Crack/Keygen Sites That Are Safe to Use

Blindly searching the web for cracks & keygens is about as smart as using Limewire to search for antivirus software - something not well-advised. Undoubtedly and unfortunately, the number of crack sites with overtones of a malicious agenda heavily outweigh sites that just want to serve up the honest goods. Having said that, there actually are quite a few creditable ‘crack’ sites that won’t try to bombard you with full-screen popup ads, or commandeer your computer into a spam-loving Kraken or Srizbi Botnet army. We’ve done the hard work for you, and present a list of “clean” crack sites for all the latest warez.

Be aware that the site reviews herein only include information about each site, not the contents of the ‘cracks’ themselves. Always use a reputable antivirus and antispyware program on cracks & keygens before using them.

Our Recommendation: Due to security flaws and exploits, avoid using Internet Explorer when browsing potentially harmful websites (such as any of these on the list) - use Firefox instead. Better still, for added safety use these two Firefox add-ons: NoScript and AdBlock Plus. Sorry, but you’ll have to copy/paste the links into your Browser window - I don’t wish to be a “known associate” of most of these sites.

Recommended (Clean) Crack Sites

While these websites are deemed adware/malware free, always be sceptical of their “affiliate links” to other crack sites. Stay within each sites’ listings and avoid external links which can be dangerous. Otherwise, these sites listed below are a good resource for cracks, serials and keygens.

Malware / Spyware ? NOPopup Advertising ? NO — Popular site with hundreds of thousands of results. — The site itself is safe, however; many affiliate links are on the ‘do-not-visit’ list. When searching, skip past the first results (with the prices).

Crack Sites with Advertising/Popups

These lower-risk sites won’t attempt to infect your computer with (too much) malicious code; however, you’ll pay the price with unavoidable full-page ad popups and advertising tracker cookies. Use at your own discretion.

Malware / Spyware ? NO.Popup Ads ? YES - sometimes excessively. — If you can handle excessive full-page ad popups, then give ‘em a whirl. Otherwise, stick to a more reputable site. Uses the “clicksor” ad network, which includes ad browser ‘cookies’. — You’ll find a great selection of serials, although you’ll be faced with in-browser popups and the “clicksor” cookie - however, Firefox will block the popups. Avoid any and all ‘affiliate links’ contained within, and avoid clicking on the advertisements. — Full-page ‘clicksor’ popup ads welcome you at every turn. — You’ll have to sell your soul for every ‘crack’ you get with a full-page popup ad for each. Avoid if possible. — Same as above. Watch out for bad affiliates in the search results, although some are OK. — You’ll suffer through a minimum of 2 different full-page popups (not including the ones that were blocked by Firefox) to get to each crack. — While both AVG and McAfee don’t recommend this site, we found no visible threats. Cracks were easy to download, with no popup ads or adware loaders (and none blocked in Firefox, either).

Malicious Crack Sites To Avoid

Avoid these websites at all costs - many contain some form of unwanted drive-by download. Some are classified as ‘database websites’ (i.e. aggregators) that link the cracks (sometimes through site searching) to more menacing sites. — Newcracks offers a variety of annoyances such as third-party cookies, adware/spyware, browser exploits - not to mention a plethora of trojans in the downloads. — Cracklooker in itself isn’t a direct threat; however, they don’t host any cracks themselves, and search queries will direct users to sites that should be avoided. (or any ‘astalavista’ domain or variant thereof) — Same as above. Searching on Astalavista will display results from sites that should not be visited. Best to avoid. Other Astalavista domains are even more dangerous. — Browser exploits and hijacks, popups, trojans, backdoors - you name it, it’s here. — Contains some very harmful affiliate links. — McAfee says, “When we browsed this site, we found direct links to an address that made unauthorized changes to our test PC.” Marvelous. — Not a direct threat (it’s a crack meta-search site) that aggregates search queries from less reputable sites. Clicking on search results can be harmful. — Makes unauthorized changes to the PC. Marked as an ‘exploit server’. — The works! Ad popups, browser hijacking, trojans in the files and bad affiliate links. — Same as above. — Bad affiliate links and files are purposely infected with trojans/virii. — Even Google confirms that “this site may harm your computer”. — Ad popups and bad external links. — Affiliate links are on the bad list. Trojans and other malware are purposely added to the crack files. Avoid! — Same as above. — This site itself is harmless (aside from some popups); however, the actual crack files are linked on unscrupulous sites whereby an entire gamut of problems can arise. — Their in-site search links to (not a good sign), and most of the affiliate links (which take up the better part of the homepage) should be avoided. — Does not host any files - search results include those “Oem software” scams, or crack download links to abominable sites such as Avoid.

crackzplanet (net/com) — Malicious executables are commonplace among the available cracks. — Browser homepage hijacking and adware/popups. — Categorized as an ‘exploit server’ with active threats.

