Fixing Spotify Login Issues, Once and for All

In an article published 4 weeks ago, we introduced how to Join Spotify from banned locations. If you kept up with logging in to your account at least every two weeks through UK web proxies (assuming you selected UK as your country of choice), you may still have received a notice upon logging in that says, “Your current location does not match that set in your profile. You may travel with Spotify, but only for 14 days”. Worse yet, if you failed to login for more than 14 days the message becomes more dire, whereby you won’t even be able to gain access to the Spotify application, due to mismatched countries in your profile and home IP address. Here’s a few tips to get Spotify back in action.

Looking for an invite to Spotify? Here’s a site that has been known to post valid Spotify invite codes:

The Scenarios:

Login Failed

If you haven’t successfully logged in to Spotify for more than 14 days, it’s likely that you’ve received the “Login Failed” message, accompanied with ”Your current country does not match that set in your profile”. Updating your profile likely won’t do you any good, since your home IP (when running Spotify) will not match the country you selected via an overseas proxy, which you probably can’t change anyways. Not to worry, all is not lost. While the ability to login to the Spotify application is now a dead-deal (for now), you can still log into your account on the website (proxy or no proxy, it doesn’t matter). This is important because it’s very likely that you still have unused invitations to give, even if you yourself can’t login to the program. Thus, you can then invite yourself. However, don’t use the same gmail account as set up with the original account. A good idea is to create another gmail account (or just use an alternative address) and create & send an invite to yourself.

Again, you’ll need to use an overseas web proxy to sign up, as explained in the first article. There’s not much point in listing all of available web proxies here, since they tend to get banned. A Google-search for ”” may set you on the right path, and Russian/Polish proxies also work well. Here’s just a few UK ones you can try, though:

Additionally, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to uninstall Spotify from your PC before signing up for that second account.

Now that you’ve successfully signed up for that second account, re-install Spotify and login. You’ll still need to take care of that pesky “14-day travel” message:

Spotify 14-Day Travel

If you recently received the message, “…you may travel with Spotify, but for only 14 days”, it means that Spotify has recognized that your home IP address is not the same as set in your profile. Assuming we’re sticking with the ‘UK motif’, one solution would be to use a UK VPN provider. While not a free alternative, you won’t be getting any more of those 14-day messages, either.

A more affordable solution (folks, we’re talking free) is to use a SOCKS proxy. Since (for now) you’re still able to login to the Spotify application, you can change the connection settings and set it up to run through a free SOCKS proxy.

SOCKS Proxy List — Over at, you’ll find (mostly) working SOCKS 4 & 5 proxies, as arranged by country. UK proxies can be found on pages 17 and 18. Next to each proxy, you’ll notice “server support: 4” - which means SOCKS 4. This is important to take into consideration, since you’ll need to select either SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5 in Spotify.

To do this, launch Spotify and select EDIT > Preferences… from the main menu. Under the Proxy section, select either Socks4 or Socks5 from the dropdown list. Enter in a “Host” and a “Port” number from a country you selected in your profile (when signing up), but leave the ‘username and password’ fields blank.

Next, scroll all the way to the bottom of that Spotify settings page, and click Apply. Now, exit and restart Spotify.

Not all of the proxies from Samair will work, so if you develop an error message when logging in, try a different one. There’s a vast array of non-UK proxies to choose from, as well. If you constantly run into login problems, it could be a firewall issue, or antispyware software that’s blocking the connection.

HTTP Proxies — There’s even the option to use Samair’s HTTP proxies in Spotify (such as this UK one -

If you run into repeated problems, try to reinstall (update) Spotify with the latest version:


  1. Richa Says:

    To be honest, spotify isn’t worth its trouble.

    If you’re reading articles on this site, you’re better off downloading from BT, or else using or songbird to stream/download the songs you want to listen to.

  2. bogusforumname Says:

    I have to completely disagree with RICHA. I enjoy Spotify alot and was unaware of its existance before Sharky’s posting. I am in the USA and I use a free VPN based in the UK. I only need to log into the VPN for a minute, then open up Spotify and the “you have 14 days” msg goes away. While spotify is still open i disconnect from the VPN and thats it. Spotify still connects and the msg is gone. I leave my PC on most the time so unless i need to reboot i just leave Spotify open…
    now of course i still download what i want from or wherever but sometimes i want to hear something right then and there… so THANK YOU Sharky for posting.

