Total Anonymity - a List of VPN Service Providers

What To Look For When Purchasing a VPN Service

It all depends what you’re looking to do with it. For simple anonymous browsing, some providers offer this for as little as $5/month, or even for free. But if you want a total Internet traffic anonymizing experience, a premium VPN account is a better way to go - there’s no IP numbers to configure into the webapps, and no software to install - just set up the VPN and it’s done! Other VPN selling points include:

Strong Encryption — Some VPN service providers offer SSL/TLS and IPsec (cryptographic protocols) for an added layer of security. OpenVPN is also very secure and is an option to thwart ISPs that block regular PPTP VPNs. PPTP can leak DNS data, and isn’t really all that secure, but is often a suitable workaround for ’sandvining’ or throttling ISPs.

Shared IP vs. Dedicated — A shared IP means that you will get a random IP from ’server IP pools’ each time you connect to the VPN. Dedicated means your VPN’s IP address remains the same, even when disconnecting from the service. The latter would be recommended if you intend on using a VPN with a private BT tracker.

Server location — Many VPN providers offer a choice of server locations. For most P2P & BitTorrent users, the location isn’t terribly important (with the exception that if a tracker bans your country’s IP range, and you’d like to join that tracker anyways, a VPN can help). But the VPN location is more importantly used for personal website browsing & accessing geographical blocks; for example, you reside in the UK but want to visit sites such as which blocks all IP ranges outside of the United States. A US VPN server will thus allow access.

Terms of Service — Some VPN providers may (or may not) mention “illegal” activities being banned on their servers, such as P2P file sharing of intellectual property.

What Can a VPN Service Do For You?

Using a VPN to bypass a restrictive ISP in order to download torrents is only a small part of what a VPN provider can do. Other features include, but are not limited to:

  • • Assigns your computer a new IP address, hides your real IP to anonymize all web applications.
  • • Bypass Skype and other VOIP blocked in your area or by your ISP.
  • • Bypass blocked websites (that have blocked you or your country/geographical region).
  • • Security & anonymity with a secure encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet.
  • • Protect your wireless (Wi-Fi) connection at home or at public Hotspots.
  • • Virtual Firewall — Attacks are often directed at a known IP address.
  • • Anonymizes you at work or at school even behind restrictive firewalls.

A List of VPN Providers:

Pricing: Starting at €5 a month for unlimited bandwidth.

Notes: YourPrivateVPN is a P2P-friendly VPN provider that supports Windows 7, XP, Vista and Mac OS X. All subscriptions come with unlimited monthly transfers, and prices start at just €5/mo. for their “Silver” plan. The discerning difference between offered plans is the speed in which the VPN is set to, but even Silver comes with a respectable 2,000 kbps (which is 250 KB/s).

About Privacy - “Our most important aim is to ensure your privacy and security. For this reason our servers are configured in such a way that your real IP is never stored, so there will be no trace of your real IP on our servers. In addition when you book your anonymous access, you can pay comfortably with PayPal. Thus we receive no information about your payment data. We don’t even need your name; an email-address is enough for us.”

Pricing: $17 a month for unlimited bandwidth; uncapped speeds.

Notes: TorrentFreedom is the only VPN provider that is strictly customized for P2P applications - and BitTorrent in particular. Doesn’t bother with the PPTP VPN protocol, and opts for superior torrent-friendly OpenVPN on all accounts, and subscribers can use both public and private trackers alike. Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/UNIX/BSD. To quote, “To initiate the connection, 1024-bit RSA keys are used. Data transfers use a dynamically generated 2048-bit encryption key. This key changes every 20 minutes.” **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — None

  • they encourage users to use P2P apps through their VPN service.**

Pricing: €10 (Euro) a month for unlimited bandwidth (with an additional setup fee of €10).

Server Locations: All over the world.

Others: Finally, a VPN that says exactly what we want to hear, “We are not interested in who you are. You can pay anonymously. We do not keep logs.” - now that’s a breath of fresh air! **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — Not found


Security — Perfect-Privacy offers many solutions that work in conjunction with each other for a total anonymous experience, including 4096-bit OpenVPN encryption, 4096 bit SSH-2 (Secure Shell 2), and 4096 bit SSL/TLS, Squid proxy, CGI proxies, and more.

Pricing: $15 USD /month. Discounts offered for extended subscriptions. No setup fee.

Server Locations: US, UK and Germany.

Others: Provides PPTP, L2TP IPSec VPN services. All of your Internet traffic is encrypted and is tunneled to their VPN server. Once there, it is decrypted and allowed to travel to its intended destination. Your local ISP will only see a single encrypted data stream between you and their VPN server. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — None found


Pricing: $15 USD /month for regular VPN, $20 for OpenVPN. ($25 setup fee, but waived on a 3-month subscription).

Server Locations: US and Europe, with UK servers coming soon.

Others: Regular VPN service offers 128-bit encryption, while their superior OpenVPN service offers 2048-bit strong encryption via SSL/TLS protocol. Smart phone, iPhone, multi-IP VOIP devices supported. Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Individual server speedtests are also available. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — None found


Pricing: $15 USD /month for regular VPN, $40 for IPsec. Dedicated IPs start at $20 /month.

Server Locations: US and Canada.

Others: There are a variety of configurations available, including optional dedicated IPs (not shared) on both the regular VPN and IPsec servers. All plans are described as “unlimited bandwidth”. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — Yes


Pricing: €2 Euro /month, up to €10 for unmetered connection.

Server Locations: UK.

Others: Linkideo once offered a free VPN service, but canceled it back in August ‘08. While Linkideo offers the most affordable VPN plans of the bunch, download speeds are capped on their €2 and €5 plans. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — None


Pricing: Starting at $5 USD /month for regular VPN, $8 for OpenVPN.

Server Locations: Unknown.

Others: Offers both shared IP and dedicated IP VPN servers. 100% content encryption; no ‘provider logs’ are kept. Also offers a limited 7-day free trial (pay $1.49 with a $1.49 rebate on transaction). OpenVPN is also available. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — No


Pricing: Monthly unlimited accounts start at $6 USD /month for ’shared IP’. Dedicated IP VPNs are $15 /month.

Server Locations: UK, US, Europe and Canada.

Others: Also offers plans in 100 MB ‘blocks’, as well as plans paid by hourly rate. Provides PPTP, L2TP IPSec VPN services. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — No


Pricing: “Basic” package - $9 USD /month, plus $9 setup fee. SSL VPN Package - $11, plus $11 setup fee. Corporate packages available with SSL + Samba.

Server Locations: US and Europe.

Others: Offers a “1-day for 1-dollar” test account. Anti-P2P “TOS”? — Maybe. Has an “Intellectual Property” clause in the TOS, but doesn’t mention P2P directly.

Pricing: A variety of plan options; costs vary depending on server location.

Server Locations: US, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, Netherlands.

Others: One of the very few VPN providers that offers multiple ‘blocks’ of VPN IPs on the same account. As far as we can see, all packages are bandwidth capped - this is not economical for general filesharing. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — No TOS found


Pricing: Starting at $9.49 USD per month (for VPN accounts). Regular ‘proxy’ accounts (for anonymous browsing) are $5.49.

Server Locations: North America, Asia, Europe.

Others: Only their “Standard” and “UltraMax” accounts offer VPN solutions. You have a choice of Secure Anonymous OpenSSH Proxy, OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, Socks Proxy, or HTTP Proxy Servers to use - a first in the industry to offer this variety of options under one service. Free secure anonymous Email account included with all VPN accounts. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — No TOS found


Pricing: ‘Tunneler Pro’ VPN account is $23.33 /month.

Server Locations: Unknown.

Others: The ‘Tunneler Gold’ plan (at $5.83 /mo.) is aimed at anonymous browsing (not filesharing). The ‘Pro’ account is made for P2P, but it’s seemingly expensive for only 25 GB monthly limit, although it does use OpenVPN. **Anti-P2P “TOS”? — No

** - the TOS is here.

Pricing: $15 USD /month. Discounts offered for extended subscriptions. No setup fee.

Server Locations: Canada and US.

**Anti-P2P “Terms Of Service”? — Unsure


Pricing: Starting at $8 USD per month.

Server Locations: Unknown; but VPN services are available worldwide.

About — To quote, “Your Torrent VPN account will be on our servers which are configured in such a way that your real IP is never stored so there will be no trace of your real IP on our servers”. SuperVPN net also offers a variety of other customized VPN options (iPhone, VoIP/Skype, anonymous surfing, torrents, eD2k) - and apparently there are no bandwidth limitations.

Pricing: Starting at $19.95 USD per month. A static public IP address is available for an additional $5 a month (great for private trackers!).

Other Notables: — Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop or iPhone and their Internet gateway, and it’s free! This security and privacy product ensures your anonymity while on-line.

  1. wvr Says:

    You forgot It’s 40 usd for 1 year.

  2. a/s/l Says:

    ah you’ve fixed the virus with an old backup

    good job :)

  3. vpn service Says:

    I am the owner of the service - VPN Privacy.
    Thx for a listing.
    We accept P2P trafic. Our TOS is standart to avoid troubles :)
    Please correct your post.

    Use our promo coupons and get a 30% discount for vpn service.


    Welcome to the world of safe web surfing ;-)

  4. ratn9ne Says:

    This is a REALLY useful list. I have tried maybe five of these. Im happy with linkideo right now.

  5. brijones Says:

    Just wondering, how much storage space do the VPN’s come with?

  6. Victor Says:

    Hi, thanks for this list :) I’m trying out Linkideo.. By the way, I also found another provider: .

  7. I Addict Says:

    if i were you, i won’t use flashvpn. it is a scam. i recently ordered their vpn service for 1 month for $4.99. no account was sent and no email from the company. i then filed a complaint and claim thru paypal and they just responded that this is an intangible or virtual product so i cannot refund. what is worst is that after 1 month, i was sent an invoice requesting me to pay for another month.

    i received no communication from flashvpn regarding what happened. they have not even communicated with paypal to explain except to tell paypal that this is intangible or virtual product. what a customer service. i haven’t used their service and they are billing me again. it is good that i used paypal. if i used my own credit card they may have billed me continuously for a service that is non-existent.

    flashvpn - be wary of these guys. they will scam you. i have proofs regarding my paypal order and my complaint and their replies and i am not making this up.

