FileShareFreak is doing what no other website will do: We are actually testing various P2P programs under WinXP, and giving a personal review in our own words - not just some ‘cut/paste’ from the software publisher’s website. All programs were tested to be functional* in Nov./Dec. 2007, all are ‘Freeware’, and all are free of adware/spyware (unless otherwise noted). *Functional being that they connect to a network (with other users) and generate search results.

Also, we don’t include everything on this list. There’s only so many clones of Limewire and eMule we can handle! (Open source software often gets a minuscule makeover, bundled with third party adware, toolbar addons etc. and viola! a new product is born! - most of which we don’t include here). If you really want a complete list of available P2P software, visit and search for “P2P program” or “MP3 finders” - you’ll be inundated with clones and the like. Know a good P2P program that’s not on the list? Try our [Top Ten](/2007/11/25/p2p-software-review-comparison/ “P2P software review - Top Ten”) P2P page, or add one in the comments at the bottom.

Additionally, we wanted a list of P2P programs that contained variety. Most of these programs connect to their own network, or to multiple networks, thus diversifying the search results available in P2P. What point would it serve if we only included a bunch of programs that connected solely to the Gnutella network? - all of the search results would be the same.

NOTE: Keep checking back at this page, we add new P2P File Sharing programs regularly! Although these programs are adware/spyware free, most of these applications are not considered P2P safe (i.e. “anonymous” or “encrypted traffic” type programs), unless they are properly configured via the Proxy (SOCKS) settings internally.

BitTorrent clients are not listed here, since there are only about three BT clients that should be used anyways ([see here](/2007/11/04/getting-started-with-bittorrent/ “A list of the top BitTorrent clients”)). Moreover, the BTclient is not at all indicative of good search queries - this quality is ordained by the BitTorrent website hosting the .torrent files.

See our [Anonymous P2P Clients](/2007/12/14/p2p-programs-designed-for-anonymity/ “A list of Anonymous P2P clients and networks”) section for exclusively anonymous P2P clients & networks. See the [bad P2P](/2007/12/09/bad-p2p-programs-what-to-avoid/ “A list of bad P2P programs”) programs page for a list of clients that didn’t make the cut - and why.

Other things not included in the list below (categorized elsewhere):

  • [IRC](/2007/11/01/irc-internet-relay-chat/ “Internet Relay Chat (IRC)”) Clients/Software
  • DC/DC++/’[Direct Connect](/2007/11/05/direct-connectdc/ “Direct Connect / DC”)‘ Clients
  • [Usenet](/2007/11/17/usenet-and-newsgroups/ “Usenet & Newsgroups for File Sharing”) Newsreaders
  • [BitTorrent](/2007/11/04/getting-started-with-bittorrent/ “A list of the top BitTorrent clients”) Clients
  • [Anonymous](/2007/12/14/p2p-programs-designed-for-anonymity/ “Click to visit our ‘Anonymous P2P’ section”) P2P Programs
  • P2P Programs that contain [adware](../p2p-programs-that-contain-adware/ “A list of P2P Programs that contain adware/spyware”)
  • P2P Programs that charge [money](../../01/p2p-programs-that-cost-money/ “A list of P2P Programs that charge fees”)
  • P2P Programs that don’t connect
  • Friend-to-Friend Programs (F2F)
  • Instant Messaging (IM) Software
  • [Darknets](/2007/12/16/darknets-private-internet-file-sharing/ “A list of Darknets used for File Sharing”) for File Sharing
  • File/Web [Hosting](/2007/12/20/free-file-hosting-websites/ “File Hosting Websites for File Sharing”) for File Sharing


Aimini v1.9.9

[Click to see Aimini
screenshot](/other_p2p/aimini.gif “Aimini v1.9.9 - screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}Aimini is a community-oriented P2P file sharing program with an IM (Instant Messaging) twist. Currently, there are about 8,000 total users worldwide, so it’s not huge. We recommend that you sign up for a free account after installation, as to take advantage of more features. Aimini has an OK selection of music - at last check there were 7,600 songs being shared. Note: This program is upload-bandwidth hungry - if you have a ‘capped’ Internet connection, don’t let this one run in the background. Also worth mentioning - this app isn’t for the kiddies - there’s lots of public adult profiles with public adult pictures. Methinks Aimini isn’t really just about the file sharing…

Allpeers (for Firefox)

Allpeers for Firefox is a browser extension/addon that adds the ability to download *.torrent files through Firefox. And it’s fast, too!

