Blu-Ray BRRip & BDRip - Two New XviD Formats

Over the past month, you may have noticed two new HD (XviD) formats while browsing your favorite torrent tracker. While Blu-Ray BRRips and BDRips have been around for quite some time (in x264 / *.mkv container), only recently have scene groups been releasing them as XviD *.avi files.

But what makes this remarkable is that they’re compatible with standalone home DVD players (with DivX/XviD support), XBOX 360, PS3, and other external peripherals. These BRRip XviD and BDRip XviD files allow anyone to burn HD-quality Blu-Ray ripped movies on regular DVD media, and playback on most conventional DVD players - without the headaches of re-encoding or DVD authoring. There’s just one catch - you’ll likely need an HDTV to take full advantage of the superior video quality.

BRRip = An XviD encode from a Blu-Ray release (i.e. a 1080p *.mkv file).

BDRip = An XviD encode directly from a source Blu-Ray disk.

NOTE: While both BRRips and BDRips are superior to DVDRips, they are normally released in 720p resolution, since standalone DivX (*.avi) players do not support anything higher than this anyways. They should not be confused with genuine Blu-Ray rips in 1080p, which are usually done in native Blu-Ray files, or as H.264 *.mkv files.

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BRRip vs. BDRip: Which is Best?

Technically there shouldn’t be much of a difference between the two - with one exception: Since BRRips are taken directly from a release that has already been ripped from a Blu-Ray disk (so it’s not a direct source), if there was a problem with the original .mkv, such as bad AR (aspect ratio) then it’ll be transferred to the BRRip, as well. True BDRips come straight from a Blu-Ray disk, which eliminates any problem with a middleman. However, this is somewhat of a moot point - the person/group responsible for the rip is seemingly more important to the end-product quality.

BDRip / BRRip ‘Release Groups’

There are currently only a handful of release groups who are putting out BRRips and BDRips in XviD format. Since this is a brand-new (and popular) format, look for many more to emerge. Currently, they are:

  • PRoDJi (highly recommended)
  • D-ZON3 (also highly recommended rips - files are smaller and picture is better, without sacrificing audio, which is still @ 448 kb/s 6 chnls AC3).
  • FLAWL3SS (at this time, not recommended - quality is comparable to DVDRips).

Below is a comparison of screenshots from both D-ZON3 and FLAWL3SS BRRip releases. If you look closely you’ll notice the difference in detail, especially in the background. The top image from D-ZON3’s release is crisper and clearer:

BDRip / BRRip vs DVD5 / DVD9

The standard retail DVD uses a resolution of 720×480 (NTSC) or 720×576 (PAL), but you will see that Blu-Ray rips (in these XviD *.avi files, and otherwise) offer better video quality than DVD5 or DVD9 disks, even on an HDTV. This is because the source for BRRips and BDRips (obviously being a Blu-Ray disk), is in full 1080p resolution. When done correctly by employing the proper filtering techniques, much of the HQ detail can be retained even in a smaller resolution.

Below is a comparison of screenshots from D-ZON3’s BRRip and DEViSE’s DVDRip (x264):

Searching For BDRip / BRRip on Public & Private Trackers

Aside from conducting searches using the above release group names, simply use the keywords “BRRip XviD” and “BDRip XviD” - both will adequately filter the results. Unfortunately, most public trackers don’t (yet) have many titles to offer; or, in the case of mininova almost all of the results are from private trackers.

Private trackers have a few more titles to offer, and pickings are still slim; mostly just for popular mainstream movie releases. Look for these stats to increase dramatically in the upcoming months. Here are current statistics for private sites that offer both BRRips and BDRips in XviD format:

Tracker: # of BRRips: # of BDRips:
RevoTT 28 3
TL 53 13
Demonoid 5 1 5 2
FunFile 8 2


Computer Codecs — One rather large complaint from users who download these files is that these B*Rips seem to be playing at a similar quality comparable to regular XviD DVDRips. While many factors come to play here (the quality of the source; the person ripping it; the software used), the most likely culprit is improper codecs. Try downloading the latest CCCP codec pack; and/or use the VLC Media Player for playback.

Audio — Is the audio unsynced during playback on your PC? Again, likely just a codec issue. Install the above codec pack, or use VLC.

XBOX 360 — If you’re experiencing lagging after a few minutes of playback, try disabling ‘video caching’ in your XBMC system menu, or simply alter the settings and try again. Also, you may need to upgrade the firmware.