  8. Nisse Says:

    Beware of , they keep log files.

    You can read about it here in their forum.

  9. Les Says:

    I use for both a UK IP VPN and a UK SSH tunnel account. Hold the connection 24/7, unlimited bandwidth and I have had great service. Initially took out 3 month account and have since renewed for a further 12 months.
    They are in principle a privacy company, so no log files.

  10. Dkebba Says: servers are now in the Netherlands, not UK

  11. Peter Says:

    You forgot and two of the biggest. I am in mexico and use a vpn to watch UK TV. No p2p allowed on either.

  12. Hassan T Says:

    Nice article. I work int he UAE and some of the companies mentioned have been blocked. I tried PPTP services and found that they drop a lot and then you are back to your ISP. I have been using an OpenVPN service not mentioned, SurfBouncer. I use them to get USA content on sites like HULU. They don’t block P2P but their terms are that you cannot download illegal material. I use then from the UAE for P2P frequently. They also have servers in Europe. Some nice features others don’t seem to offer is multiple VPN ports, TCP and UDP and server IP addresses that constantly change. I have noticed that server addresses last about 2-3 weeks and then they are replaced and the old ones are never used again. To me this is cool as it makes them more difficult to block here in the UAE.

  13. Raulreyes Says:

    Has anybody made good experiences with IVACY.COM ??

    They are dirtcheap (10 Euro) for a huge bundle of features. Only the German board is reporting about them and opinions are very mixed mainly because of leakages (!!) and general honeypot questions …….

  14. Tree of Life Says:

    I’ve found a huge selection of vpn jurisdictions from International Alliance Privacy Services: Thats the direct link to their vpn category in their store. They have vpn accounts from 9 different countries and ssh accounts from 10 countries. This makes everything easy for me as I like the wide variety and the fantastic service I get from them. I have no need to look else where.

  15. Interpolation Says:

    Be wary of they don’t reply to emails or refund paypal payments for the accounts you order that they don’t provide.

  16. Joe Says:

    Beware of They block email service through their VPN without warning. After you chase your tail for days searching for faults in ISP, email client and server configs… etc., it boils down to them ! There is no guarantee of security or privacy either.

  17. VPN Says:

    I have been using Perfect Privacy. Tried the one month try it plan. After a two week run, I went to a site that checks your IP Address. Guess what, my IP and ISP were listed. I sent an email to technical support on Thursday of the week, by Saturday, still have not heard anything back.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  18. Rolypoly Says:

    Pricing: $9.95 USD/month for a 1GB Openvpn Account. $19.95 for an unlimited openvpn account.

    Server Locations: UK, USA, Canada, Europe

    Others: Offers 2048-bit strong encryption via SSL/TLS protocol for OpenVPN service.

    Smart phone, iPhone, multi-IP VOIP devices supported. Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

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  20. AP Says:

    About FlashVPN. As a previous poster mentioned, it is hard to say what is going on at FlashVPN. I signed up for 6 months and paid with PayPal. Since then I have been inundated with demands for additional, extra payments. Paypal says it is a phishing scam. Repeated attempts to get support from FlashVPN and to straighten out their billing records have all gone unanswered.

    In short, the price is right but you may get a service that may or may not be working (hard for me to tell), no support, and an inbox full of invalid requests for more money.

  21. Brianvb Says: is €24.95 a month, not 10. So pretty fecking pricy.

  22. huldu Says:

    Most of these dont seem serious and some of the prices are just off the charts. Looking through all of the above, including some posted below i am very unhappy. Check for grammar and spelling on the sites.

    The thing is most of these *have* to offer some sort of trial, even if just for a few minutes so you can check the speed at least. Would be a waste of money to buy something without knowing *what* you are paying for. I wouldnt trust any of their “refunds”. If they got nothing to hide and are a legitimate service they should have no issues to prove how good they are by allowing you to test them, with possible restrictions of course.

  23. Privoxy Says:

    Another FlashVPN user not happy..

    I cannot connect to the servers i paid for, i get invalid password every try, waited over a week for response from them and nothing…

    Would stay away,

  24. Kevin Casey Says:

    Avoid flashvpn!! Absolutely worthless service and no replies from “support”. Linkideo has good speeds if the connection would just stay up all night….

  25. Info Says:

    I have used relakks for quite some time now, they use standard PPTP so its not the best security, but they dont fuck you and their speed is great (Servers based in Sweden)
    So are yo living near og in Sweden i can recommend them

  26. dambim Says:

    i register linkideo, and can connect but i can not browse internet , how can i set internet explorer/firefox to use linkideo, and besides perfect privacy any other vpn/ssh server for australia?

  27. Black Wolf Says:

    I believe that you can try any VPN service for about one month, and if you do not like their service, you do not have to pay anymore then try different ones until you are happy with what you have got.

    I think the first one I would try is PureVPN.

  28. Vidalia Says:


    They absolutely keep logs and watch what you do! They admitted to monitoring my activities and accused me of registering with them under a false name. I didn’t, but the fact they threatened me and said they had a 10 day log of my history was enough to prove they do log and watch every one on their servers. NOT RECOMMENDED!

  29. Black Wolf Says:

    Hmm. I just found this on pureVPN’s forums:

    There is no limitations with our VPN service.
    However, we do not advise on using it for torrents and p2p of copyrighted material. Using the VPN and making copyrighted material available via p2p to other peers will result in account termination.

    So you might want to stay away from pureVPN.

  30. cokeaddik Says:

    Anyone heard or used of HotspotVPN?

  31. lamnia Says:

    Hi we would welcome a review of our VPN. We offer 24/7 support pre-configured dialers for ease of connection. at only £6.50 a month 3 UK, USA and Canadian with very fast streaming connections. Please try and review.

    many Thanks

  32. Talisman Says:

    Hi all: Practically all these VPN services listed here are nothing else but wannabes trying to make a few bucks, using 3rd class equipment and operating from their parents house. If you want a quality service by well known and established names then there is only 4 options to choose from: Comodo’s TrustConnect VPN, Steganos, Anonymizer and Logmein’s Hamachi.

    Stay away from the rest.

  33. Adam Says:

    any uk/au proxy pass wimia test and header test?

  34. Mr. T Says:

    StrongVPN is not as strong as it sounds. They have lousy customer support and very slow servers. If you enjoy watching movie streams without interruptions then I suggest you to switch to another service and save yourself from Strong headaches

  35. PhilD Says:

    Hi very happy Lamnia user. Watched 6 Nations today only buffered a couple of times and have just got an email saying they have dropped the price from 9.95 to 6.50 a month and existing customers get the new price to. I wish my mobile phone company would follow suit

  36. smed79 Says:

    please can any one give me free vpn server ?
    my e-mail is : mike.harris-5o1o6×

    thank you

  37. St0rm Says:

    Would be nice to know how much of your speed will be decreased from using the different services….like 5 % ? nor if the service is down alot and stuff like that

  38. Huldu Says:

    I tried today and they blow big time. Its really slow just to surf on the internet and file sharing barely works at all(very, very slow speed, when it works that is).

    The best one ive seen so far is ivacy vpn. The rest are either too expensive *and* monitor everything or just doesnt work at an acceptable level.

    Using Ivacy i dropped from 30mbit to 1-2mbit., dont even work, waiting on a response from them to see what the hell is going on.

  39. Jay Says:

    Have used for 2 years now. No issues with P2P so far, responsive to email questions, easy to set up and turn off & on (one click, visible in task bar). Use it to listen to when I’m outside the USA, works 100%.

  40. Jerry Says:

    can any one give me : software for bypassing all dating site? vpn software for bypassing all webpages?
    my email ad is

  41. Jerry Says:

    Can someone give me the following; privacy anonymity software for hiding every dating site especially UK<US<CA sites? vpn for bypassing dating sites .

    my email ad is

  42. janne Says:

    Beware of ” Find Not ” . Cannot connect to the servers i paid for and no response

  43. vpnluvah Says:

    I used but the line kept dropping. Now I use….rock solid and 300kB dl.

  44. Josh Perkins Says:

    I have been using quite few VPN companies, the worst of all the companies I have used is if you want to stream movies or watch Internet Tv do not get this guys and save your self from lots of problems their support is simply very bad, also you must pay a setup fee there, save your self from a bad experience stay away from this guys, other companies I have used are: Excellent company, excelent service, very fast support, very good pricing, fast server, I have a very good experience with this guys. Very good company, pricing ok, support good but take long time to reply their site say response within 4 hours but got a reply 12 hours later, overall good. This is one of the cheapest companies but not the best, lots of problems with their service lots of down time, bad experience stay away. Slow servers, very bad customer service, stay away. Not the best, very bad support, seems like they dont care about their customers, stay away. Overall good company pricy do.

    Hope this helps you guys this is my personal review of the companies I have used.

  45. D. Spink Says:

    I’m guess there must be SOME reason that folks will trust PPTP as a VPN toolset - it’s better than nothing at all, I suppose. Still, it’s a proprietary toolset and thus qualifies solely as “trust me” security. OpenVPN isn’t nearly as plug-and-play, which perhaps is why smaller VPN companies just use PPTP and avoid doing any real work to integrate a viable VPN toolset into a user-friendly client. Still, when Microsoft created PPTP as a proprietary, M$-only way for remote workers to log into office Windows servers, I doubt they’d ever imagined that actual people would “trust” their 128-bit, non-published, non-open product for actual, genuine protection of personal security.

    We didn’t do the shortcuts, and on the more than two years we’ve been in business we’ve been through three full versions of our Java-based client wrapper - all built on top of OpenVPN. It isn’t as easy as just installing a PPTP-based server and hanging out a shingle that says “in business” - but it’s actual security, not “trust me” security. I suppose that’s why we’ve spent more time actually implementing a new-class network framework and client applet - and less time marketing ourselves as something we’re not.

