R5 Movies and Release Dates

In recent times, the piracy “scene” has been shifting away from DVD Screeners (DVDScr) in favour of the newer (and superior) R5 movie format. To quote Wiki, “In an effort to compete with movie piracy in Russia, the movie industry chose to create a new format for DVD releases that could be produced more quickly and less expensively than traditional DVD releases. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they lack both the image post-processing and special features that are common on DVD releases. This allows the film to be released for sale at the same time that DVD Screeners are released.” R5’s are an excellent alternative to those who want a good copy of a film long before a scheduled DVD release date. But what makes the R5 format so remarkable is that their “release dates” are somewhat predictable, and even published.

Whether or not this R5 strategy has been effective in saving money for the movie companies (or increase revenue) is unclear, but probably quite likely, at least in Russia. But one thing that is known is that R5’s have now superseded DVDScr’s in terms of popularity in the piracy scene. The introduction of the R5 has not thwarted piracy - in fact, it has had the opposite effect for the rest of the world. Top piracy groups are heavily competing for them, and English audio is added through a direct line, making R5’s the preferred choice among movie aficionados for pre-releases.

Unlike DVDScr’s, TC’s and other movie pre-releases in which the availability is mostly hit-and-miss on BitTorrent sites, R5’s offer users a chance to predict when a pirated release will become available. Here’s a list of future R5 release dates - look for these to appear on popular trackers soon after. Dates are not official and subject to change.

July ‘08

— July 22 —

Wanted - we’ve heard this may have been bumped up to August 19th.

— July 29 —

Speed Racer

Married Life

— July 31 —

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan - R5 DVDrip found today, July 20th on Russian trackers.

August ‘08

— August 7 —

Meet Dave

— August 12 —

Hellboy II - The Golden Army

— August 14 - 21 —


The X-Files II- I Want To Believe

— August 28 —

The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior - unconfirmed date on this ‘STV’ movie.

September ‘08

— Sept 9 —

The Mummy 3 - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. May be released sooner (Aug 26th or Sept 3rd).

— Sept. 30 —

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

November ‘08 & Beyond

The Incredible Hulk - originally scheduled for R5 release much sooner (July 8th), but sources indicate it was pushed back to November.

Kung-Fu Panda - R5 is scheduled for Nov. 30th.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian - R5 date has been pushed back to December; the DVDrip will likely appear much sooner than this (Oct. / Nov.)

Wall-E - Slated for R5 release on December 11th.


It should be noted that R5’s are not just exclusive to Russia - parts of Asia and Africa also share the same DVD Region Code 5. The reason why R5’s are found so early on the scene is because in Russia most movies are released to DVD (R5) within a matter of weeks after the theatrical debut. The typical theatre-to-DVD turnaround time is 8 weeks on average, although it can be much sooner.

Some film companies don’t release R5’s at all, as is the case with Paramount and Disney. As is often the case, a DVDrip will beat an R5’s release date.



  1. adam Says:

    so how are they predicted or published. would like to see it.

  2. PRACY Says:

    R5 is a region, not a format.

  3. ju Says:

    i’d rather a screener, the audio on R5’s can be complete shit

  4. Mr. Limbo Says:

    That’s news to me, so ya, I thought R5= region 5 too, well, because it is. I guess it means this other thing now, and/or R5 is a new format too now? If it is, then you would need the DVD player to support/rip it, no? Likewise, all the movie downloads I’ve seen with the “R5″ in the title are CAM rips. They are using better video cameras now but you can still tell, as any motion in the film will still blur. They often jack in the audio, but it’s still all shit, yes.. All cams are shit…

  5. Mr. Limbo Says:

    Some CAM rippers lie and call their releases R5 dvdRIPs when the movie has not been released to DVD yet, anywhere…

  6. Mr. Limbo Says:

    BTW, that wiki link sharky quoted from here is flawed (bullshit?)…

  7. Tim Says:

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  8. mess Says:

    u are right that R5 is a region, but its also a format… its a format that was created in russia to prevent movie pirating: they come up with R5 releases months before the DVD release. Difference? R5 has no bonus material, poorer sound and image quality. For movie downloaders: HEAVEN! =P

  9. asdf Says:

    these site have hot info about pre release dates…


  10. jet Says:

    is R5 movies can be burn on dvds,i mean i want to copy or make dvd movies.i tried to burn on nero they won’t accept. what would i do?

  11. Adelina Brule Says:

    Watch all the most recentmovies here

  12. Phyllis Adamek Says:

    Hi, like the Madagaskar movies, great movie!