10 Really Cheap Seedboxes That Anyone Can Afford

With the spiraling popularity of private trackers, dedicated servers from OVH, LeaseWeb and other providers are being snapped up at breakneck speed. As you’re probably aware, many of these buyers split up the box into multiple accounts, and throw on a torrent client such as TFlux, uTorrent WebUI or even wTorrent - effectively becoming ‘resellers’ of the original dedibox. Competition for your dollars has never been higher, which is why seedbox sales & services have popped up around just about every corner of the interwebs. The old adage YGWYPF still applies, but there are some sweet seedbox deals if you know how (and where) to look. Here’s 10 inexpensive seedboxes that just about anyone can afford, starting at under $10 a month.


** Site is dead as of September 2009.

ProSeedbox is one of two seedbox providers in the list that offers the wTorrent GUI (a web interface for rtorrent) which is extremely efficient for both transfer bandwidth and server resources. ProSeedbox’s most affordable plan is just **$9.90 per month

** for an unlimited and unmetered 100 Mbit connection which is shared with a maximum of just 2 users. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe. The catch is, there’s a limit of just 5 torrents and 10 GB drive space on this ‘Economic Plan 10′. Got an extra $10 to part with? Upgrade to their Plan 20 (20 GB storage, 10 torrents). ProSeedbox even offers a server with a shared 1 Gbit connection; as expected it’s not for everyone at $149/mo. In any event, for under $10 a month there’s no reason why anyone can’t own their own seedbox. /

UPDATE: SeedBoxSales offers a variety of plans, including 1Gbit servers. Their “shared seedboxes” start at £15/mo. but are limited to throughput of 3TB, a telltale sign of using OVH; Kimsufi in particular. Nonetheless, there are also some options for unmetered and dedicated servers, although the price increase is quite substantial. has five different TorrentFlux plans, all of which are on unmetered 100 Mbit lines. Their “Orange Seedbox” package comes with a 3 active torrent limit and 5 GB storage for just **$10/mo.

** All accounts come with both HTTP downloading (via TFlux) and FTP access, and all are unlimited bandwidth. Looking for a little more?’s ‘Blue’ seedbox comes with 5 active torrents and 10 GB storage.

Aside from being currently sold out of their popular **$7.65/mo.

** plan (sold in 3 month blocks only) TorrentFluxHost has some other great deals. The catch is, there’s limitations on the upload bandwidth (per torrent) on many of their packages. The TF-5GB package, as guessed, comes with 5 GB storage, 5 active torrents, unlimited bandwidth; however, each torrent is limited to 100 KB/s upload rate (for an overall 500 KB/s for all five torrents maximum). More per-torrent bandwidth can also be purchased, but it would appear that the TF-10GB plan for $11.95/mo. would be a much better deal (2,000 KB/s total torrent upload limit).

LeaseTorrent’s pricing hasn’t changed in almost a year, and continues to be a popular choice for frugal seedbox shoppers. Their **£3/mo.

** (GBP) “1 torrent, 5 GB storage” option is currently (again) sold out, but you can get on their waiting list here. It’s cheap, and here’s why: The upload bandwidth is capped at 300 KB/s, and the torrent will only seed to a 100% (1:1) ratio. While not a great idea (on it’s own) for buffering accounts at private trackers unless you purchase extra upload GBs, sold in blocks of 50 GB for an additional £2.5. Still, for a grand-total of £5.5, you just may be able to fix that crappy ratio, as long as you select the right torrent. Additional torrents can also be purchased. probably offers one of the most affordable multi-torrent seedbox packages we’ve ever seen. For just **€3 (Euro)

**, users get 8 GB storage, 3 active torrents, 1 FTP account and unlimited bandwidth on a 100 Mbit (shared) connection. For €9, users get a substantial upgrade in service with 30 GB storage, 15 active torrents and 5 FTP accounts (what for?). offers very affordable VPN-style shared seedboxes that come with root/VNC access and a Control Panel (we like this!) that start at just **£12/mo.

** (GBP). Each account comes configured with wTorrent webGUI, with rtorrent as the client backend - to start torrenting, users simply need to set up a username and password at the wTorrent GUI. Seednet’s £12 package comes with a maximum of 4 users per server, 50 GB storage, 100 Mbit connection, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts, and even the ability to add websites on the server. Can’t beat that!

SeedBoxWorld serves up a variety of plans including special deals (check out their order page). For **£10/mo.

** (GBP), users get 4 active torrents and 30 GB storage (in contrast with their basic plan for the same price which comes with 5 active torrents and a smaller 20 GB drivespace). “All our seedbox accounts come with full unlimited transfers on 100 Mbit lines, no catches no gimmicks.” offers a **$4/mo.

** seedbox, without any limitations on the number of active torrents. So, what’s the catch? - their cheapest “Cardboard Box” plan comes with just 1 GB storage. What’s remarkable is, apparently all accounts are on a shared 1 Gbit connection (sounds too good to be true, but see below). Now, if only BioHost would switch from TorrentFlux v2.4 to TorrentFlux-b4rt, then we’d have a winner!

At last check, only offered one plan and it was sold out (keep checking back for more plans coming soon). EDIT: Apparently it’s available now. They are OVH Kimsufi resellers, with 6 users per server. For **$12.99/mo.

**, you’ll get an impressive 40 GB storage, 6 active torrents, FTP access, and unlimited bandwidth on a shared 100 Mbit connection.