DVD Playback — Again, you’ll need a DivX compatible player - look for the symbol on the DVD unit:

Burning to DVD — Burn the BRRip & BDRip *.avi files using the “Data” burning option.

  1. sara Says:

    thanks sharky! this is so informative :)

  2. Ronnie Says:

    I am not sure what rules these groups are following, but today I saw that kill bill 1 and 2 came out as bluray rip, but the filesize was just a bit over to fit on one dvd, for me, it would have been nice to fit them both on dvd, and I am sure there could be some kind of rules for bluray rips as there is for dvd rip and tv, and so on, I can fit 6 cds on a dvd, that means usually 6 or 2 movies depending on quality.. anyway, I am rambling… :)

  3. Ronnie Says:

    edit: 6 or 3 movies… :)

  4. Sharky Says:

    I was just looking at that Kill Bill set, and said to myself, “shoot, I’ll have to use a DVD9 (8.5 GB) disk to burn that one”. Of course, B*Rips are, indeed, larger than DVDRips, but for some movies it’s worth the extra..ahem…cost - especially if you have a nice HDTV for playing them.

  5. x Says:

    Um, I think these are p2p groups, not scene groups. If you’re finding a lot of these rips on TL, then I wouldn’t be surprise.

  6. KaOs Says:

    P2P 4 EVER!

  7. jwizzel Says:

    I have been using bitTorrent for years and never knew there was so much info for torrent users.

    Thanx for all your info.

    Now I need to figure out how to get some invites to RevoTT and TL.

  8. Vicky White Says:

    Sorry, but this is a very uninformed post. PRoDJi and D-Z0N3 are not Scene groups, they are p2p groups releasing the afr format. PRoDJi release a great deal at leechturk. These are rips from HD quality, but they are NOT hd. These files have higher quality because they are ripped from a higher quality source, but the resolution is still quite low.

    I do find it interesting that you enjoy these videos because they are high quality and play in standard players. I, too, love this format. If you recall, the scene used to release a lot in HR HDTV (540p xvid with 5.1 AC3 audio) for most new tv shows. I really miss that as those rips play in every player and are much better quality than standard xvid rips. The scene stopped releasing in this format because they thought standard xvid and HD x264 was enough, but bitmetv still has some internal releases in this format.

    Hopefully this bdrip afr standard will catch on…

  9. Chris Hanlon Says:


  10. tom Says:

    Nice, but I prefer 600-800mb file can be downloaded faster.

  11. Ronnie Says:

    Who cares if the packer is scene or p2p?? just give me the movies!!! :)

  12. LULZNUBS Says:

    Are these really new formats? Or just movies encoded with XviD at a higher resolution and bitrate? Once you go true HD, preferably with the awesome matroska container, x264 encoded video, and DTS audio (<3 hdbits), you never look back. For all of you whining about getting things to fit on a certain amount of CDs, just get a PopCorn Hour or an XBox with XBMC and stream them off your computer (No lag at all, no loss in quality at all, at least I know for fact there isn’t on the PopCorn Hour), best investment you’ll ever make. Scene releases are limited by their size, so they could be of much better quality even for that size if they were to switch to x264 even for SD material. That’s why nowadays it’s much better to just hook yourself up with a private torrent site where you can get community encodes that are of much better quality than scene releases (Ones that come to mind are x264, sdbits, hdbits, goem, tehconnection). But it seems like you guys are the types that just want the movies, the types that watch Cams.

  13. dumbo Says:

    certainly VERY informative Article. Hope this BR xvid rips catch the popularity ASAP! This is a win-win situation for all!

  14. Not That Smart Says:

    @12 says: “But it seems like you guys are the types that just want the movies, the types that watch Cams.”

    LOL, the whole post comes across as “Look at me, I think I know a lot and my self-esteem is tied up in that, so I’ll mention some trackers and formats because I must show how knowledgeable I am” (knowledge which the majority of people here already know). Last paragraph comes off as particuarly stupid considering the first person that mnstions cams is you and your trying to demonstrate superiority. Seriously, in trying to make yourself appear like you know something we don’t - and deluding yourself that your more knowledgeable than others - you’ve just made yourself appear like a nub who doesn’t realise that what he knows is common knowledge.

