Get a Free Seedbox - Here’s How (Updated)

UPDATE — With all of these new mini TFlux seedboxes that opened up in the last 24 hours, it appears as though we’ve inadvertently DDoS’ed them. They managed to recover today, but are now keeping a keen eye on the traffic throughput. Old TFlux ’servers’ will no longer work, although you’ll be able to sign up for a new one now; except that it will only work for a few minutes (at best) before being shut down if you opt to install high-traffic torrent clients. There’s still no verdict whether or not GUI-less rTorrent will work as a BT client, but if I were a betting man, I’ve have to say ‘no’.

It’s recently been brought to our attention that there is a company that’s currently offering a free promotion / beta trial that includes a small share of a virtualized server (VPS). More importantly, it’s been discovered that TorrentFlux can be installed on it, thanks largely in part that ‘root access’ is available. Thus, anyone who signs up can run a TorrentFlux seedbox on it, completely free! Be advised that this is a Linux server (not Windows) so you’ll require some basic concept of how SSH and command lines work (although we explain it in depth, so you should be able to follow it).

I’ve tested this with TorrentFlux 2.3, and it works marvelously. After installing TFlux, your “share” of the server will only be 4.92 GB - still large enough to do some serious seeding, and there’s no transfer, bandwidth or torrent limits - and best of all, it’s free! Here’s how:

Step 1 - Sign Up:

First of all, visit Joyent OpenSocial Developers Program and sign up. Fill in your information (you need a valid email address). Where it asks for an API key put in random letters and numbers (make it around 18 characters). You’ll receive an email with your login information.

NOTE: While the rest of this tutorial is specific to the Joyent server, these are the same rudimentary instructions for setting up TorrentFlux on a linux server via command lines (without a GUI).

Step 2 - Connect To Your Server:

Download the free trial version of SSH Explorer (you’ll only need to use it once to set everything up). Install, then launch, and make a new connection. Now, go to your email from Joyent. Where it says – Accelerator Info – , look to where it says Hostname: (this is the name you need to enter in SSH Explorer for the new connection). In the next section (of the email) – Shell/SFTP access –, refer to your “username” and “password”, and enter these in the new connection. (See screenshots below).

Now, click “OK”, and then click “Connect”. You should now be (SSH) connected to your server. This is what you’ll now see:

Step 3 - TorrentFlux Installation:

You’ll need to enter some commands (through SSH Explorer) to install & configure TorrentFlux v2.3.

3.1 — Download TorrentFlux. Type this in your command line (or copy/paste it), and hit enter:


(Below is a look at the above command in the prompt) :

3.2 — Untar TorrentFlux with this command (hit Enter after each command):

tar xfz torrentflux_2.3.tar.gz

3.3 — Move the HTML folder to web/public folder, by typing this command:

mv torrentflux_2.3/html web/public

3.4 — Edit the config.php file - you should see it listed in the left window. Right click it, and select “Edit Text File” as shown below.

The config.php file will now open, and you’ll need to make some changes. OK, go back to the email you received from Joyent, and look to the section where it says – MySQL Access –. In config.php, you’ll need to change the localhost, username and password, and match it up with what was supplied in the email. Refer to the screenshots below for a detailed look. (Be certain to save and close the file afterwards).

3.5 — Do the following commands (one after another). Note: for “MySQL commands”; when it asks for a password use your “–MySQL Access — Password” (supplied to you in the email) - i.e. “25y7tccptm” from above screenshot.

NOTE: When typing in the MySQL password, it will not appear as being typed (for security reasons). As far as I know, it cannot be copy/pasted into the command prompt - you’ll need to manually type it in - hit enter when done and hope you entered it in correctly.

mysqladmin -uroot -p create torrentflux

mysql -uroot -p torrentflux

chmod -R 777 ~/web/public/html/downloads

3.6 — Download the patch for solaris, and patch it (by using these commands):

cd ~/web/public/html


patch -p1 -b -i torrentflux-2.3-solaris10.patch

You can now exit SHH Explorer - this portion of the setup is finished.

Step 4 - Login and Configure TorrentFlux

In a web browser, go to the URL of your server - check the email for the “Hostname” - i.e, and add /html to the end of it. This should now launch your login page for TorrentFlux - enter any username/password you wish (but remember it) and click Login.

You should automatically be launched into your Admin -> Settings page in TorrentFlux 2.3. You’ll need to make a couple of changes. **Important:

** Be sure after making any changes that you scroll all the way to the bottom of each page, and select “Update Settings”.

4.1 — In “Admin -> Settings” change the “Python Path” to /opt/local/bin/python2.4

NOTE: — Some users have reported that their ‘python path’ is different - try this path instead if you run into any problems: /opt/local/bin/python

4.2 — In the same page, scroll down to where it says “Max Upload Rate” and change this from “10” to “5000” or higher. Also change to “Max Upload Connections” from “4” to something higher.

4.3 — Scroll down further, and you’ll see a part about “Default Torrent Completion Activity” - make sure this is set to ”Keep Seeding”. Also, change the “Default Percentage…” to ”0” %.

4.4 — Go to “Home” in TorrentFlux, and start adding torrents. Your mini-seedbox is now configured! Check out these download speeds:

Further Support & Additional Info

The installation and general feedback is being actively discussed at this forum thread at Thanks go out to all the guys involved in troubleshooting, especially eicada, sCREAm & zergol, and dak (for finding this free service).

We recommend using TFlux v2.3 (not 2.4) because of a Solaris/TFlux incompatibility issue - see this thread. Also, if TorrentFlux isn’t your thing, you can also experiment with rTorrent + libTorrent (for Solaris) available here.

  1. paris hilton Says:

    i don’t usually use a box, but i am on the elite trackers; do you think its safe to use it on them?

  2. sharky Says:

    First of all, it’s a pleasure to have Paris Hilton as a fan here! I wouldn’t have thought you’d be into the BitTorrent scene - heck, you can just BUY your stuff, but stranger things have occurred. The contributors of this original thread on P2PTalk are using BitMe, TL, and a bunch of others. It should be noted that TFlux 2.3 uses BitTornado (as the client) so be sure to check if it’s on the “OK” list first.

  3. Chris Hanlon Says:

    Helpfull! Now I can get another seedbox and rent it out to my friends lol =D

  4. yellol Says:

    it wont let me enter the mysql password?!?!

  5. yellol Says:

    it works!

  6. Dave Says:

    @Yellol - how did you get it to work cause I’m having problems…

  7. sharky Says:

    OK, the password will not appear as you are typing it (for security reasons) although I can assure you that it IS being entered. And as far as I know, you cannot copy/paste it - you’ll have to actually type it in and hope you did it correctly.

  8. yellol Says:

    Yea, follow what Sharky says.

  9. yellol Says:

    Sharky, think these boxes will mysteriously disappear?

  10. Chris Hanlon Says:

    On my second already =P

  11. sharky Says:

    @ CHRIS — Haha. I made a joke somewhere else that anyone who was somewhat ‘entrepreneurial’ should sign up for a huge whack of ‘em, and sell ‘em off for $5 each!! Are u already getting ahead of me?!

    @ YELLOL — Yep, without question.

    I’ve seen a few forums who’ve been spamming this same idea around, but not many have been all that successful about figuring out how to do it, and the one’s that know aren’t really explaining it well enough. It probably won’t be long before someone leaks it back to them at Joyent (the world is full of cocksucker whistleblowers) and then they start going through to see which ones have TorrentFlux on ‘em, and then shut them down. They probably won’t shut down their entire beta project over this, but I think that the other option is to use rTorrent/libTorrent (or ncurses) without a GUI, in which they probably won’t be looking for those.

    For me, I could care less - I have seedboxes anyways. But for others this accomplishes two things - firstly, getting involved in Linux (*.nix) & thus away from MS WIndoze, and secondly, a chance to check out what a seedbox is, without taking a chance on having to pay for one - many won’t. I sincerely hope that a high number of users get an opportunity to check this out. Certainly when it DOES end, I’ll receive hate mail for my involvement in publicizing the entire thing - but I believe it’s for a greater cause in the long run - awareness and experience.

  12. eicada Says:


    For the parts that needed password on SSH Explorer, you can copy paste it using your mouse…

    Right click, and select “paste” then press “enter”… That’s what I did…^_^ I finished setting it up in just a minute…

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  14. eicada Says:

    I just simply need to use this seedbox… It works good enough for me comparing on my ISP’s

    I don’t care if this service stops…^_^ It’s free… woohoo…

  15. yellol Says:

    darn sharky
    almost got a “customer” for 30 usd

  16. Chris Hanlon Says:

    Lol, I got a april 09 RS account. The idea is genious!

  17. paris hilton Says:

    so i set it up properly, and now i’m getting page load errors. “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.”.it worked all of 3 minutes before…what? did they rape me?

  18. PJ Says:

    Seems like (at least mine) is not responding as of now…can’t ping it at all! Think they’ve caught on?

  19. PJ Says:

    Oh, and I literally just set it up a minute ago…

  20. Chris Hanlon Says:

    Oh Crap, Mines Not Working Either!

  21. PJ Says:

    How many people do you think used this trick? Maybe they’re overloaded?

  22. Beyond Says:

    SHARKY’s NO! FAN!!!!!

  23. eicada Says:

    maybe they did…lol I can’t go in either…

    that’s sad…^_^

  24. eicada Says:

    Need to make a new one to work… I don’t know how long this will be but you can always make another one..

    Note: You can use the same email indefinitely.

  25. pato Says:

    Two drawbacks:
    - free only for 6 months
    - only 4.8 GB disk space

  26. benr Says:

    Parties over guys. Creating new accounts is no longer a work around.

  27. DANimal Says:

    Well, mine ate shit.
    And hopefully I don’t get warned for a hit and run…

  28. Someone Says:

    Thnx FSF for making this sweet little trick public and screwin it up……
    tht total is down now !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Someone Says:

    and yes……my ratio is screwd too……..

  30. bataya Says:

    Resolving… failed: node name or service name not known.

    any idea?

  31. eicada Says:

    too bad for you guys… you made it too

  32. Someone Says:

    @eicada is ur box still working??????

  33. eicada Says:

    no, but made a good deal about my ratio, which is not fucked up…^_^

  34. i m so sad Says:

    Current Download: 0.00 kB/s
    Current Upload: 0.00 kB/s

    isn’t it working? :( anyone,?

  35. Me Says:

    Nice thing. Worked for about a minute.

  36. otherboy Says:

    Huge, huge thanks sharky for this guide :)
    Upload and download speed = 0 because BANNED client! Try download torrent from other tracker.
    This banned client is BitTornado.
    Only is down but servers works… hmm high server load on torrentflux…

  37. otherboy Says:

    ohh forgot to ask :) somedbody nows similar pages as

  38. otherboy Says:

    i just add one torrent and servers crashed :(

  39. ziga Says:

    it down then? i installed but now getting errors on firefox

  40. w00 Says:

    i had it working for about 2 minutes, but now its totally dead.

  41. ziga Says:

    yup think they’ve clocked on

  42. otherboy Says:

    hmm but works

  43. qwerty Says:

    haha it’s work!! but only 3 min!!!! f*ck!!!

  44. PJ Says:

    but there is no more signing up for free trials…

  45. butt hole Says:

    They killed mine after about 10 minutes

  46. noob Says:

    all torrent account with torrent files will be disabled, that’s the answer of the support.

    Too bad ^^

  47. djdesi Says:

    Thankyou for the tut.. although its not working, but you shared your knowledge, thats the main thing..:)

  48. Xoide Says:

    Not working anymore. too bad

  49. yellol Says:

    Jeez dont blame sharky…at least he gave a nice and straight forward guide…you really think someone can be stupid enough to not realize that there is torrenting going on in their servers?!?!

  50. Xoide Says:

    question, If you own a webpage, can you use it as a seedbox?

  51. DANimal Says:


    If you have root/ssh access, yes.

  52. yellol Says:

    basically u need a vps :P
    i have one but its for my website so im without a seedbox

  53. DavieC Says:

    What kind of upload is everyone getting?

