The Wipeout of Prominent Private Trackers

What is going on with all these private trackers being offline? It seems like half of the private BitTorrent world is down.

As reported by TorrentFreak, Malaysian Government Orders Torrent Sites Shutdown - we’ve noticed some prominent (and very elite) trackers across the private BitTorrent scene have been affected by this mass closure. Big deal, you say? What’s a few torrent sites, anyways? Well, if you have an account at some of the these secretive & secure private trackers, you may be wondering why you can’t access them anymore. For instance, if you have PtN or FtN, we don’t need to reassure you that this IS a big deal.

So who else is affected by the shutdown? Both low and high-level trackers alike. These trackers listed below are confirmed to be related to the Malaysian crackdown:

PtN — Down since 06/24/08 (hosted in Singapore, Malaysia, but the outage was originally reported as a DDoS attack). The PtN URL will not connect.

FtN — Down since 06/26/08 (also hosted in Malaysia on Piradius). The URL still reports: — See RapThe.Net below. - EDIT - Sept 4/08 - it’s back online!

RapThe.Net — The website only reads, “ and RapThe.Net were suspended due to pressure from the Malaysian government. We have backups of everything - nothing is lost! Sites have now moved to new servers, and will be back up the 17th of july. Please do not remove torrents etc, we WILL be back up on the 17th! See you then! Enjoy your summer! /x0r” - EDIT - Sept 4/08 - it’s back online! — Down since 06/27/08 - read the website info about Malaysia. - EDIT - Aug. 08 - it’s back online at — Originally shut down, but now back online.

Possibly related (but unconfirmed) down trackers:

ScL (the Clover) — Down since 07/03/08 - hosted by, if you can believe that!

FSC — Was down since 06/27/08 - login screen is back up. — Down since 06/26/08 (permanently) — Down since 06/26/08 (permanently) — Down since 06/28/08 (permanently) — Down since 06/19/08 - NOW back online. — Down since 06/24/08 (permanently)

HD Corea — Erroneously reported as ‘down’, but they’re just hiding. They are only accessible via DNS. (Thanks to ‘A5′ for this update). — Down since 07/03/08 - NOW back online. — Down since 07/02/08 (permanently)

ScT — Tracker/site was down (and is back up), but I lost all connectability on the torrents I already had running (in both µtorrent and in my seedbox), and the tracker reports me as non-connectable. Downloading a new torrent fixed this, although I couldn’t do an “Update Tracker” on my ScT seeding torrents in µtorrent, and had to delete them.

  1. a/s/l Says:


    psst… music-vid is not offline ;)

  2. a/s/l Says:

    oh and also, DB9 has been back up sporadically since that date you gave

  3. ■Дамеркнскихпжвать■ Says:

    The reason why trackers go offline is because retards like you starting shitty sites like this one.
      ( つ旦O そっし~♪&挑戦界嫌動憂慮最業帯電

  4. moose Says:

    lmfao you must be retarded if you believe that. Do you seriously think that the MPAA, RIAA, BRIEN, BPI and anti-piracy agencies rely on sites like this find trackers to close down? Come back and comment when you have half a clue what you are talking about.

  5. roadkill Says:

    Bitapps and Bitseek are experiencing problems regarding high server costs. They will be back as ONE site soon, I believe, and will be back soon!

  6. sharky Says:

    Right you are, Дамеркнскихпжвать

  7. Blaenk Denum Says:

    You mean ASCII art? Just use a pre tag.

    By the way, it’s, and they’ve been down for like 2-3 months anyways.

  8. james Says:

    Thankfully I don’t use any of those trackers above…they’re all a dime a dozen featuring the same 0-day crap you can get anywhere. And you have to have shit for brains if you think that MPAA and RIAA goon squads don’t use filesharing info sites such as this one to do their homework and keep up to date on the torrent world.

  9. Дамеркнскихпжвать Says:

    SHARKY, don’t be stupid. There are more sites like these that are trying to make private trackers more public. The only purpose with sites like yours is to make private sites as public as possible. That’s why you’ll see more and more datacenters getting raided.


  10. ghettowboy Says:

    This report is very mis-informing since its based on speculation… Although many sites have gone down for various reasons… it’s not all related to the Malaysian report… Some of the info provided users here is an out and out lie!… People should really get their facts straight before posting anything in a forum like this…

  11. weaana Says:

    ha ha
    poor sharky
    now i know what u said about hate mails etc

    to private tracker owners and moaners
    why not put ur private trackers in swiss bank lockers and go fucking rest of ur life?
    so that we can do away with ur shitty no-attitude nonsense.

    sharky — go on man

  12. Revolutionation Says:

    omfg! Waffles login page is NOT loading.

    I’m getting scared now

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