  15. Not Scene Says:

    These are not scene groups just some kids from TL

  16. Ronnie Says:

    Ive been streaming my movies to my xbox since 2002/2003, its just that I also want to keep the movies so I burn them on dvds. and even though dvds arent very expensive these days, it just feels like im wasting space on a dvd if I cant fill it at least 95%… and the KILL BILL collection wont fit on ONE dvd, so I will have to split them on different dvds, and then it wont be as COLLECTIONish as it could be.. ;) haha, im ranting again… bla bla bla…

  17. dragus Says:

    i hate break the news but theses are not highdef there standard because the Resolution is something like 704×292 pal 720×576 and ntsc 720×480 and 720p Resolution is 1280×720.

  18. name Says:

    come to
    lots of movies GGGGreat

  19. akabuddy Says:

    this article is uninformative, because who really cares about this lame attempt to just watch hd on their console. Xvid should be a dead format, that went the way of divx.

  20. tomp Says:

    Is there some site similar to that has a release log for types of HD files (BRRip, BDRip, 720p, 1080p - you name it)?

  21. glide Says:

    AFAIK.. (using example stats)

    - PRoDJi & D-Z0N3 (BRrip) AVI / XviD releases have 720×304 video resolution and a52 (6ch) sound
    - TLF (BDrip) matroska contained x264 releases have 944×400 video resolution and a52 (6ch) sound
    …both are of comparible filesize AND are great viewing - but (by definition) not HD

  22. c0ned Says:

    How can you in good mind recommend VLC as prefered player when having quality issues on playback????

    VLC fucks up video. Nothign else. You are much better of using MPC (Media Player Classic)

  23. FSF Fan Says:

    PRoDJi Rocks!
    Nice article Sharky

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  25. guest Says:

    LMFAO what a joke. And by the way, they ARE NOT scene groups. just a bunch of losers, including DEVISE, who upload their shit onto faggot ass TL and other lame ass trackers. if you want quality and speed then scene ftw

  26. marta Says:

    great article sharky, D-Z0N3 is the best. Always high quality. D-Z0N3 rocks D-Z0N3 show:=)

  27. Preddy Says:

    Hey guys!
    A lot of BRRiPS!
    PRoDJi & D-Z0N3 and Other Best Release Groups!
    visit us:

  28. Nobody Says:

    Jesus, WTF?


  29. erkahn Says:

    Wow, this article is fail. These are not scene groups and those releases are not HD. They are sourced from HD, but encoded at a much lower resolution, that’s why you can play them on your SD XviD DVD players.

  30. derp Says:

    Lol, you just got ridiculed in HDbits.

    1. Not HD (SD in fact)
    2. Encode of an encode -> instafail
    3. Xvid??? LMAO
    4. Blu-ray Disc -> BD, not some HURRRDURRBRRR
    5. scene idiots can go fuck themselves with a cucumber

  31. cheezburger Says:

    Wow… Never before have I heard something so ridiculous. Sorry, but this is NOT HD. There is no way to “retain detail” from the HD copy once you’ve resized it to 480p. The only way this would look better than an encode from a DVD is if the DVD wasn’t mastered correctly in the first place.

    You don’t want to download 8-12GB for a real 1080p HD movie? 4-6GB for 720p still too much? Fine, stay the hell out of the way of the real HD aficionados and stick with your 700MB XviD rips. Don’t confuse the noobs by telling them that this shit is HD.

  32. dan Says:

    All fun an games, its not HD but i can see these are useful to those who barely afford to buy a dvd player let alone a hd box and tv.

    Anything that improves the quality of the crappy 640x whatever rips is a good thing in my book…

    …and since when did scene become the height of quality.

  33. sylar Says:

    well - i have to say that it isnt true hd. but if u have a standard dvd player that plays divx, this is the best quality avialble for a standard dvd player. the res may be the same as normal dvds, but the details still looks harper than a dvdrip. so bdrips are the BESt AVAILABLE QUALITY FOR A STANDARD DVD PLAYER. So these releases are NOT completely useless - they are perfect for those with divx dvd players and hdtvs. (especially if they can connect via usb then u can just put the file on a usb flash drive and watch!)

