TorrentZEN - a New Real-Time Torrent Search Engine

Recently-launched is a brand-new torrent meta search engine that provides live search results from 18 different public torrent indexers. Not only are the results fast, accurate and fresh from the source sites, (not from cached sources found in some other meta searchers) T-ZEN doesn’t search other meta search sites; just the top public indexers.

Search results can also be arranged by total number of seeds (default), leechers, file sizes, categories (audio, video, software, other) and, of course, by search engine. Results are displayed in an easy-to-read table (not some eye-straining ‘Google-style’ torrent search) with clickable links to the source site.

TorrentZEN searches can be further filtered (by keywords) to show only your relevant criteria. Say, for example, you searched for “Dark Knight Devise” - by adding the filter “dvdrip” then everything else is tossed out of the filter (CAM, TS, DVDScr, etc). Looking for those hot new 720p BRRips and BDRips that are trickling down to public trackers? Conduct a search for D-z0n3, FLAWL3SS or PRoDJi.

Why We Like It:

— Since search results are in real-time; all of the displayed torrent links actually work.

— Totally free of adverts on the site; no pop-ups or annoying interstitial ads. Just you and the searching.

— There’s no “double results” with gimmicks that try to direct users into direct download premium accounts (such as NowTorrents, or the now-defunct &, or any other scam.

  1. Chris Hanlon Says:

    Im happy with my private trackers

  2. Frederick Says:

    I agree. TorrentZEN is the goods!!

  3. TorrentZEN Says:

    Thanks for the great review!

    More features were added this evening, and two sites were replaced with some that are better, faster, etc.

  4. just Says:

    great engine, but plz make search bigger and more centered, its most important part of that site and now it just hard to use and spot :)

  5. pato Says:

    Very nice tip for a torrent search site. Thanks, indeed very useful.

  6. Paul Mall Says:

    You should try Bitgle (
    It’s really nice!


  7. Mitch Says:

    Hah. Bitgle is worthless! In what way do you think it’s nice?

    TorrentZEN kicks ass. Keep up the good work!

  8. Paul Mall Says:

    Actually only Bitgle gives great results with a really clean interface using the fastest engine in the world - as clean and as fast as Google! It implements a Google CSE.

    Best regards,

  9. Jim Says:

    Heh. Bitgle licks donkey nipples.

    I’m sticking with

  10. Electron Says:

    I have to agree about those Scam sites like Nowtorrents and Torrentreactor… those guys are really on the evil side of the planet. Scammers and abusers. Yuk!

    thanks for the heads up…. I would also recommend is my favorite place just because of the amount of sites they search… way more than 15 sites and they have cool functionality.

  11. Stolz Says:

    Anyone knows what is happen to it these days?

  12. Velocityy Says:

    I think they’re down. Not sure. Never heard of them again.

  13. Torrent Says:

    So thanks

  14. Kaspog Says: is much better than qtorrents!

  15. Lauren Corp Says:

    I consider this really is fascinating and don’t see posted often. This can be good details.