    ANY service that is offering limited bandwidth is, by definition, monitoring traffic and keeping some form of logs. That’s one key reason we decided to use 100% unlimited policy, always - doing otherwise is disingenuous and dangerous to customers. In 2007, when we were the first to explicitly state we keep NO LOGS of our customer activity - ever - we had alot of blowback from folks who somehow thought that was “illegal.” Now, it’s funny to see a few years later that nearly everyone claims to “keep no logs” - but in nearly every case their Terms of Service state exactly the opposite. I’ve actually written an entire article for Xbiz World magazine on companies that say one thing in their TOS, and exactly the opposite in their market. What’s up with that, eh? Article at:

    Anyway, it’s great to see all the newcomers in the market. But, when you take out anybody using proprietary PPTP toolsets - and anybody too lazy to ensure their TOS doesn’t explicitly contradict their marketing info - and anyone based in a jurisdiction that’s got no legal privacy protection anyway (i.e. USA) the list gets much, much smaller. Still, I’ll be happy when there’s a thousand “VPN services” because it’ll mean there’s that many more folks aware of the need for REAL protection of their online activities. Every time a newcomer enters, grabs a few customers, fails to invest in solid infrastructure, and disappears, the rest of us who are in the market for the long-term will be there to clean up the mess. :-)

    Full technical details on our VPN brands is available at:

    D. Spink | | |

  46. Mike Says:

    Check out this new VPN service. It is preety fast and cheap for an openvpn VPN account.

  47. Says:

    I tried signing up for My account worked for only about 5 minutes and then suddenly I lost access to all their servers without any warning. did not provide any reason why they blocked my login. I have no idea if they plan to refund my payment. Since they won’t answer any support emails, I am guessing they are planning on keeping the payment. I STRONGLY AVOID EVERYONE AVOID SECURENETICS.COM!

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    […] la paz mental mientras manejo dominios, no tiene precio). Al que le interese una versi

  49. Boy Says:

    @smed79 & @jerry: is offering free vpn service. I have been using it for few months now & love it!

  50. Metodios Says:

    BOY,could you please refer me to acevpn so I could get an invite?Also,what are the countries the IP s assigned are from?

    Thank you.Waiting for reply.

  51. N3v3R Says:

    great article sharky. Lately I’ve been researching VPN’s and now think it may be time to check out a few. thx again

  52. Phil Blancett Says:

    We are pleased to announce we have added Hong Kong and Switzerland to our line up of available locations. Now serving VPN accounts on 29 servers, in 7 countries around the world. Please check our site for more information.

    Regarding posters who like to say we suck in support area, it’s usually the jealous competition that can’t take the heat. If you have any doubt see our review page:

  53. jaiyeola tosin Says:

    please what is happening to they have shutdown thier servers…maybe they are under the watch of FBI :p

  54. govord Says:

    why not in the vpn-review

  55. krusty Says:

    tried swissvpn and ivacy.
    good experience with swissvpn, fast, stable connections (i live in europe), 5 dollars a month, paypal, pptp, don’t know if they keep logs though, anybody know that? would interest me. And anti p2p-tos, dunno? oh yeah, they also have experimental openvpn connection at no extra charge. don’t know if it works though, i’ll try it out later.

    ivacy i have mixed feelings, at 10 euro it’s almost twice the price, and it’s much slower than swissvpn, they do have a lot of extra goodies though, they’re not a scam, but really the other things on offer are really just frills, that don’t do much for you, like the included usenet (i have astraweb anyway, waaay better completion and retention), and the rest like their internal filesharing site and the connected instant-torrents site. They are either too buggy, small, slow, or complicated to operate. Who knows maybe things get better in the future? At the moment i would not recommend them though, because their core service, vpn is to slow and unstable (disconnects quite often). however it’s not a honeypot, you get quite a few extra toys to play around with!

  56. Says:

    Hi - we are If you have already tried some of the above, you may have noticed that many use the same server IP addresses because they are simply bedroom operations buying affiliate time from the same whole seller. Most use what is called a radius server to authenticate all connections. If that radius server goes down then you cannot connect to any of the servers they offer. “Do you use a radius server for authentication?” is one of the questions you should always ask when signing up to any VPN service.

    We have our own servers, 3 in the UK and 1 in the US and each of our servers authenticate individually so there is genuine redundancy if one happens to go down. Our customer service is also very fast and efficient. Our service is only $9.95/month or even less if you pay for 3 or 6 months. Try us!

  57. Mattias Says:

    Krusty: swissVPN are against P2P, keep logs and are part of the onyx-monitoring network since they are situated in Switzerland. You can read more as well as see some comparing data regarding other VPN-providers in my article, which you can find here To share one IP-address with other users isn’t equal to a “bedroom operation”. As for the redundancy you usually get what you pay for, so as long as it isn’t free you are usually quite safe in those regards. You are just fishing for customers.

  58. Domains Says:

    Can anyone post a link to a complete VPN comparison site?

    Thanks in advance

  59. 2Wheeler Says:

    Be aware that as of 7/09 VPN servers are blocking torrent and other P2P

  60. DTM Says:

    Witopia doesn’t give you total freedom anymore, and I’m off to another provider……
    They started blocking torrentsites, and that’s censorship!

  61. Lamnia Says:

    Hi Guys

    This is a post from Lamnia. ( we post under our own name, not as “satisfied customers” !!! although we have lots and lots of those. ! )
    We have just launched an Affiliate program. Join the program and earn up to £5.70 per sale!!! We pay on every payment a customer makes not just the first sign up.
    Simply visit our site, sign up and post our links on your websites, blogs, face party reviews and start earning


  62. Patrick Says:

    Perfect Privacy does not keep logs! Do you have any evidence for your words?

  63. torrentfreedom Says:

    torrent freedom’s website looks fake. The page on which you sign up for the service is not encrypted.

  64. pp user Says:

    I have been using Perfect Privacy for a while. It offers many more servers than other providers, OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, socks, etc., all in one package, you don’t have to pay separately just for one service. You can pay anonymously if you want. I don’t like those companies which almost ask your DNA to register. It contradicts the concept of PRIVACY. Having so many servers available is what I like most about it. If one happens to be down, I just switch to another.
    Finally about the price, I don’t regret giving my money to Perfect Privacy and I didn’t find it that expensive to begin with. 24.95 is only if you order a single month, but a 3 months to 24 months membership doesn’t cost you much more than about 10.00 to 15.00/month (depending on the length). So I recommend those who like the service to order a package of more months than to pay monthly, as you end up paying less.
    A professional, speedy, anonymous, non-logging service is worth at least that much, and it seems to keep all the spammers out who just sign up for 5.00 to spam or to use tons of traffic, which would make the service as slow as the others I have tried. Before Perfect Privacy, it was impossible for me to watch a clip on YouTube or download something in a reasonable amount of time. With Perfect Privacy, the speed is satisfactory.

  65. privacy g Says:

    i’m using perf privacy for 2 years now…. i signed up cuz sum of my buddies from the scene said they know the adm and they 100% don’t log…. weeeell, last summa the iphone 3g came out and i needed it but because i am 17 and was unemployedl i didn’t have the $$$…. so i ordered iphone for eur 800 with pp’s berlin server bc i needed german ip address…. but my own socks server didn’t work so i really fn had to rely on pp alone… a friend told me i could sue pp if they promise they don’t log but do log because they break the contract, so i thought wtf, drank a few beers and just ordered it…. now maybe many “spiesser” here will talk all that BS about “crime”, bla bla…. screw you… i don’t steal your grandmothers money… i use card from million euro company and they have insurance and credit card company earns billions and has also insurance… so there is no harm…. it’s just “umverteilung” from rich capitalists who have too much money and who are the biggest criminals themselves to people like me who can’t get job (in the meantime i have job luckily) and really need things…. anyways i am just honest and tell you a story … don’t judge me because you don’t know the fuck what I have been thru … and i wont judge you …. this is just a side story… anyways…. so 4 days later my iphone was delivered to empty house…. and THEN hold your breath… some weeks later pp’s server in berlin was captured by german kripo…. i almost got heart attack, lol… ok so i waited and wwaited… days, weeks, months passed and nothing…. so they definitely don’t log because i wasn’t even using hotspot or so either… but only my real ip address plus pp server… so i am absolutely convinced that pp doesn’t log…. there are two things I like very much about pp: 1. “transparenz”: pp made announcement that server was captured by police… they didn’t write BS that they gave up server because of technical reason etc. like other privacy companies too…. i really like the honesty…. you can feel in their announcements that they really exist to defend privacy and freedom on internet and not just to make a quick buck. 2. pp is faaaaaaast… bc they don’t overload their servers with users, speed is almost like surfing without vpn… i have dsl 16.000 and can download with 2 megabytes/sekond even over russia… and holland, germany, luxemburg, france, london, canada, usa…. it’s blazing fast… so i have year account now which cost me about eur 12/month… and with all what pp offer (non-logging, anonymity, speed, servers in 20 countries, vpn, ssh, proxies, rpf for torrentz, etc. and they are really cool ppl if you talk to them) it’s REALLY worth it… once when i had little money (unemployment) they just gave me 3 months for free and then a year for 99 euro…. that’s 8 euro/month… i now even make donation to PP when i have some extra money on webmoney or a extra PSC or so…. some ppl say pp is too expensive but i spend eur 100/month on cigarettes (a box is now euro 3,50)… so why should i care if i pay EUR 5.00 for slow service which logs (what’s the sense of moving your logs from ISP to privacy server; both have to give them to kripo)…. and is down often and has no support, etc. … or EUR 8.00 for great service… it doesn’t make sense…. i hope that PP will stay 4ever and will continue to provide this great service… and sorry for everyone who is angry because of the iphone shit, but hey i really needed one… nobody had a worse life or suffered because of it… the bosses of credit card company still earn their millions and apple is doing great 2.

