The 10 Best Free Web Proxies for Anonymous Surfing

Let’s face it: There are hundreds of free web proxies out there that provide anonymous surfing. Of these, most will even unblock MySpace, Gmail, FaceBook or any other no-no when surfing from school or work. Some have taken this a step further and allow for signing into your MSN, AIM or Yahoo! messaging accounts - conveniently through an anonymized (and secure) SSL version of Others allow for sending anonymous emails and newsgroup postings, even YouTube viewing. But is there really a “best” web proxy? We’re not sure about that; there’s pro’s and con’s to each one. Either way, here’s our picks for the Top Ten best free web proxies on the Internet, and why.

#1 -

http://vtunnel.comVTunnel is more than just a web proxy; much more. Since secure SSL encryption (https://) is exceptionally harder to block than conventional http browsing, they’ve incorporated it as an option. Their SSL proxy can even be used to log into your MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, GTalk, MySpace, FaceBook and eBuddy accounts, all within the browser. VTunnel even unblocks, without any noticeable lag in video streaming playback.

As with most free web proxies, VTunnel incorporates advertisements into the service (including pop-unders), although they are easily blocked by using the AdBlock Plus addon for Firefox.

Why VTunnel is #1 — Browsing is very speedy; you’ll hardly even notice you’re surfing anonymously, even on their SSL version. The anonymous web messaging is a huge plus, as well. Below is a look at MSN through VTunnel (in silent mode).

#2 -

http://hidemyass.comHideMyAss! offers quite a selection of anonymizing features, including disposable anonymous email accounts (for receiving only); free proxy lists (for importing into browsers as manual proxies); file and image hosting (up to 400 MB filesize); link anonymizer; anonymous Google searching; and, of course, an anonymous web proxy that supports YouTube,, (yes… anonymous 18+ browsing), and social sites (Myspace - do people still really use this?;;, etc.).

Why HideMyAss is #2 — Comes with a complete repertoire of options! If we were to choose a “best” feature, it would be the ability to filter working proxies from selected countries in the free proxy list. This is great for using (even temporarily) to sign up for services that aren’t available in your region (such as for U.S./Canadians).

#3 - — While isn’t in itself a web proxy, it contains the most complete and up-to-date listings of proxies found anywhere on the ‘Net. Proxies can be sorted by country, IP, ISP, software (PHProxy, CGI, Glyph, Surrogafier, cURL, etc.), SSL proxies, even [Tor](/2007/12/14/internet-tunneling-traffic-routing/#tor “Internet Tunneling & Traffic Routing - TOR”) servers.

Why is #3 — If you’re a fan of huge proxy lists, currently has 6,742 working proxies indexed. The best part is, users can enter in a URL of an intended site, and then click one of the proxies in which to surf anonymously with - this is great for anyone who needs to use a specific country proxy.

#4 - - Anonymouse has been around for over 10 years, and has become one of the most trusted sources for anonymous browsing. What sets Anonymouse apart from the rest is the ability to send anonymous emails and Usenet message posting - both of which when sent are randomly delayed up to 12 hours to maximize privacy.

Why Anonymouse is #4 — They’ve recently launched a Toolbar which supports both Explorer & Firefox. No longer do you need to visit the Anonymouse website to enjoy their services - just type in the URL of a site you wish to visit in the toolbar URL field, and that’s it! Also, Anonymouse doesn’t hijack or change the webpages it’s displaying; instead, there’s just a tiny closable advert. Here’s a look at the Toolbar in Firefox:

#5 -

www.xroxy.comXROXY allows users to browse through proxy criteria by using dropdown boxes, in order to filter between SSL, free & paid, cookie/scripts management - from their list of 525 proxies (509 of which are free). Additionally, “elite” users can subscribe to hand-picked proxy lists. Registered members (it’s free) are able to join in the Xorum (XROXY Forum) and browse the daily-updated lists of free, working proxies.

NOTE: If you want to view sites such as, you’ll first need to register at XROXY. Video playback at YouTube was almost perfect, with just a tiny bit of lag from time to time - as tested during peak Internet hours using XROXY’s own SSL proxy.

#6 - has some very impressive features for anonymous browsing; including SSL surfing, removing ads, cookies, scripts (including java, of course), hiding referrer info, and even the ability to view sites as text-only.

We’re not fond of the ads that are embedded into the proxied webpages; however, it’s a small price to pay for Proxify’s blazing speed and functionality.

#7 -

http://evadefilters.comEvadeFilters is a brand-new startup that’s really taking off as of late. With a cool easy-to-use Web2.0 interface, browsing your favorite video or social bookmarking site is a breeze! Similar to VTunnel, it also supports messaging services (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, GTalk) in the browser.

In our tests, YouTube streaming is perfect, not to mention catch-free. You won’t need to sign up - just click and go! Look for to really take off.

#8 -

www.unblockall.netUnBlockAll is a regular CGI proxy, but it’s mainly marketed towards the unblocking of social bookmarking sites. Simply drag n’ drop a social bookmarking icon into the URL window, and click GO! - then just login to your account as usual.