  1. lolz Says: FTW. Great customer service!!!

  2. Caryn Love Says: seems to be VERY shitty!
    Check out this thread: http://**************.com/vb3/f-seedbox-discussion-154/t-seedboxfr-315581

  3. lolz Says:

    Anyone know anything about Input please!

  4. Guest Says:

    Don’t forget the and very good speed.

  5. Guest Says:

    oopps my bad

  6. AzzMan Says:

    yeahhh is the shiz

    i use them, good prices and great customer support and fast setup to ;)

  7. dencrypt Says:

    I don’t get it. 1GB disk space? That’s like nothing?! Whoever downloads torrents as small as 1gb nowadays? Sure, One Xvid movie and/or a couple of musical torrents might fit into there but wtf? That’s even smaller than my first hard drive in 1997 with 1.2gb space. And for those prices, that’s really expensive.

    There’s a lot more laudable seedboxes around.


    I think people should either spend good money into a good server or just not do it at all. It seems like the only good ones are the expensive ones these days. OVH particularly has been screwing up their Kimsufi line with tons of weird throttling rules now. Just play it safe and get a dedicated server.

  9. wassup Says:

    Whatbox $15
    100Mbps unmetered
    4 people
    53GB disk space EACH
    wTorrent / rTorrent

  10. lolz Says:

    Yeah either get a whatbox or a varsbox.
    Vars is the same as what, but 3gb’s less. Same price….everything, just not the space.

  11. dalaih Says:

    dedicated servers rules everything :D

  12. arham12 Says:

    it says cheap ^^^^

  13. Sweman Says:

    lol if you want 100mbit why not just upgrade your line at home? then if u want to be secured just use a vpn service like swissvpn or something. The only interesting boxes is the gbit ones but i doubt that their hardware can handle that kind of speed.

  14. Andrew Says:

    Why not just spend 15$ a month on usenet and not have to worry about seeding, ratios, or seedboxes….

  15. lolz Says:

    andrew this article is about seedboxes, that’s why.

  16. zebus Says:

    cause not everything can be gotten off usenet?

    and to sweman, I’m pretty sure not everyone can afford the small fortune it would cost to get a 100 mbit line run ran to your house. In fact I’ve never even seen someone with a 100 mbit line in their house, so I gotta give you props if you do, but the keyword of this article is “cheap”

  17. Chris H Says:

    /me :wubs: my leaseweb box

  18. Andrew Says:


    Just making a point, there are other options out there. Plus there are plenty of sites that have no ratio.

    Seedboxes are aren’t needed imho. They aren’t too effective on sites that are non 0day and seeding on 0day sites shouldn’t be that hard. If it is just find a new one out of the thousands…

    If your upload speed sucks that much where you can’t seed from home, your download speed probably isn’t too good either.

    Why have that much buffer it you won’t/can’t make use of it?

  19. zebus Says:

    Yes, I’m sure there are plenty of no ratio alternatives to sites such as HDBits with its overwhelming amount of exclusive releases and in-house encoders who only release there. And having a good ratio on a site where most torrents are 6-8 GBs in size on a home connection is also easy.

    So you’re right, screw seedbox’s, totally unnecessary. I much rather limit myself to downloading one HD movie a month, since the only time its possible to get a good upload on a torrent is right at the start, and my cable connection’s upload is 1/6 my download speed.

  20. Andrew Says:

    So you use your connection 24/7 to download HD movies?

  21. zebus Says:

    I fail to see how that is relevant.

    But to answer your question, I ftp them to my computer overnight when my connection isn’t limited by my ISP, cause doing it during the day bogs down my connection when I rather be using it for other things such as gaming.

    Which by the way is just another good reason for having a seedbox, you can leave torrents running all day, keeping your home bandwidth free for those of us who actually like to use it for things other than “24/7″ p2p

  22. richard Says:
    So many helpful people there have helped me pick out the right seedbox!

  23. shyam Says:

    Hi guys ,
    If u want to boost your ratio on your favorite trackers,…WITHOUT actually buying a seedbox,.and enjoy the full benefits of a Private Tracker….visit this…

  24. lolz Says:

    Shyam, looks like a crock of shit to me. I hope you get busted.

  25. User Says:

    I have bought a seedbox at (£12/mo) They have good speed and havent noticed any other user hoggin me down, BUT there is a catch it is forbidden to download for public trackers and they have blocked most of the big ones.

  26. GrapeSoda Says:


    I have been using Kimsufi the last week. I am sharing my server with 5 others and it was great for the first week. I have recntly run into a problem where my FTP speeds wont exceed 20k. I was getting speeds of 1.5MB/sec before. I have run all sorts of tests and it all leads to OVH. The weird thing is, they are just throttling me. Everyone else is getting top speed out of their FTP clients. What gives? Why are they throttling me like this?

  27. cloud Says: is WORSE.
    I waited few days for my acc to be delivered. I have it for more than a month and I havent had a chance to use it… it is so slow… I need more than 5 minutes to add (not start, just add) torrent… I have few opened questions on their support system…
    Do NOT use.

    I used - great in every way. I had 5 GB plan.

  28. Derek Reiff Says:

    Biohost does have b4rt!

  29. VB_Fan Says:

    To correct a previous poster:

    The Varsbox mentioned earlier offers 55GB of space (not 50) and allows utorrent so its super easy to use.

