10 Really Great Sites for Free Magazine Scans

A common request among torrenters is for a private tracker that caters to magazine scans and torrents. While the idea would likely be a raving success, to the best of our knowledge, nary a one exists. Even the top eLearning trackers carry just a tiny iota of magazine-related content ( carries a paltry 176 mag-related torrents) and even mega-tracker Demonoid with just 658 doesn’t fair much better. Until someone comes out with a magazine-only tracker, mag freaks will have to settle for some of these great sites.

By and large, public trackers serve up a superior selection of magazine torrents when compared to their private counterparts. As is the case with public torrent indexers: many torrents are unseeded; there’s duplicate content everywhere you look; and irrelevant results are commonplace.

Torrent sites aside, other areas of the web offer a much better selection for the latest magazine scans. Here’s our picks:

NooNee is set up akin to a release blog, with magazine covers and direct download links for each entry. DDL sites include RapidShare, DepositFiles, MegaUpload etc. While the number of monthly releases is usually between just 10 to 30 magazines, users can always expect high-quality scans (mostly in .PDF format).

Why we like it:

  • — DDL links are available in their RSS feed, without any further intervention or unnecessary clicks.
  • — Many magazines are often available in multi-lang/region - for example Maxim and FHM can be found in Russian, Czech, French and German versions of the same issue.
  • — Easy to navigate the categories and magazine titles. There’s even a ’similar magazines’ feature.

Why we don’t:

  • — Not enough content - needs more releases.
  • — Only one source site to download from. If the link dies, that’s it.

AvaxHome is a download site for just about everything (music, games, software, etc.), but offers a very impressive (and current) list of magazines. Readers come from all corners of the globe, which is reflected in the diversity of international magazine & languages. There’s no shortage of content, here - there’s nearly 1,500 different magazines added each month! TIP: Click the “Details” link on the right side to access the download links.

Why we like it:

  • — Multiple download sources for most magazines.
  • — User comments often point to additional sources for downloading.
  • — All members can contribute, which diversifies the content.
  • — A plethora of content!

Why we don’t:

  • — No RSS feed for specific categories. Feed can be found here.
  • — Many RapidShare links go through a third-party ad redirector.

FlmsDown is another all-in-one international release blog that carries nearly 4,000 different magazines dating back to March, 2007. With over 200 new mags added each month, there’s something for everyone. There’s a healthy mix of both new and old magazines being added all the time.

Why we like it:

  • — Multiple download sources for most magazines.
  • — Lots of mags added daily (both new and old).
  • — There’s a decent selection of “All Issues” packs; which contain - for example - all Playboy issues for 2008, in one convenient download.

Why we don’t:

  • — Tons of ads on site (and surrepticiously placed between releases).
  • — No sub-categories or ‘tags’ for magazines. We reckon you’ll be using the search button a lot, and you’ll need to do an ‘Extended Search’ in order to select only a query from the magazines category. (By default, simple searching displayed results from the entire site).
  • — Did we mention the ads? There’s lots of popups/unders, too.

For an eBook website, eBookee serves up a staggering amount of magazines! There’s over 16,700 current mag listings, most of which are accompanied with at least two different download links. Content is diverse, with many international issues available. TIP: At the very top of the magazines page, you’ll notice where it says, “Magazine eBooks Index:” - this is where the tags (categories) are for the mags. There’s even a comic book section that offers more than 2,200 releases.

Why we like it:

  • — Has a “Books Related To” feature for each addition.
  • — Offers a torrent section.
  • — Has a “Top 10” (viewed) list - can you guess what genre of mag is in the Top 10?
  • — Great quality scans! (most are over 20 MB)

Why we don’t: - Nothing to complain about here!

While Hotfilms is more of a download forum for just about everything imaginable (movies, software, music, games) - there’s also an impressive selection of eBooks and magazines to be had. If you’re just looking for a simple site to browse through various magazines, then Hotfilms isn’t for you: due to the sheer volume of freshly added content, we recommend you use the search to find specific magazine titles (Time, Maxim).

Why we like it:

  • — Often has international versions for the same magazine issue.
  • — Has some nice packs.
  • — Many current issues are available for popular mags.

Why we don’t:

  • — Magazines are hard-to-find, and strewn in amongst all of the eBooks.
  • — The search is a bit of a hassle (has a captcha verification similar to many forums).

NetBks is an eBook site with a modest selection of magazines, too. Most of the newer content isn’t the regular mainstream stuff like Maxim and Elle; rather it’s more inclined towards computers, gaming, arts, sciences and technical ‘zines. A quick browse through the older entries will display more of the adult-oriented stuff.