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    […] yesterday is to use a monthly VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which you can get either for free or as low as $5/month. This is often faster to setup in many operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux with Network […]

  67. Sunny Says:

    So, I should say that you should defininetly feel ashamed about your iphone action. Mailorder fraud has been some hacker thing that was cool in the times noone did think about it, but today it is simply stealing. Doing this via an anonymizer is the thing that politicians see as the harm of anonymity, and you prove this. So what you do is(in my pov) harming the community for your own good. You do NOT need an iphone! I dont have one and i wont suffer in any way because of that. You are an criminal. This has nothing to do with pirating music, what in my pov does not harm anyone, because you (that meens I) would not have bought the music anyway, it just makeing a copy of something that wont be altered because of that(yes we can argue, but thats not the topic). Your “iphone shit” is simply stealing. Its that same thing as you walk into a store, pick your iphone and go out unnoticed. Do you know who you are hurting with that? If you walk into old grandmas store next door and steal a banana, old grandma has to pay for that banana. If you steal an iphone the one who sells the iphone will pay(in someway maybe, but he will pay). What you do is parasiting for only your own good AND I would understand if you steal a piece of bread or a bottle of water if you need it. I would understand if you steal cloth to survive the winter. What I dont understand is stealing an iphone. THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT FOR YOUR LIFE. Its your own greed that drives you, just like the people that i blame for the current situation with anonymity. For me you are not a single bit better then them. I hope you think about that. I in your position would send back the iphone anonymously, but I would say that you cannot aggree with me…

  68. zogg Says:

    perfect privacy LOG IP connections to their server.

    My brother is a lawyer and he has dealt with defendants where they had used perfect privacy to encrypt their NET and logs were kept of connections from their computer to the german IP perf-p servers. So they were able to pin point the defendants usage IP at that time of offence.

    PP need to quit lying and say they keep ALMOST no logs… they still keep the very basic logs in case of criminal cases…. or there prohibited activities policy would be pointless and contradictory (ie not being able to prove anybody has done anything against that policy).


  69. zix Says:

    do you have proof?

    If this is true we are all screwed lol.

  70. SUNNY Says:

    all ppl who say no logs are lying.

    if they didnt keep logs they couldent protect themselves from criminals and therefore authorities who demand info with warrants.. without the info they would be under siege.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    well, log keeping is always a touchy subject…. but StrongVPN seems to be somewhat honest about it:

    “During our normal course of duties, we do not monitor, record or store logs for any single customers VPN activity. We will however record the following data:

    1. time, date and location vpn connection was made
    2. duration of the vpn connection
    3. bandwidth used during the connection”

    …they don’t mention IP information, but ‘location’ could be considered IP (possibly? where did the traffic originate?)

    but it also says no single customer… interesting.

  72. SUNNY Says:

    all any authority / data seeker would need is when the given ip was used by the customer… because thats all they are looking for they already know what was downloaded / uploaded at that time.

  73. howaboutno Says:

    Is it only me, or relakks blocks and isohunt?

  74. Patrick Says:

    @ZOGG / Dale
    If you have any evidence please send it to patrick AT Otherwise, I’d suggest you discontinue to spread false rumors.

  75. ZOGG Says:

    Well PATRICK…

    Do you deny these claims then?? You seem to want to settle this privately…. are you hiding it?

    If a court order demanded you hand over logs… whether they be trafficking logs or maintenance logs or system logs…. u were made to hand them over… im not saying what type of logs they were. So user identification may be anonymous at your service… im just saying thats what happend and you cant deny it.

    There is no way you could run a system computer without logs of any kind… So we know that… but what was handed over is the question i want to know… and did someone get convicted because of it?

  76. Patrick Says:

    Ok, in other words you are unable to provide any evidence for your allegations.

  77. privacy Says:

    i chose Perfect Privacy over other services because i read from their page they are a team of activists dedicated to privacy. i’m trusting of people who believe in what they are doing staunchly, not just interested in gaining a quick buck.

  78. mattias.jn Says:

    This is absurd. Zogg, if you/your brother have used info from perfect-privacy in a court case you will have papers supporting this. Show us them or mail it to Patrik and then I might listen to your allegations. I am in no way affiliated with perfect privacy but I am a happy customer since 6 months and I am happy with the results. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of hard core privacy nerds as well as some so called cyber criminals on what service they would use if they would use anyone else’s services. The majority gave me two companies: and

    Now I don’t expect anyone to believe me (you shouldn’t!) so I encourage everyone who reads these comments to do their research and to NOT TRUST other peoples opinions. Both and perfect-privacy are old timers in the privacy world which counts for a lot in my book. They also have a good rep. Last but not least I believe that 90% of all normal people using VPNs will do just fine with almost any decent VPN service in terms of privacy.

  79. 12vpn Says:

    12vpn offers a number of packages, starting at $9.95/month. We offer a 1 week 100% free trial, no questions asked.

    BTW, don’t be fooled by 2048-bit encryption. Most providers simply mean they use 2048-bit encryption keys. 12vpn uses 4096-bit keys for that matter, but the actual encryption is taking place using a 128-bit or 256-bit cipher.

  80. StrongVPNvsDMCA Says:

    My StrongVPN account was disabled due to DMCA complaints. Just FYI:

    “Hello Customer,

    We have received a DMCA copyright complaint for the following content below:

    Evidentiary Information:

    Infringing Work: The Hangover
    First Found: xxxx
    Last Found: xxxx
    IP Address: xxxx
    IP Port: xxxx
    Protocol: BitTorrent
    Torrent InfoHash: xxxx
    Containing file(s):
    The.Hangover.2009.DDC-P2P.torrent (949,301,996 bytes)

    Due to the DMCA complaint we are required to disable your account.

    You can check our DMCA policy using this link:

    Regards, Alexey Support Engineer
    Skype ID: alexey_reliablehosting”

  81. 12vpn Says:

    Just adding we now offer a Lite plan starting at $2.95/month.

  82. Says: 100GB traffic for only 7 USD, redudant 1gbit/s connection with OpenVPN.

  83. Abacus78 Says:

    After much trial & tribulation; I’ve settled on a service that I firmly believe to be the best available. It’s called BolehVPN and is Malaysian based. For a little over 3.80€ a month, I get ALL of this:

    * SSH 2048 bit encrypted tunnel (using openVPN) - (very secure - pretty much unblockable by ISP)

    * Access not just to one type of VPN service through just one server in just one country, but access to:
    a) a fully routed soultion called ‘Bolehroute’ - everything goes through the tunnel and no configuration of your torrent client/browser/etc is necessary. This is fantastic for me as this server is UK based and so allows me to watch BBC iPlayer etc outside of UK.
    b.) a private tracker server, dedicated to super high speed torrenting using private trackers (like Torrentech torrents!).
    c) a public tracker server, dedicated to offering secure and fast traffic when using public trackers TPB, Mininova, etc
    d) a US surfing/streaming server, based in US and dedicated to offering fast access to US only sites, like HULU or Pandora

    * Offers a shared SEEDBOX server at a low additional cost (about 12€/$18 per month)

    * Amazing support - personal, quick & thorough support by service providers and by a large & helpful community

    * Easy payment through Paypal (amongst other options) - They are so conciensious that they don’t even offer a full year subscription; only 6 months max, since none of us know what devious tricks the ISP’s may have up their sleeves and BolehVPN don’t want to rob you!

    * FINALLY, and I think this is the BEST BIT - free access to a special freeleach account set up with the private torrent tracker IPTorrents. So you get into a great private tracker (similar to and never need to worry about your share ratio! UNBELIEVEABLE!

    Visit them @


  84. HideIpVPN Says:

    Free US/UK VPN

    HideIPVPN offers FREE VPN accounts on our servers located in United States and United Kingdom.

  85. patrickholm Says:

    This is a very interesting article which explains a new VPN Messenger service:

    After living and working in the IT industry, in Dubai, for the last 8 years, (which has censorship of Internet content), some of my colleges and I, managed to create VPN software to allow freedom for all on the internet.

    After encouraging responses from the YouSAB community, we formed a company called YouSAB Ltd, in alliance with the payment gateway provider Gulhmes Ltd, to provide a VPN service which is a little different from other VPN providers.

    What is the YouSAB community?
    YouSAB is a Secure VPN & VOIP messenger service that enables users to access and interact with their social and business peers, through totally secure downloadable VPN software.

    Originating from a vision of freedom and security, YouSAB was born out of a desire to fundamentally change the way people communicate.

    YouSAB Ltd, and Gulhmes Ltd, veterans of the Internet payment security and high tech security industries respectively, joined together to create an easy to use, consumer-centric, truly converged peer-to-peer service, enabling its users to take control of their on line security from one single place on their computer.

    One of the main purposes for the development of YouSAB community was to take a conventional VPN set up, and provide more usable features the ‘every day person’ can use to remain safe while online, at a fraction of the industry price.

    What is the difference between YouSAB messenger and other VPN providers?
    One of the main differences of the VPN messenger compared to other VPN providers is; VPN messenger has taken the highly secured method of VPN and added an additional layer of security protection using proxy Dynamic TCP tunnels Network, so if the VPN network was ever comprised, Internet users would have the safety of a proxy network to keep them anonymous at all times. Coupled with these two layers of protection are a whole host of features that really make YouSAB Messenger stand out from other VPN providers.

    These include the following:

    A platform where YouSAB community users can use two forms of communication, VOIP and Messenger texting.
    YouSAB messenger, as the name suggests, allows all of its users to invite and build a buddy list of all their YouSAB contacts that they wish to communicate with, via VOIP and messenger. All members’ accounts have in built VOIP and messenger features, so users can use both forms of communication to contact their business, or social contacts across the VPN network.

    Both methods are highly secured, and both are totally anonymous to the outside world, with no third party monitoring communications. We have had several independent reviews of the speed of the service, and download quality is very acceptable and voice quality is comparable to Skype, and Call serve PC-PC. YouSAB accounts also have profiles where users can post business or personnel information about themselves, if they wish.

    Once connected to the VPN network, you are provided with uncensored internet use, and a non traceable IP address.
    YouSAB messenger unblocks all your favorite websites, which are deemed, unsuited for viewership by your Employer, Internet Service Provider or country Government E.g. VOIP providers, and Unblock Facebook. It also gives you a bogus IP address, which is non-traceable, even to a highly experienced hacker.

    This program really works well for users who are using unsecured Wi-Fi hot spots, or people who want to file share without fear of authorities tracking their activity.

    Prepaid card facility that allows to you purchase credit to use the service for as low as 3 Euro, minimizing the risk versus a yearly, or monthly, payment subscription.
    The YouSAB messenger network, with its advanced features, was originally designed with the business network in mind. This was to assist in business activity at a fraction of the cost of normal VPN business networks. After been encouraged by good response from the public, based on YouSAB’s ease of payment, we decided to offer it to the public.