  3. Chris Hanlon Says:

    If you have what or waffles its unneeded

  4. agrippa Says:

    thanks for this great post!

    my first account just blocked because I didn’t know how to bypass the country locator.
    I’m using the https proxy now. I had to foward the port in my router and make the port an exception for windows firewall too.
    All seems to work now, no warnings.

  5. davey Says:

    here is the trick to get it working again:

    once you are blocked after fourteen days, go to your account and change the country to where you actually are, even if it is banned. it should let you login but with no songs, it does for me. then go back to your account, i use a different country proxy to the uk one you use, and switch it back to the legit proxy location in the dropdown choice. spotify should work again for another 14 days!

  6. pigstyle Says:

    DAVEY… nice post.. i like that idea…
    using the proxy to connect is sometimes slow…
    the music stops.. for me.. (BUFFER?)

  7. davey Says:

    with my method you do not need to use a proxy in spotify, only need to double change your country every 2 weeks.

  8. HackedServer Says:

    PIGSTYLE: Public Socks Proxies are normally slow, and often to slow to stream music. The servers you use are used by tons of other people and the bandwidth gets used up fast.

    Thats why a lot of people are willing to pay for a private proxy or a VPS to set up their own, the bandwidth is always there. I have a SOCKs 5 proxy running on my VPS, 100mbit of bandwidth all for me.

    If I want to listen to music now I always use
    I even use the URLs seeqpod finds to download the songs, they aren’t 320kbit but they don’t count against your ratio either.


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  10. Cyberwire Says:

    Even if you cant login into spotify anymore there is still a way of entering a proxy. Just disconnect from the internet and try to login. It will connect a while and then give up while showing the proxy options.


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  12. crisneda Says:

    What VPN you use?

  13. pmow Says:

    I can’t change my account from UK to any other country…the dropdown only has the one option. Also, the proxies listed above can’t connect anymore to Spotify’s page…

  14. K7 Says:

    Nothing from what you wrote there works now… I can’t even make a new account. When I try to access the site through proxy, it says:”The requested resource could not be loaded. libcurl returned the error: connect() timed out!”.


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  16. Sharky Says:

    @ K7:

    This is because Spotify invites are now given out over HTTPS, i.e:

    Most free web proxies don’t support HTTPS, hence the libcurl certificate error, similar to this: Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl. However, if you use a true socks proxy in the actual browser (or a UK-based VPN service) you should be able to sign up.

  17. x Says:

    The requested resource could not be loaded. libcurl returned the error:
    connect() timed out!

    Any ideas?

  18. Felipe Says:

    it looks for proxy that it works and ready

  19. AK47 Says:

    Hey man, cheers for the info on how to bypass the IP while registering.
    I’ve got a problem however. I tried one of those French proxy servers from the list (as I had set my account to be French) - and it doesn’t seem to work. Well, you did say some of them might not work and all I have to do is change it to a different one. But how can I change the preferences if I cannot log into the program any more??????

    If you/someone could help me with that it would be great!



  20. AK47 Says:

    Hey, just changed my internet connection and with this one I get a full message about changing proxy settings - sorry about the previous post, it was a misunderstanding/bad coincidence thingy. cheers again

  21. Gvegastiger Says:

    I can’t get any of those proxy’s to work. It just keeps timing out. Is there a setting I should change on my computer/router to allow it to go through maybe? I’m in the US.

  22. Vasik Says:

    Thanks for this, works like a charm, I use HTTP proxy (had to try some of them, but works now)…

  23. thomas Says:

    if you signed up via invite, does your country become irrelevant? or do you still have to be in a valid country?

  24. Joost Says:

    I’m confused! I can’t seem to find any working one! Can someone copypaste the IP and port of a working one, and tell me how to make it work? Do I open ports in my router?