  34. Sabnock Says:

    ok, i really do not care about re-encoders or who the hell ever puts the movies out. i just want to have the movie in good quality unless the only copy i can find is shitty, but ill still get it. im not a high-def person, i mean yeah, the quality is damn great, but i am just worried that blu-ray is going to do to the dvds, what dvds did to vhs. because, im too damn broke to buy movies, or a blu-ray player, and if i download the blu-ray copies, then its gonna take forever cuz they are like over 2 gigs i do believe, not to mention, i would have to upgrade the ram in my xbox in order for it to run high-def movies. it seems like a whole of a hell lot of trouble to go though for just a better quality version of a film. i know there are alot more ppl now-a-days that prefer high-def, but even though i don’t mind it, and if things were better, id probably goto it, it just doesnt seem worth it. thats my opinion.

  35. marveloth Says:

    “if you want quality and speed go scene!” <- lol? yeah i’m sure 700 mb scene bullshit release way better than 3 gb bdrip. what a bunch of kiddies.

    of course these are not better than 720p or 1080p (.mkv) but still WAAAAAAAYYYYYY better than 1 or 2 cd releases. watch out for prodji and d-zone. also maybe tlf but NEVER EVER GO FOR FLAWLESS. this idiot group or person supposed to release bdrip but its fucking worse than 1 cd lol.

  36. bdrip Says:


    It is “zero” not “O”

  37. Johnn Says:

    Anyone downloaded the BRRips from NPW that are being released on Rev TT? They claim to be true HD 720p, unlike the Prodji and D-z0n3 releases. HOw do they compare in quality to the Prodji and D-z0n3 releases? I think the reason that Prodji and D-z0n3 releases are superior to most others, including Flawless, is that they use sharpening filters tha tmake the picture look incredibly sharp.

  38. JSmith Says:

    Thanks for for the tutorial, very informative. Can anyone tell how I can burn these onto a DVD to play on a standard DVD player using a Mac? Also, it says its best to watch on a HDTV but if your watching it on a DVD player through a scart connection, then how would it make a difference? Thanks.

  39. guest Says:

    FLAWLESS got a lot better. Probably the best. I would love to see sharky update this article, with new information.

  40. guest Says:

    LMFAO what a joke. And by the way, they ARE NOT scene groups. just a bunch of losers, including DEVISE, who upload their shit onto faggot ass TL and other lame ass trackers. if you want quality and speed then scene ftw

    lol u r funny^^

    anyone can explain what means the new tag they use “480p”

  41. sistinas Says:

    FLAWL3SS still sucks HAHAHA!!!

  42. fuckbiscuit Says:

    I like these BD/BRRips. HQ (not HD) way better than a 2cd xvid and way smaller than a proper HD mkv. I like them a lot.

    I still dl 700mb xvids (its all a shitty cam is worth) and the good stuff I grab in 1080p

  43. SHA-256 Says:

    BRRips will never be accepted by scene. These rips are useless.

  44. Darren Says:

    While the original article got a few things wrong… the claim that standalone DivX players support 720p being one of them…. the idea behind XviD BRRips and BDRips still has merit.
    Yes, they’re only standard definition but they can and in fact often do look better than an equivalent DVD rip, so if you’re using SD equipment, then it makes sense. I know, because I’ve made quite a few myself and done comparisons, but it probably depends on the converting program you’re using and how good it is. In fact, a properly done SD encode using a HD source can sometimes look better than the original DVD, and often looks just as good, whereas a DVD rip will have some degree of quality loss.

    You’ve only got to think about it. DVDs are obviously only standard definition. DVDs don’t use square pixels so even if you encode at 720 x ? resolution you must resize the image. Resize and you must lose quality. Often not a lot, often it’s barely noticeable, but you in fact lose quality. And many DVDs aren’t all that flash to begin with. So when you resize and encode using a much higher definition source you can retain more detail.

    That’s just plain dumb. Why not? Even if you’re encoding from an encoding which was an encoding of an encoding, if it’s better than DVD quality and you’ve got a choice, why wouldn’t you pick the better quality video for your source? Is there some encoding rule which prevents the use of a particular source despite it being the better quality one?

    XviD encodes from HD sources certainly still have a place. I prefer to download a HD source and convert it to SD for use with my standalone player as that way I can still keep a HD copy, but not everyone has a fast enough PC or the time to do it themselves.

  45. Frak Says:

    These rips are really useful when you are on an SD system. When they are well done, BDRip are better than classical Xvid releases, even the 2CD ones. And it takes less space than a DVD5/9. Then, they mostly offer more various subs languages than scene releases.

    So if they aren’t accepted by the scene, who really cares about that ? Like a previous comment said, People don’t care about the source of their movies, they just want releases which satisfied them. And if it’s P2P releases, they will go to the places where they’ll find them. If I have to make a choice between SCC and TL or IPT, I’ll prefer to keep the second ones which offer more P2P releases like BDRip.

