Specialized Private BitTorrent Websites - eLearning / eBooks

If you’ve never poked your cursor inside a private eBook or e-Learning BitTorrent website before, you’d probably be awestruck by the sheer magnitude of content that these trackers contain. Anything and everything that has ever been written, typed, documented, taught, published, drawn, painted, penned, or even photographed can be found. Categories are numerous and plentiful; content is staggeringly vast; media exists in every known digitized format available. A good eBook / e-Learning tracker makes Wikipedia look like a comic book.

There’s little speculation as to why students, professionals, writers, designers, tradespeople (and anyone else) are clambering to get into these private sites. Hey, we all know books aren’t cheap - especially medical / science journals, University textbooks and trades/ technical/ law literature. Courtesy of textbooktorrents, here’s an example of what one can expect to find on the inside of a specialized e-Learning tracker:

eBook/eLearning TORRENT SITES

There’s not more than a handful of private BitTorrent sites that are dedicated to eBooks & learning, and of those only a fraction are even open to new signups. Without further ado, here’s a list of private BitTorrent websites that cater specifically to eBooks & eLearning. Sites listed at the top are presently open to new registrations.

— OPEN? - YES.Members: 50,000.Minimum Ratio: none.# of Torrents: 3,250.Features: Textbooktorrents is a very impressive tracker with every known classification of eLearning torrent available (see category image - above). Textbook isn’t much concerned about ratios; and more about sharing - it’s recommended to upload at least one torrent. Be sure to check out their massive forum!

Torrents Forums

— OPEN? - YES.Members: unknown.Ratio: none?.# of Torrents: 1000’s.Features: Not so much as a “learning” site - they heavily focus on every type of documentary imaginable (BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Nova, etc.). As you may have guessed by the title, mvgroup is a forum website with both torrents and eD2k links. Browse around thoroughly - there’s stuff everywhere!

Torrents Forums

— OPEN? - YES.Members: 3,000 / 10,000.Ratio: 0.45 / 1.0.# of Torrents: 2,550.Features: BitSeduce is a seduction / spiritual / self-help tracker with all sorts of obscure eLearning stuff in a variety of formats (PDF, video documentaries, eBooks, audiobooks, software and courses). Users can even browse specific authors (Anthony Robbins, Neil Strauss, Lance Mason, Carlos Xuma, and others).

Browse Categories Stats

— OPEN? - YES.Members: 20,000 limit.Ratio: 0.2 / 1.0.# of Torrents: 6,000+.Features: DOCS is an e-Learning tracker with all the general fare - Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Graphics & Design, and more! Did we forget to mention there’s over 1,000 video tutorials?! NOTE: We couldn’t find the stats on how many members they have, but with a small 20,000 limit, once they fill up it’s going to be hard to get in.

Torrents Categories

— OPEN? - Always.Members: N/A.Ratio: none.# of Torrents: unknown.Features: eBookShare is a public tracker that’s open to everyone. Browse the categories on the left side to get a list of the offered torrents. NOTE: We’re none too keen on the popups with every click - we’ll stick to a private tracker without all the ads.

— OPEN? - NO.Members: 8,000?.Ratio: 1.0 / 1.0.# of Torrents: ~2,700.Features: Loads of reference books, mostly related to IT (3D graphics design, networking, programming - with a few extra categories in math, sciences, etc). They’ve been ‘invite-only’ for awhile now - this is no easy site to get into.

Browse Categories Stats

— OPEN? - Never.Members: 30K max; presently ~20K.Ratio: 0.65 / 1.0.# of Torrents: ~19,000.Features: BitMe is the granddaddy of eLearning trackers, and probably has the most content of all of them in terms of number of torrents. It’s always been a tough-ticket to get into BitMe, but not impossible. Categories range from 3D design, art, math, medical - with a generous helping of eBooks /PDFs.

Browse Categories Stats Classes

**— OPEN? - NO

.Members: 17,000

.Ratio: unknown

.# of Torrents: ~7,000

.Features:** Great e-Learning tracker with a wide assortment of torrents including a multitude of video tutorials from a vast selection of categories. With a small user limit, BitSpyder is not an easy account to procure. NOTE: They’ve got a hair-trigger finger poised over the ban button - we recommend you don’t H&R this site.

Torrents Stats

— OPEN? - NO.Members: unknown.Ratio: unknown.# of Torrents: unknown.Features: LearnBits has been compared to as the next big e-Learning torrent site. Open registration has been closed since Nov/07 and is strictly by invitation only. We can’t tell you much more about them.

— OPEN? - NO.Members: unknown.Ratio: unknown.# of Torrents: unknown.Features: ElbitZ primary focus is on IT e-Learning (3D design, graphics, programming, art, fonts) but has many other categories of interest. Currently, registrations are closed so the only way you’ll be able to get into this tracker is by invitation.

Forums Categories

— OPEN? - NO.Members: ~5,000.Ratio: 1.0 / 1.0.# of Torrents: ~5,000.Features: TheVault is a very unique tracker that specializes in self-help, personal gain and monetary achievement! While never open directly to new signups, if you think you got what they’re looking for and take it seriously, you might have a shot at getting in. Check out their signup page, and join their IRC-invites channel by clicking the appropriate link. Follow the instructions given. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be invited.

Browse Categories Stats

— OPEN? - NO.Members: unknown.Ratio: unknown.# of Torrents: unknown.Features: We know but two things about ZineBytes - First, it’s closed to new signups; and second, it’s a tracker from the Czech Republic.