Similar to VTunnel, it also supports messaging services (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, GTalk) in the browser. One drawback to UnBlockAll is it doesn’t support SSL (yet?), so many users are still being blocked by aggressive work restrictions.

#9 -

www.the-cloak.comthe Cloak comes with a good array of features, although they really push towards the paid (subscribed) service. YouTube video streaming worked perfectly the first time; however, when leaving YouTube and trying to go back to it, we were blocked for 6 hours from accessing ANY sites through The Cloak. While fast, and free - it’s not for heavy proxy users.

#10 -

www.proxyboxonline.comProxyBoxOnline doesn’t offer any frills, but if you’re looking to unblock YouTube (with perfect playback), MySpace, Facebook and whatever else, then here’s a simple solution. It makes the list because it’s totally free, and offers SSL as an option.

  1. Chris Hanlon Says:

    This is very helpful, thanks sharky

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    Awesome, very helpful!

  4. Lightning_Struck_Tower Says:

    Awesome list sharky as always. Btw vtunnel has several different domains you can use like,, and so on

  5. JTR Says:

    Interesting article. I would be interested to know something further.
    What is the point of a proxy, if it hides who you are but then stigmatizes you as a proxy user. Hidemyass, and vtunnel for example replace your ip with theirs BUT if you sign up somewhere where you want to be anonymous, they dont let you because you are using a proxy… Are there any proxy services which change the IP each page you browse, or rather dont/cant be flagged as proxies..

  6. Gipy Says:

    This is a very interesting article indeed, but HAS ANY OF YOU EVER WONDERED
    who runs this “free and beautiful services”???

    Why should i trust someone whose identity is unknown to me?

    Who are the guys under, hidemyass, etc…? Are you sure they are not “agencies” set up and run by government?

    I coull set up a similar service tonight, let’s call it: - then, spread my advertisement through the net so that all you guys will know about it, and then sit on my chaur and wait for your pc to connect to my service. After that, i will log all of your ip’s. Sounds interesting enough?

    Try to understand me: i need a service like this one as well. But anytime i connect to, i cannot but think that i will never know WHO they are….

  7. SHARKY Says:

    @JTR - Correct, using a public proxy will not allow you to sign up for many things, including forums, as they’re blocked. Most anything you try to sign up to under a proxy will be flagged as such (web services & forums don’t want a huge whack of ‘anonymous’ users - it only breeds spam & abuse). However, if you use a VPN service, you should be OK in most situations. has a very impressive list of proxies, and since these are ever-changing, some may NOT be flagged as a proxy - try to use a lesser-known one from the list. However, true proxy fans know where the REAL action is; and that’s in Proxy Lists, whereby these are so unknown and recent, they’re often undetected. The drawback is they usually don’t last long.

    @GIPY - The truly paranoid would never, ever use a public proxy such as these. You’d be better off by running your Internet traffic through a trusted VPN service, TOR network (or both combined). This article is more intended to provide relief for users who are blocked at work & school, in an effort to provide some sort of bypass - but not as a 100% solution to anonymity, which it definitely is not. Even a premium (paid) VPN service still can “see” all of your traffic…

    There’s a reason why most of these are in the Top Ten. They’re trustworthy. Out of the thousands of anonymizing proxies out there; you can bet some of them are scams set up to log IPs, check out your traffic, etc). My bigger concern is that some are deliberately set up to catch/log/trace people using their proxy who are doing online banking, eBay, online purchases, or anything else that incorporates having to enter credit card numbers or banking details. This fear is far greater than the worry about Big Brother, and it is very much real. Never use a proxy for such transactions, including SSL (https:) ones.

  8. HackedServer Says:

    It would be nice to also mention setting up your own proxies. This is great for many reasonsl you know who is running the proxy, its private so you get the bandwidth to yourself, and its unknown so it has a good chance of not being blocked.

    There are many free scripts out there for setting up proxies, and many of them are easy to install.
    Some of the well known ones are;
    If you have a web host or a VPS or a dedicated server, even a home computer that’s set up as a web server would work, then you can set up your own proxy with little fuss.

    For the more advanced computer geeks out there, you can set up the ultimate proxy, a SOCKS 5 proxy. Its unblockable my most blocks (I’ve never heard of one that stops it and I’ve gotten around some nice blocks with it) and all your traffic is encrypted so no one can see what your doing. Its a tactic often used by people at hacker conventions to stop them from sniffing what your doing on the Internet.

    But in order to set up a SOCKS proxy you need a shell account, (Which cost around 2$ a month, you can use an ssh connection to a VPS or Dedicated server if you have that.), and you need to do a bit of setting up. But once its done you can run your Browser, MSN/Yahoo/AIM messenger, Torrent Application, and many other programs though it seamlessly, and you don’t even realize that your using a proxy.

    If anyone wants to know more about SOCKs proxys just say so and I might write up a how to.


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    @ HackedServer
    Please do tell or drop your email :P

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    Hm… interesting to know that is not mentioned. It is definitely faster than some of the proxy listed.

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