  46. faisal Says:

    what about secretmyth BRrips…???

    I always download them and i think they are the best when it comes to BRrips….

    What u think??

  47. afr Says:

    BRRip = An XviD encode from a Blu-Ray release (i.e. a 1080p *.mkv file).

    BDRip = An XviD encode directly from a source Blu-Ray disk.

    it not true
    BDrip and BRRip are the same mean.
    When Bluray Disck firts released some Groups used BluRayRip(BRRip),Other some used BlurayDiscRip (BDRip) even some used BLuRip

    For example
    A Bug’s Life (1998) BRRip 720p XviD AC3-FLAWL3SS

  48. FrostyBullet Says:

    This is a perfect example of a little knowledge gone way wrong. There is so much mis-information and outright incorrect info in this article it is impossible to address point by point.
    Part of the blame does come from scene groups in tag identifiers that once were used to indicate only the final output rather than trying to also include the source info AND output in the tag/title which is being done now.
    The downside, is that we may now be trying to correct this mis-information for months or even years to come as noobs (and even some old timers) trying to learn-themselves with ‘reading up’ should they stumble across this article.

  49. chris berg Says:

    “Blu-Ray rips (in these XviD *.avi files, and otherwise) offer better video quality than DVD5 or DVD9 disks”

    A bluray ripper has access to the resolution of the bluray disk. A dvd publisher has access to the resolution of the master of the film. If they both output to 720 resolution then the dvd publisher will be able to make a better quality video.

    If the dvd quality is inferior then the dvd publisher did a poor job. Probably on purpose.

  50. dildara Says:

    WOnderful article…

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  52. axii Says:

    great and wonderful article. thanks so much

  53. burneggroll Says:

    Nice share sharky. As we move up on the 1 year anniversary of your post, it is amazing how far video formats have come. Even the simple phrase “High Definition” has taken on many meanings. 1080 transmissions by TV stations are common and on the ‘net for download. If I ignore the detractors jealous flame jobs, this is a nice thread. Kudos all those that came to learn and shared politely.

  54. Fawaz Says:

    First off all, I would like to thank you all for the great site. I have two questions please:
    1-I had downloaded about six bluray movies and after I played the movies in WD to TV
    Some of the movie does not have sound. Is there any way to fix the sound?
    2- Is there any software helpful to make the download faster?
    Thank you.

  55. Chantal Says:

    apologies for an ignorant newbie question: I have read the comments and still wonder why so much attention is to whether or not the DVD player can play HD or not. Why would you burn the file on a DVD in the first place instead of playing directly from the hard drive? Can anyone point me to a “HD for dummies” reference? Thanks!

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  57. K9 Says:

    Fawaz, the two blu-ray movies that doesn’t have sound maybe are in DTS (Digital Theater Systems) - which wouldn’t work on the TV’s sound system unless you connect a 5.1 surround system to your WD (western digital HD player??) t o output the sound via the optical cable (toslink).
    Hope that helps!

  58. joana Says:

    Thanks!Helpfull :)

  59. Carla Roberts Says:

    XBMC is by far the best media centre, it is so customisable and powerful.

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  61. sonia freedman Says:

    I found that has the best brrip quality on the web…highly recomended!!!

  62. Pilosopo40 Says:

    Guys, I would like to know why my player which is a DVD player that supports Divx files cannot play a BRRIP. Please help.

  63. Pilosopo40 Says:

    I downloaded SHutter Island BRRip and it does not play on my DVD player. It says video format not supported. But the file is a DIvx (.avi) file. Tnx!!

  64. Computer Video Tutorials Says:

    BRRIP and BDRIP 480p give a better quaility than DVDRIP with a smaller size!

  65. Caio Everton Says:

    FLAWL3SS still the worst group?

    Video bitrate: 2455 Kbps
    Resolution: 720 x 304
    Frame rate: 23,976fps
    Size: 1,89Gb

    Video bitrate: 1430 Kbps
    Resolution: 720 x 304
    Frame rate: 25fps
    Size: 1,45Gb

    I think that in this case, FLAWL3SS is superior.

  66. Ashwin Says:

    FLAWL3SS have a come long way…right up there, if not better than DZ0N3 and Prodji…Santi’s rips are great too…please update this article..