    YouSAB is a micro pay as you use service, and is controlled by the payments solution provided YouSAB Intercard. This service is a highly secured form of collecting payments and it works in conjunction with the popular online merchant PayPal which handles all payments.

    Intercard payment solution controls the debits, or credits, to and from your YouSAB messenger account. Intercard is responsible of providing a clear and transparent service so you are able to understand at all times, what you have been charged, to the nearest micropayment.

    Without getting into the complex workings of Intercard, the basic numbers that you need to be aware of are:
    100 units of Intercard credit, is equal to 1 euro. This will allow you 40 hours of using your YouSAB messenger service.

    Intercard will deduct 0.125 units every 3 minutes that you use the service, so you can be sure that you are getting value for money at all times.

    YouSAB offers you different values of Intercard credit which are:
    300 units which will give you 120 hours of use for 3Euro

    500 units will give you 240 hours of use for 5 Euro

    1000 units will give you 500 hours of use for 10 Euro

    One of the best features of using Intercard is; you can use it to carry out balance transfers to and from your Intercard account. This feature was introduced as a test bed for our soon to be released online money exchange bureau, that users will be able to use to exchange online currency at favorable exchange rates e.g. PayPal to Web money.

    These are just three main features for the YouSAB community, but we continue to work from feedback from our users (which we welcome), to further improve the service, so we that we can all retain our privacy while online.

  86. Derf Says: sends you openvpn’s secret files by email, which is absolutely not secure. They should at least make them downloadable via https on their website.

  87. VPN-IP Says:

    VPN-IP offers free L2TP VPN service on servers located in United Kingdom.

  88. Says:

    Surf anonymous and safe with we provide secure vpn tunnels for only $7. On gbit connections.

  89. Says:

    El primer proveedor de servicios VPN completamente orientado a los usuarios hispanos.

    Detallados tutoriales, completo FAQ y un forum a vuestra disposición, todo en español.

    OpenVPN y PPTP con tráfico ilimitado desde 9€/mes y ahora con el código 1M005 el primer mes por solo 5€ !!!

    Nodos en USA, Rumanía y Suiza. Próximamente en UK.

  90. fredrick Says:

    Dont dare try instantVPN they’re scammars and loser

  91. VpnWarp.Net Says:

    We just launched a new pay as you go service that allows monthly subscriptions as-well. We currently offer US, and Canadian servers, and support P2P. Accounts are unlimited, and servers are premium!

    Future services will include PC Lan gaming packages, and private work groups.

    The data centers we use are all top notch, and connected to multiple giga-byte tier-1 providers.

  92. Marcus Says:

    I signed up with perfect-privacy last weekend, but I’m starting to think it’s just a scam. They were very quick at sending me the paypal invoice, but I still havn’t seen any credentials and I’ve posted two support tickets to get some sort of update on what is going on and all I get is silence.

    At this point, I’m getting a bit frustrated and I sure can’t recommend them.

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  94. Jonathan Says:

    Hey, is now offering a limited time discount on USA VPN accounts.
    We offer a USA based unlimited bandwidth VPN accounts with a fast internet connection to 4 different Tier-1 ISPs.
    We provide accounts for as low as 4$/month!

    You can buy vpns at our website

  95. Rick Says:

    You should add to the top of your list. 5$/month, currently 4 countries to choose from (usa/uk/nl/de), unlimited bandwidth usage, unrestricted downloads, and most importantly openvpn, l2tp, and pptp are included in the service fee… It’s the most comprehensive provider with the most reasonable fee to date.

    Not to mention, automatic account creation. You receive your details via email within 5 minutes of order.

  96. Raker Says:

    Strong VPN does have a TOS against piracy. They blocked my account for downloading a video. Do not use them. They keep a record of all IP’s and actively comply to the demands made to them by the authotities.

    They are unreliable and they try and convince the world that their service is anonymous but it is not…

    Again they disabled my account for infringement of their unpublished TOS.

  97. A Says:

    Agreeing with Raker on StrongVPN. They disabled my account for downloading videos.

  98. Paul Says:

    Marcus, they are just slow.

  99. Paul Says:


100.##### quartermane Says:

Agreeing with Raker and A on StrongVPN - They do lie about not
keeping information

re:Hello Customer,

We have received a DMCA copyright complaint for the following
content below:

Evidentiary Information:

 Infringement Source: BitTorrent  
 Infringement Timestamp: XX xxx 2009 xx:xx:xx GMT  
 Infringement Last Documented: XX xxx 2009 xx:xx:xx GMT  
 Infringer Username:  
 Infringing Filename: Call of duty 4 \[PC-DVD\] \[English\]
 Infringing Filesize: 6789794354  
 Infringer IP Address: 216.131.xx.xx  
 Infringer DNS Name:  
 Infringer Port ID: 38XXX  
 Infringer Bay ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Due to the DMCA complaint we are required to disable your account.
Please take necessary action so we do not receive a second complaint
and then, please inform us when we can re-enable your account.

You can check our DMCA policy using this link:  
[][59]{: rel="nofollow"}

 Regards, Alexey Support Engineer  
 Skype ID: alexey\_reliablehosting \[Ticket Status\]

101.##### Trackback :: isp monitoring dl,s? trackers in finalgear? - Page 2 - Forums

\[...\] only way not to be caught is not downloading at all.
anonymouse vpn services (list can be found here) it doesn’t matter
what you’re downloading. Actually i worked with some of vpn services
(not in the \[...\]

102.##### Sharp Spirit Says:

Look most French cannot be trusted. The only ones you can trust live
abroad. Perfect Privacy is dissecting every single one of your
actions on the web and doing the exact opposite of what they claim
to be doing which is protect your privacy.  
 Use at your own risk and accept the consequences.

103.##### Patrick Says:

 Did you checked your spam folder?


104.##### Says:

With you get unlimited bandwidth and traffic for only

105.##### Says:

We provide a hosted VPN service out of the UK with no restrictions
for £55 or US$90 per year. That includes Unlimited traffic and no

106.##### Gregory Despain Says:

Between my family we’ve enjoyed more prepaid credit cards over time
than we can count, including Silvercard, Greendot, etc. But, the
last few years I’ve found that one is the best for us AccountNow
Visa. Why? Because I was thrilled to discover how well-designed and
and piece of cake to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked)
AccountNow Visa’s are.

107.##### Ytiminona Says:

Went from Relakks (50% uptime now dead, email did not work and
location id masking wasn’t working, very unresponsive)  
 to SecureIX (worked off and on, better than Relakks, closed down in
the middle of my one year term)  
 to FlashVPN (paid a month never got any service or response)

to now Hidemynet (worked right off and very stable, my email and
location masking works, had a problem reconnecting after renewing
but the folks are very responsive and dedicated towards customers)

108.##### suri Says:

I’m using Freedur now. It is very fast and stable. It is the best
I’ve ever used and it’s cheap as well.

109.##### Trackback :: Digital Audio&Video » Blog Archive » Help! My download won’t start? Is my ISP blocking torrent?

\[...\] If you want some more “speed” you should look for a paid VPN
service. (free VPNs are overloaded and slow). I used ACEVPN and was
satisfied with the service. (They also have a free service). Here is
a list of VPN providers (in 2008).
rel="nofollow"} \[...\]

110.##### jintropin genlei Says:

hm..ill check out the list…fcuk..which one to choose…

111.##### Pearl Says:

12VPN, which is very low cost :  
 $17.70/half year ($2.95/month) or  
 $29.50/year (save $5.90!)  
 FREE setup

we provide that, you can find more details in our website:
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112.##### Mari Says:

Maybe you guys can help me with this. Back in the days (before the
internet) I used to run a dial up BBS. I miss my old software and
would like the bring everything back to life just for my own use.
That being said, my ISP doesn’t allow private web, ftp, telnet, smtp
servers. I understand their desire to protecting their customers, me
included, but that leaves me hanging. I do not want to buy a
business level internet service or a virtual private server to play
with my toy. I’m a hobbiest with limited budget.

Now enough with the intro and let me ask you this.

Would using a VPN service solve my problem? I had in mind creating a
VPN tunnel between my home server to the Internet, hiding from my
ISP the fact that I’m allowing inbound connections. My bandwidth
need is extremly small as I do not download much, maybe a meg or two
a day of messages and freeware from the old FidoNet network and that
is about it. I don’t care about my activities being monitored or
logged as everything going in and out of my server is pefectly legal
and rather boering. I guess one important thing would be to have a
dedicated IP, maybe static, depinding on my ability to use DDNS, in
order to find my server from the Internet and a connection that
stays on all the time.

At the end, all I want is to play freely with my toy and avoid
having my ISP be on my back because I want to connect to my server
when I’m not home.

Your thoughts….



113.##### cc Says:

No one recommends or even mention  
 Is that because they have no affiliation program
![;)](/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif) ;) ??

114.##### cc Says:

Cryptocloud sounds pretty clear:

1\. We don’t log traffic, monitor traffic, or have any technical
mechanism to “track” our customers in the first place. Creating such
a mechanism would be expensive, time-consuming, and utterly contrary
to why all of us have invested our blood, sweat, and tears in
building this company from nothing over the past three years.

2\. If some idiot decides to use our system to spread child porn, we
will work actively with law enforcement to hunt them down.

115.##### chris Says:

[][78]{: rel="nofollow"} unlimited bandwidth

116.##### Cecilia Steen Says:

I had same experience with Flashvpn.It’s a scam.

117.##### Ahmed Says:

Hi, is a large scale scam, their speeds are below 20k. 

 Service replays take 4 days.

118.##### mohammed Says:

AlwaysVPN is a prepay VPN service for light users. It sucks. I can
hardly ever connect.

119.##### Benny Says:

Perfect Privacy - Review  
 Horrible Horrible service, I would touch them with 2 feet stick.  
 I Was looking for USA ip, I dont care about security or such, i
want to watch hulu.  
 I emailed them asking if their 25 EURO per month service will be
faster then my current 4USD per month service, logically if its
costs more it should work better.  
 They promised me golden service, best in the world.  
 So I paid for one month, got my Log-In after 3 days and 5 emails,
apparently they didnt get my paypal invoice.  
 Anyway, I pinged all their USA servers, 670ms ping I was shocked!. 

