Free GPS Maps & Software for TomTom, iGO, Garmin

If you own a TomTom, Garmin or Navigon we don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to purchase additional maps and software. Garmin maps start at $50 and in most cases run up into the hundreds of dollars; likewise with TomTom - starting at $60 for maps supporting their older devices; but usually much steeper. While Google can be your best friend, it probably won’t lead you down the right path to the true sources for free GPS navigation and map software - and that’s on torrent trackers and Direct Download forums. These sites won’t make your head spin with inane Google rhetoric - just free maps and software for whatever GPS device you own.

Private Trackers For GPS Software & Maps

While there are no known private trackers solely dedicated to GPS maps & software, there are a few that have a great selection for just about any GPS or handheld unit.

Highly-recommended (signup link here) has a very popular section for current GPS/GIS, navigation & maps (original here - translated here). Maps aren’t limited to Russian or European - for popular devices they have maps of all parts of the world. Supported devices: TomTom, Navigon, Garmin, handheld Windows Mobile PDAs (WM PDA), and others. There’s also an “Integrated Car Navigation” area for cars of popular makes/models with built-in nav. systems (Audi, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes etc).

Torrent #’s/software: TomTom (205), Garmin (196), Navigon (49), Ozi (180), iGO (156), Others (1,000’s).

Downloading from - In the forum thread, look for a link that says, ”Скачать” - this is the torrent download link.

TIP: We can’t figure out a way to translate while logged in to our account, nor is the default language changeable in the user profile. However if you’re not logged in, you’ll be able to browse the forums and categories while translating the pages through also has a selection of torrents for TomTom, Garmin and others - although the content is nowhere near as exhaustive or current as it is at Demonoid torrent count: TomTom (127), Garmin (83), iGO (44), Navigon (5).

Torrentleech has 35 TomTom torrents, but not much else. RevoTT has just 12, and Zamunda just 7. Some smaller niche trackers such as SyncTheBits may also be helpful for Pocket PC and handheld devices.

Public Torrent Trackers:

Public trackers should be used as a last resort, but many do offer some GPS and map-related torrents. While just about any torrent meta search site will do, here’s the number of torrents for 4 public sites and popular GPS device software:

  TomTom Garmin Navigon   iGO 315 399 36 39 54 127 4 10 376 314 67 55 139 476 4 29

*All stats include dead torrents (unseeded), and external private torrents.

1-Click Hoster / RapidShare DDL Forums For Maps, GPS

“Direct Download” Forums (aka. ‘Warez’ Forums) offer a much more robust selection than most trackers. Here’s a few of the best… is an amazing Warez board for GPS-related releases. There’s over 1,000 different forum threads in GPS; for Destinator, Garmin, TomTom, iGO, Navigon, Route66 and others. Each of the above categories are further broken down into these sub-forums: “Navigation Software”, “Maps” and “Speedcams/Voices/Others”.

PPCWarez is well-laid out, there’s lots of current releases (with new ones every day), and the download links are easy to find. A winner in our books!

Great discussion board dedicated to everything GPS / GPA - with RapidShare download links for just about everything. Sub-forums include:

  • • TomTom
  • • iGO / MioMap
  • • Navigon
  • • PDA / PNA / Smartphone Utilities
  • • Other… Route66, MapKing, Destinator
  • • Garmin
  • • Car Navigation Systems

IPMart-Forum is not exclusively a forum for just GPA stuff, but also carries just about everything else - including phones, PDAs, PocketPC / Palm, Symbian etc. Here’s a sub-forum dedicated to “Satellite” discussions for TomTom, Route66 and others (but you won’t find Garmin). The threads are a little cluttered, which is where the search feature comes in handy (but only available to registered users). A quick search for “TomTom” finds forum posts in virtually every device category; including Symbian, SmartPhone, Nokia, PocketPC & Blackberry.

IPMart also has torrents (hosted externally and on their own tracker) with its own separate search field, although most of the releases are somewhat outdated. It should be noted that Garmin releases can be found in a ‘torrent’ search.

A blog-style release site for a little bit of everything, but also carries a limited amount of GSM releases (Garmin, TomTom, iGO & Navitel) - with download links to RapidShare and LetitBit. Be sure to use their search function, as many of the GPS releases are posted in the software category.

Other Sites: - Another decent source for TomTom, Garmin etc. - Browsing through the categories likely won’t get you anywhere, but searching for specific PDA devices & software yields plenty of results. - Probably a good source, but their search is down (should return in 7-8 days). and RapidLibrary are RapidShare search engines (not a warez board where staff and other members are posting quality links) so use at your own risk.

  1. zillionand9 Says:

    great article, especially considering I just got a gps for this recent christmas and was looking for more maps, but didn’t want to pay that much for them. ppcwarez doesn’t seem to be working though. is that just me?

  2. Diji1 Says:

    Well, PPC Warez was working for me… it’s nice to see that place back up and running again after a long period of downtime. They always insisted they’d be back but it took a long time :.

    There is no better place for anything - and I mean anything - related to Windows Mobile. An absolute treasure of a site: apps, games, GPS, ebooks/audio books, PPC movies & TV, ROMS and to top it all off it has a great team that provide lots of help to people as well. Every PPC owner should bookmark IMO.

  3. Diji1 Says:

    Come to think of it Sharky: if your short of ideas for future articles how about one related to mobile downloads: Symbian, Windows Mobile, UIQ etc.?

    I’d love to read any infomation you have to share (and you do constantly surprise me mate :)

  4. Gamelton Says:

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  5. hub Says:

  6. hub Says:

    Best polish site concerning gps navigation.

  7. Jerry Says:

    It’s not all that easy to get TomTom to use downloaded maps! In fact it’s a real bitch. There’s a torrent on Demonoid that goes though a step-by-step process with all you need in the way of files etc. I’d give that a try rather than messing about with separate downloads.

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  9. Says:

    Try to look for rapidshare files.
    It’s redesigned now and looks much more beter.
    More than 7 000 000 files in their database.
    They offer search toolbars for FF and IE.
    They also offer search bar for your site.

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    I’d love to read any infomation you have to share … :D

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    I have found two interesting sources and and would like to give the benefit of my experience to you.

  13. ajay Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Windows Mobile (AT&T Tilt) device. It has built in GPS. Can I use the Garmin and other third party maps that are available as torrents? Do I have to install the software too? Also, how illegal is this? Will there be a problem caused due to illegal use of these softwares?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

  14. hassan Says:

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  33. brandon hamon Says:

    I have one of the first tomtom ones, I tried to update my map and lost everything that came on the SD card that it came with. Can you tell me how to relace the maps that I lost? Because I use this device every day for deliveries on my job. Thank you Brandon Hamon

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