Here’s the steps required to adding the allpeers Firefox extension:

1. Install Firefox, if you haven’t already done so.

2. Launch Firefox, go to TOOLS > Add-ons - this will open the extensions window. (as seen in the first screenshot below)
3. Click the “Get Extensions” button. This will launch Firefox to their extensions website. (see second screenshot)
4. In their search window, enter in “allpeers” and click search. This will show the available addon. Click the green INSTALL NOW button, and follow online instructions. After installation, Firefox will be restarted and will automatically launch to the Allpeers registration page. Enter a “username” and “password”. For the email address, it’s not important to enter a working one so make one up or use a hotmail address.
5. Visit your favorite BitTorrent website and start downloading some illegal files! What are you waiting for?!?

[Adding 'Extensions' in
Firefox](/other_p2p/allpeers.gif “Adding ‘Extensions’ in Firefox”){: rel=”lytebox”}Search for the Allpeers
add-onInstalling the

aMule v2.1.3

aMule is an eMule-like spinoff P2P client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks. When connected to the proper networks, there are loads of search results, millions of peers sharing files, and speeds are very impressive for popular queries.

Our Comments: aMule (and eMule) do not use the same ‘decentralized’ architecture as Limewire - they require connections to specific eD2k and KAD central servers that must be imported into the program. It has been estimated that 60% of all currently available eD2k servers are decoys/fakes or some form of scam. But don’t let this dissuade you entirely - eD2k is a great alternative to Gnutella (Limewire) - the emule/amule ‘Razorback’ server alone has almost 1 million users sharing 130 million files online at any given time. The secret is to import trusted server lists. More on that below…

Installation (of program): Download aMule from here, and install. The current file name is “aMule-2.1.3-installer.exe”. Read on…

Installation (of servers): There is one server list that comes pre-installed with aMule, but it doesn’t connect (a broken URL). Therefore if you try to connect/search right after installation, it won’t happen. You need to install some trusted server URLs. We’ve listed 3 verified trusted server lists (URLs) below which add approximately 75 working servers to aMule, with 6 million users between them. They are:


And there are more eD2k server lists around. Just be sure they’re trustworthy!

How to add the server lists into aMule:

1.Run aMule, and click on the “Networks” button at the top.
2.Now, enter one of the lines from above into the slot where it says ’servers’ - (i.e. - See the screenshot below.
3.Last, click on the blue arrow to the left - this will update the servers.
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each server URL as listed above. Congratulations, you’ll now be connected to many servers. (It may take a few minutes to establish a good connection).

[How to add eD2k 'Server Lists' into
aMule](/other_p2p/amule1.gif “Adding eD2k ‘Server Lists’ into aMule.”){: rel=”lytebox”}

Cabos v0.7.4

[Click to see Cabos
screenshot](/other_p2p/cabos.gif “Cabos screenshot - filtering the search results.”){: rel=”lytebox”}What’s special about Cabos is its search capabilities - unlike any other P2P program. Users can filter the search results to show only specific qualities (like ‘bitrates’ or ’sources’) while throwing out all the other results! See the screenshot. Has support for iTunes searches as well. While the Cabos download page is in Asian (’Cabos-0.7.4-Windows.msi’ installer), the program is in full English, and download speeds were great! Cabos connects to the Gnutella network.

Clickster v1.6.0

Click to see the Clickter
screenshotClickster is a unique way of finding music on the Internet. While not classified as a P2P program - it strictly searches for music only and doesn’t connect to other users - download speeds are great and the quality (bitrate) of the songs are impressive. Searching is a little erratic - results are displayed for things completely unrelated to the query, and there is no additional information about the song - just the title only. Also note: Nag popups try to sell you the ‘Pro’ version for $25 - don’t do this. The service isn’t worth it based on the way the search results are shown - see the screenshot.

Deepnet Explorer v1.1

Click to see the Deepnet
screenshotDeepnet Explorer is a web browser that combines browsing with integrated P2P file sharing capabilities and a built-in RSS/ATOM news feed reader. We like the search feature - it doesn’t stop searching for a query after a set number of results - it just keeps searching until that search window is closed. Deepnet connects to the Gnutella network. NOTE: While Deepnet has been discontinued by its publisher, the program still works, and can be downloaded from the website.

eMule Plus v1.2c

Click to see 'eMule Plus'
screenshoteMule Plus is a branch of the original eMule P2P client application with some improved features, like enhanced GUI; Automatic Fake Check; Auto Download Lists; in-program Antivirus support. Download eMule Plus here. See aMule above for adding in ‘Server Lists’ - however, the newly released version of eMule Plus does contain a couple of lists that indeed do connect - and brandish some very respectable search results and robust download speeds. eMule Plus is a great addition to the P2P family!