    The boxes are fast, the support is amazing and the price is unbelievable. If you have the ability to sign up for a Varsbox, just do it.

  30. Manda Says:

    I tried out the 3 euro plan last month. SUPER slow, as cloud mentioned, but I got good response from support. The box went down one weekend. Support said it would be back up the next day - and it was. In contrast, my basic Obtrix seedbox started out great but has now been down for four days and counting, and I haven’t been able to get a single word out of their support.

  31. Greywolf Says:

    Click my name for more info

  32. wh3n0t Says: is terribly slow. 100 to 300 KB only.

  33. Mike Says: - I’ve had a awesome seedbox (seedbox advanced plan) and i got 8mb/s download and 3mb/s upload constant!! for only 30bucks you get 35GB SPACE!

  34. JP Cambert Says:

    Well, seedbox sales is an atrocity. I went with them based on the above recommendations and, after two days of emailing them asking what was going on with the 1gbps dedicated seedbox I paid for, he emails me and says that the prices just went ujp and that he wanted another $25 to set up the seedbox. I told him to forget it and refund me my money and he said he wasn’t going to do so, that I had to go through my credit card company, which is precisely what I”ve done.

    Those of you who claim to get good customer service are probably shills for the company because thus far, this experience has been an absolute nightmare.

  35. seedboxsales Says:

    JP Cambert,

    ABSOLOUTE LIE! you money was refunded through paypal and you made threats to use your credit company LIER!

    We are not a scam and anyone that has a good reason to want their money back it is happily refunded! And this was the same case with JP Cambert.

    Those who claim good customer service are just happy customers :D

  36. JP Cambert Says:

    My money was just now refunded, after their refusal to do so initially and their indicating that I needed to go through my credit card company. Anyone wanting to see the time stamp of their paypal refund should email me and I can provide it. The refund was given only after I pointed them to the very negative comments which I left on here, with a link to said comments. Before seeing what I posted, they had not set up my seedbox in two days from receiving payments, then indicated I needed to pay an additional $25, and when I said I was not interested, and asked for a refund, they refused to issue one until they saw what I posted here.

    Stay far away from this horrendous company.

  37. Zemon Says:

    It makes me laugh someone made a comment that they paid 3 euros for a seedbox and it was slow. lol (you get what you pay for)

    Get a dedicated if you want speed.

  38. pepsicrazy Says:

    I opened an account on march 14, and since… nothing. Even if I writted to them few time, no answer.

    be advise.

  39. seedboxsales Says:

    JP Cambert, your a joke.

    I have proof that i refunded his money before he even posted here!

    then after he got his money back he still decided he would go and post bad comments about seedboxsales.

  40. Benjamin Says:

    Hello I just paid for a account with 48 hr setup and I will post my exponents of the service.

  41. Benjamin Says:

    So far seems to be in descent speed and good costumer service. I send support emails asking them questions and I always get the email back with in a day. They told me that they are in beta and are still improving the service. I have gotten upload speeds 2000+kbs depending on the torrent of coarse some are not nearly that fast. one thing I noticed that I don’t like is I torentfulx offers you the choose to stream video it will not work on but I am going to email them about that and see if they will enable what for us. But once again I haven’t used them very long and I will be posting follow-up.

  42. John F. Says:

    my own experience is €9 server at… my first test was a Debian DVD and speed was to 5-8 MB/s !! It’s very good, but sometimes (rarely) GUI hangs up.
    Very cheap and very good !

  43. dondo Says:

    has anyone tried can anyone tell me what do i have to do after I pay? am an kinda new and need an advise…10x!!!

  44. Malachi Says:

    I am currently using and have been with them for over a day - the service they offer seems like a good deal. £12 + £2.50 setup fee per month for 50gb space + 100mbit connection. but this is a shared server providing you with a VPS on CentOs.

    So far the only problems I have had so far is the misleading of not stating anywhere that you can’t use this on public trackers. After signing up I noticed someone mentioned it here also.

    A good VPS for private trackers got 9.2mb/s on downloads so far.

  45. former obtrix gigabit seedbox user Says:

    I used obtrix and it was a disaster. Max download at the very best was 5Megs down and 1 to 2 Megs up. This was on their gaugernaut, highest, “best” plan. Dedicated, bla bla bla. Worst part was if you connected to the FTP; I ended up redownloading it which is extremely frowned upon on my private sites because their speed to me was, with the maximum concurrent connections 10Mbit. With time warner’s 20/2, I would get the same upload speed per torrent regardless of around 120 to 160Kilobytes/sec. On the obtrix, it would get confused by the private trackers and the keys and some private sites would just sit there and neither download nor upload based upon its central location. But when I used it to download from a garbage pirate bay, it would bang out to the maximum. Who needs the seedbox for 50/month when your best speed is to 100% leecher only sites.

    Santrex was a better customer service location with servers all over the world but I did manage to max out my download at 10 megs but upload no faster than 1.5 megs. The 10 megs would actually be hovering around 12 megs more times than not but I don’t care about its download as much as the upload. Even went the proxy route to help with the locations of the servers with zero success. I know for sure that they had lots of problems quite often but they compensate you and by the time I gave up with them, I was given 20 or 30 gigs extra space for the major downtime during the 3 month span but its just not worth it. But I do stress that santrex is fantastic at helping you with your speed problems, switching countries, using brand new servers but to no evail. The final straw was their testing via a private tracker and indicating they are maxing out up and down and its all my issues with a cable modem or ISP.