  25. Lalala Says:

    […] Getting invites is one of the benefits of being a Premium subscriber in one of the countries where Spotify Free is available. You receive two new invitations each time your Premium account is renewed (yearly or monthly, depending on your payment method). […]

  26. Joanna Says:

    i`ve got france set in my account and try to use the french proxy, but each time i try and log into spotify i get this message “a firewall may be blocking your internet connection (error 117). additionally you could try to change the currently used proxy settings.”
    does it mean my router is blocking spotify after setting this proxy (my windows firewall is off) or does it mean the proxy doesn`t work? if someone could please help quick, i have one or two more days before they block my account..

  27. Musab Says:

    |I started using Spotify a week ago using a French proxy, and the drop down menu in my profile only has France as an option. I started getting the ‘14 day travel’ message yesterday and tried a number of methods,including trying out all the SOCKS proxies at to no avail and logging into my account via a httpS proxy to try to reset the 14 days limit. None of these worked.
    Is the only solution reinstalling Spotify every 12 days or so? or will that not work either ? I’d hate to lose out on such a brilliant piece of software.

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  29. miguel Says:

    Como puta madre hago lo del paso cambiar a socks4 si no puedo entrar al programa???

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  31. Kevin Says:

    Ugh im still having trouble!!!! Can someone help me please! I dont want to lose all my saved songs on Spotify. Here’s the issue: Im in the U.S., i was planning to use a Socks proxy 4 or 5, but they keep giving me this error

    A firewall may be blocking your Internet connection (error 117). Additionally you could try to change the currently used proxy settings

    What am i doing wrong?! Someone please help!!!!

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  33. Bod Says:


    essentially, you create a free vpn, then sign into spotify and can use it for another 14 days.

    Hope this helped

  34. eric Says:

    the prxy work around seemed to unstable for me. i’ve fixed it by setting up a free uk based proxy. i’ve found instructions on

  35. Simon Says:

    Hey Musab, I had the same problem. But then I downloaded the french vpn service You just have to log on to spotify while connected with the vpn every 2 weeks and your problem is solved!

  36. USE MYSPACE AND SHUTUP Says: can just use myspace music to stream most music/albums..they a have a whole lot of them on there,,.no need to sign up for this dumb shit.

  37. Musab Says:

    @ Simon. I canNOT thank you enough. Spotify working again. Thanks a TON !!

  38. eeeela Says:

    @ SIMON Thank You Very Much! You saved my day!

  39. Thankful Spotify Fan Says:

    @Simon: You’re a hero! Was worried I’d never be able to use Spotify again. But no more worries now ;) . I don’t think they’ll be able to find a quick fix to this either, so this looks to be a fairly long term solution!

  40. Errett Says:

    i need invite

  41. Wudjablomuh Says:

    I don’t know about all these people who say that waffles or what are better. I have what with a 20GB buffer and while I love the site, it’s a PITA to find a single song and dl and then have it waste space on my HDD and have to rename it and tag it etc to display properly in Foobar (bc almost anything else is bloatware). Spotify is easy, fast, and the program is small and efficient to boot. When it comes here, I’d definitely subscribe for $5/mo. For $10/mo, it’s a harder sell, but I’d consider it at that price if it could be used by everyone in your household at least.

  42. silje Says:

    I cant log on, says i have to change my proxy settings. But nothingg works…HELP!!!

  43. woox1s Says:

    Whatever happend , ur always available to create a new acc for totally free and without any problem at , trust me , you dont even need to get an invitation.

  44. Eidorian Says:

    Thank you for this. I just tried the “14 days limit fix” and up until’ now it’s working alright.

  45. Arun Says:

    Thanks dude! Spotify really roxxx!

  46. zeeb Says:

    @ Simon — thanks loads. Have been having Spotify withdrawls for weeks.

    had success with a paris socks 4 and changing profile to a paris postcode. will see how we go after 14 days….!

    cheers again,


  47. Jake Says:

    I’m getting “Unable to connect to Spotify. Trying to connect….”

    I used HTTPS and then SOCK 4 and 5. Why won’t it work?

