A Quickstart Guide to Burning XBOX360 Games

This tutorial is intended for users that have a ‘modded’ XBOX360 (i.e. ”Firmware Flashed”) and is not intended for out-of-the-box systems. Nowadays XBOX360 rips are done professionally, and in most cases require a minimal amount of tweaking to get them going as planned.

You will require:


  • — A DVD-DL burner (Dual-layer).
  • — DVD+R DL blank (DVD9) media disks (Verbatim is recommended). Don’t use minus-r (-R) disks.


  • XDVDMulleter - current release is “XDVDMulleterBeta10.2”
  • ImgBurn - Burning software - current file is “SetupImgBurn_2.4.1.0.exe”.

STEP 1 — A Look at XBOX360 Releases

**Pre-Patched Games


Some NFO files will stipulate that the release is ready-to-burn and should be compatible with an “IXtreme’d” XBOX360. These are called pre-patched games:

You’ll also notice that these will often contain a *.dvd file alongside the *.iso file. The *.dvd file is used by your DVD burning software to set up the burn - it’s similar to a *.cue file. Open the RAR archive to confirm:

If your game has a *.dvd file, skip to STEP 2.

**Not Pre-Patched:


If you only have the *.ISO file, you’ll need to create the *.dvd file for the game yourself.

1.1 — Unpack and run XDVDMulleter.exe, and select “View ISO details”. Click “Next”.

1.2 — Assuming that you’ve already downloaded and unpacked the XBOX game (.ISO), you’ll need to select “Load from file”. Now, browse to your ISO image.

You should now see it listed in the above box - click “Next”. Here you’ll see the info for the ISO Region and patches that have been applied to the game:

NOTE: Be sure that “IXtreme Compatible” is checked, if not already done so. You’ll likely not be able to change the “ISO Region” for the game - this was pre-ordained by the rip source. Verify that the selected region(s) is compatible with your XBOX360 region.

1.3 — In that same window, click the ”Other” tab - select ”Make .dvd file” from the menu. By default, this will save the file to the same directory as the ISO. After saving the *.dvd file, exit XDVDMulleter.

You should now be able to burn the image.

STEP 2 — Burning with ImgBurn

2.1 — Launch ImgBurn, and click on “Write Image file to disc”:

2.2 — In ‘Source’ - click the folder icon and browse to your *.dvd file:

2.3 — Insert a blank DVD+DL disk, and browse to your desired DVD burner (if it isn’t already selected) and click the “write” button at the bottom. Be sure that you’ve selected the slowest possible burn speed first.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here’s a few tips if you run into any error messages:

— Be sure to use Verbatim DVD+DL media, and burn at the slowest speed possible - 2x burning is preferred (this is very important). Prior to burning, shut down as many running programs as you can.

— In some instances, there may be a problem with the Layer Break setting in ImgBurn; where you’ll need to manually enter in a Layer Break point (number):

1. — Open the *.dvd file with a text editor (Notepad) - you should see something like this. Remember this number - you’ll need it in Step 4 below.

2. — Launch ImgBurn, and click on “Write image file to disc”:

3. — In ‘Source’ - click the folder icon and browse to your *.dvd file:

4. — From the above menu, go to TOOLS > Settings and click on the ”Write” tab. Look to where it says Options - Layer Break (For DL Media). Change it from “Calculate Optimal” to “User Defined” and enter in the number from the *.dvd file shown in Step 1. (i.e 1913760). Click OK to save your changes.

— You may also need to manually change your DVD-DL drive in ImgBurn:

1. — Go to TOOLS > Drive > Change Book Type… and click the tab for the brand of your DVD burner. Now, where it says “Change For:” select from the dropdown “Drive (for DVD+R DL Media)”:

2. — Now, click the refresh button below it:

3. — Next, where it says ”New Settings:”, change this to DVD-ROM, click “Change”.

You should get a ”success!” message - click OK to finalize your new settings. Go back and try the burn again.

  1. Dan Says:

    Thanks for this, it helped a lot!

  2. zeb7s Says:

    Eh, those games are too big for my poor internet connection so I just got the $20 all you can rent thing from blockbuster and rip my own with Xbox Backup Creator which is just is easy just costs you a little bit.

    Only hard part is getting your hands on one of the “special” PC drives that are capable of reading xbox360 games.