    That is was gets me. My gear would be the problem. I had purchased a Motorola 5101 surfboard diagnostic with 32megs of ram custom installed for the sockets to shoot it up to the server as well as the FTP but when all results ends up being my problem AND I could swap my RR residental to a business on the fly with haxorware and still have the problems, I’m gone. Its not me and don’t blame me!

  46. dave Says:

    stay clear of gave them 23 euros on 19 may its now june.been very little contact from them…but false trying to get money back through paypal

  47. biohost are little bit shit Says:

    So I ordered a biohost box, and it was not set up after a week, and the support is non existant, I have set up a paypal dispute. Just to warn, if you order you WILL NOT get your box. On the site it says that there are medical issues, if that is true, then I am very sorry, but even so the same message has been up for nearly two moths now, and the company should not be taking orders it cannot fill.

    just to let people know that if they order a biohost box, they will not get it.

  48. Rahim Says:

    So i ordered super box a biohost… and it was not set up yet… and no reply to any support ticket…Can any one suggest me what can i do next… in the matter…. plz. help me… Thanks….

  49. rapidseeder Says:

    check for new cheap and best seedbox services

  50. santrex sucks Says:

    santrex is the worst hosting company ive ever used. santrex should be avoided at all costs!

  51. Jo A Glaze Says:

    Stay away from This guy is a real winner. Things went pretty well for the first month I had the box, but on the last day of the month, it died. I kept trying to find out what was going on via email, but no answer. Since I had already paid for the second month four days before, I just kept filing tickets and waiting for a response. It took a while to figure out that I’d been scammed.

    Go out to the homepage, Check out their shared plans. I have plan 2. Notice that there are “-2″ available. That means they sold something they didn’t have. I filed a complaint with Paypal but unless it’s an eBay transaction, they could really care less. However, after I filed it, the box came up at 10am on Mon but was gone again by 10pm. Nothing since. Can someone explain to me how you have “-2″ available?

    Save your money and find a reliable provider. This guy isn’t one of them.

  52. Jimbo Says:

    Jo A Glaze are you sure you have been scammed?

    I have been using dediseedbox for over one month and im very happy with the service and will continue to use them.

    Out of three providers I have used I definately upload more at dediseedbox not sure whether its because they use utorrent over torrentflux but none of the other providers enables me to upload 3tb a month for $15.

    Only submitted one support ticket but was answered within 15 minutes.

    Are you sure your support tickets are getting through?

  53. chemist Says:

    hi i would reccomend these guys theyre good and cheap

  54. dub Says:

    your comments about usenet vs seedboxes are pretty much irrelevant.

    Most ppl that use Seedboxes use them for private torrent (niche communities with ratio rules) sites where you get specific content which can’t be had anywhere else… Not for the typical ripped movie downloads which can be had from pretty much any public torrent site with no ratio monitoring.
    Zebus, you’re right on how useful a seedbox is.

    Avoid Obtrix if you plan to use their basic service. Not sure what their more expensive plans are like. The service may start out great but after a while the servers get loaded with over 10+ (14 i’ve seen at one point) users which results in constant freezes and an extremely slow UI.

    The seedbox is sometimes down for hours at a time, numerous times per day.
    And when you finally get back into your seedbox, all your torrents are stopped and you get left behind in the swarm of peers which you tried so hard to join right after the torrent release.

    I’d say the uptime is less than 75% as compared to their 99.9% promised. Very often it goes down when you need it the most (weekends).

    D/load-U/load speeds may be great ([b]Sometimes[/b]) but the negatives outdo the positives imo. Never again for me.

  55. Marko Says:

  56. Jack Black Says:

    So what’s the verdict??? I’m tired of looking for a seedbox, is there ANY provider out there willing to offer good support, good prices and good service?

    For fuck’s sake…

  57. chemist Says:

    Hi all,

    i could sell you saome space on my seedbox !
    100mb unmetered
    10gb space
    10 active torrents
    for 10$
    30gb space
    15 active torrents
    for 20$

    This is a kimisufi seedbox located in France.
    or you can tell me what you need and how much you want to pay :)
    email me

  58. david Says:

    got the little 3 torrent seedbox from gotta say its absolute garbage one week for setup they state 2 to 8 hours torrents keep on vanishing and keeps on booting me from the server on top of all that they state 8gb but i can only use 4

    gonna try another one will post reviews

  59. chemist Says:

    how much did you pay for the 3 torrent seedbox ?

  60. chemist Says:

    anybody needs seedbox look here

  61. Adam Vedal Says: Reviews for Biohost….

  62. Says:

    for servers and seedboxes

  63. dfe Says:

    Paid for a year in Feb 2009
    no service since June 2009
    will not answer emails,support tickets,or messages on message boards.
    they will rip you off
    submitted my paypal and support tickets.

  64. dfe Says:

    also about BIOHOST
    they won’t answer my Message board emails but I do see the owner commenting about others on the site but totally ignores me AND MY SUPPORT TICKETS
    you would think this Guy Mike the owner would try to get my service up after 3 months or refund my $ to shut me up.