Looking for other eMule options? There’s a plethora of modified eMule clients out there…check the SourceForge website.

ExoSee v1.0.0

[Click to see ExoSee
screenshot](/other_p2p/exosee.gif “ExoSee screenshot”){: rel=”lytebox”}ExoSee is an online community-oriented P2P file sharing application that allows users to share with all members of the ExoSee community or privately. With this being brand-new, there aren’t alot of users or channels to join. The ’search’ only works on XOC files, not for users in the channels - you have to browse the users to see what is being shared. But it is a neat concept, and speeds were excellent. It’s recommended to share files in ExoSee. Download it here.

FileCroc v1.0.1

Click to see FileCroc
screenshotFileCroc is a runner-up in our Top Ten P2P programs. Features: Integrated radio/media player; great download speeds; excellent quantity of search results; mouseover for additional file info; *.torrent downloading; good search result filtering; in-program chat; and the ability to preview media files before they are finished downloading. At this time, we’re unsure of what network(s) Filecroc connects to, but we suspect Gnutella.

Fusteeno v1.1

Click to see the Fusteeno
screenshotFusteeno is peer-to-peer system which uses a web browser instead of client software installed on your computer. It requires Java and Flash though, and the setup will guide you through that part.

Presently in Beta mode, only music searching is available, for now. Our Comments: We don’t want to be too hard on Fusteeno - it is brand-new and quite possibly an emergent breakthrough in the way files are shared! But, we found it a little slow. OK, a LOT slow, actually - some files wouldn’t connect, and some would just stop in the middle. The problem is there’s no way to configure it - so you don’t know if you’re downloading from one person or ten. Fusteeno connects to the Gnutella network.


Gnucleus is two things: One; a P2P application built for the windows platform. Two; it’s a ’source-code’ model for other P2P programs. We couldn’t get the application Gnucleus to connect, but there’s another program that uses the same Gnucleus source-code which does connect to the G1 and G2 networks - [TruxShare](/2007/11/25/p2p-software-review-comparison/#trux “TruxShare - click here for our review”) v3.8.0.


Click to see the Jubster
screenshotJubster MP3 Finder is a program for finding music (mp3 files) on the Internet. Our Notes: While Jubster isn’t a typical P2P program, it can help find at least some music that’s out there. The programs is very easy to use - just install and start searching for an artist name or song title. Jubster supports simultaneous file downloading and multiple search windows.

Manolito v1.1.8

Click to see Manolito
screenshotManolito is a file-sharing network that uses a peer-to-peer network similar to Gnutella, with a new private protocol that works without a central server. Our Notes: Beware! 1. - It attempts to install 2 different brands of adware - which both can be ‘opted out of’ during installation. 2. - It changes the registry to start up with Windows. 3. - There’s a pay version called ‘Super Manolito’ being offered through the program for $20. So aside from these three deplorable things, Manolito isn’t a bad P2P program. Connects to the MP2P network.

MasterMax v3.3

Click to see the Mastermax
screenshotMasterMax is a brand-new P2P application used for connecting to the Gnutella networks (G1 & G2). Features an interface unlike any other file sharing program, very simple, low CPU usage, and small file size. Future development includes search expansion to the eDonkey (eD2K) and Ares networks. Visit to download the latest version, help pages and MasterMax forums. Since this is new and under active development, check back at their website for future updates.

MP3Rocket v5.0.2

MP3Rocket is another program based on the Limewire source code, but this program comes with a neat twist - it has an added tab for users to watch TV programs, listen to radio stations or play games while you wait for your downloads! We are impressed by this (especially since it also connects to the Gnutella network for great speeds). Having said that…

Caveat Emptor: There is a ‘Pro’ version of MP3Rocket which they thrust at you, and it costs $34.44 for a “Lifetime” membership. Lest we forget what happened to all those users who paid for a lifetime membership to 360SharePro last year? (another Limewire clone). It folded up shop, leaving everyone high and dry. Do not fall prey to the “Your money is now our money!” syndrome - use Addax P2P instead (it’s a free Limewire Pro clone with identical search results and download speeds).

