It’s been almost 7 months since OiNK suddenly vanished from the music scene, and the smoke is beginning to clear on who is the winner - music lovers! Waffles and What are the likely candidates to unofficially fill OiNK’s shoes, and both have aptly filled the vacant music niche. And then some. So how do these two stack up against each other? Is there a best music tracker? We put ‘em Tête-à-Tête to find out.

Other contenders like Libble and STMusic have equally found a growing share of the market among music enthusiasts, and should not be overlooked. They possess two things that What and Waffles don’t: First; they’re fairly easy to get into, and second; you’ll be able to maintain a good sharing ratio (and thus keep the account).

We’ve put together a collection of stats and criteria used to distinguish the various qualities of four major music trackers. UPDATE:

All statistics were collected ‘live’ from each tracker on Sept 23, 2008.

Quality of Music: The Torrents

When comparing trackers, the single most important criteria to consider is the quality of the releases (torrents). We’ve broken it down into a number of sub-categories:

Total Number of Torrents

The torrent count is a great way of benchmarking the quality (if not quantity) of any tracker. Below is a look at the number of torrents for each (as of Sept 23/08). From these stats it’s clear that two stand high above the rest:

**Music Tracker:**
**Number of Torrents:**
Waffles 198,887 - Total torrents, as reported on home page. 265,154 - As reported by stats on home page.
STMusic 18,756**
Libble 10,095


did a major housecleaning on April 8/08 and deleted 20,000 dead torrents, thus reducing the count from 60K to 40K (May 19/08). By Sept 23, the number has dropped to less than 20K.

Music Quality

As you’re already aware, music comes in many formats; even MP3’s can be broken down into sub-categories, mostly based on bitrates. Typically, pro music trackers will not carry 128 (or even 160) bitrate for MP3’s - the most common format found on P2P / Limewire - since it’s deemed too “lossy”. 192 is the default minimum, and most music enthusiasts will even avoid that, opting for FLAC, MP3 (VBR) or MP3 (V0) instead. Here’s the torrent count for each tracker in a variety of audio specifics and formats:

192 kbps bitrate 25,579 28,813 672 2,340
256 kbps 5,979 6,611 17 610
320 kbps 24,821 35,576 4,065 1,624
MP3 (VBR - V0) 45,524 60,568 1,993 1,869
MP3 (VBR - V1) 621 1,117 0 13
MP3 (VBR - V2) 26,841 34,458 2,651 1,408
Ogg 512 537 21 5
APE (lossless) 0 553 10 0
DTS 97 93 3 0
MP3 (ALL formats) 141,286 148,897 9,218 9,028

Lossless Audio (FLAC)

True music aficionados know what we’re talking about here - lossless audio. Get yourself a good pair of PC speakers (or 6) and fire up some FLAC audio. Never again will you download music from Limewire, we can assure you.

People who like lossless audio, like it a lot. FLAC is quickly becoming the standard among audio connoisseurs, and private trackers are made for distributing FLAC. Ever tried to search for “flac” at mininova? You’ll get 500 random results. Here’s a breakdown of the 5 music sites, and what they offer in regards to lossless / FLAC audio torrents:

**Music Tracker:**
**‘FLAC’ (Lossless) Torrents:**
Waffles 49,208 64,158
STMusic 1,451
Libble 768

Promo / Advance Releases

One of the reasons fans use private trackers is to get the music before it hits the stores. An “Advance” release is a retail copy of a CD far before its scheduled official retail release date, usually through a manufacturing connection. A “Promo” is usually sent to radio stations for publicity reasons which eventually lead to a leak on the Internet; however some promos are from an online source. Either way, these are highly-coveted releases, and are the main fodder of user requests. Here’s a look at what these trackers offer in terms of Advance and Promo torrents:

**‘Advance’ torrents:**
**‘Promo’ torrents:**
   1,219 2,894 under 40** 1,367**
STMusic 183 977
Libble 461 247

** Both of these stats for are ridiculously low, since the tag for ‘advance’ and ‘promo’ (and ’scene’) are seldom used. does offer the latest ‘leaked’ music - but you’ll need to search for it the old-fashioned way: by Artist and Album Title.