  67. best blu-ray ripper Says:

    oh, cool staff. Thanks for sharing.with your guide ,rip blu ray become a simple thing

  68. mark Says:

    do brrips 720p ac3 rips play on iomega screenplay director anyone know please reply

  69. channi Says:

    hi bro im nt able to play brrip in mkv format on my pc whenever i do so my screen goes blank .
    kindly help me

  70. Anthony Says:

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of BRRIPS claiming that they are 720p. These are avi/xvid files that are about the same size as a DVDRIP. I notice, however, that the even though the resolution is 1280 x 720 (720p), the picture quality is very poor.

    An avi file that is 800 megabytes big is not HD. However, if that avi file, encoded using Xvid was 3 Gigs, I would think that would be better quality. Maybe not true HD, but HQ. I propose we use three different nomenclatures to describe downloadable video.

    1. BQ = Better Quality than DVD (~700 - 800megs)
    2. HQ = Not HD, but High Quality (~2 - 5 gigs)
    3. HD = High Definition, period. (~25 - 50- gigs, most likely mkv files)

    I think this would clear up a lot of things, and help people and noobs to know what they are getting. Also, the likelihood that people will be downloading 25 Gig files are crazy, so please give me HQ 2 -5 gig avi files, and I will happily play them on my Xbox 360.

  71. Lex Says:

    I bet this page has become useless by now, except for historical reasons. Most n00bs who want to upload their rip probably have no clue what the difference between BRRip and BDRip is, and just append whatever sounds ‘coolest’ to the file name. The result is that I have found DVD-resolution rips tagged as both BDRip and BRRip, and files with such ridiculously low bitrates that it really didn’t matter from what medium they were ripped.

    Many people don’t seem to have any idea what ‘bitrate’ means, let alone what bits-per-pixel is and that H.264 can do with a lower BPP than Xvid. There should be some kind of quality label that is assigned to a scene group after they have proven that they know how to make rips that are both of good quality and not a waste of disk space and download time.

  72. satya Says:

    i have a problem on playing a video clip that is
    Video info: DIVX, 1359 kbps, 720×304, 24 fps
    Audio info: A52, 448 kbps, 48000 Hz
    [SIZE= 2.2GB]
    please help me i use xp2 os

  73. satya Says:

    i use vlc but it didn’t play
    but kM play plays plays only some audio
    Video info: DIVX, 1359 kbps, 720×304, 24 fps
    Audio info: A52, 448 kbps, 48000 Hz
    [SIZE= 2.2GB]
    please help me
    how to play it

  74. Gerd Says:

    There is a certain audio file by the name “ch2 audio file” in my torrent download…the Brip i m downloading is in mp4 format…will i need to download this audio file as well for playback on my PC with vlc player???

  75. Tajul Islam Munna Says:

    I just love BRrips. Don’t know anything about BDRip. Haven’t hard that name before. I am satisfied with BRrips. :)

    I have a question to ask. If I download any BRrip of 1980×1020 resolution, it doesn’t play properly. The audio plays well but the video slows down. How can I get rid from it?

    This is about my pc:

    Processor: Pentium D Dual Core 2.66GHz
    RAM: 512MB
    AGP: 128MB
    Motherboard: Gigabyte 945-G
    Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Use KMPlayer and K-lite Codecs to play rips.

  76. Dhananjay kumar Says:

    hey ….its so informative and its clearly say wat i want to know abt the BD format..
    so much thanks for this information….

  77. Hank Says:

    Could someone please tell me what this means?

    The Expendables 2010 1080p R5 BluRay x264

    Is says “BluRay”, so which one of the following is it?

    BRRip = An XviD encode from a Blu-Ray release (i.e. a 1080p *.mkv file).?

    BDRip = An XviD encode directly from a source Blu-Ray disk?

  78. sharky Says:

    @ HANK - It is neither option.

    It is not XviD (ie - *avi). It is x264 (ie - *.mkv)

  79. Hank Says:

    Thanks for that information, SHARKY. I have some more questions if you don’t mind.

    BDRip means I get the movie in a .avi file?

    If so, does that mean it’s better than a .mkv file or are all downloads just a risk when it comes to quality?

    Can I get 1080p blu-ray movies .avi or they only come in .mkv because .avi can’t handle anything higher than 720p? I wasn’t sure if I understood what I read above.

    When you said this..