  65. docuseed user Says:

    hi, just wanted to let everyone know of a good seedbox i use with great customer service it offers:

    £10 - 35gb + 6 torrents
    £16 - 50gb + 10 torrents
    £20 - 75gb + 15 torrents
    £30 - 110gb + 25 torrents

    shared 1gbps line
    default of 120% on seeding torrents can be changed in settings for up to 500 i believe
    default upload speed of 500kb can also be changed in settings
    comes with an FTP account as well

    uses torrentflux b4rt and the admin there answers your questions really fast and fixes your problems just as fast….also you dont get charged automatically every month so you dont have to worry about cancelling if you dont want the box anymore…he will give you a notice and if you dont respond then the account is just canceled else if you pay the month then all is good but you get a notice in advance …for more info just go to its a site for documentary torrents you will see the offer right there in the main page. hope everyone finds this useful like me

  66. nicks Says:

    they provied the cheapest seedboxes

    compare these prices


  67. nicks Says:

    they provied the cheapest seedboxes

    compare these prices


  68. Jean Says:

    Reliable, first class support incredible speeds giga or minimum 100 mbit uplink and its real 1oo mbits, I have reached 20 MB/s as max

    Cant say anything else then that they are the best ive tried, and Ive tried many!

  69. sean Says:

    cheap and reliable seedboxes

  70. renny Says:

    here is the new cheapest seedbox providers

    they provied amazing 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM and 1GBps only at $90 in promotional offer

    check the screenshot of wtorrent for speed

    and promotional prices

  71. John p Says:

    Thought I’d post after having a bad experience with

    Having had trouble with I didn’t think I could ever find a worst seedbox provider but then I found

    They set up my account ok, after about two days closed my account and hit me with a bullshit reason so they could try and impose a fine on me. After I refused to pay the fine they told me to “fuck myself” which I wouldn’t have minded but I was more polite and patient than I should have been.

    I hated biohost but I hate ten times more

  72. dozee Says:

    took my money 72hrs ago,it said the seedbox would be ready in 48hrs they show they have them in stock but i havent heard anything off them,theyve ignored all my emails etc.
    Is this site a scam?

  73. m3rox Says:

    may be you should check your mail id because some mail ids are useless :)

    i got my box within 30 min after the payment from wtbox and i got a top notch speed of 53MBps download and 23MBps upload which is awesome as in 100MBps 12-13 MBps download speed is maximum but wtbox rocking with 1GBps :)

    thanks you

  74. m3rox Says:

    my seedbox is rocking but
    i am waiting for dedi box as they all are soldout :(

  75. dozee Says:

    its fine,they dilevered in the end.
    wicked speed also but im getting a memory error now

    Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Offset not contained in string in /lib/bdecode

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in

  76. villi Says:

    this is not the place to post about your problems ask them to fix this
    not here

  77. naresh Says:

    sorry bout the caps then,lol.ive just been playing cod4.Must of clicked it accident.
    Yes you PM’d my details and the speed is very good,today!
    If it stays like this all month ill get the larger one next time.
    Kind regards…dozee

    p.s.Ill post a screen shot when i install snag-it.
    Thanks…can i access the server via vnc?

    top notch WT,lets hope its stays like this:) and ill be recommending you to my m8’s.

  78. dozee Says:

    WTBOT will work with you,this is the first time ive seen this from a seedbox host.
    my download speeds have been hitting 400mbit and upload 100mbit without a problem,I had a simple error that they fixed as soon as i reported it,.I dont normally say this about a seedboxhost as some of you know ive tried hundreds,well 10 x 10 for WTBOT.
    They have bent over backwards to help me get what i paid for…dozee cozee

  79. dozee Says:

    scratch that ive just hit 700mbit download,these guys really do deliver 1GBiT seedboxes it must be a first surely!

  80. scotty22 Says: warning**

    These guys no nothing about running a seedbox company. Worst decision I ever made was to rent a seedbox off them. Dont be fooled by the reasonable prices they are not worth the hassle.

  81. dozee Says:

    the above error could of been my end,i was mearly asking if i had the problem and for anyone’s advice.
    Youve read way too far into my post.

  82. David Says: looks like some sort of scam, there paypal order page has a verisign identity protection logo, but there is no ssl encryption on the page.

    Why do they have a verisign logo?

  83. Allen Kelly Says:

    After poking around briefly on the site, I found that it does redirect to a legitimate PayPal purchase page.

    As far as the product or the organization that owns the PayPal account, that would be on PAYPal to vet that account.

    Your payment will be securely processed through PayPal’s EV SSL checkout process.

    My $0.02

  84. cheap seedbox Says:

    do your research, seedboxes for that cheap come with crippling bandwidth limits and are practically useless. Look into a mid range seedbox at least $20/month

  85. Dentoo Says:

    My seedboxes are absolutely not slow and I give 30 days money back garantuee so feel free to try them out.

    I have been doing dedicated servers for soon 10 years and Im serious when it comes to quality

  86. iG Says:

    I think this is the cheapest seedbox ever on this earth

  87. Jens Kettwig Says:

    Be aware of !!!
    I let myself be fooled by the cheap prices and regreted it in the first minutes I tried out my seedbox.
    Bandwidth sucks. Most of the time you don’t even get access to your torrents (neither the web GUI nor transmission remote are able to connect). It seeds at a very slow rate (I’m faster seeding from my home computer!).
    Worst of all: NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT whatsoever. I must have written at least 15 support tickets over a period of 7-8 days. After ONE WEEK I got my first and only response, which consisted in 1 (!) sentence: They would not refund any money. No reaction at all concerning technical problems, no interest in trying to communicate with me.
    Do yourself a favour and stay away from this provider!

