How to: Seed Private Torrents You’ve Already Downloaded

This is a great tip to increase your ratio on private trackers. It allows you to seed a torrent through your private BitTorrent account that’s already been downloaded from a public site (or another private one). Thus, only the upload stats will be counted towards your ratio, without incurring any downloading against it.

I’ve seen this tutorial posted elsewhere, but I’ve cleaned it up and redone it as a complete, easy-to-follow walkthrough. Credits go out to all who’ve done it before.

NOTE: This hack is not considered a dirty trick, and it likely won’t lead to you being warned or banned by your private site.

Before You Begin

We use µTorrent as the client in the example, due to its widespread acceptance among private trackers — although just about any BitTorrent program will work in a similar fashion.

IMPORTANT: µTorrent needs to be configured so that new torrents don’t automatically start when added to it. To do this, launch µTorrent and go to OPTIONS > Preferences… and select the ‘Downloads‘ tab. Add a checkmark where it says ”Don’t start the torrent automatically”, as shown below. Click Apply and OK to save.

1. Find an identical Torrent on both sites

The first thing you’ll need to do find an identical torrent that exists on both sites. Visit your private BitTorrent site, and select a torrent that has a lot of leechers (as represented in the “L” column). Typically this would be a recent addition to the site, and new movie releases and TV episodes work great for finding the ‘public mirror’ of the torrent. Before settling for a particular torrent, visit a public tracker (such as isohunt, mininova or thepiratebay) and search for the same torrent. Obviously, the trick is to be sure it’s available on both sites; and in particular, you’re looking for the exact same torrent name (complete with identical [release group](/2007/11/24/known-reliable-release-groups/ “Proper scene ‘Release Groups’”) name and tags). Keep an eye on the size of both torrents - it’s important to choose similar release sizes (when the tags are identical from each), although not necessary. TIP: Usually the most popular release (in terms of high seeds/leechers) on a public site will be the ’same’ release as found on a private site.

Shown below are two identical torrents - the first one is found on and the other from a private website. Note the similar titles and sizes of each:

NOTE: At this stage, you don’t want to ‘open’ the private torrent, although it’s OK to save the actual *.torrent file to your hard drive. The importance is that you’ve “found” both torrents.

2. Download (and complete) the Public Torrent

Now that you’ve found two identical torrents, download the torrent from the public site, start it manually (by clicking the green arrow) and wait for it to finish in µTorrent. Once it’s turned into a seed (100%), delete the torrent by right-clicking it and select REMOVE (or Remove And > Delete .torrent). Do NOT delete the ‘Data’.

3. Download and Open the Private Torrent

Go back to your private site and download the matching torrent, and open it in µTorrent. If you’ve properly changed µTorrent’s settings, the torrent will not automatically start - this is good - and it should display 0.0% in the ‘Done’ column. Next, right click on the torrent, and select Advanced > Set Download Location… - and browse to the completed folder (typically this folder is located in ”My Documents > Downloads\” or ”C:\Program Files\utorrent\downloads\”). Once found, select “OK” to finish.

Last step: Again, right-click the torrent and this time select ”Force Re-Check”. The torrent should now begin to update. You can now start the torrent by clicking the green arrow.

NOTE: It’s likely that the torrent will stop at 99% (or similar) at the end of the “Re-Check”. This is normal - the remaining portion will be downloaded when the torrent is started.

A Few Tips…

TIP: Work quickly. Public sites are slow to download, due to the high number of leechers. So it’s important to complete the “public” torrent as quickly as possible and begin the process of getting into the swarm on the private site. For this, I’d even suggest that TV torrents might work best for this because they’re smaller (~350MB) than most movies (~700MB), and are generally more popular.

TIP: As opposed to using a public site as the source, this works well for seeding between two private sites, as well. Here’s the scenario: Download and complete the torrent from one of your private accounts that already has a good ratio and is easy to seed (upload) to. Seed the torrent to one of your more elite private accounts that’s more difficult to maintain a decent ratio. I recommend ‘private to private’ because the download speeds with a private site will be much quicker than with a public one, thus you’ll complete the torrent much faster and be able to get into the upload ’swarm’ earlier on the site that you wish to seed to.

TIP: You can also seed the same data to any number of private sites simultaneously. Simply repeat Step 3 for as many different private sites as you wish, and point each to the same completed folder.

