Is Nearing Its End?, the popular blog for new scene releases, is facing even further troubles today as a group of seven staffers tendered their resignation publicly on a blog posting. As expected, it was quickly removed as though it didn’t exist. This puts yet another nail in the coffin for RLSLOG, as nearly all of the best editors / contributors have now left the site in search of greener pastures. Here’s where it was for just a matter of hours:

Here it is in full (by ReeGed):

It is with great sadness that I must announce that the following RLSLOG staff members hereby resign from their positions:

Over, Christian, Nyr, sc0rff, Nikola, Mr.X and myself (ReeGed).


Unfortunately it’s not the 1st of April this time around.


During my time as a RLSLOG editor and admin I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Most people make a very minor contribution (a couple of posts or so) then they leave their editors account unused. I’ve also seen major contributors leave RLSLOG. Shiny and Lee left the site without really stating their true reasons. Their reasons however were the same as ours, but the editors above including myself are hereby giving you, the reader, the courtesy of knowing why we must leave this site which we have put endless hours of work into.


RLSLOG was once a very small project. I don’t think anyone ever suspected this site would grow as much as it has. At the end of July this year, we peaked at 237,814 UNIQUE visitors in one day. On a regular day we’ll get anything from 200,000 to 230,000 unique visitors. This growth came about relatively quickly. RLSLOG has only been around for a bit over 2 years. As you might imagine, the curve of ad revenue growth over time must look pretty sweet.


The truth of course, is that only one single person sees the full profits from the RLSLOG ads and that is Martin (the founder and owner of the site). The majority of the staff including myself completely accepted this and continued to write our articles. RLSLOG was a fun hobby for us and never something we expected any money from. In the past 5 months however, we’ve witnessed the regard to quality from the owner slowly decay. When the staff has had their eyes set on improving this site, his aims have been to increase ad revenue. To do so, he has turned this site into something we can no longer proudly write for.


On a personal level I’d like to thank all of the great people that have made my time at RLSLOG such a pleasant one. Some of the editors had a couple of things to add:



As the second longest running editor on besides Martin, I have decided it is time to call it. Spanning over 16 months and 1000 posts I’ve decided to quit while I’m ahead. There have been too many disagreements between the staff and the site’s owner, and we have all collectively decided to completely cease operations from here on.



Being an editor for a site which does not value the input and feedback of its staff is not something I’d like to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who commented and I hope you’ve made good use of the applications (my main category) I’ve posted about.



I have not been an editor for very long here on rlslog, but from my short time, being involved with the wonderful staff, the forums and the awesome irc community I have discovered the true face of rlslog from the inside. I have dedicated many late nights to cover TV releases from across the pond with nothing in return. Unfortunately the owner is unenthusiastic and has no desire to maintain quality on the site.



RLSLOG is great because of all the ACTIVE editors here. Thanks to all readers of Rlslog, & thanks for your comments. Greetz from Nikola.



I’d like to see RLSLOG grow and be more than just a SCENE news site. I could really imagine a great community here, and I am not only talking about the forums I am talking about things on a different scale. My Thanks go out to a lot of cool people i met in the staff and on IRC.

Read follow-ups on this thread in the RLSLOG Forums (which are still admin’d by ReeGed - for now at least). There’s no telling how long that thread will live.

The story doesn’t end there, however; and Martin (the sysop/owner of has taken the brunt of the blame of the recent exodus of editors for underpaying (some suggest hoarding) the ad revenue from the site, which is obviously quite high. But before you jump on the bandwagon to stomp all over Martin, one should take a look at this recent MSN conversation between ReeGed and Martin (as posted by Martin):

Here’s Martin’s rebuttal to the original post which contained ReeGed resignation (and the others):

Whom you believe doesn’t change a thing - the writers are gone, and even the forums are in serious jeopardy. Why ReeGed would want to continue to be the admin for the forums of a site he just quit writing for is anyone’s guess. My hunch is he’ll eventually - probably sooner than later - take his loyal forum fanbase to his own URL.

Regardless, there’s a ton of competition for scene-release blogs, proving that the Hydra Effect does indeed span across more than just BitTorrent sites. Look for these RLSLOG competitors:

As a last note, those who are loyal to RLSLOG but wish to remove the annoying ads can do so with either AdBlockPlus for Firefox, or this small script.

UPDATE (Aug 22/08) - It appears that the RLSLog Forums are now completely gone, yet another huge blow to their community. Worse news follows - the editors that left the site have commandeered the official RLSLog IRC channel, and RLSLog has had to scramble to set up another channel - look for it here: irc:// #rlslog.

  1. skidi Says:

    rlslog is filled with criminals, only fun to spread virus there :)

  2. malibu Says:

    The forums are hosted by ReeGed, and will be movies to a new URL.

  3. greek Says:

    Some guys from rlslog move to
    Looks nice.
    Sorry for my english :)

  4. RogerJnr Says:

    Just found a blog post about rlslog.

    http:// filmgarbage. blogspot. com/

    I kinda agree with the guy actually but I don’t think ReeGeed is as bad as Martin :)

  5. FileShareRocks Says:

    “As a last note, those who are loyal to RLSLOG but wish to remove the annoying ads can do so with either AdBlockPlus for Firefox, or this small script.”

    hahahaha, look at your site man, i wouldn’t talk mate.