Media Formats / All Other Categories

Music trackers don’t just offer music: eBooks, audiobooks, Music DVDs, e-Learning videos, comic books, and an assortment of other torrents co-exist as well. Here’s a look at what each of the featured trackers offer in terms of miscellany.

**Format / Category:**
Applications 3,769 4,939 0 35
eBooks 1,519 2,026 0 18
audiobooks 1,611 1,895 39 25
eLearning 386 708 0 0
Comedy 950 1,540 0 66
Soundtracks (OST) 3,323 4,147 145 83
Comics 1,093 1,197
Vinyl 2.052 6,407 1,015 0
Music Vids / DVDs 0? 0 243 0

‘Scene’ vs. ‘Non-Scene’ Releases

Music itself can be divided into “scene” and “non-scene” sub-categories - a ’scene’ release would be one that came from a proper ‘release group’, whereas all others would include torrents uploaded by existing tracker members (aka. ‘user torrents’). For reasons obvious, most users will agree that a proper scene release will trump a user-submitted torrent, and some trackers allow for filtering of the search results into both of these genres.

Music Tracker: “Scene” Releases:
Waffles 26,747 1,843
STMusic 7,007
Libble no results

Tracker Statistics / Other Criteria

The quality & quantity of torrents is not the only criteria that differentiates one tracker from another. Below is a collection of other stats, info and tidbits from each one:

Getting an Account

One thing that no one can contest is that it’s more difficult to get an account at Waffles than it is at By no means is this indicative of the quality of the tracker; it’s merely a reflection of demand. And both are more difficult to get into than the old OiNK. The others are more easily attainable, and may even open publicly to new signups on the site (on occasion). Here’s a look at getting in, from hardest to easiest. Invites are near-impossible to find. Members who have them can only use them during very brief periods when the site is not full. It’s easier to find someone giving away their entire account than it is to find an invite. Never publicly open to new signups. Invites are not common, and awarded to qualifying members at least once a month (usually the 8th and 22nd). Keep an eye on ‘Invite Forums‘ around these dates. Never publicly open to new signups. Invites are somewhat common. Their site even mentions joining the IRC channel in search of an invite - irc:// Once in a while they’re open publicly to new signups. Invites are very common, and can be found just about anywhere. STMusic is ‘cleaning house’ on inactive / bad accounts, so expect it to get a whole lot easier to get in. At last check, they weren’t publicly open to new signups (without an ‘invite code’).

Reader’s Polls - Popularity

One way to judge who is the best music tracker is to ask around. We searched, and found a few polls with varying results. Don’t read into this too deeply, although it appears that Waffles has the edge.

Internet Traffic ‘Ranking’

Here’s a comparison of Alexa traffic rankings for the five trackers (as of May 19/08).

**Music Tracker:**
**Alexa Rank:** 12,479 (May 19/08) - 16,875 (Sept. 23/08) 12,660 (May 19/08) - 12,522 (Sept. 23/08) 13,424 (May 19/08) - 19,863 (Sept. 23/08) 89,840 (May 19/08) - 169,368 (Sept. 23/08)

Ease-of-Uploading & The ‘Leecher Crisis’

Both What and Waffles suffer from too many seeders and not enough leechers - making it very difficult to maintain a good sharing ratio. And of the two, Waffles is even more difficult to seed on than Unless you know the tricks, it may be best to start off with an account from Libble, STMusic or Funkytorrents. It’s fairly easy to seed on these three, even from your home BT client like µTorrent. You’ll not need a seedbox, nor will you need to upload your own torrents.

Number of Registered Users

The number of users doesn’t necessarily increase the quality or quantity of music releases on the tracker, but having more members should (statistically) increase the variety of torrents - although there’s no definitive proof of this. Here’s a breakdown of the number of registered users on each tracker:

**Music Tracker:
** **Current # of Users / Max #:
**    59,184 / 100,000*
  Waffles 35,135 / 40,000
  STMusic unknown (stats not shown on site)
  Libble 7,753 / 10,000


recently increased their max. user limit from 60K to 100K.