This is not an exhaustive list. There’s likely to be hundreds more that are similar.

We ran each site through McAfee SiteAdvisor and AVG LinkScanner, and were checked on, if applicable.

  1. weaana Says:

    bold step bro
    sure this will give fsf the most no of hits

  2. butt hole Says:

    Thanks nice list!

  3. killer Says:

    does the computer you used to test all these web sites still or did you have return it to factory settings to get it back to normal

  4. NoName Says:

    Great review.
    Filesharefreak FTW ;)

  5. Rajarajan Says:

    Really thanks, a great indeed :D

  6. sharky Says:

    @KILLER - The computer is fine. Running McAfee, CounterSpy and AVG simultaneously - everything gets blocked before getting through.

  7. bry Says:

    Great fookin article sharky. while im extremely knowledgeable on downloading/scene/etc, crack/keygen sites always been hazy on. Used to use in early teens, but obv it lacks severely. Nice article m8

  8. Lightning_Struck_Tower Says:

    Nice list. is also safe and have been using it for a while now.

  9. a/s/l Says: is a site that i’ve used for a looooooooong time and i’ve never had a problem with it.

    also, is good and ad/spyware free

  10. Captain Falcon Says:

    Wow, thanks for this, very useful information :D

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  13. Alexandru Strimbeanu Says:

    What you people seem to be missing is that even if the pages are clean the applications provided there most often are not. Most keygens/patch programs are designed to turn your computer in to a Bot so watch out for suspicious connections, open ports or processes.

  14. Diji1 Says:

    Alexandru, that is total rubbish, i use many of these websites just about everyday and have cracked/patched etc. 100’s if not 1000’s of apps - not once have I run into warnings from AV or suspicious connections and Im firewalled and running AV all the time. Sure, they may be some there but it’s an absolute rarity… I challenge you to post an example (name, version) of what you’re talking about.

    Thanks for another great article Sharky - this is one great website.

  15. sharky sucks Says:

    suck a dick i got a trojan from
    running mcaffee and norton av

  16. the dude Says:

    another great one ive used with great success and without any malicious consequences:

  17. christina Says:

    Thank you for this! I was just about to search for it- and I came across it by accident in stumble upon (that thing is absolutely psychic, I swear)

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  19. Steve Says:

    Nice list. Well done.

    However, at the end of the day I want results!! When I do a search for something brand spanking new, I want to be able to find the crack. I appreciate the responsibility the author of this post is taking knowing that most people have no idea what they are doing and have to be careful what sites that they go to. 70% of the browsers in the world are still IE lol.

    I checked a few of these sites out. I did a series of searches for VERY commonly cracked software. I did 4 titles. None of the safe sites came up with any results anywhere near what the latest versions are. I mean like v4.6 instead of v6.4 (2 years off) or no results at all.

    The site that I have always seen the most results from is astalavista. The site that they tend to point me to most is which isn’t even on the list.

    So throwing caution to the wind, with FF, adblock, a firewall and AV, which site comes up with the most results? Who gets the cracks to new versions the fastest and who gives me the most options?

    All of this aside, my advice to those of you looking to crack software is to use torrents. Find the latest version of whatever software that you want via torrents and try to find one that already comes with a crack. ALWAYS scan it with a couple of good AVs before extracting or installing. When it comes with a crack, you know the crack will work and 999 out of 1000 the cracked software will be on a torrent long before it makes it to a crack site.

  20. Bill Vincent Says:

    Many people think that these site deliver malware because many of the common AV solutions deliver false Positives for cracks and patches. Usually due to nested archives, but many other things will trigger them.

  21. ryan Says:

    I call bullshit. Sorry, but using McAfee, Counterspy AND AVG simultaneously? Yeah, that’s possible. More than one anti-virus software installed causes major problems, they conflict and try to destroy each other; i really doubt you could do that. If you scanned each file tested with just scanning software rather than a full suite it would have worked, but i doubt you, man.

    And since when is untrustworthy? Lame.

  22. Rich Says: - not bad.. - worse than the top one - Its awesome !!!

    I have also used for many many years and have not had a problem. I find the reason most people get virus’s & wot not is because they don’t know how to browse the internet safely.

    Let me put it this way, when my mother first got her laptop I said try not to click on any links that say your computer is broke, ie. registry fix’s etc….

    2 - 3 months later she phones me & and say’s her internet explorer window is really small, well after about half hour i got off my fat ass and went around only to be astounded to see around 14 different search bars / tool bars and wot not on her IE bar.

    Her excuse? She said that a pop up appeared saying something on the computer was broke! I’m just glad she didn’t fork out any case for crappy AV software just to remove some daft bug.


