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Scene Blogs. P2P Blogs. Call ‘em what you will. Frequenters of release blogs know a thing or two about finding the freshest releases. Sites such as ZeroSec, RlsLog & ScnSrc are dedicated to bringing you the latest info on new scene releases; all without the worries of having to seed or keep a good tracker ratio. And without question; these sites beat out public torrent indexers (pre-times) by hours, and even hold their own with some of the best private trackers. Below, we take a look at an assortment of release blogs, and delve into what makes them so popular.


ZeroSec (link removed), the popular spinoff site from RLSLOG ex-staffers has established itself as one of the leading release sites. They say, “Why should you have to wade through all the fake Movies, Music, Apps, TV Shows and Games on some obscure warez sites when you could cut the BS and find your proof right here. We provide you with a full overview of many of the great releases coming out of the scene today. If a P2P release happens to come out when no scene release has been released, then we will inform you about it.”

  • **ZeroSec Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **~780


  • New Releases Per Day: **~25


  • Alexa Rank: 15,235
  • Online Since: August, 2008
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes, and for each category.
  • IRC — irc://
  • Forums? — Yes
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes (public); TPB &

Why ZeroSec Rocks:

  • — Since most release blogs beef up their content with scads of TV episodes, readers can turn off the TV releases at ZS, and view only the rest - very innovative!
  • — With nearly 800 monthly additions, they average at least one new post every hour.
  • — Most releases contain a large number of ‘comments’; which means working links to a wide array of 1-click hosters such as RapidShare,, MegaShares, MegaUpload and FileSend.
  • — ZeroSec forums are second-to-none: When ReeGed parted ways with RlsLog for greener pastures, he also took the RlsLog Forums. And their just as popular as ever.
  • — RSS feeds can be viewed by category; a huge bonus for pundits of a particular release genre. is another popular (and trusted) site, although some releases tend to be added late. They say, “Unlike many other sites, we will not spam you with full screen, uncloseable, or any other annoyances that claim to be advertising. We don’t try to install malware, spyware or any other type of malicious programs, we just do what we do best.”

  • **ScnSrc Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **446

    ** (for November, 2008)

  • New Releases Per Day: **~15


  • Alexa Rank: 31,585
  • Online Since: March, 2008
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes, and for each category.
  • IRC — irc://
  • Forums? — No
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes (public); (a torrent meta search).

ScnSrc Extras:

  • — ScnSrc has their own PreDB which lists when everything has been released -
  • — Provides information such as NFO’s, IMDB links, samples, file names and much more.
  • — Similar to ZeroSec, releases contain a large number of ‘comments’; which in turn provide working links to a wide array of 1-click hosters such as RapidShare,, MegaShares, MegaUpload and FileSend. is your daily source for hot new scene and P2P releases. But what separates SceneReleases from other sites is that they lean heavily towards movie releases; which make up for almost 75% percent of all posts. Furthermore, there’s BRRips, Blu-Rays, DVDRs, CAMs, TS and everything else in between. While many of the editorials are very much generic and lacking flair which others provide, SceneReleases makes up for it in great pre-times.

  • **SceneReleases Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **~391

    ** (overall)

  • New Releases Per Day: **~13


  • Alexa Rank: 12,305
  • Online Since: June, 2007
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes (not categorical)
  • IRC — irc://
  • Forums? — Yes
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes (public); TPB, Mininova and IsoHunt.

SceneReleases Extras:

  • — Has their own IRC pre channel - To join the pre channel just join our IRC channel and type “!preinvite” without the quotes.
  • — Great pre-times, some of which are within minutes of private trackers.
  • — Most (but not all) releases contain a large number of ‘comments’; which means working links to a wide array of 1-click hosters such as RapidShare, MegaUpload.

RlsLog still wears the crown as having the most readership of all the release sites, and has rebounded nicely since 7 editors [jumped ship](../../../08/11/is-rlslognet-nearing-its-end/ “Is Nearing Its End?”) to start a new fledgling site at ZeroSec. Lately, RlsLog has been pumping out posts at breakneck speed: For the first 8 months of 2008 they were averaging around 430 monthly posts; but in October & November they’ve more than doubled those figures with an average monthly postcount of 900.

  • **ReleaseLog Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **546

    ** (average for Jan.- Nov. 2008)

  • New Releases Per Day: **~18

    ** (pre-October); ~30 (Oct/Nov 2008)

  • Alexa Rank: 2,501
  • Online Since: January, 2006
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes, and for each category.
  • IRC — irc://
  • Forums? — No (but coming back soon to
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes (public); varies.

ReleaseLog Extras:

  • — With great readership comes great comments: There’s always a wide assortment of 1-click hoster links posted in the comments for each new release.
  • — Perhaps the biggest attraction to RlsLog is the editors’ writing that accompany each post, which continues to be one of their strongest assets.
  • — Thousands of users are online at RlsLog at any given time.
  • — Offers a “Ten Newest” list of from all categories:
  • — Has their own PreDB -, which can also be viewed as an RSS feed.