 I tried to connect anyway, my streaming speed was 3k.  
 1H after I received my Log-In I asked for refund, they told me they
dont refund people, and can only refund me 10Euro out of my 25 Euro
for my 1h of usage.  
 For example Banana VPN refunded me NO QUESTIONS ASKED, they were
also slow but im not angry, they refunded me like a proper business
should do.  
 So please stay AWAY from “perfect Privacy”, the only fast servers
they have are in Europe. If you want fast USA server STAY AWAY!!!

120.##### Patrick Says:

&gt; So I paid for one month, got my Log-In after 3 days and 5
emails, apparently they didnt get my paypal invoice.

We do a batch every 24 to 48 hours.

&gt; Anyway, I pinged all their USA servers, 670ms ping I was
 Are you on Mars? Ping from California:

$ ping  
 64 bytes from icmp\_seq=1 ttl=55
time=70.7 ms  
 $ ping  
 64 bytes from icmp\_seq=1 ttl=47
time=76.7 ms

&gt; 3k streaming spead?  
 Sure! =D

121.##### alexey_strongvpn Says:

Hi there!

Regarding DMCA policy on  
 you can check [][59]{:
 We only ask to remove compliant from computer then enable account

and we have big list of servers, see
[][9]{: rel="nofollow"}

PS Moscow server dont have DMCA policy at all ))

122.##### DS Says:

Perfect Privacy guy:

If your service is on the up and up, why not offer a free trial? I’m
judt sayin’…

Btw, your site informed me that I’m running Windows &amp; IE6. Not
quite so. I’m running WM6.1 and Opera.

If anyone cares to know:

After a day filled with researching openVPN service providers
because my ISP temporarily disconnected me for copyright
infringment, I’m going with Cryptocloud.

123.##### Patrick Says:

We do not provide trial accounts for two reasons, first we often
enough found trial accounts data in public boards. Second we do not
keep personal data, so we could not check if you already had a trial

Related to the info on the site info. Do you mean the small image by or

Btw.: Which ISP are you using?

124.##### Peter Rabbit Says:

Perfect Privacy sucks my left nut and my shit hole.

125.##### Patrick Says:

Cry me a river!

126.##### Peter Rabbit Says:

Patrick - Look around the net. You’ll see the anger of all the
people Perfect Privacy has screwed over time. Your servers are
slower than shit, your customer service is barbaric to say the
least, and you track your clients to the end of the earth. Are you
that interested in monitoring your clients porn surfing habits? Or
maybe you get some perverted sexual feelings off of it? Or better
yet, maybe your some kind of government setup? These kinds of things
have to be brought out into the light if people are to evaluate the
kind of shit hole company you run. Are you still selling your
clients data and surfing habits to the Russians? Still passing that
information to the American and British governments? I know you hate
these kinds of questions, but the people have the right to know!

Your dildo ass-gobbling days of screwing your clients left and right
will come to an end the day the people you serve figure out what
your doing. Just as COTSE went down this path and eventually was
found out, you will see the same fate. You cannot continue to screw
your clients like this and get away with it. The government does not
belong in this business! GET OUT!!

127.##### Patrick Says:

Sure! =D

128.##### Peter Rabbit Says:

Whats even sadder is that every time you guys are found out, such as
in the case of COTSE and Metropipe, when the whistle blowers finally
squealed on you and revealed your true identity on the famous
newsgroups, you up and shut down yet again and up pops a new company
out of thin air!! Like magic!

For all of you guys that don’t know, Perfect Privacy is nothing but
COTSE and Metropipe re-born. Same scammers running the show. Look
around the net and you’ll see plenty of disgruntled Perfect Privacy
ex-clients. Google them, don’t just take my word for it.

The guys that work for Perfect Privacy are nothing short of a TLA
(Three Letter Agency) in sheeps clothing for the unsuspecting
public. If your prepared to hand your surfing habits over to them,
expect a knock at your door at some point. Prefect Privacy servers
are government monitored - keep yourself safe and stay away!

129.##### Bugs Bunny Says:

Why would any VPN service provider care about their clients’ porn
surfing habits? Come on, it’s the 21st century, porn isn’t taboo
anymore. There is nothing exciting about finding out someone likes
to surf porn sites. Maybe it used to be in granny’s days.

130.##### Peter Rabbit Says:

That’s a good question. I’m waiting for Patrick to answer that one.
But he’s probably too busy gobbling and slurping horse cock to
reply. Most of us know what Perfect Privacy is doing. The rest is
just educating the public on them and stopping Perfect Privacy from
flaunting that they are a privacy company. Perfect Privacy is
nothing more than a bunch of ass goblins living in mama’s house and
never had a date in their lives.

131.##### Martin Says:

I’ve heard a rumor lot of VPN services are owned and maintained by
gov agencies. Is there a bit truth about it?

132.##### Trackback :: Evitare port-uri blocate - TORRENTs.RO

\[...\] Ia-ti VPN,recomand Ivacy(nodul din Rusia only),Relakks(e din
Suedia ,sau Linkideo.Uite si un link \[...\]

133.##### Anders Says:

Great list. Earlier I used Strongvpn with some speed issues, however
I switched once I found out that they keep logs of the traffic. I
also had problems with disconnects (vpn line going down).

I am now using Ipredator and a software called webtrust vpn
protector ( and it works great. Ipredator does not
keep any logs and the line is fast. The software (webtrust) stops
all downloads if the vpn line goes down (and restarts the vpn line)
so that no logs will be generated at my ISP if that happens.

I am paying to be anonyms on the internet, I do not need a VPN
provider monitoring what I do.


134.##### Mike Torvald Says:

Thats what we all want. Its a shame government controlled companies
like perfect-privacy mentioned above exist. I think its the
responsibility of us all to root out the government controlled vpn
companies and expose their monitoring ways. Perfect-Privacy does not
belong in this business. Thank you to the guys above that
fore-warned the rest of us.

135.##### Scammed by FlashVPN Says:

I was scammed by these guys as well.

I got the account setup, but its slow as heck and they don’t honer
there 7 day trial.

plus 6 month after I requested 6 times to close the account, they
are still sending me an invoice… to pay for the service, that I have
not used the day I tried it and asked for the refund that I never

136.##### Need Help Says:

Helloo, does anyone one can recomand’s me a vpn services that are
not keeping the logs and have server’s from europe? thanks

137.##### Patrick Says:

 Do you have any evidence for your words?

138.##### George Adem Says:

yeah perfect privacy is a bunch of grandmother humping douche bags.

139.##### Bill Clinton Says:

Grass roots campaign against the treacherous Perfect Privacy group?

140.##### SPKS Says: // looks very legit. I’ve been
researching different companies for the past few days as I’m sick of
having no protection.

I’ve come across many posts from the admins and owners which not
only seem like they have a steady head on their shoulders, they
stand for what’s right and know their sh\*t. They keep no logs and
handle the DMCA letters, well, the way you’d want a VPN company
handling them. Don’t go with a company that’s only been around for a
year or less, CC and TF have been running for years and have the
expertise to continue running it successfully. Fast customer service
too and prompt replies on their forum.

Example of what I’m talking about:

They seem to respect privacy and the only thing I’m getting out of
writing this is knowing they believe in what’s right - freedom.
Check out the forum to do your own research -
you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I was planning on trying them out and especially after reading their
forum and seeing other people recommend them and now after checking
out a lot of these sites and seeing the posts, it’s clear a lot of
these companies are “using 3rd class equipment and operating from
their parents house.” as TALISMAN stated.

Although prices may be a bit higher than some companies, there’s no
amount of value you can compare your privacy to. If you want
privacy, be sure you’re confident with who you are placing your
privacy into the hands of.

There is no price on freedom.

141.##### Says:

We provide a hosted VPN service out of the US and UK with no
restrictions starting for £55 or US$90 per year.

That includes Unlimited traffic, absolutely no restrictions, 2048
bit encryption and total privacy as we do not keep usage logs!

Checkout the details at [][83]{:
rel="nofollow"} or vists our UK site at
[][74]{: rel="nofollow"}.

142.##### Mattias Jn Says:

Peter Rabbit and all you other people complaining about  
 “For all of you guys that don’t know, Perfect Privacy is nothing
but COTSE and Metropipe re-born. Same scammers running the show.
Look around the net and you’ll see plenty of disgruntled Perfect
Privacy ex-clients. Google them, don’t just take my word for it.”

I did exactly this a long time ago when I first started to look for
a “reliable” VPN-provider and guess what, most of them log stuff and
care a great deal what you do online. They scam you with saying one
thing on their website and another in their ToS. They say they don’t
log, but they keep logs in order to check that you conform to their
rules etc etc.

PP doesn’t do this. At least not that I know of. As for speed, well
in Europe they are fast as hell. I’m in sweden and the moscow server
rocks. Rest of the world? No idea.

As for PP being the same guys as metropipe that is probably a lie.
Check this thread and do your own research
 More likely it is XB and cryptohippie that have taken over
metropipe, that doesn’t mean that they are scammers though… As for
people and trust… well you have to know people in order to trust
them, right? So if you don’t know them you have to dig around, a
lot. Is the stuff you do online really worth anyones notice? Perhaps
if you are a terrorist, but if you only surf porn and download
pirated movies most VPN-providers that doesn’t log your shit is
perfectly fine.

The VPN business is a messy one with lots of trash talk between
providers by their cohorts or people like me, who likes one service
and dislikes another. If you really are paranoid just buy to
VPN-accounts with different providers and then chain them together.
Then at least if one is corrupt you can give them a bit more to work
with ![;-)](/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif) Most
VPN-providers is against this, but PP actually has tutorials of how
you do it on their user-forum. I doubt that if they were run by the
“three letters agencies” they’d help their users to make their own
job a lot harder…

just my 5 cents

143.##### Hierophant Says:

I’ve used XeroBank for about two years, and am very satisfied. Even
so, I’m looking for others, both for better privacy and as backup.
Cryptocloud and Perfect Privacy seem most promising. Both accept
anonymous payment, in contrast to others I’ve checked out. However,
as I understand it, Perfect Privacy just provides secure VPN access
to servers, and not a multi-hop network, so you NEED to do the
chaining yourself. And although Cryptocloud is apparently a
multi-hop network, I haven’t yet found anything very specific. I
wonder how it compares with Xero Networks, which XeroBank uses, or
Cryptohippie. Anyway, I’m still working my way through the services
listed above.