    “genuine Blu-Ray rips in 1080p, which are usually done in native Blu-Ray files, or as H.264 *.mkv files.”

    did you mean that native blu-ray files are H.264 .mkv files or are BDRip native blu-ray files and BRRip are .mkv files?

    Does BDRip stand for Blu-ray disk rip?

    Does BRRip stand for Blu-ray release rip?

    I’m learning so much from all of this.

  80. BacklitVillain Says:


    R5 indicates a rip of a Region 5 Movie, (soviet uniion/india/africa etc) where piracy is massive so they relase the movie early but with no post processing and/or extra features to try and boost sales. read this:

  81. Blomer Says:

    Hi, who can say me that which one has better quality ?

    I download vision 720p BRrips mostly but not because their size are smaller. I think Vision BRrips’s quality is better than HD 720p (any group) , I know bitrates of Vision BRrips are lower than HD 720p releases but still it seems to me that Vision rips are more clear and quality when i watch them.

    Am i thinking wrong ?

  82. bob Says:

    @blomer how can an brrip have higher quality then the source?? what you are saying does not make any sense.

    So yes, you are thinking wrong. Go watch them on an hdtv and sit close and you will be able to see the difference. Take screens on your computer at a set time. Look for details of hair, skin, background, etc. You will be enlightened ;)

  83. Blomer Says:


    Thanks for answer and i thought that the reason why brrip looks more nice to me, may be filters which applying on them while performing rips. Btw you should be right, i will look more careful.

  84. Mayank Says:

    I have downloaded a movie from which is in bdrip.xvid format. I do not have compatible player in my machine to watch the movie. please let me know which player will run this movie
    Below is the link of the movie:

  85. Darren Says:

    It looks like it’s a standard definition XviD AVI. It’s been compressed into a multipart rar file (sigh) which you need to uncompress. A program such as TugZip or UltimateZip should do it. When you have one of those programs installed, highlight all the files cd1.r00 to cd1.r47 and also the cd1.rar file, right click and use the compression program to extract the video. That’ll give you the first half (sigh) as an AVI. Do the same again for the CD2 files.
    You can join the two halves together once they’re extracted with a program called VirtualDubMod. Use it to open the CD1 AVI and then from the file menu append the CD2 AVI. Select File/Save As and make sure “direct steam copy” is selected in the bottom drop down box. Give the new file a name and VDM will save both halves as a single AVI.

    To play it, I recommend the Combined Community Codec Pack. You’ll find all those programs with Google and they’re free.

  86. Darren Says:

    @Anthony (#070)
    Your proposed labelling scheme doesn’t make sense to me. High quality and high definition are completely different things as an encode of a video of any definition can be of poor quality or high quality. The size of the file also depends on the type of compression which it was encoded.
    XviD and x264 can both produce around the same quality output at any resolution (there are some differences but for the purpose of my point….), the main difference is x264 (usually found in MKV or MP4 files) can compress the video more efficiently and therefore produce the same quality using a much smaller file size. XviD still lives on in AVI due to compatibility but x264 can produce high quality, high definition encodes with file sizes around 2GB. It depends how hard the video is to compress.

    Also 720p and 1080p are both considered high definition, but 720p rips are far more common due to the smaller file size and the fact that the perceived quality between 720p and 1080p is minimal at best on the average TV, if you can see it at all. I can assure you I’ve downloaded and encoded many 720p rips under 4GB in size that are definitely high definition and also of a pretty high quality.

    What I don’t understand is why these 350MB, 700MB AVI file sizes still persist. For one thing you have to run a 2 pass encode to hit a specific file size which takes longer than a single pass and you’re probably either wasting bits or compressing the video too much, and there’s no real quality difference between a 2 pass encode of the same file size as a single pass encode. If you’re converting a lot of video you learn from experience what sort of resolution to pick to achieve an approximate file size using a decent quality setting, and even if episode one ends up being 386MB while episode two is only 295, at least they’ll both be of the same quality. Why waste the time trying to squish everything into 350MB? Nobody burns video to CDs any more.

    As an example, the TV show House is usually found at a 350MB AVI at around 640x?, yet using a HD source I’ve encoded a couple of seasons as 704×400 and the average file size has been around 285MB. Some shows average abut 375MB per episode with a reduced 656x? resolution, but if the file sizes vary a bit who cares if the quality is consistent (better)? 350MB and 700MB encodes have way outlived their purpose.

  87. jiil Says:

    I am a blu ray fan , thanks for your sharing this article here.