  88. Just ME Says: = piece of shit

    stay away

  89. Jweb Says:

    Biohost do offer b4rt and not 2.4 so may wish to update that (they haven’t changed it on their plans page, but as a user of the service i can confirm it is b4rt)

  90. darklore Says:

    Seedbox me have changed their packages to:
    Orange=10gb storage/3 torrents
    Blue=15gb storage/5 torrents
    Green=25gb storage/7 torrents
    Yellow=50gb storage/10 torrents
    Silver=80gb storage/15 torrents

    Trying out the Blue package atm,and so far I like it!

  91. tornaman Says:

    +1 for WTBox.

    I went and got their smallest seedbox SB100 on Dec 26th. Most other providers are closed for holidays but these guys delivered my account details in under 48 hrs. And boy the box rocks. I tried a heavily seeded torrent and it downloaded at a consistent 23MB/s. I have not been able to test upload yet on torrents, but ftp download maxes out my connection if there are enough parts in the source files. Per part I am getting around 500Kb/s, which seems the norm from boxes in Europe, since I am across the pond!!!

  92. ropakk Says:

    Need seedbox? I do offer 200GB space and unlimited SEED.


    Price $60 monthly.


    without asterisk

  93. SeedLightning Says:

    Basic Package

    5Gb Disk Space
    3 Active Torrents
    Unmetered Bandwidth on 100Mbit Port
    http (TorrentFlux)

    Price = $9/month
    or $4/week

    Bronze Package

    15Gb Disk Space
    4 Active Torrents
    Unmetered Bandwidth on 100Mbit Port
    Price = $15/month
    or $5/week

    Platinum Package

    25Gb Disk Space
    6 Active Torrents
    Unmetered Bandwidth on 100Mbit Port
    Price = $20/month
    or $6/week

    Other Packages Can Be Worked Out Upon Request

  94. BTman Says:

    Can I Use Seedboxes to DL public torrents? (my DL Speed could be so much better, seedboxes seem to be my only option, i would then delete the public torrents if so instructed by the seedbox provider

  95. Joao Says:

    I am using the seedbox and until now I’m very happy with the price, the speed and the support is excelent.


  96. Chris Says:

    Avoid obtrix, the costomer supports insults your intelligence. They were really good a year earlier but now they are not good at all, Seems like most seedbox services start strong, but eventually turn in to shit.

  97. Ben Says:

    200gig hardrive. 100meg line 20£ a month

  98. Ben Says:

    200gig hardrive. 100meg line 20£ a month

  99. customer Says:

    Soon to be an ex customer. They state that its unmetered, but they fail to tell you that theres a speed limit. For each active torrent, your download cap is 2200 kb/s and upload cap is 1200 kb/s. Currently the box has been down for approx. 48 hours.

100.##### Mark Says:

I have been customer for the first month now and I can
telll you that they are good. Didnt have any problems that I can
really complain about. Everything that I had the problems with,
their customer service answered it very good and fast. For the
price, they are not bad at all but I think there are other site who
offer more for the same if not lower price.

I would recommend

101.##### Stuart Tylor Says:

Check out TornadoGet [][44]{:
rel="nofollow"} for fast, reliable, affordable torrents. Ive been
with them for 3 months now and they have stunning service. I highly
recommend it to anyone looking for a good seed box!

102.##### arse Says: claims of 200mb/s and unmetered bandwidth are bullshit!  
 they advertise >200mb/s but in reality it is capped in
torrentflux at 22mb/s.  
 they also say unmetered, but the torrent is set to die when it
reaches 500%

103.##### arse Says:

Oh and… they wait until you’ve downloaded the full
torrent, then they stop your torrent, change the tracker to their
own torrent site and then start it again, so you
think your still seeding to your tracker, when infact your seeding
to theirs.  
 And they keep running out of bandwidth every month and promise that
they will extend your rental but rob you of it

104.##### Orophix Says:

I’ve also been with [][44]{:
rel="nofollow"} for a while, pretty good so far.

105.##### Stoner Says:

[][45]{: rel="nofollow"} do some great
shared servers. Prices are ok but the speed and support is
excellent. Cant fault them for that.

106.##### Velo Says:

Check out [][44]{: rel="nofollow"} it’s the
best around. I’ve tried around 20 other companies.

107.##### Brendan Says:

We offer Dedicated seedboxes starting at just 69USD/Month.  
 500GB Disc space with unmetered 100mbit connection!

Check out all our other seedbox hosting solutions on our website!  
 (Click my name for a link!)

108.##### FAQ Says:

Just a quick note to counter some of the claims made above, hope
this is OK?  
 There are limits per torrent at (not per user) but it’s
nowhere near as low as the 2200kbps claimed. Please see our FAQ for
more information on this (link above) but basically speeds on our
seedbox are shown in kB/s, not kbps, big difference!  
 None of our servers (and we have a few) have ever been down for 48
hours in the last 12 months.

109.##### Arun Nayar Says:

wtbox seems to be gone…their website went offline last week, and now
the seedbox is down too, with no ways to contact them…

110.##### Winner Says:

Can anyone else vouch for or tornadoget?

111.##### NetSKy Says:

Well… I would like to recommend the for you

[][48]{: rel="nofollow"}

112.##### Yupy Says:

BioHost fool my 3rd time a have payd for 3 seedboxes and is more
then a week and not receive any e-mail or something like that…don’t
use BioHost!