[The MP3Rocket 'Media'
Tab](/other_p2p/mp3rocket1.gif “The MP3Rocket ‘Media’ Tab.”){: rel=”lytebox”}[A look at the MP3Rocket
'Pro' upgrade
screen](/other_p2p/mp3rocket2.gif “A look at the MP3Rocket ‘Pro’ upgrade screen.”){: rel=”lytebox”}

OFF System (Owner-Free File System) v0.18

[Click to see the OFF System
screenshot](/other_p2p/off.gif “OFF screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}Perhaps this one could’ve been filed in our anonymous P2P list of software - OFF is similar to anonymous. The caveat being that we assume you can still be tracked to the program (but what you are downloading is likely to be an enigma).

Regardless, OFF sports some nice options, good speeds and decent search results. Download it here. (click ‘OFF System’ on that page). OFF connects to its own network (i.e…other OFF users).

ourTunes v1.3.3

Click to see the ourTunes
screenshotourTunes is designed to allow you to browse and download from other people’s iTunes Music Shares. We’re not sure how to comment on this one. For us, we couldn’t get it to connect with any hosts (automatically) nor do we even know anyone who is personally sharing iTunes music through ourTunes. Apparently you need to have iTunes running first before starting ourTunes, which we don’t have. But the creator’s boast over 3 million downloads, so they can’t all be wrong. Read the FAQ section in the link above for connectivity issues. And here’s a link to an update for ourTunes. NOTE: We stole this screenshot from their website, because ours looked cheap and empty!

Check out this story for more ourTunes information.

P2P Muzic v1.0

Click to see the 'P2P Muzic'
screenshotP2P Muzic is very simple - just download the *.EXE and run it - no installation required (we like that!). Features include: an in-program media player (VLC) and great filtering from the search window (users can add data columns for all sorts of file info), and a ’search again’ button to update the results. P2P Muzic searches only for music from the Ares and Gnutella networks (although they advocate FastTrack and OpenFT support - we couldn’t connect to those networks). By default, search results are only shown for queries that contain multiple sources - click the green plus button to enable single-source listings.

Our Notes: We aren’t sure what it really connects to - stats indicate a connection to Gnutella; yet there were only 900,000 users online - this suggests otherwise (or a limited Gnutella connection). Regardless, 900,000 users sharing 500 million files is still not too shabby for a P2P program.

Phex v3.2

[Click to see 'Phex'
screenshot](/other_p2p/phex.gif “Phex v3.2 - screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}Phex is another P2P program that connects to the Gnutella (G1) network. PROs: Great search filtering (which is also displayed in a ‘percentage remaining’ progress bar). Has a neat “What’s New” feature that displays only new files being shared on G1 (mostly *.mp3 files). Also supports RSS downloading. CONs: Downloads were comparatively slower than most other programs that connect to the G1 network (Limewire, Shareaza).

At the time of this review, we had difficulties downloading the Phex install file from their website. Download it from the SourceForge page instead.

NOTE: There’s a spinoff application of Phex, called I2Phex which offers tunneling for anonymous downloads (i.e. ‘I2P over Phex’). See our review in the Anonymous P2P Clients section.

Ruckus v3.5+

[Click to see the Ruckus
screenshot](/other_p2p/ruckus.gif “Ruckus - screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}Could Ruckus be a real turning point in the way P2P music is being handled? Quite possibly. It offers both FREE and LEGAL downloads to college students (or anyone else that has an *.EDU email address). OK, sure the downside is that the music contains DRMs in it, but so what? College kids need not worry about the RIAA coming after them for thousands of dollars and ruining their lives when using Ruckus. And if the RIAA is somehow behind this service, maybe they’re not the soulless ghouls we really think they are! Nah!!

Sigster v1.2

Click to see the Sigster
screenshotSigster is a search engine that finds hash quicklinks on the web. These quicklinks helps you download virus-free and fake-free files from various P2P networks. Sigster finds Ed2k, Sig2dat, Magnet and BitTorrent links. Our Test: Sigster isn’t that thorough - it found only 16 results for “aXXo” in BitTorrent (when there are hundreds of viable aXXo .torrents surely to have been properly hashed). Plus, the search took around 5 minutes to complete.

Speedy P2P Movie Finder v1.8

[Click to see the 'Speedy P2P'
screenshot](/other_p2p/speedy.gif “Speedy P2P Movie Finder - screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}We aren’t sure how to rate this one. With a name like “Speedy P2P Movie Finder” one has to wonder about the motives - sure sounds like MPAA bait for Newbies. Speedy is nothing more than an eMule/aMule clone, while leaving out the other search categories (music, software etc.) Our Test: We couldn’t get it to connect to the Kad network, however there are many good available eD2K networks in the list to connect to. When we went to close Speedy, we were welcomed with a message, “Leaving Speedy P2P Movie Finder open will earn extra credit and help others.” Umm…extra credit?? We don’t want credit, we want files! If we want credit, we’ll join a private BitTorrent website. Jokes aside, the credit message is a characteristic specific to some versions of eMule. Also note: Contains third-party adware that you can de-select during the install. The uninstall caused our antispyware to grumble about Speedy trying to change a file in our MagicISO program. WTF? Bottom line: Skip Speedy and use eMule / aMule instead.

Swapper.NET v4.5

Click to see the 'Swapper.NET'
screenshotSwapper is P2P software for sharing and downloading files (music, video, programs). Here’s the link to the Swapper homepage, which is still online, but the download link is long gone - they yanked the program due to legal fears (get it from here instead). Be careful with Swapper - it automatically searches your computer for folders to share - and it shares them automatically (but you can remove them under the Settings menu). Swapper connects to other swapper users.

TED (Torrent Episode Downloader) v0.91

[Click to see the 'TED'
screenshot](/other_p2p/ted.gif “TED - screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}With Torrent Episode Downloader, users can select popular TV shows and TED will find the latest episodes (and past ones). Using the best torrent websites available, TED downloads healthy torrents for your shows and passes them on to your favorite BitTorrent client. You can use TED with BitComet, Azureus, uTorrent, etc. Currently it supports over 150 modern shows with a neat description of each one! So simple a child can use it.

Tribler v4.1.4

Click to see 'Tribler'
screenshotBased on the BitTornado engine by Bram Cohen (original creator of the BitTorrent protocol), Tribler is a cross between Youtube and BitComet. Our Test: Tribler isn’t great as a bitTorrent search engine - it will hardly replace Mininova or The Pirate Bay for content. But it does have some redeeming features like an integrated media player, preview file during download, YouTube search and software-title search capabilities.


With WinMX, users have three options:

1. Visit the official WinMX website and start paying for your downloads. Not recommended.
2. Use an older version of WinMX and start connecting to some OpenNap networks. Recommended. See our [link here](../../04/opennap-for-p2p-file-sharing/#winmx “OpenNap Network - WinMX”) about WinMX & OpenNap for that.
3. Use a patched version of WinMX (v3.53) to connect to the actual WinMX Peer Network. Highly recommended.

Option 3 - Patching WinMX with

MXPie has come up with a way to patch a slightly older version of WinMX so that it connects with current users on the WinMX Peer network. We tested this and it works great; a search for ‘Metallica’ garnished 1,425 results!


[Click to see the 'WinMX'
screenshot](/other_p2p/winmx12.gif “WinMX v3.53 - patched with MXPie - screenshot.”){: rel=”lytebox”}Visit the website and click on the “Instructions” link at the left - they explain the simple installation process. You’ll need to first install the ‘patch’ and then install WinMX. Both are available for download there - the recommended version is 3.53. Setup is very straight-forward - just follow the online instructions.

MLDonkey v2.9.2 for Windows (P2P) + Sancho

MLDonkey is a very interesting piece of P2P software. It is a ‘core’ program that requires a secondary application to run the GUI (Graphical User Interface). For this we recommend ‘Sancho’, although others are available. We document MLDonkey and Sancho extensively because it is relatively complex to set up (for a P2P program), and because it runs on so many networks with many advanced options.


Follow these steps carefully (reason below).

1. Download MLDonkey from here. Click the “Downloads” link to the left. The file for Windows is called “mldonkey-2.9.2.static.i386.Windows.exe”. After downloading, run it and there will be an extract to window. In this window, type “C:\mldonkey”. Proceed promptly to Step 2 (do not try to run MLDonkey).