  3. Xbox Games Rock Says:

    Thanks great tutorial, Im sure ive seen it some place else before, but not quite as thorough as this. Xbox 360 games are usually about 8 gig each so using xdvd mulleter it’s very nice to just backup your games instead of downloading. Sometimes you have to download though, especially new releases!

  4. go360go Says:

    Excellent tutorial…….very clear and self explainatory…….I was confused as a lot of stuff is on the net and I was not sure what to follow…….this one ROCKS!…….just follow the steps…..and bingo…….

  5. sendo Says:

    I did it just like it say here and it burns successfully but when I put it in the xbox I get ” to play this disc, put it in an xbox 360 console ” when I put it back in the computer and run XDVDMulleter.exe it can’t read it and in imgBurn it disc not emty and I the side list it say incomplete disc.
    what am i doing wrong?

  6. K. Says:

    I’ve burnt a couple games recently, and the graphics have turned out a bit crappy, but otherwise, everything seems alright. Do disks, burn speeds, or something affect the quality of the graphics?

  7. RKL Says:

    How do you set up your DVD burner book type when the one you have aint on the list.
    I have a Matshita DVD drive and dont want to waste discs.

    All help is welcome as I am lost in the process. I have read so many forums and they are not helping me out in anyway ! This has been the most helpful thing I have found. Can someone help me get over hopefully the last hurdle.

  8. Casey Says:

    I recently tried to do this, and when i extract the rar files and attempt to burn the iso, it says the file is too large to burn. Is it the dvds i have, or is it a possiblity something else is wrong. I cant quite figure it out, any help would be great.

  9. evolym Says:

    Just amazing, easy to understand..
    Keep up the good work mate!

  10. Ian Says:

    For burning, I don’t need a specific drive, correct? Because I was looking to buy this Also, I only need the “special” drive to read and rip games? I also believe my friend that rips games said it was a Hitachi drive of some sort. I’m completely lost with the drives I need, so I don’t have either the required drives for burning or ripping so could someone shoot me an email at telling me exactly what drive I need for burning and what I would need for ripping.

  11. Roi Says:

    Really good guide

    Im Using ImgBurn
    Disc:Silver Line DVD+R DL
    Burner:Samsung ‎SH-S222A DVD±RW x22 Black IDE (its my best burner)

    I have another burner:LG something…

    But iv’e ran in to trobble with the Write speed it Say’s
    Supported Write speed:x4,x6,x8
    and when i write on x2 it does x4 so when i put the disc in the Xbox 360 it doesn’t read it
    can some one help me with this please?(i tried all the guides way’s)

  12. hemant Says:

    I follow this guide and twice i have landed up burning only 13.6 MB of data. nothing more…, can someone help me with what i may be doing wrong.

    I created the DVD file using muletter and then burned the disc using IMG burn…i have a Opti Arc DVD burner.


  13. dean Says:

    Thnaks..the best explanation on how to burn xbox 360 games

  14. Viktor Says:

    Hi. I’m new to burning xbox 360 games. I’ve followed your guide using slow burning speed and using verbatim DL . But when i insert the game in my flashed Xbox it just says play DVD and when i try to play i just goes to an Xbox 360 logo and freezes. I have tried burning at different speeds I am using the .DVD file but it doesn’t work. Can anyonne help?

  15. burn pc games Says:

    Thanks for providing quality information for free, SUPER awesome!

  16. camilo Says:

    ok i am new and computer stupid how can i burn a game thats already burn…and if i get a real copy can i just burn from the game to a blank? i am pretty stupid..or tell me a website i can download gamesor some where i can get the iso thing SOMEBODY HELP??????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Joe Says:

    make sure you have a dual layer dvd burner and not just a dvd burner its different.

  18. How to copy xbox 360 games Says:

    Hi guys,
    I can’t just go all these processes through, may be there are some videos??
    Thank You

  19. Sander Says:

    Im a beginner at burning games for 360 but how do you wave the games?

    Cuz its not in the guide?

  20. Justin Says:

    Thanks for this, there’s a ton of good information here. I’m having a little trouble following it though, but that’s probably because I rely on software too much. Videos would rock!

  21. grimevil Says:

    lol stupid people read this at the top of the post..

    “This tutorial is intended for users that have a ‘modded’ XBOX360 (i.e. “Firmware Flashed”) and is not intended for out-of-the-box systems.”

    So don’t try to waste your blank dvds unless you’ve flashed your box 360!!


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