113.##### John Says:

[][49]{: rel="nofollow"} seeboxes for 5£
50 gig space unlimated torrent

114.##### joebob Says:

Ive been using the 1gbs and the 200mbs from, for the most
part everything has been smooth speeeds of 8,000KB/S+ on the 1gbs
and 2,000KB/S+ on the 200mbs….

115.##### abhi Says:

ultimateseedboxcom they give a testing account whn u mail em with
three active torrent

thier plan is money value plan good for every budget starts frm 5$
no hidden monthly basis

tornadoget offers 3 ative torrent in 8.45$ in 10 gb

while ultimateseedbox offers 5 active torrents in 20 gb 8.50$  
 its great they both give testing account so try it

ovrall rating posted soon after testing the accounts

116.##### REVOR Says:

Yup tornadoget is pretty good, I’m using them as well.

117.##### abhi Says:

tornadoget will be prefered becoz in ultimate seedbox sumtymes
torrent stop tranfer  
 but torrandoget transfer will not stop until we stop transfer or
change settings

tornado get - 3 torrent 8.45$ 10 gb ===> 8/10  
 ultimate seedbox - 5 torrent 8.50$ 20 gb ===> 7.5/10

118.##### s0m30n3 Says:


119.##### DA3M0 Says:

Tornadoget so far seems good. Just ask for a trial if you’re not
sure. I got on the trial straight away.

120.##### Corbin Says:

REEEEEAAAAAALLY cheap plans available here…

PulsedMedia provides good servers…and a cheap one for only 13 USD a
month (115GB, 256 MB, 100mbit)



121.##### Marvin Says:

Have you tried [][37]{: rel="nofollow"}

They are really good! Ive been there for 6 months and my friend too
and we are both happy about both speeds and prices.

122.##### Trackback :: Alternative to Torrent Relay? -

\[...\] this time i think you have misunderstood me by seedbox i
mean something like this: 10 Really Cheap Seedboxes That Anyone Can
Afford \| THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks … you pay
a monthly fee to a company which runs a remote server 24/7 on which
you run a torrent \[...\]

123.##### Eric Says:

[][9]{: rel="nofollow"} claims a delivery
delay of 2 hours for all Seedboxes. After a few days i still haven’t
received my login and password details. I’m new to the World of
Seedboxes and only paid for one month ( Classic Seedbox ) as you
can’t be too careful these days. What a major disappointment!

124.##### Joe Says: has better plans than any of the ones in the article,
chech them out!

125.##### Martin Says: offers affordable and super Anonymous Seedbox

The standard package includes:

1\. Torrentflux based Seedbox on a shared high performance server  
 2. OpenVPN based VPN to securely connect and transfer back your
downloads to your home PC and save your ISP bandwidth.  
 3. 10GB storage capacity  
 4. FTP access to access your downloads  
 5. 24/7 technical support

Price: $15/Month

126.##### Danny Aston Says: also offer very good rates!

127.##### John Says: really good speeds. 200mb boxes only shared with 3
 cheapeast i have come across.

128.##### Daz Says:

i just ordered the cheapest plan from . waiting for
the details to be sent , will let you know how it works.

129.##### Daz Says:

got my details after 12-13 hours . speeds are really decent . it’s
perfect for mantaining a good ratio on most of the trackers out
there . sometimes when download speed is high the upload is getting
killed (probably because of the hardware) ,but for 5 pounds at 50 GB
HDD this is excelent !! thumbs up

130.##### chandu Says:

hi friends i would like to busy a seedbox of 10 gb space with 5
torrentsa and unlimites usage of $ 10 per month , so can anyone
suggest how to buy it pls

131.##### adam Says: good speeds and cheap but a little slow on the refreshing
useing webuser interface and Transmission Remote Control does not
work you keep getting an error so that part sucks and support sucks
as there is some good things here but all so some bad
things as well about them….i give them a 5 out of 10

132.##### Danny Aston Says:

Thanks for the feedback DAZ!

133.##### jonbrisk Says: have been suffering from XSive downtime and a
lack of response from customer services. I have lost 4 days in one
month and had to send 8 emails to get a reply,.

Not good.

134.##### adam Says: is good…good support good speed and good all round i
wood go with them if i was you and chep as well

135.##### adam Says:

i had my seedbox in less then 30min if you can get them at the right

136.##### ben Says: take your money and give you a seedbox that work
for 1 day and then it stops working and they never reply to hyou. are to be AVOIDED!!!

137.##### mds Says:

Just browsing threw this page researching seedbox sites. In reading
the posts, I was shocked by SEEDBOXSALES and this particular
employees unprofessional attitude toward JP CAMBERT. A professional
does not resort to name calling. If you have a unsatisfied customer,
you try to make them satisfied. Even if that means giving them a
refund. Sounds like JP had to go through allot to finally get his
refund and then this employee of SEEDBOXSALES has the balls to get
on this site and start with the name calling like a child. In
researching what seedbox company to go with, I can guarantee that
SEEDBOXSALES will not be getting my business. Good customer service
is really important, no matter how much $ you spend or don’t spend.

138.##### munna Says:

starting from $10 (USD)

75 GB disk space,unlimited torrents,unlimited
bandwidth,ssl,ftp,sftp,24×7 support,100mbits port

ruTorrent / TorrentFlux Option webUI

max 4 users on 1 server,Athlon X2 Processors,Web based control,

Watch Out For More,We are starting for off more bigger plans.