  48. Bobb999 Says:

    I snagged a Spotify account Jan. 12 using not Ivacy, but another UK proxy site. I love the service, but dislike the idea I’ll be cut off after 14 days ’cause I’m located outside the UK, in Canada. Boo! To pre-empt impending termination, I thought I’d try the method outlined in the article, plugging in a UK SOCKS proxy IP in my Spotify preferences. So far I’ve only tried a few of the UK ones listed at the samurai proxy list site, but none work thus far.
    I suppose once I receive the dreaded “14 days” notification message (after 5 days, one hasn’t yet appeared) I’ll be spurred on to go through every UK SOCKS proxy listed till finally finding one that works - assuming the method itself still works okay once one finds a working free proxy.
    Is there anyone out there who can vouch that they solved the 14 day expiry issue recently using UK SOCKS proxies from samurai lists? Is the method still working okay?

  49. Zeg Says:

    Same request here. If someone knows how to avoid the 14 day period please post it.

    Thanks in advanced.

  50. jonkill Says:

    Same question for me.
    Do you guy are able to log into your account from the spotify web site ? if yes, how can you do this ? do you know the FREE proxy with ssl ?


  51. skinny zhinni Says:

    I’m stuck in this same situation. My 14 days is about to expire. I’m signed up through France. Has anyone found a solution?

  52. Jay Says:

    for those with the ‘different location’ message, all u need to do is update the http proxy in the software, i presume the original proxy i used was blocked, so it showed my true location! i just put in another proxy in settings a matter of 1 minute ago and i am listening to music on spotify as i am typing this post =D. when i registered i put the UK as my country with a UK postcode, i just entered a new UK proxy and all is well, so just remember to make sure that the proxy matches the country you entered for registration!! this worked perfectly for me so i hope this can help everyone else with the same problem!! good luck guys!!

  53. Jay Says:

    to add to my last post, remember to set the proxy to ‘https’ in preferences! good luck

  54. fr0sty Says:

    @Simon hey i tried using that since i registered using france as the country of registration and downloaded the french vpn u mentioned here although i can’t seem to connect. to spotify even though the vpn is already connected and running. do i need to do something else? have i overlooked something? kindly help me regarding this since it still shows the 14 day limit . thanks ^^

  55. murtdoc Says:

    hello, people … can anyone send me a spotify invitation? please!!

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  61. spotifyrip Says:

    The funny thing: Spotify isn’t particularly good, but all the rest (iTunes & Co.) is particularly CRAPPY.

    Will the music labels ever learn? I doubt it. They’ll sue good stuff into the ground, as usual. Same will happen to spotify if they’re becoming too successful.

  62. Shabby Chic Bathroom Says:

    This article is very informative. I was searching over the internet about this issue. My wife and I love how it looks and we are looking further to investigate more about this. We are just bookmarking this site to let all our friends know about it. Thanks and keep the good writing.

  63. dave Says:

    every time i try to log onto spotify i get fault 101 .what is this ? HOW DO I OVERCOME IT?

  64. J Says:

    I use a Spanish IP from an HTTPS and it works amazing, just be patient and search around the web for free proxy *country* and combine it with an checker such as and you can too overcome the 14 day slow death!!!

  65. AL Says:

    i got a proxy at: and double-checked on: and did the job for me . Currently in Australia but only gave me 20 hrs run time … cheers..

  66. J Says:

    After the proxy loads and goes online with spotify, feel free to turn it off as this will use your current internet after a reload, then you only have to fight with the proxies once every 2 weeks. Enjoy spotify worldwide :)

  67. ethercomms Says:

    Sorry guys but anyone using public proxy/socks servers opens themselves to “Man-in-the-middle attack.” The users details would be available to the server’s host. If you really must use them don’t do your banking or anything sensitive.

  68. Erick Says:

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    Deciding not to prolong Spotify doesn’t mean I won’t support artists. I’m just not ready to pay for the service I’m not using often enough because of its usability issues and lack of very important features cool gadgets. Anyway, I’m subscribed to their blog and will definitely give it a go again when they some of the features I need that much, since Spotify is the future.

  69. Maria Says:

    I’d like to join Spotify, how can I do so ? every time I try to join there is no way to.


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