2. Download ‘Sancho’ - available here. The file is “sancho-0.9.4-58-win32.exe”. After downloading, install it. Now, run Sancho from your START BUTTON and the second window will ask you for the location of the mlnet.exe file from the MLDonkey directory. Browse to, or type in this path as shown:


Use the default settings in the Sancho window (port You may need to click the ‘connect’ button, or, if everything was a success, the GUI will launch and you’ll be in this Sancho window:

[Click to
Enlarge](/other_p2p/sancho1.gif “Sancho - Main Window”){: rel=”lytebox”}

If you get an error message, either in the black ‘core’ window, or an error in a small window…”Core not found! does not accept connections…” then it’s likely that the path for ‘mlnet.exe’ is wrong, OR, you already have an instance of MLDonkey running in the background. Solution: check your MLDonkey/mlnet.exe path again, and/or CRTL+ALT+DEL and check that neither MLNET.EXE nor RUN_MLDONKEY.EXE are running tasks. Run Sancho from the Start Menu again. You may also have to uninstall/reinstall Sancho.

Operating Sancho/MLDonkey:

Sancho will automatically start connecting to the available servers (on the default networks). You can enable other protocols and networks (Direct Connect, Fast Track, Gnutella etc.) in TOOLS > PREFERENCES > ‘Networks’ tab:

[Click to
Enlarge](/other_p2p/sancho2.gif “Sancho - the ‘Network’ tab in TOOLS…PREFERENCES.”){: rel=”lytebox”}

Other MLDonkey options:

Change your download speed if you have a fast connection - the default is 50KB/s. Go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES > ‘Bandwidth’ tab, and enter “0″ for the “max_hard_download_rate” (this means ‘unlimited’). Also change your upload rate (use “50″ if you have Cable/DSL Internet access). Since there are so many networks within Sancho, some of them require uploading in order to download (BitTorrent, Direct Connect) so this isn’t a typical P2P program like Limewire where you can just shut it off. Turning off your uploads will adversely affect the file availability/download rate on some networks. Here’s a screenshot of the ‘bandwidth’ tab:

[Click to
Enlarge](/other_p2p/sancho3.gif “Sancho - the ‘Bandwidth’ tab in TOOLS…PREFERENCES.”){: rel=”lytebox”}

Filter your search results by number of users sharing the same file:

[Click to
Enlarge](/other_p2p/sancho5.gif “Filtering the search results by highest number of users with the same file.”){: rel=”lytebox”}

Sancho/MLDonkey has BitTorrent support so you can open .torrent files with it - but one setting MUST be changed immediately: The ports which are used for BitTorrent. They are set to 6882 and 6881 by default (really bad numbers for trackers and bandwidth throttling). These numbers should be changed to a range between 49152 to 65534. Since both the ‘client_port’ and the ‘tracker_port’ require different numbers to operate in Sancho, add a different number to both. To do this, go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES and click on the “+” button beside the ‘Networks’ tab, now click “BitTorrent” as shown:

[Click to
Enlarge](/other_p2p/sancho4.gif “Changing the BitTorrent ‘Port Settings’ in Sancho.”){: rel=”lytebox”}

Key Features of MLDonkey/Sancho:

SSH2/Tunneling support (go to TOOLS > HOST MANAGER to activate)
— In-program IRC (go to TOOLS > IRC Client to activate)
— Multiple networks/protocols: G1, G2, BitTorrent, DC, FastTrack, SoulSeek, etc.)
— Statistics window (download/upload rates)
— Great ‘Search Filtering’ (song bitrates, length etc.)
…And too many more to mention!

The only true issue we have with MLDonkey is speed. Our top download speed was around 20KB/s (in the Donkey network). We didn’t test BitTorrent speeds.

  1. Markus Says:

    I use a program called FilesWire (p2p) Its a web based p2p file sharing client. It allows you to share files directly from your browser, user must have javascript and java enabled in their browser.

  2. Artist Says:

    I am looking for a good P2P file sharing site. I am so fed up with those sites who are suppose to be file sharing but are full of viruses, spy ware and add ons. It’s not as if I am trying to download third world war secrets…….I am looking for old songs of the 60s and old movies. How do I tell what sites are ok and what ones are loaded with these people who have nothing else better to do but try to shut my computer down.

  3. Steve Allan Says:

    P2P means Peer to Peer network and is used for file sharing between computer users. This application is widely used for sharing files like movies, video clips, mp3 music, documents, games etc. My preferred applications are Morpheus and FastestP2P

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    Thanks for share! Good luck for you!

  8. Justin Says:

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