Plube Filesharing offers RapidShare DL links (for 1 GB ‘premium’ accounts, as well as ‘free’ 200 MB file sizes) all neatly wrapped up in a blog. On the backend, Plube also has a thriving forum, which you’ll need to first register in order to view & download the RapidShare links.

  • ** Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **208

    ** (For November ‘08, on the blog)

  • New Releases Per Day: **~7

    ** (averaged since Jan. ‘07, on the blog)

  • Alexa Rank: 11,221
  • Online Since: January, 2007
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes
  • IRC — Not found[](irc:// “irc://”)
  • Forums? — Yes
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes, Google search is a release blog for 1-click hoster links. Direct DL links are included within each release. While you’ll find a decent selection of top movies and TV shows, TinyDL has quite the eclectic array of software titles, eBooks, eZines, mobile appz, and other stuff that’s not seen on most other blogs.

  • ** Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **890


  • New Releases Per Day: **~30


  • Alexa Rank: 7,646
  • Online Since: February?, 2008
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes, and for each category.
  • IRC — Not found[](irc:// “irc://”)
  • Forums? — Not found
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes, Google search doesn’t wait for affiliates or commenters to post varying RapidShare & MegaUpload links; they include them right in each post. While not technically a ‘release blog’ site with editorial input, feedback/comments; by right it deserves to be listed. is the “front” blog page for the site, but the real action is in the forums. For every movie you see added to the blog, there’s another 10 that have been put up in forum threads. Additionally, when it comes to TV episodes, there are hundreds added daily.

  • ** Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **643

    ** (on the blog; average thru Sept - Nov, 2008)

  • New Releases Per Day: **~22

    ** (on the blog)

  • Alexa Rank: 4,788
  • Online Since: November, 2007
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes (not categorical)
  • IRC — unknown (not found)
  • Forums? — Yes
  • Release Torrent Search? — No. Extras:

  • — While links to 1-click hosters are included with each release, there’s always a variety of alternatives in user-submitted comment threads.
  • — IRFree even offers FTP downloads for movies (check their forums for links):

CoolXviD is a release site that caters primarily to movie and TV episode releases, with some games & appz thrown in for good measure. An exact post time is not shown (just the date), which makes it near impossible to calculate a pre-time. There aren’t many frills at CoolXviD; however, the site is advert-free, fast and always has a steady stream of new releases. They’re similar to IRFree in that they post MegaUpload / RapidShare links within each post, for easy download access. Aside from the DL links, there are no custom editorial comments which accompany posts at ZeroSec, RlsLog, etc.

  • ** Stats & Features


  • Releases Per Month: **~482


  • New Releases Per Day: **~16


  • Alexa Rank: 49,988
  • Online Since: July, 2008
  • RSS Feeds? — Yes (but not categorically)
  • IRC — None found
  • Forums? — No
  • Release Torrent Search? — Yes (public); varies.

Not a whole lot goin’ on at, with just 400 or so posts since its inception in August. However, there’s additional editor input concerning how to crack individual games & software, which is a nice touch!

**S7icky Stats & Features

:*** Releases Per Month: **~100

** * New Releases Per Day: **~3

** * Online Since: August, 2008 * RSS Feeds? — Yes (but not categorically) * IRC — irc:// * Forums? — No * Release Torrent Search? — Yes (public); TPB

Other Release Blogs:

  1. x Says:

    i love

  2. better Says:

    you missed a very good one

    also there few others but i will search on bookmarks later…

  3. LOLCAEK Says:

    If only ZeroSec had an RSS feed for everything minus the TV posts, and didn’t just show the excerpts. It defeats the purpose of RSS more or less, especially for sites like that where you just want to skim over the quality/synopsis but it’s truncated from the excerpt in the RSS feed.

  4. 04 Says:

    Zerosec has gotten really slow at movie posts lately, it takes them hours sometimes, i loved the site in the beginning but it seems like they’re getting lazy. i hate rlslog but at least they’re on the ball.

  5. FileShareRocks Says:

    RLSLOg is probably one of the best. I like ZerSec, but they are too into the TV section. They tend sometime to miss a few releases which are non-tv. Although RSLOG on the other side has many different types of releases, for example they had their round up of all Wii games which is a pros. Their movie posts look nice as well. Also the NEW forum (rlstalk) was amazing when it lasted, it will be back soon. Last time i went on the forum there was so much interaction and also it looked awesome. There is also an arcade section and also a download section (where only editors/special people can post, making it safe for downloaders) which is a huge pros to the site. All in all ZeroSec and RLSLOG are my favorites. But i’d say RLSLOG wins for now. I appreciate everyone site for the info they give to everybody.

  6. Martin @ Says:

    good work on the comparison, you greatly pointed out the strong and weak sites, although I feel you are not exactly RLSLOG fanboy and you made that clear in earlier posts at this site.

    there’s one thing you can’t really change: RLSLOG was the first site, which basically invented the whole genre, all other sites are just ripoffs with exact same style of posting, exact same idea. and that’s why we ROCK =)

  7. sc0rff @ Says:

    Hai Martin, I am sorry but Rlslog was not the first in the genre… VCDQuality was and always will be the “first in this genre”, created in 2001, providing info on dirnames and samples (samples, a key thing in this field imo, something rlslog lacks these days.), and they have always upheld QUALITY comments.