    Happy Crackin!

  23. will Says: i’ve used this site for years for all my serialz. no harm done.

  24. Daniel Says:

    yeah i agree with, been using it for ever. an especially great site for macs, as you can grab SerialBox from there (which is a HUGE database of serials)

  25. ohsnaps Says:

    I used to use and it was great, but then it went down for a while and came back up and all that’s on it are trojans and malacious files now. :(

  26. Says:

    Corporate File Sharing - FTP replacement

  27. uisjob1 Says:

    always Norton full crack

  28. p3r Says:

    I used to use but after a while they changed from plain text -files to those virus .exes… :-\

  29. Sean Says: - Gives me a Warning from Trend Micro.

    Anyways, I am not a Warez Guy I prefer legal stuff. Though best of luck with it all.

  30. sampat Says:

    good work

  31. Abdo Says:

    Thanks a lot. Really good sites.

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  33. Goji Juice Says:

    Nice and informative article…

  34. j0n Says: is best site out there..

    not included in this list also

  35. JO3P Says:

    Please be advised:
    there is no such thing as a clean keygen site.
    Keygen executables are notorious for often containing viri.

    Scanners cannot always detect viruses, they are but mere simple pattern identifiers, a small mutation made to a virus renders them useless in many cases.

    When possible, use a serial. If not, scan the executable, but NEVER in that case, run it on a computer used for work etc.

  36. Mr. C. Blake Says:

    Thank you for this information it is very helpful and the other sites that you say to avoid I will add them to my ad blocking host file. Again Thank you!

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  39. Ashok Says:

    thanks for this great info

  40. Rohit Says:

    If i want crack I’ll go to a deal, pffft.

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  43. Priyesh Khunteta Says:

    nice work :)

  44. aabee Says:

  45. aabee Says:

  46. >reSPAWNed Says:

    I agree with Will (23) and Daniel (24), should be on the list…
    As Daniel mentions it is especially good for everyone using Mac.
    The serialbox you can download there is very easy to use and contains tons serial keys, plus it is regularly updated…

  47. dizi Says:


  48. Says:

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  49. dbeast420 Says:

    I happen to be a regular user of As a matter of’s where I got my NOD32,MalwareBytes serial,superantispyware and rogueremover PRO and haven’t had had problems with any of them.

    You just have to be careful and read the posted comments.

  50. crackgerbal Says:

    Thanks for testing all those sites out for us, will be bookmarking this !

  51. TheGuru Says: uses spyware on it’s bookmark.Check it by bookmarking and then use Spybot Search and Destroy. Only real way to get rid is to delete b/mark.
    Next time you post ,please check out what you say is true!!

  52. kcm1311 Says:

    Thanks man… This is really appreciated..

  53. darkx Says:

    also its infected, kaspersky detects a trojan downloader

  54. Einstein Says:

    Yeah, DARKX was right. The easyxxx.js script was detected by Eset Nod32 as a variant of JS/TrojanDownloader.Agent trojan.

  55. melerz Says:

    Thank you for this list :> very helpful !

  56. Mycountrytisoftheesweetlandforrobbery Says:

    I must say I too have used astalavista… thats listed in your avoid list.

    tho i must put a disclaimer that i havent needed a crack.key in a long time now… but Ive never had a problem with that site.

    The real problem is that yes… many of the sites do have various malware on the WEBPAGE usually but usually not in the crack.key itself. (Well, except for alot of keygens now adays get target as a false positive because of what its intended function is to do). There’s only been one site that i dont remember the name that I downloaded a fake crack for some software. That infected me.

    I should’ve been more alert. Though here is the normal tips for you idiot users.
    - make sure the file seems legit. This is really hard to do, but check the size of file, the name of the file, and and included documentation. Alot of times the size will be something at least larger than 200-300kb… but that varies, if you click to download the file and its called like “setup.exe” .no go. look at the documentation usually the nfo file will include what version this was created for instead of something generic. like “Sony.Vegas.7.0b-7.0c versions by DigitalX” is more believable than Sony Vegas keygen… especially for software that is released often like fotoshoppe, or CybaPowaDVD

    -DONT USE IE. Alot of these site have activeX exploits runningor use the old school installer thingy from those days that tell you you need to install this before you can download…and this is really prevalent on IE.

    -If you come across one of those sites that pops up a dialog box and says that you must agree, or you must click ok… just keep clicking either the close button or NO…eventually the site will load up in the background potentially saving you from installing some malware.


  57. Glyttch Says:

    @Sean - none of us are warez guys either, that’s illegal ;) I’m sure we all use cracks for running legal copies of programs we actually paid for and just “happened” to lose the serial for.