NOTE: You do not need to manually add the ‘tracker URL’ in the private torrent. If you downloaded it through your account, the tracker will automatically update with your passkey.

  1. Manda Says:

    The best way to do this is to download the files from usenet rather than a public tracker. Much faster.

    The only thing is that usenet uploaders frequently don’t bother with sample files, so you may have to download a few MB from the first tracker you connect to.

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  3. Blaenk Denum Says:

    This is great when you’re in need of fixing your ratio, and I tell my friends to do it and I do it as well sometimes. However one must not get hooked on this and figure ‘Hey I can always just download torrents and things from public trackers and then just seed them on private trackers’, for it defeats the purpose of a private tracker. Still though, a good method for fixing one’s ratio.

  4. Freeze Says:

    good tutorial… useful for those who need their ratio upped

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  6. Fred Says:

    Thanks so mucjh man for this awesome post

  7. Steve Says:

    Thankyou for this helpful information. I just got a blue screen and uTorrent’s torrent list was wiped clean along with it. This also means I can perform a HD swap and resume partially downloaded torrents.

  8. DudeFromTheStrret Says:

    hey dude you should have put credits but GJ! you helped me with my super low ratio…(0.197)
    guys dun swear or say he’s a nub…he did a good job and i thank him…thanx bro.

  9. michelle Says:

    this does not work . i deleted as explained (Delete.Torrent).. the whole file got deleted .

  10. Ron Says:

    Which software is better ‘Bitcomet’ or ‘utorrent’ for downloading..???

  11. Doesn’t matter Says:

    Instead of appreciating the work of sharky, its sad to see people trying to justify that this is a wrong way or…….. If the article is completed read, it says “DO ONLY WHEN REQUIRED TO INCREASE YOUR RATIO, RATHER BEING A ADDICT.

    P.S: Does who think this method is cheating the private websites….why are you on any P2P website. If you want any movie, songs, softwares pay n order.

    Anyway, nice piece of info, i’ll use ONLY when ratio will be too low, and that’s the only time when it should be used..

  12. Doesn’t matter Says:

    @Ron: Bittorrent has all functionalities of both ‘Bitcomet’ and ‘utorrent’ abd is best for P2Pdownloading..

  13. Anil Reddy Says:


  14. Nikhil Says:

    Thank you for the information. Very helpful!

  15. haroon Says:

    this trick is not working 4 me.i did every thing u say.but i force recheck and when private torrent starts seeding.he has its own seeders and leechers and i cant seed it.

  16. slayer Says:

    its not woorking for me i dont get it when i recheck it stops at 98 % then i dont know what to do i preesed stat and it finnished to 100 % and then it just say seed

    can u explain in a video it would be great

  17. ndett gtr Says:

    cant seem to get it goin i follow your steps afta running force re check it wont seed

  18. jordan Says:

    the reason they dont care is it saves them bandwidth used for your downloading and still supports them with bandwidth for uploading. its the best possible thing a private tracker could ask for.

  19. SkyRocketer Says:

    WOW! Thanks dude! This method is the best way to fix my ratio! from 0.001 to 2.800 !!!!
    Zillions of thanks to you! I wish I could donate to you :)

  20. Wendy Says:

    props. This method is awesome.

  21. sandy Says:

    What about the info hash. Top Private trackers have a higher security code. They are sure to catch and ban the member. It is next to impossibe to get invitations. I don’t think its possible without losing your membership.

  22. InfamousFlip Says:

    Yes sandy I wouldn’t advise doing this if you really like your private community! When they ban you they also ban your ISP! Here is a great private tracker community RapidTreggy. and also read the Rapidtreggy Article.

  23. Rohit Says:

    I tried bitcomet , bitlord and as well as utorrent but i did not satisy with those and lastly i tried vuze which download speed was awesome and till then i am using vuze

  24. dude Says:

    hey, i really like the sound of this, especially as i really need to drastically improove my ratio, but im having a hard time finding two identical torrents, if possible can someone please post the links to a pair they found please?

  25. dude Says:

    the private torrent website is

  26. zurka Says:

    Hey, this is about the only place I found that has the info I need, but i’m a mac user. Any ideas how to do the same thing with utorrent on a mac?

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