144.##### Hierophant Says:

PS - Avoid Anonymizer. It’s now owned by Abraxas, which is a CIA
consulting firm. And anyway, Total Net Shield is just SSH, not VPN.

145.##### NAME Says:

I dont know about Cryptocloud but Perfect Privacy allows multi-hop /

Anyone got a opinion about secretlines?

146.##### Hierophant Says:

“secretlines”? What’s the URL? = dogs and = available

147.##### NAME Says:

148.##### Pure VPN Says:

PP is a total douche bag company. [][13]{:
rel="nofollow"} has received and re-trained a bunch of their
ex-resellers. It wasn’t so much that Perfect Privacy was a TLA,
rather it was based on policy and logging that was really going on
by Perfect Privacy. So if your looking for a real privacy company
and you value your vpn service, come on over to us at
[][13]{: rel="nofollow"} and we will treat you

149.##### burritoboy Says:

Boingboing had an article about the new ipred service  
 and there are some good comments that mention a couple services not
listed in the article/comments here yet

[][87]{: rel="nofollow"}  
[][67]{: rel="nofollow"}

150.##### jagger Says:

” wvr Says: 20.10.08 at 2:36 am

You forgot It’s 40 usd for 1 year.”  
 They suck! No P2P!  

151.##### Noan Says:

I rather stick with PP than using a service who’s asking me for
first name, last name and so on … not to talk about the payment
options (PayPal, Credit Card, Moneybookers). That’s a joke!

152.##### digichef Says:

How about [][88]{: rel="nofollow"}

I just got a one month to check it out. Getting around 3 down on my
RR 10 down account.  
 I’m not sure where they stand on DMCA policy and log
 Anyone else had any experience with these guys?

153.##### C-Bird Says:

You guys are all a waste of time. Arguing over your cloak and dagger
anonymity all because of your need for p2p bullshit. All your
whining about is being able to break the law, steal software that
some made, and download music that your ass should be in the store
buying. All this is is a bunch of cry babies fighting over vpn
companies whose job is not protecting your sorry asses so you can
download illegal crap on someone else’s ip address. If you all were
man enough, you’d do it on your local isp instead of trying to hide
behind various vpn providers. But no, your a bunch of pussies that
need to lurk in the shadows. Sorta like peeping tom’s.

154.##### Bill Says:

You forgot to mention - it’s a Canadian VPN
service that actually speeds up your downloads.  
 They are adding P2P clients in the next version of their PC Cleaner
software too, see [][90]{:

155.##### annie Says:

Hey guys, i use [][91]{: rel="nofollow"}  
 They have some nice plans: 10 USD/ 1 month, 20 USD/ 3 months and
 I especially like the 3 months plan its a nice deal.  
 Torrents work and they don’t keep any logs. (i’ve asked).  
 Overall the speed is great, and stable.  
 They offer both types of VPN, L2TP and PPTP and proxies and SSH
 Oh, and you can pay by liberty reserve, webmoney and paypal which
is great.

156.##### PrivacySupport Says:

Nice list. Wanted to know if you happen to know the IP ranges used
by the respective VPN providers. Thanks in advance.

157.##### kaka Says:

 Forget any of vpn service not save ur logs  
 Only use paid private botnet socks good uptime and fast speed ,in
chain by proxifier or proxycap  
 And trust me logs go to /dev/null  
 Dfo p2p , spam , shits , crimes and enjoy

158.##### Nasir Says:

You should rally check out [][46]{:
rel="nofollow"} VPN service. They have only openvpn service and it
is really fast, reliable, and cheap ($15/month for openvpn if you go
with 6m to year subscription).  
 I had them for 6 months and love it. truly open and fully

159.##### BB Says:

I am using Proxify and I am satisfied with their services.

Can anyone explain me the advantages and disadvantages of having to
install a software on the computer for anonymous surfing.

I am new to all this.

Thank’s to everyone

160.##### dan Says:

I used a VPN PPTP shared IP service from my office and some hacker
spammed the company’s email.  
 The company’s IT consultants showed me that my data, using this VPN
service, run through many servers in different cities before
arriving to the VPN server location, so everybody can spy my pc.  
 How is it possible?  
 How can I have a real secure service?

161.##### Agent Says:

All VPN-companies which are from USA/CAN does keep logs because
terrorist laws. RIAA, MPAA, IFPI will get your full information from
USA/CAN based VPN-companies. What we would need is VPN-company which
have no information about you = no evidences = you can do what you
want and police, FBI don’t come to your door. Most VPN-companies
does have your real ip, your real email and payment records and logs
what you do = evidences against you. What we p2p users really need
is VPN-company which don’t have any information about their
customers to give police, FBI, MAFIAA. There is no VPN-company that
give what p2p-users need. Hint for VPN-companies is you can arrange
that police don’t get any information about your customers then it
is huge success!!

162.##### Agent Says:

Also EU-directive law forces VPN-companies keep logs 6-12 months
depending on what country. I have heard that only NL don’t have that
law but some peoples should confirm that. There is superb huge
demand for VPN-company which gives 100% anonymity to it customers
meaning no evidences to police or FBI or MAFIAA even customers do
break law and I mean breaking copyright law all P2P-users break
copyrightlaw every fucking day. So which VPN-company will be first
one which provides full anonymity no evidences to FBI or police even
customers break law (copyright law). When FBI or police ask
information there should be none to give. That is what we all
p2p-users need and we are ready to pay well for that service!!!

163.##### James Edwards Says:

Check out [][93]{: rel="nofollow"} they are
very fast and only $3.95/month.

164.##### fediri Says:

I registered to perfect privacy 2 days ago for 1 year subscription ,
I received my info after one day and I started to read all their
tutorials , there are so many , in order to use their services at
the maximum.

Until now , my final conclusion is besides that the customer support
, even a little slow , is very friendly and sufficient , is that I
use 3 of their servers at the same time , thanks to their “magic”
tutorials , with my web ssl vpn and I have a very decent speed ,
crossing the globe. The only thing someones must knows is that the
data are routed differently from country to country and the speeds
are relevant.

Anyway , I am happy to be a subscriber to them , after trying many
vpn services such as purevpn , findnot , anonyproz , trustconnect ,
bolhevpn ……

165.##### UT Says:

Just signed up and paid for OpenVPN account, I’ll post
some comments after a few days.

166.##### Trackback :: “Cannot Watch this video outside of the United States” .. until now ! « Some Kinda Bored

\[...\] VPN PROVIDERS \[...\]

167.##### Sam Says:

 I tested those guys at [][96]{: rel="nofollow"}
and they give good service , fast and they reply their support mails
very fast  
 let me know how it went with them  

168.##### Anca Says:

[Invisible Browsing VPN][97]{: rel="nofollow"} (aka ibVPN) is a new
VPN service that provides servers from USA, UK, DE &amp; NL. Free
VPN accounts are provided every month and premiumVPN accounts start
at $4.95.

169.##### how to make magnetic generator Says:

Seems like such a basic idea for free energy but it takes a
community to discuss the details, thanks, excellent read, ive added
a bookmark for your site.

170.##### Katie Nolan Says:

Nice list. Wanted to know if you happen to know the IP ranges used
by the respective [VPN][99]{: rel="nofollow"} providers. Thanks in

171.##### Trackback :: links for 2010-04-09 | Pratyush Kotturu - KE5YQZ

\[...\] height .. ? how much time did it take to do it ? Share this
on Digg… DeliciousTotal Anonymity - A List of VPN
Service Providers \| THE source for BitTorrent &amp; P2P Tips,
Tricks and… 4 hours agoPrivacy IO - We give you your privacy 4 hours
agoDeviceGuru » DIY 80GB iPod Touch 6 \[...\]

172.##### cyril brownpassage Says:

ultra surf is brilliant and free

173.##### Joey Says:

\*\*\*Warning\*\*\* Don’t use

I tried, payed, waited 3 days with multiple
e-mails sent and never got account info nor any responses from
customer service.

174.##### aberstan Says:

I’m paying $55 a year to access US &amp; UK via
[][101]{: rel="nofollow"}

They also have other VPN connections to locations around the world.
Fast and reliable.

175.##### Matt Says:

Try [Anonymizer Universal][102]{: rel="nofollow"} - great hide-my-IP
service with the most secure VPN access.

176.##### SwitchVPN Says:


New VPN Site Launched

Use Coupon Code : “SWITCH50″ For 50% Off on Any package.  
 Valid till 10th April 2010

177.##### Bluffers Says:

I would recommend to use a service, they offer the total
anonymity for web traffic, they also allow P2P or torrents download
for 12$ a month, which I think is much cheaper than other VPN
providers. They also have few servers located on 6 different
locations which allows you to get the local IP access of that
country. [][104]{:

178.##### Bluffers Says:

Also they are offering a discount voucher at the moment so you can
avail 1 month service for a charge of 7$ per month instead on
regular 12$ / month price.  
[][105]{: rel="nofollow"}

179.##### pbx Says:

You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find
this topic to be really something which I think I would never
understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am
looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of

180.##### xxx Says:

I wouldn’t trust Perfect Privacy after reading this in their FAQ:

“Perfect Privacy targets exclusively at members who respect the laws
of the jurisdiction in which our server they currently use is
situated (see Prohibited Activities) and who wish to restore their
legitimate privacy. Do only what is legal in the country of the
server you are using. If you are a criminal or plan to use our
services for criminal activities, please stay away! You will not
only create problems for yourself but also for us.

You, as an individual or businessman, however, are now granted the
unique opportunity to shield yourself from observers and to pursue
your Internet activities undisturbedly and without other people
glancing over your shoulder. Isn’t that worth to give us a chance —
especially at prices as low as ours?”