    I’ve always used and while some of the sites it comes up with are less than reliable as far as having what astalavista says they do, I’ve never picked up a virus from any of them. should definately be on the list, first place I ever check for any crack I need and they usually have it.

  58. Hoosierdaddy Says:

    Another legit site is No pop-ups and no malware.

  59. Shlib Says:

    Are all these listed sites official releases?

  60. patton Says:

    Just download Craggle, It downloads from those same safe sites with out you having to go to the sites to download a crak or keygen.

    Its a lil hard to find but youll find , it shows up on my anti virus also but been having it for yeas its not a virus.

  61. guy wilson Says:

    I can confirm that does NOT contain any malware anymore. You have not included which contains a tracking cookie, which is dangerous.

  62. GameCopyWorld Says:

    The best site (legal) is still! Give them a try if you will

  63. Jake Says:

    Thanks for sharing, always better to play it safe.

  64. Tom Says:

    Good advice: firefox + noscript, and afterwards run whatever you downloaded IN A VIRTUAL PC! (VMWare or VirtualPC). Use that as a sandbox. That is what I do. My host pc is clean, but that sandbox virtual pc is pretty dirty!

  65. Pi TASARIM Says:

    … Thanks for sharing, always better to play it safe.

  66. kipz Says: was blocked from me by kaspersky, trojan downloader in js

  67. pfi Says:

    here is the crack search engine

  68. Rapidshare Search Says:

    My opinion: anycracks is the best!

    Thanks for perfect list!

  69. FBI Says:

    Recommended (Clean) Crack Sites are all contain virus!

  70. es es Says:

    i wanna use this in my pc


    wonderfull for me

  72. Poster Says: is down. Could be just a phase, or the site might not exist anymore.

  73. cafedizi Says:

    Thanks nice list!

  74. digital riverrat Says:

    What about Or

  75. Who Cares Really? Says:

    Wow, some of you have good points on the downloading and whatnot but seriously to you MORONS who are like “what about” or shit like that can stfu, Sharky isn’t going to put EVERY freaking website down on here that is “good” “bad” “omfg horrible”. Come on people use your brain and look at the files. I personally have a “dummy” computer running NO AV or Anything like Search and Destroy, just to see if anything happens to the computer after i download/install something. is FULL of viruses btw it I have downloaded about atleast 25 or so cracks for a game that requires a damned cd and they ALL had viruses in them. I tested using my “dummy” computer first they all crashed the computer after a few hours if not minutes of use.

  76. Who Cares Really? Says:

    Oh @ Sharky, I wanted to see what would happen to my “dummy” computer if i downloaded Anti-Virus from Limewire just for the hell of it all and it worked for about a week then it tore itself apart LOL, it was fun to watch the blue screen of death flicker in and out before the HD froze up. It still works amazingly, and i just reinstall a LEGAL copy of Windows Xp that CAME WITH THE COMPUTER after it does this each time. lol

  77. Prashanth Says:

    Thanks a lot dude……way to go

  78. Hotfile Links Says:

    I never trust them, always open keygens on a virtual machine

  79. ddl0 Says:

    thanks for the list, will come in handy

  80. Prince The Prince Says:

    Thank You Bro.
    I added your list of “Malicious Crack Sites To Avoid” to my HOST file to divert to…
    There is no place like

  81. dizi seyret Says:

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  82. brabo Says:

    IM looking for serial key for kaspersky antirus version

    ive checked all these sites and cant manage to find a single serial key ! can someone point me in the right direction or send me some info to braboftw {AT} Gmail (dot ) com

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100.##### Jay Says:

You guys are all looking in the wrong places, if you still use
‘crack’ sites and ‘p2p software’ you are 5yrs behind the times…

You need Warez Forums like…. [][78]{:
rel="nofollow"} or [][79]{: rel="nofollow"}

Where the link to direct servers & no virus crap or popups, Use
RapidShare, HotFile etc to get your stuff from SCENE Groups, or our

The Scene = a Monster List of Groups that makes KeyGens, Cracks
without Viruses. They are checked by NUKE Affils Sites before being
‘pre’d’ read up on ‘The Scene’ before anything….

101.##### emlak Says:

Most keygens/patch programs are designed to turn your computer in to
a Bot so watch out for suspicious connections, open ports or

102.##### JUSTIN TV Says:

f from SCENE Groups, or our OLD NEWS!!

The Scene = a Monster List of Groups that makes KeyGens, Cracks
without Viruses. They are checked by NUKE Affils Sites before being
‘pre’d’ read up on ‘The Scene’ before anything….

103.##### DartZ Says:

Good list but keygenguru have viruses :’(

104.##### morris Says:

Wow,blindly going to keygen sites… have to have balls to do

105.##### dizilervideolar Says:

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