  8. OhOh Says:

    Lol Martin, the fact that these new sites came after rlslog dosent change the fact that they are better than yours, providing more detailed articles and more dedicated staff.

    Google wasn’t the first search engine ;)

  9. Diji1 Says:

    @Martin: I consider myself to be a neutral observer on the recent(ish) happenings over at RLSLOG - I think you’re being a little unfair on Sharky. It seemed to me he just reported on things as he saw it, I didn’t detect any bias one way or the other. The article regarding the split had links to the views of both sides. That said, I hope all you guys at both sites can just get on with producing good posts and content and put the unpleasantness behind you.

    I fail to see that VCDQuality was the first site to “invent” this genre - it’s not exactly offering the same type of service. Whether RLSLOG was first - is that even relevant to whether it’s better? I don’t think so…

    Love RLSLOG btw :) - and ZeroSec isn’t half bad either. These days I tend to use them only as a guide on what to grab off Usenet but I have happy memories of RLSLOG in the past.

    Nice roundup Sharky, thanks as always.

  10. who cares Says:

    zerosec, rlslog , whats better? who cares I use both

  11. breal Says:

    Is something wrong with the site
    When I click something want to download

  12. jeff Says:

    I am also getting a prompt to download “application/x-gzip” on trying to access SceneSource.

    It was fine earlier today. Does anyone know what is going on?

    PS Excellent article (as usual)

  13. Jeff Says:

    SceneSource is working fine now.

  14. Jesse Says:

    scnsrc upgraded to Wordpress 2.7 and there were a couple bugs

  15. breal Says:

    I though I was the only

  16. NoFate Says:

    ScnSrc should be fixed now. Thanks for including us in the comparison. Oh and to Martin your site failed when your staff started to bail on you, your site has now been surpassed by superior sites. And another note, we do not use the exact same style of posting, we created a better style.

    BTW: ScnSrc has a pre chan too, your just not looking hard enough.

  17. Steve Allan Says:

    It’s really nice to know about the new releases and finding the latest P2P sites in this-post. This is an awesome blog and provides us with good information.

  18. sup Says:

    i used to check rlslog for new stuff, well now i’m checking rlslog and zerosec although i gotta say the latter is becoming my favorite because the’re more innovative ZS is also more “customer friendly” because of being more liberal about p2p releases (nothing against staying with scene releaes, simply a question of personal favor) and posting comments/links more often (especially waldo’s uploads :D). largest complaint would probably be speed recently, not rly “zero sec” ;)

    btw just wondering does anyone know a good pure release site like vcdq for everything (games, apps etc)? but in english

  19. dalaih Says: FTW !!!

  20. Scenerls Says:

    Hi - Nice article. Just wanted to point out that scenerls is back and can now be found at

    We have some cool new features coming that no-one else has.

    Stay Tuned.

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  22. The best is not even mentioned Says:

    I’m not involved with any of the sites, I’m just a downloader. And, I have to say that my favorite is which is not even mentioned. I think it’s a fairly new site so maybe that’s why. I only found it a month or two ago.

    RLSLOG = Ok, but they don’t post download links. You have to wait for somebody else to post them and you lose the level of trust that comes with getting your links directly from the site. One good thing about RLSLOG is the comments section. It can get ridiculous at times, but come on, it’s also funny. Also, having more people together means that you can get a better idea of the quality of the release.

    IRFREE = Used to be cool, but they are REALLY slow lately and barely post anything.

    Zerosec = Not much comment because I’ve barely been over there. I’ll try to check it out more though. = The fastest, the most releases, and they post their own links from several one click hosts. I only wish that there were more comments for releases. My personal fav.

    All the others that I’ve tried (scene source, scene releases, etc) don’t post enough of the releases, and aren’t quick enough. There aren’t many comments, and I don’t believe that they post their own links. So, for me, they are the worst.

  23. Megashares User Says:

    Is Zerosec actualy shut down by the feds or is this a realy ellaberate april fools joke? I mean, taking down the entire server and putting up a warning…realy… crap.

  24. reza Says:

    plz update this list in new post

  25. rlslog Says:

    only 2 months started site……….alexa rank 70,000………………

    more info

  26. CooLXviD Says:

    CooLXviD new adress old adress close…


  27. h00rel Says:

    also is quite cool.

  28. Lucy Says:

    I enjoy which tends to link to the real file screenshots as opposed to linking to the generic movie screenshots like some of its competitors above.

  29. K3V Says:

  30. D3M Says:

    Greasemonkey script to extract donwload links from comments. Works out of the box for


  31. Gianne Says:

    Loving this site. sends out daily emails if you sign up for it and it has all the releases that were posted during the day !

  32. randomness2003 Says:

    what about extremely good tv release website that i believe deserves a mention :)

  33. nevoj Says:

    try also: