New Online Service to Add Trackers to Your Torrents

Finally there’s a web service that allows for the addition of alternative working trackers to existing torrents. Introducing btReAnnounceR - the new online utility that finds more trackers for any public torrent, and adds them to the ‘announce’ list. So why would anyone need more trackers in a torrent? For a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Your torrent stops at 99% completion (or less). Adding alternate trackers to the list can assist in finding more peers to connect to.
  • Increase the download speed of existing torrents. Downloading a torrent and it seems too slow? Adding alternate trackers can increase connectivity, and download speeds.
  • Some ISPs (even countries) are blocking certain trackers. This can be circumvented with alternate trackers that are not on their blocklist.
  • The primary tracker is down or offline. Many public torrents have only one tracker (in the announce list) yet the actual files may be spread across additional trackers.

How it works:

Simple. Upload a local *.torrent file:

Select additional trackers from the list on the left. Click ReAnnounce when done.

Download the ReAnnounced torrent:

The new torrent will be updated with additional trackers in the announce list. You can now upload or share the torrent, or use in your home BT client to download the files.

Our Notes:

— If you’re creating your own torrents (say, through µTorrent) and wish to use the btReAnnounceR service, you’ll first need to add at least one viable tracker to the announce list. Then you’ll be able to upload the torrent, add more trackers, then re-download the *.torrent file and reseed it in µTorrent.

Never use this with torrents you’ve downloaded from private trackers. This is a definite no-no, and goes against any private site. Public trackers should never be in the announce list of any private torrent.

— This is not always something that works. We’ve noticed that with many public torrents we’ve done this with, the ‘new’ tracker list won’t always help.

  1. Someone Says:

    Interestin new feature….but i found a list of trackers , tht i usually add myself whn i dont find enf seeds

  2. dumbo Says:

    quite interesting. hope this works!!!

  3. asymmetric Says:

    guys, that movie really sucks ass!

  4. snake Says:

    simply amazing, used it and it’s working fine
    I’m seeking for private trackers, because much more faster


  5. o770 Says:


  6. His_wife86 Says:

    And I definitely see a transition from being attention-deprived needy kids to slightly-more-independent and responsible students. ,

  7. janet Says:

    I have been looking for torrents for a 1936 movie Craig’s wife. No seeds, I have 85 percent uploaded. Cannot figure out how to use this, still trying!