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  55. w00 Says:

    they’ve blocked all torrentflux users(possibly all torrent users aswell)

  56. Toni Says:

    Please don’t take advantage of good meaning people who offer things for free… :(
    I saw this about RIGHT after they made this online, but can’t you just seed at home/get a REAL seedbox instead of crashing someone elses hosting :(

  57. D.l33t Says:

    at least you all got to have ago, my trial hasn’t been setup yet :(

  58. leavethemalone Says:

    Leave them alone people! That company is small enough and your abuse will get them killed! They didn’t intend to give free root access for you to abuse with torrents. As much as I am pro file sharing this is still not the right thing to do!

    If you are really eager to have a seedbox then purchase one! and if you want a free one just use imageshacks (sucks but free).

    Leave those guys alone! It is their life, their jobs an their money.

  59. fornetti Says:

    I do not believe this

  60. Napo Says:

    Leave The Malone (huhu), don’t be naive too, you really think they make this offer for people pleasure ? Don’t you see it’s an advertising for their real offer at 45$ ? -_-’
    Then P2P is not an “abuse”, it’s a good part of the world bandwidth on the net (so a good part of bandwidth providers business).

  61. gr1ff0n Says:

    This might work with shell accounts. But free account providers don’t give much space. So back to square one….. :-(
    Imagehost seems to be the only free torrent hosting service out there. I’m on a dialup connection so its a blessing actually. It takes time to get the torrents started. Somebody has a better idea about this?

  62. Lokesh Says:

    Hey here’s a cheap solution :

    And this should be good enough at that measly price!

  63. Says:

    good for me ~ thx

  64. zlbscfkx cxwdk Says:

    aybkmfs eaigmcnz updigaht ogmxwtie oabui qgdtuvbci olzaxb

  65. ronny Says:

    applied for any account and waiting for email :)

  66. jonny Says:

    waiting for email since 10.dec …. :(

    can anyone create account for me?


  67. Valkyr Says:

    Can some one reupload this patch:

  68. stupid Says:

    It was stupid to release this publicly.

  69. Smart Says:

    If anyone needs a cheap seedbox, but cannot buy from OVH or does not want to because of all the personal details they require (ID, passport, etc), then I have a solution for you. offers re-sold OVH boxes, and at a fantastic price! They accept payment by Paypal & Alertpay, unlike OVH who only take credit card.

    For more info, head over using this affiliate link:

  70. Itch Says:

    This is probably a stupid question but do I need to install Linux or can this work with Vista installed?

  71. BOB Says:

    No, you can install Linux on Vista, it will work just fine. Go ahead, I highly suggest it.

  72. ‡AJ‡ Says:

    The Developers site is not sending the Email…

    I guess they stopped

  73. Xemon Says:

    I think they would have picked up on this very quick.
    These guys were offering some free trial torrentflux accounts.

  74. Fabio Says:

    Some trackers see if your account have 2 IPs downloading at the same time. If its true, they ban the account.
    The only exception is when u r using a seedbox.
    Torrentflux is recognized by tracker like seedbox?! Will i get banned if i use torrentflux and my pc (to upload) at the same time?!

  75. Benjamin Says:

    Yes most lickly what you will need to do is contact an admin and ask them the maybe able to put you on a white list where you can do that without being banded.

  76. Wolverine Says:

    Does it work+?

  77. moatra Says:

    WTF thy dont send me the fucking mail what to do ? !!
    any one can help me and make to me account
    i w8 6 days and nothing…
    please help me !

  78. NeedSB :( Says:

    i don’t get any mail

  79. chaz Says:

    i doesn`t work … host not found . :(

  80. KaTaXavier Says:

    [testuser@ks364330 html]$ mysqladmin -uroot -p create torrentflux

    Enter password:
    mysqladmin: connect to server at ‘localhost’ failed
    error: ‘Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)’

    can someone help ? need another root ?

  81. Supreme Cars, Inc. Says:

    If you need a seedbox, try using the SceneBox service from ScI. Click on my name for more info. :D

  82. free_seedbox Says:

    I have a very good offer for you
    100 GB for 17 USD, unlimited torrents, SSH Access and VNC, 100Mbit with rTorrent.
    leave here your emails and i will send you more details.

  83. FREE_SEEDBOX Says:

    All of you who are using my service have been scammed.

    You poor losers.

  84. masoodalam51 Says:

    i doesn`t work … host not found .

  85. sbs Says:


    here’s my id ->

    send the details pls. :)

  86. james Says:

    that shit dont work…..