— OPEN? - Sometimes.Members: ~45,000.Ratio: 0.6 / 1.0.# of Torrents: ~7,000.Features: GFXNews caters to all-things graphics! While not specifically an eBook / e-Learning site, if you’re into 3D graphics documentation & tutorials, this is one private site you need to check out! Inactive accounts are pruned regularly, and they’re (usually) open for new signups on the 2nd and 3rd day of each month. GFXNews has some rather unorthodox sharing ratio rules - be sure to check out their FAQ once logged in (see ‘Rules’ below).

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  1. Blaenk Denum Says:

    “A good eBook / e-Learning tracker makes Wikipedia look like a comic book.”
    Absolutely not. Most e-learning trackers, though encouraged, are relatively lacking. BitMe for example has a huge collection of torrents but the community isn’t spread out equally among all of them, meaning that very few have an acceptable amount of seeders. What’s worse, if it’s a private tracker like BitMe, most of the times, whatever you downloaded, be it that obscure book on how to clear your mind or that video tutorial on PHP, will be difficult to seed as the chances of someone deciding to download the same torrent are relatively low. Wikipedia is definitely a lot better than eLearning trackers at the moment, not to mention they’re not particularly comparable. Wikipedia is more of a general encyclopedia, eLearning trackers you go to to get something specific, be it a specific book, tutorial, etc.
    Nice coverage on the trackers though, it’s just that statement that I disagreed on.

  2. fileprompt for free software Says:

    The problem is elitism, most of those above are closed, invite only

  3. Geekman Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I love being blogged about.
    One correction: BitMe’s membership is listed on the tracker’s front page—a little over 20,000.
    Of course, Textbook Torrents looks bigger than it is because accounts never expire, whereas on private trackers they do, so BitMe sees more activity from its 20,000 users than Textbook Torrents from 50,000. After all, since a lot of people only use the tracker at the beginning of the term, it’s rather unfair to make them sign up all over again.
    I like to see the selection of e-learning trackers out there, but I do wish there were more textbook trackers. I’m not interested in developing a monopoly, just in opening up some new territory. Hopefully others will follow, because the strength of the peer-to-peer community lies in decentralization and redundancy. Nothing lasts forever, least of all BitTorrent trackers, as we have learned from several painful examples of late. When Textbook Torrents goes to the great tracker in the sky, someone will come along to take its place, but I would much prefer if that someone was already out there, ready to step in, rather than having to build everything up from scratch once again.
    Thanks for the list. Keep the spirit alive.
    ~Geeks, Textbook Torrents administrator

  4. whomever Says:

    Wish there were more of these learning sites. Most are hard to get in. Props to Elbitz though, it rox.

  5. Mike Says:

    another e-learning tracker launched

  6. Djdesi Says:

    [quote=BitSpyder]With a small user limit, BitSpyder is not an easy account to procure. NOTE: They’ve got a hair-trigger finger poised over the ban button - we recommend you don’t H&R this site.[/quote]

    This is not true and would like to differ on this one though. The staff is more understanding then I have ever seen on any other private tracker. The site is more then two years old and there are still torrents thats are running since then. This gives you more then ever time to seed back what one has leeched. And dont you think that the rule of thumb for Bittorrent is the 1:1 ratio? Its like a one stop shop for all your educational needs. You will know all this once you are a member and you will never H&R. The speeds are good and the content is always upto-date.

    They have GeekTV where you can view all the educational videos directly from the site. Most of the GeekTV content is created by its own members. They have GeekNews, where you can get all the latest buzz for that new course from CISCO or what Intel is developing. They have a live community both in the forums and in the IRC channel. Anyone is allowed to upload. From the latest documentaries to the latest software installation tutorials - what else and where else you will get, but only at BitSpyder.

    All due respect to all the educational trackers out there. Education is what makes you all sooo special.



  7. TheBrainSlug Says:

    What about onebigtorrent? Docos, books, current affairs, etc. Public site, left wing focused material mostly, formerly “chomskytorrents”. Small site, but worth an occasional look IMO.

    I recently signed up to textbooktorrents and recommend it. Lots of good stuff, not to hard to seed back to either.

    BTW as a grad student I know that the writers of textbooks (eg. several of the folks in my department) are usually just interested in having their work read -to them IP means a reference, not a purchase.

  8. scott heffernan Says:

    can anyone direct me to a site that would have canadian university press’ ???
    we are poor up here too you know!!!hahaha email me…..

  9. aLhimself Says:

    HI was looking for a good ebook tracker for my girlfriend, mostly english lit and cultural, both new to ebook torrents so thought here might be a good place to see. any help appreciated!

  10. Saul Matthews Says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a good ebook/elearning website. Alot of the sites mentioned above have either shut down or are off limits. I used to use textbooktorrents but that site isn’t for torrents anymore. If anyone knows a good website, or has an invite, I would be very grateful. Please email me at:

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  12. hazelj Says:

    does any1 here have an invitation from bitme? send me pls…

  13. Pi TASARIM Says:

    good ebook/elearning website.

  14. bill Says:

    would llike to be involved in a e learning site.. please invite me

  15. Jonn Says:

    Cool blog! Thanks for the information. Add to favorites;)

  16. John Says:

  17. SpamMe2 Says: is missing here. A lot better than Bitseduce. And TheVault has 20k users or over!
    Elbitz has no invitation system and only opens day 15/16. Something like it. You can see it when visiting their website.

  18. free eooks Says:

    Thanks mate! I was looking for something pretty much along the lines of this the entire day. Do you guys offer a subscription service? If so, how can I subscribe?

  19. Jorge Guadiana Says:

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