  6. rick5446 Says:

    rlslog would B better..If all comments were kept at a Mature Level, half of all comments are quite immature and definitely Adolescent, at least 13 or younger. With a total lack of Appreciation or Respect for others.
    Also if all links were for the actual file in the comments

  7. officerricky Says:

    what about

  8. Piter Says:

    “As a last note, those who are loyal to RLSLOG but wish to remove the annoying ads can do so with either AdBlockPlus for Firefox, or this small script.”

    Dont worry mate i just adblocked all the commercials on your site.

    Sidenote: To all those that wont to remove those annoying adds here , download adblock , right mouse click on an ad and press adblock image.

  9. bob Says:

    What’re you talking about? These guys aren’t “editors”. They’re euro-trash losers who write things like “Here’s a movie, I couldn’t be bothered to watch it”. Value added = $0. Rlslog should just be automated and the editors forgotten.

  10. joe Says:

    martian @ rlslog is a tool…. and the staff was owp by a tool……. bah ha ha


  11. Already Says:

    Look what martian did is no different then any other site/forum owner would do.
    (Myspace, facebook, DP, isohunt, etc., etc…)

    We get users/ members(kids) to moderate / post material and they are constantly adding fresh content for the search engines to find, )

    They do this for several reasons, they love the site, the feel empowered cause they can ban you, and last and most important, they are kids.

    Then comes the day when someone tells them how much money the site is making and they Freak.

    What do these (kids) know about ad revenues?

    A site like rlslog brings in about $1500.00 US a month. Now granted thats not bad for a start and may seem like a lot to some snot nosed kid like ReeGed but in Mommies & Daddies world it aint shit. It doesn’t even pay all the bill at home.

    I mean really rlslog is just a crap release site to REAL peoples hard work. If it wasn’t for the up loaders/torrent host there would be no rlslog! Not to mention it’s a site that is evolved in the Illegal Copyright Infringement business, how great did this moron ReeGed think it could be?

    The most important thing they didn’t realize is RLSLOG will just find some new kids to post. Instead of using there heads and getting a release site up before they made the move is there own stupidity, as they could have taken half of his traffic. again kids…..

    I guess this stupid letter was more important?

    Remember kids any forum you post in, any site you leave comments on for that matter is a site that you are contributing to. Like it or not, you add fresh content to sites everyday and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I think the kid above put it best….
    Over, Christian, Nyr, sc0rff, Nikola, Mr.X and (ReeGed) were

  12. Mr.X Says:

    i have everyone

    check my site

    its clone of……………….

  13. Kevin Says:

    This is sad…..

    If the owner no longer has the passion for the site anymore then yeah the writers/contributers
    need to do whats best for them.

    I remember my first time on RLS, it was awesome….. I’m gonnna miss it ):

  14. Kevin Says:

    Oh yeah anyone who says RLS was only good for spreading viruses is a douche. You cant say that since the Internet is a place for criminals and a place for viruses to spread, you take your chance and u protect your PC and you be smart, Who hasn’t dl’ed at least one virus in their day anyway?

    Martin hording money? I cant say anything bout since it clearly ain’t my right but if the writers who were working for free left because the site wouldn’t be improved and he just wanted to increase ads, then they did us a favor. I never want to see RLSLog sell out and be laced with ads and pop ups every time I go to a different section of the site.

    They did the right thing then, for us all, its kinda like an ultimate sacrifice.

  15. Tara83 Says:

    seems rlslog it’s still here…good work…i like the site
    all the time there will be problems if money are involved, but also because of the money a site will not dissapear…
    I prefer new sites, or small ones because they don’t try to make profit , they just provide good information hoping that will get some money sometime… :) (Ex: )

  16. Jack Says:

    ReeGed sounds like an asshole. Seriously threating people, calling other *noobs* and hacking IRC channel… that’s lame stuff man.


  17. LAME ISO Says:

    Today rlslog is dead!

    Good bye loser site with LAME ISO releases!

    The Pirate Bay rules you fuckn assholes

  18. munky Says:

    So long rlslog…you fkn suck, rlslog is an exploit site.
    Detected: HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic Firefox
    Detected: Exploit.JS.Pdfka.brn Firefox

    INFECTED SITE!!! and has been for ages.

  19. Rapidshare Mix Says:

    rlslog is not what it used to be.Since old editors left its going downhill

  20. Jacob Says:

    2 years ago I used to check the site every day, try out all the interesting stuff and sift through 20 pages to find the movies and tv shows I would never find under normal circumstances.

    I changed my homepage away from it because half the posts where for “registry cleaners”, noname antiviruses and general crap. Now I accidently find myself back on it, and google informs me its crawling with viruses and trojans?


  21. xx Says:

    martin scammer
    June 12th, 2010 | 00:20
    martin ure a greedy, cheap, cheating man. U post ads of which is a scam site, and disable the comments, so nobody can warn the users. People watch out for them, when u sign up for a free trial, it says with a small font on a huge terms and conditions page, that they will charge u almost 100$ for a years subscription, if u dont cancel in 2 weeks. Many people got cheated this way. Martin must be getting well paid to post that add, every week, with disabled comments. Well f**** done mate. Keep it up

  22. mick jones Says:

    Maybe you are right but i found one better than this site

    direct download movies , ftp movies links

  23. FtFeds Says:

    I am FBI and I closed this bitch, fo’ real.

    is it just rumors or does the fbi want to shut them down?

  24. isuez Says:

    I think the kid above put it best….
    Over, Christian, Nyr, sc0rff, Nikola, Mr.X and (ReeGed) were

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