Why we like it:

  • — Most are English-language magazines.
  • — Has some nice collections (’For Dummies eBook Collection’, etc.)
  • — Everything that’s added is brand-new (you won’t find PCWorld for July 1999 being posted in 2009).

Why we don’t:

  • — Mostly techie content.
  • — No sub-categories or ‘tags’ for magazines. The Netbks RSS feed is not category-specific.

Download4All is an all-purpose DDL site with a nice selection of more than 600 different magazines. Most listings include the publisher name, format (PDF), size, number of pages, language, and a brief description. DL4All users are required to register on the site before the download links are made available, but it’s worth the effort.

Why we like it:

  • — English magazines only.
  • — Quite an eclectic selection of mags available (not just mainstream stuff).
  • TIP: Underneath the ’site search’ at the top, you can change the method for which the mags are displayed by: (News Date, Popular, Most Reading, Comments and Alphabetical).

Why we don’t:

  • — You’ll first need to register before you can view the download links.

eBook3000 is a specialty eBook site, but also has a decent current selection of new magazines. With over 1,300 mags to choose from, results are accompanied with extended information in this format: (English | PDF | 165 pages | 98.6Mb) with a brief description. Once on the above magazine page, you can choose from the mag categories on the right side (Comics, Sports, etc).

Why we like it:

  • — Categorical browsing.
  • — Many of the mags are HQ scans.
  • — Multiple DL links for most of the releases.
  • — Popular magazines from all over the globe!

Why we don’t:

  • — Site is too simplistic, unappealing.

Worth adding to this list is eBooksBay - essentially it’s just a meta-search site for magazines hosted elsewhere. Content is displayed in no particular order, and DL links are always external, but it’s a good discovery tool for finding alternative magazine DDL websites.

Why we like it:

  • — Hundreds of current magazine listings.

Why we don’t:

  • — External links are hit & miss, perhaps even lead to dangerous warez sites.

eBookShare offers more than 1,000 magazines in all, and most contain 2 alternate download locations. The site is very well-laid out as a blog, with cover images for each entry. If you’re into magazines, this site shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why we like it:

  • — A vast amount of new mainstream magazines are continuously added; site is nicely updated!
  • — Has a “Related Books” feature, with relevant related mags.

Why we don’t:

  • — Absolutely no added information about the mags.
  • — DL links are somewhat tricky to find. If you don’t use ad-blocking plugins, you’ll notice some ads just above the correct DDL links to RapidShare, easy-share, filefactory or megaupload. Adblock+ for Firefox handles all this rather nicely, we might add.

Other Magazine Sources: - Nearly 600 magazine scans, many of which are current offerings. - Tons of new magazine scans in their eBook section. Over 1,800 search results for ‘magazine’. (You’ll need to register before viewing this link). - Excellent site for free scans of Japanese Fashion magazines. - Adult magazine scans only!… - A wide variety of scans.

Know of any other magazine sites? Post ‘em below! And check out 20 More Great Sites to Download Free Magazines, Ebooks

  1. sara Says:

    Thanks so much for the time put in to bring our attention to these useful sites, sharky! I really like the first two, they basically have everything I need for now :)

  2. Diji1 Says:

    Wow - what a great list, I try to download magazines when I can find them but I only knew of two of these websites. Excellent stuff again.

    “can you guess what genre of mag is in the Top 10?”

    Hmmm, let’s see. Is it rain-water tank maintenance? :P

  3. Teh-Pop Says:

    Thanks for these sites sharky!

  4. Gag84 Says:

    some sites I find useful for comics
    Daily updates of comics, mostly old precode ones but also new comics
    Not too many comics, but all high quality ones.. :-)
    LOTS of comics!!!

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    is there a site where i could get weed type mags? lik weed world, high times, ect.

  9. Jen Says: is a good site for e-books. They have a magazine section that currently lists up to 5000++.

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    torrent with rss would be nice

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    i want march 2009 edition

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    I am looking for .NET magazine , does anyone know where I might find it.

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    Where can I find wired magaizne?

  22. Mary Smith Says:

    Thank you for your list of sites! My own site at is full of big scans from the insides of vintage Seventeen magazines along with other vintage fashion magazines, mostly 1960’s era, some from the 1940’s. The site also has links for a few others who are dedicated to scanning vintage fashion magazines. These scans are hard to find on the internet so come take a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Some use these rare vintage magazine sites for school projects!

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