Our classic line of shared, semidedicated, and dedicated.

Email your query:

139.##### jones1 Says: and biohost are total scams. They are scum. may not be the best but for example speeds are capped,
have to keep resetting torrent ratio, and there torrentflux ui is
stripped down but they’ve never robbed me.

140.##### Carl Says:

Super Seed Box has very good entry level seedboxes, up 100% of the

141.##### Ultraseeds Says:

Hi guys,

I am using this for nearly one year, the speed is good, space also
providing good, starting from $10 ,and amazing support the

Hope you enjoy this

142.##### Pulsed MEdia Says:

Pulsed media has a ~7.6$ seedbox plan am using, quite great value
for the money

143.##### Jay Says:

Is seedbox legal in US or EU? How DMCA are handled for seedboxes?  

144.##### Mike Says:

[][63]{: rel="nofollow"} are the ones
for me.

145.##### malco Says: are rubbish. never work, wont answer email,won’t
refund money.

146.##### Dentoo Says:

We have some great offers on new giga dedicated servers (1 gbit
up/down) that might interest you. Torrentflux with full admin free
install on all servers. Unlimited torrents.

Also good quality shared seedbox solutions.

Tired of bullshit? Get [][37]{: rel="nofollow"}
and enjoy downloading as you should do it!

147.##### Trackback :: short sale info

**short sale info…**

10 Really Cheap Seedboxes That Anyone Can Afford \| THE source … is
an excellent post about Short Sale Advice For Sellers I recently

148.##### jf Says:

seedboxone is a good service.  
 a satisfied customer  

149.##### Vinzenz Says:

Thank you so much for this overview. I just ordered my seedbox on
[][65]{: rel="nofollow"}

150.##### jim Says: setup time was ok (1day). everything works fine until
 only thing why I wouldnt recommend the service: upload speed is
capped at 1500 kb/s.

151.##### Seedbox Veteran Says:

WARNING: Do not USE “FASTSEEDBOX” They are scammers. They
advertise torrent flux b4rt on their website and then give you
rutorrent. The download speeds barely top 1mbp/s and they resell
their server space from DO NOT USE FAST SEED BOXES . CO
. UK

72 hour setup time IF you’re lucky. Over priced.

They offer refunds and then do not follow through on paypal. They
also try to sell you Valium.. It’s a bizzare deal, don’t be fooled.
Stay SAFE!


152.##### MJ Says:

seedboxone upload speed is crap

153.##### cheapest good sb Says:

[][61]{: rel="nofollow"} just 7.5$ for 70Gb
storage ! :O

154.##### frenki Says:

 I paid seedbox in whatbox 100×100 unlimited 225 GB,is so bad that I
have no words.  
 impossible to create new torrent for upload, upload barely 500KB /s

 Support- i waiting for reply 1 day 7 hours.  
 If you need a box,whatbox is so bad that the better my home

155.##### JerryF Says:

BioHost for sure is a big rip-off, and My fu….. bank wants $32.00
for a stop payment on an $8.00 charge.  
 Are all these seedbox providers fly by nighters? Seems to me that
half of the recommenders have some kind of connection with their
 My bad, guess usenet may be the way to fly.  
 Just think back 10 years ago, you could DL music off and
get what you paid for, now it seems that the world is becoming a

156.##### LuciferSam Says: are a bunch of degnerate untermenschen cunt-scum who
discontinued my membership without warning a full three weeks before
it was due to expire - avoid them like the AIDS virus, long shall
MOTHRFUCKING ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

157.##### Funcky Says:

Http:// has some cheap plans!  
 Also great 1GBPS plans! Fast speeds!

158.##### Spiffy Says:

I’ve been using RapidPeer’s Bronze plan($15.95 a month unmetered,
100Mbit, unlimited torrents, 1 user) for a few months now and I’m
pretty satisfied. It was recently upgraded from 60GB of storage to
80GB at no cost to me, which was pretty cool. The down speeds are
great if you have a good tracker. I hit over 11MB’s regularly. Up
speeds are great too.

Customer support is fast and helpful. I’ve had a couple minor issues
and they fixed them really quick.

My only complaint is that the FTP speeds could be better. They’re
generally around only 80-90k at best. Thats’ even with their
“TurboFTP” option, which makes no difference so I’ll be canceling
that. The FTP speeds could be a problem on my end though.

For the money I’d say they’re definitely worth atleast checking out
for a month.

159.##### FRESHS Says:

I just got a seedbox from TW Media ( and it
freaking rocks! $10 for 50GB storage on a 1 Gbps line shared with
only 5 other users - I’ll never buy another box again. This isn’t a
plug but I think this newcomer is the way to go and they are the
only ones offering encrypted unix jails, life is good!

160.##### badkarma Says:

I purchased a 50Gb Standard Netbox 1Gbs and a Dedicated Server 250gb
100Mbs, excellent customer service, fast, prompt and helpful
technicians and the speeds are Str8 Rippin!!!

TW Media Standard Netbox 50Gb 1Gbit $10  
 TW Media TWC-250gb Dedi 100Mbit $30

161.##### Snax Says:

Biohost seems to be extremely shitty. The rest of them don’t even
seem that good to me. Has anyone had experience with

162.##### Naida Asaro Says:

That is some sublime stuff. Ne’er knew that ideas may be this
various. thanks for all of the ebullience to offer such
accommodating info at this site.