Tracker Stats:


  • As of Sept. 23/2008:**
  1. Andrew Says:

    I really don’t think there is a winner nor do I think there ever will be. I’m on and know it’s a very great tracker. Also most people have both accounts anyway so if something is on one it’s most likely going to be on the other. Oink had the best community and that will probably never be beaten but the music selection at is great.

  2. sharky Says:

    Not to mention that FLAC is freeleech on for 72 hours, starting today.  It’s an awesome way to build up your sharing ratio, or possibly upgrade your userclass.  Personally, I didn’t enjoy the interface at first, but it’s great once you get used to it.

  3. Stan Charbadillas Says:

    It should be noted, that because has a Freeleech happening on FLACs currently, their ratio is at an odd level. Usually it is up around 34 or so, but currently it sits around 10.

  4. sharky Says:

    Right.  I compared screenshots of their “stats” from a few days ago and the one above, and the tracker must be going bonkers with all the users.  It’s great to see a fresh breath of life has been blown into it - there’s a zillion leechers there now - this is the time to get everything you ever wanted in FLAC torrents, while helping out your ratio at the same time.

  5. zf Says:

    Waffles is the best. More than 11,000 more active torrents! And it also has about 3x the activity in the forums! AND is the first torrent site to ever have set up its own community-run music mag!

    Hopefully invites open up more frequently though as I have a lot of friends that I need to invite. :P

  6. jack Says:

    Is there any chance this can be updated?

  7. well Says:

    well this was taken vbefore gazelle. im on both and the code behind what makes all the difference

  8. jojohn Says:

    yeah the numbers have shifted and has more now…. and gazelle is SOOOOO smooth. yes upload credit is worth more than gold, but being smart and actually uploading and contributing (like with any tracker) pays off in the end. this article definitely could use an update.

  9. whatuser Says:

    what ftw!

  10. Adam Says:

    Great comparison of all the numbers. Like others have said, it would be awesome if you could update this.

  11. sharky Says:

    All torrent stats & tracker screenshots have been updated as of Sept. 23.

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    Good fight, now get out wankers.

  24. no Says:

    They both suck!

  25. Daniel Says:

    I think that this evaluation makes a serious error in talking about scene vs. user uploads. The user uploads at What are more heavily regulated than scene’s ever been, add to that the fact that a lot of scene torrents are either bad transcodes, low bitrate, or some obnoxiously odd form of VBR, and that paints an entirely different picture of the two sites - as good as the user torrents are on What, I actually HATE seeing a scene tag. Also, the coders at What have their shit together on an entirely different level. On both, like both a lot, but I definitely feel like I get more out of using What than Waffles.

  26. bobby Says:

    I’m on both and the Gazelle interface at what is sooo much better than waffles.

    The ability to look at an artist and seeing each album categorized with it’s available formats instead of having to search each album individually.

    Along with some other really nice little things like the similar artists chart at the bottom of artist pages. I’ve found several new groups that I would have never known about that are great.

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    It seems as though the Waffles hype has finally died down, and rightly so. I had a Waffles account (deleted due to inactivity) and currently have a account, so I’ve been able to compare both trackers. is far and away the better of the two, – it has more lossless music, and people in general are a lot more friendly there than they are at Waffles. Back when Waffles opened, former OiNK members were promised invites (well, at least Power Users). People had to prove OiNK membership, either by emailing the staff screenshot of their account (who would have thought to do that at the time?), or by sending a Torrent file from the tracker. I did the latter of those two things… and waited. And waited. I never did get my invite. Eventually I told the story to some kind soul on BrokenStones, who very generously gave me an invite.

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  54. Dj D Rec 1 said… Says:

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    since the “death” of oink i have been out at the local library and the record store, buying and trading vinyl more than i have before.

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    with that being said, what is the place for content, if you cant find it on what, most likely it wont be on waffles, but usually if people are on these sites, they dont do it just for the music, but also the music community.

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    Waffles does NOT have an invite channel. They actually allow giveaways on invite forums, so you really have nothing to worry about. You can find invites to Waffles on many different invite forums, such as ScI. You can go there by clicking on the link in my name. :D

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