What it means is their offer is targeted at paranoid individuals who
are into “google taking over the world” conspiracy and such stuff.
And that’s all. Opposite to a reliable anonymization service they
will hand you over on a plate if you don’t “Do only what is legal in
the country of the server you are using”. With US servers, for
example, that would be pretty much… well… nothing? At least none of
the things someone that’s not paranoid about google analytics etc.
would want VPN for.

Just compare PP’s FAQ answer to “6. Why should I trust Perfect
Privacy? Maybe you are a gov’t setup?” with the answer to a similar
question at some serious VPN provider, for example Cryptocloud.

“If a law enforcement agency with proven jurisdiction over our
business comes to us with a valid order from a valid judicial
authority that our own corporate lawyers are able to independently
verify, we will comply with that order as written. Naturally, we
can’t provide information we don’t store - such as network traffic
logs. We cannot be compelled to provide what we do not have.

If a court orders us to close an account, we will do so. If a court
orders us to allow them to secretly place surveillance “sniffers” on
a specific account, we will fight this order to the highest judicial
authority possible. If we lose, we will shut down the business and
call it a day. End of story.”

There’s a difference, isn’t it?

181.##### asylum Says:

There is also [][107]{: rel="nofollow"} it’s
featured on NINEMSN APCMAG Australia


182.##### Mike Says:

I recently had trouble accessing Astraweb over 12VPN … after
emailing them I received this response:  
 “We had to block Astraweb as it triggered too many DMCA noticed
from copyright holders. Our policy is not to log or block our
clients, so our only option in these cases is to block the target

183.##### Trackback :: How To Bypass Your ISP And/or Your Country Restrictions | Anuraj Nemmara

\[...\] $5 – 20 monthly depends on the VPN provider and the VPN
type, Where can you find VPN providers? A great list of VPN services
providers and nice comparison too \[...\]

184.##### steveyk Says:

Anyone know a vpn supplier that has a fast upload speed 150KB/s+ ??
my current supplier ( gives me 100KB/s and
i tried shopping around and have yet to find better.

185.##### VPN Services Says:

This is perfect post. VPN is very important part of Internet to
protect your privacy.  
 Thank for share.

186.##### steveyk Says: caps your download speed when downloading from
megaupload and rapidshare. I know this personally by testing it.
(capped down to 200KB/s download speed)They don’t seem to cap any
speed when using torrents though, at least not yet.

However they do have the fastest upload speeds I have experienced so
far from a vpn. (my top upload speed with them is 150KB/s )

So if you are looking for download speed for megaupload and so on do
not choose vpnpronet but if you need a decent upload speed choose

187.##### vpndog Says:

New cheap vpn service [][111]{: rel="nofollow"} -
currently in beta, but already have many servers

188.##### VPN Services Says:

great share mate.thank you on this list of vpn providers.

189.##### Says:

@JOEY : Please do get in touch with us if your issue hasn’t been
solved. Our account info is sent immediately and automatically upon
payment, but it may have ended up in your spam folder. Please note
we have a money-back guarantee as well.

190.##### Gary Says:

You might want to add [][112]{: rel="nofollow"}
to the list of vpn providers. They’re pretty new but so far as I can
tell they are totally free right now. Download speeds have been very
good for me.

191.##### wayne Says:

If you read the terms &amp; conditions of these vpn providers you
will discover most of them will store logs on you including your IP
which if required by law will be supplied. So it seems that you pay
money to pass your privacy from your ISP to another company who keep
logs on you just in case they are required by the authoritys. All
except [][113]{: rel="nofollow"} unless
there are other VPN’s that people on this board know about?

192.##### wayne Says:

One problem with YourPrivateVPN it does not port forward so no good
for p2p like emule

193.##### homie Says:

you will find more VPN providers on this webpage:

on this website, you will compare VPN plans from the 10 biggest VPN
service providers

194.##### Anelly Says:

ibvn is a great vpn service. the price per month is $4.95. Servers’
speed is very good also. [][97]{:

195.##### Dan Says:

I understand StrongVPN has some good reviews at some websites,
however, I have had a very bad experience with them. Here’s my

I tried to order their service but was denied. Why? They asked for
the copy of my passport or driver license!!!

I live in US and entered every information with my order(including
mailing address and credit information) correctly, and used my
company e-mail address. Their sales team called me to verify my
information, and then they requested me to fax them my ID (either
passport or driver license) and copy of credit card again! I really
don’t feel comfortable to give them my ID for just purchasing their
service since they have already verified my information by my credit
card and mailing address. When I denied to provide my ID, then they
just denied my order directly.

I tried to call their customer service to complain, but I always got
into their voice message system directly! Nobody picked up the the
phone at all. What a bad service!

So, I finally gave up to use their service.

196.##### Martinezo Says:

Thanks for this very useful article. I’m familiar with VPNs and I
was able to test lots of VPN providers mentioned here, however this
provides some input to my testing.

After many trials currently I’m using SecurityKISS Tunnel
( which proved to be the fastest and
problem free. The best thing there is that I don’t need to register
and remember one more user and password.

I remember a good impression with StrongVPN and 12VPN which were
quite good as well - comparable to SecurityKISS Tunnel but not
problem free and not as reliable.

197.##### Sasha Says:

Hello guys i started using vpnpronet for a month already after i got
my 3 month subscription and its perfect. Love the speed and
connections never drop.  
 My way of saying THANK YOU to vpnpronet for being one of the best
vpn providers for me.

198.##### Mike Says:

Need someone who can get me the best VPN THE FASTEST AND SECURE VPN
[]( i hope to
hear from someone soon . waiting now

199.##### charlie Says:

It’s ridiculous how these big telecommunications companies won’t go
into more rural areas because they won’t make enough money off of
it. America’s brand of capitalism is too out of control - I live in
Evergreen, CO, and the “[high speed internet providers in my
area][116]{: rel="nofollow"}” (look at the webpage and you’ll see
what I mean) is like the pirates of the carribean ride at
disneyland. You wait for forever and then once you’re finally on you
get kicked off after about 5 minutes.

200.##### GrowTaller Says:

Hi,thanks for the blog post. Informations are really exciting and
saves me huge amount of time which I spend on something else instead
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201.##### Joan Says:

You can also check out our Premium VPN Service at
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Addresses][119]{: rel="nofollow"}.

PPTP, L2TP and SSTP are supported and you have no traffic limit!

Thank You,  

202.##### Jenster Says:

There are still quite a few missing from the list and - IMHO - you
are missing some of the best ones.

[][120]{: rel="nofollow"}  
[][121]{: rel="nofollow"}  
[][122]{: rel="nofollow"}

The cheapest native VPN solution I’ve tested is TellyPortVPN at £40
per year and I’m pleased with the results. Basically, I was looking
for the cheapest solution that streamed video reliably and didn’t
overwrite any Windows/Mac components.

203.##### george Says:


Find a list of all VPN provider in this site + consumers reviews  
[][123]{: rel="nofollow"}

204.##### Changemonip Says:


Surf anonymous and safe with [][124]{:

We provide fast and secure VPN services with unlimited traffic.

PPTP, SSTP and OpenVPN are supported.


205.##### willemijns Says:

list of VPN  
[][125]{: rel="nofollow"}

206.##### TerryJames Says:

Basically: if they’re reviewed on start-vpn, they are paying
start-vpn for the ad and passing it off as an independent review.
The reviews are mostly fake. In that way it’s a decent site - since
it lists all the vendors out there with shady practices and leaves
you free to select pretty much any other VPN vendor. Truth in
advertising by proxy.

207.##### kissandra Says:

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Are you kidding? Your entire post above about supervpn only goes to
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Updated VPN and SSH providers list (+100 providers):


211.##### Trackback :: Bypass Deep Packet Inspection from Virgin Media | Julian Young Consultancy

\[...\] one local (in my case Europe) with good reviews and a
torrent friendly policy. Here is a list of torrent friendly VPN
services and make sure you disable IPv6 on your operating system if
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The fastest VPN I’ve used so far, as I mentioned in another post, is
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221.##### Greg Says:

Most VPN providers have a disclaimer or clause in their TOS which
excludes the use of their services for P2P traffic of an any nature
(illegal or not). Many VPN servers got suspended lately by hosting
providers due to DMCA complaints, so VPN providers are very careful
when it comes to P2P/torrent traffic to [seo trends][137]{:

222.##### frog Says:

I use my universities vpn to avoid waiting time on megavideo. But I
am quite sure they keep logs. Good thing is no speed limit (at least
no one i can measure &gt;3Mbit) and no traffic limit.

[][138]{: rel="nofollow"} offers one GB for
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to hang up, also config is tunneled TCP and there is no heavy
background traffic clogging your bandwidth as it seems to happen
with bridged UDP OpenVPN ( uses this; pretty bad service
really, it ate up almost all my scarce bandwidth).

225.##### Franker Says:

TorVPN would deserve to be mentioned here. Very simple website, but
lots of options (custom routes, transparent TOR routing optionally,
unlimited bandwidth / logon time, etc)

[][140]{: rel="nofollow"}

Supported protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, and SSH for those who don’t have
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228.##### Takaniwa Says:

Anybody tried register with SuperVPN? I wanted to give their Torrent
VPN a try. Problem is their stupid billing Swreg. It claims “There
appears to be an error in the information you have submitted that is
preventing us from completing your order. For assistance, please
contact customer service” Complain to them is no use, then tried
their paypal is also part of Swreg, guess what? I can’t even reach
paypal without the same error!

I loved my Witopia service, problem is its not P2P friendly.
Somebody needs to list all the latest OpenVPN services that accepts

229.##### James Says:

Warning! Using StrongVPN is dangerous. Before I join I had online
chat with their sales they told me they allow P2P and will protect
my privacy.

Suddenly few months later my account is suspended, they claim they
received DMCA complain. Now the problem is I am not sure if they
give the complainer my details, they won’t say. I also wonder if
they hand over my activity logs to them as well.

Don’t lie about P2P and about Protecting Privacy!

If its p2p then avoid them. If you’re privacy conscious ALSO avoid

Just my 2 cents

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@Elie [][141]{: rel="nofollow"} is in foreign
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