Seed the Same Files to Multiple Trackers in uTorrent

We’ve already covered a similar topic on ‘Preseeding‘, whereby you can seed previously downloaded files to another tracker, without taking a hit on your download ratio. But if you want to seed the exact same files to multiple trackers simultaneously in µTorrent, it gets a little more tricky. No, you can’t just add multiple private trackers (URLs) to the announce list of a torrent - this would surely qualify you for a big fat ban on most trackers. Nor do you need to copy the seeded folder and/or files to another location, and then seed it to a different tracker from a secondary location - it can all be done from one folder.

Many of you probably already know how to do this; however, a few people have asked us directly on how to do it.

Different Torrents, Same Folder

Before you begin, we recommend that you physically download the actual (same) *.torrent file from each of your private trackers, instead of changing the announce URL of just one torrent. While preseeding (or cross-seeding) is generally an acceptable practice on most private trackers, you’ll arouse more suspicion if you edit the torrent’s tracker announce URL without actually downloading the *.torrent file.

This works best with proper scene releases since they remain relatively the same (in size & name) from one tracker to the next. Obviously you’ll want to pay special attention to the exact release name - i.e. “Transsiberian LIMITED DVDRip-XVID SAPHiRE” will not work with “Transsiberian LIMITED DVDRip XVID AC3-DEViSE” since the release is not at all similar, as shown below:

How it works in µTorrent: Very simple. Assuming you’ve already downloaded and completed (and are seeding) one torrent that you wish to seed across a second tracker, simply go to your other tracker website and download the same corresponding *.torrent file. NOTE: When saved to your hard drive, the actual names of the similar torrent files are completely arbitrary, and will not have an affect on the download paths. Additionally, you do not need to save them to your hard drive, you can just launch them straight into µTorrent.

Now, open up the second torrent in µTorrent - there are two possible scenarios:

1. — If it is a scene release, you may just be able to start the second torrent without having to ‘browse’ to the downloaded folder (for example, the download path will be the same between multiple trackers). More often than not, different private trackers will create the same folder name/path when a torrent begins, but this is not always the case. If in doubt, always browse - see #2.

2. — Manually browsing to the downloaded folder is safer, for if the folder name (path) in the second torrent is even the slightest bit different, you’ll end up starting the download from zero percent (which negates the purpose of this entirely). To do this, open the second torrent, and click on the [ ] button. Look for the directory name of the existing folder in your uTorrent download path, highlight it and click OK once found.

Click OK again, and the torrent should begin the process of hash checking. You should now have two instances of the torrent, both with different tracker URLs (one in each) - to verify, click the “Trackers” tab in uTorrent; each instance should have only one (but different) tracker URL.

Success! You’re now seeding the same data to two different private trackers, while you only actually downloaded the data once! NOTE: You may need to download a small additional amount of data to ‘complete’ the second torrent - this is normal.

To verify that it worked, go back and reload your private tracker’s webpage - you’ll now notice an additional seeding torrent in your ‘active torrents’ list.

Lastly, you can do this with a multitude of trackers, not just two. Simply repeat the same procedure for as many trackers as you wish.

  1. d Says:

    Always when i try this i get “Element not found”, after a while.. on some of the torrents

  2. mogwaiii Says:

    for me too. i just copy the movie to another folder and seed from there

  3. DJ Says:


    but this works on a seedbox too?

  4. SeedTime Says:

    Almost same question for me. Assumig i have a seedbox. I download a torrent form ScT for eg. Can I UPLOAD it on a tracker where I am uploader? Without downloading first on my PC?

    Thank you

  5. mac Says:

    Yes you can… depending on what torrent client you have installed on the seedbox. All the seedbox needs to do is create the .torrent file. You can use either putty and mktorrent or if your using utorrent then VNC you box and create the torrent.

  6. AHM Says:


    i my case when I am doing the same - utorrent ask me that there is similar torrent is running and u want to merge (if we merge then u know it may lead to ban due to ratio cheating).. so what need to do here?

  7. MYK Says:

    I am getting the same error - in my case have created a torrent and uploading to different site (not using multi tracker in single file)

    and when loading then getting same error as AHM ..

    any clue

  8. oldone321 Says:

    Ok. I knew this. But I have a slightly different question. It is here assumed that the torrent has finished downloading. What if it isn’t? Can I “download” the same torrent from two private trackers “simultaneously” ‘in the same folder’ without getting banned?

  9. joseph bloseph Says:

    This does *not* work, as when adding the 2nd torrent of same content to the client, uTorrent will say ‘this torrent is already active in the list. Do you wish to load the trackers from it?’ and when you say “No”, hoping to load the 2nd torrent file, it treats your No answer as more of a Cancel action. If you then try again, this time selecting Yes when prompted with this message, it simply adds the 2nd tracker to the first torrent’s trackers list, and does not actually add the 2nd physical .torrent file.

    What to do about *that*?

  10. Mr. Dumpling Says:

    Rename the second (or first) .torrent file after saving it to a folder on your drive. I know the guide says “oh you don’t have to do this, just load it into utorrent” but they’ve clearly changed it’s handling of cases like this since this guide was written (and hell, they’ll probably arbitrarily change it further, who knows).

    Another option is to use symlinking. In fact, I’m not exactly certain why most private tracker tutorial sections don’t have a big in-depth post on the benefits of symlinking for shit like this. It’s like everyone there assumes something like that to be universally known but truthfully if you aren’t a Linux distro wizard, odds are you’ve never had to bother with it on Windows and probably don’t know it exists on Vista and 7 (and 2000/XP, though less optimal on those). Mac users likely know it but probably don’t consider its application in regard to torrents.

    tl;dr - download .torrent files to drive, rename from there then load into utorrent. OR symlink the shit out of it.

  11. duesbag Says:

    when seeding to a second tracker just unselect all files.

    that way even if it shows that ur at 99 percent complete u still seed and u will avoid getting an error.