The 10 Most Underrated Private Trackers

With all the available choices for private trackers these days, it’s easy to let a good thing slip you by. Just about every torrent board has a forum thread somewhere for discussion pertaining to “The most underrated private trackers”. We sifted through the comments in each, and rolled it up into one article. IPTorrents, who unsurprisingly wears the crown as the most offered torrent invite, has also been voted the most underrated tracker - we can see why. (0Day / General)

For the average torrenter, IPTorrents is the only tracker you need - it’s that good. In all honesty, I previously didn’t have an account at IPT before writing this article - I already have my regular 0day haunts including TL, RevTT and SCC. Finding an invite to IPT took about an hour, and it just may well become my new #2 general/0day tracker.

Why IPT is underrated: Huge number of active torrents (37,000+); tons of ‘packs’ for movies, music, adult, TV; freeleech torrents; 100K+ members; custom torrents; bonus system; pretimes are very good for a non-scene tracker (10 - 30 minutes and up).

IPTorrents is just loaded with leechers, so keeping a good ratio shouldn’t be a problem - seeding on a home PC works well (seedbox not needed). Download speeds vary (but overall are fairly good), though it would seem that seedbox owners here are in the vast minority. We’re surprised to see freeleech torrents - this is usually rare for a 0day tracker. Below is a look at the most popular torrents, as arranged by seeds & leechers. Just look at the number of ‘Snatches’:

Seeders (High to Low) Leechers (High to Low)

IPTorrents - At A Glance…

  • Open Registration? No

    - IPT is currently ‘invite only’ - open signup is now closed.

  • # of Torrents: 37,481
  • # of Members: unknown (100,000+ est.)
  • Oldest Active Torrent: 2006-05-28
  • Freeleech Torrents? Yes - ~1,600 torrents (scattered randomly, mostly ‘packs’).
  • Seedbox Tested? Yes (TFlux; Transmission v1.20 & 1.22).
  • Home ISP Tested? Yes (uTorrent 1.8.2) - DL Speeds: 200 kB/s to 600 kB/s (avg). Azureus/Vuze is not recommended (and will soon be banned on IPT).
  • Bonus System: Yes

    - Awarded accordingly for 100% seeding (not partial) per torrent. Points can be used to purchase Upload GBs (~100 points per 1 GB) and invites (3 for 600 points).

  • Rep System: Odd for a tracker, there’s a rep system in place (for forum posts and select torrent uploads).
  • Ratio Requirement: Strict (1.05)

    - “Every user has obligation to keep his ratio any time above 1.05. Once your ratio is below 1.0 you will receive a warning from the system.”

  • User Classes: Just two main classes (User and Power User). PU = Must have been a member for at least 4 weeks, have uploaded at least 50GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05.
  • Invites: IPTorrents has the most relaxed invite-system that I’ve ever come across - it’s no wonder where all the invites come from. Power Users are awarded invites every 10 days, for:
Invites Stats
1 Downloaded 1-4 GB and the ratio is greater than .90
2 Downloaded 4-7 GB and the ratio is greater than .95
3 Downloaded 7-10 GB and the ratio is greater than 1.00
4 Downloaded greater than 10 GB, ratio is greater than 1.05

Some have suggested that IPT steals torrents from other 0day and specialized trackers. We couldn’t agree more. There are torrents from (DON, CtrlHD, ESiR), TorrentLeech (D-ZON3, FLAWL3SS, DEViSE) - among others. Regardless, IPT is an underrated tracker for both beginners and pros alike. (HD) is a fast-growing Bulgarian / English site with more than 2,800 torrents. Since launching back in June 2008, HDT has firmly established itself as one of the premier High Definition trackers - a great alternative to some of the well-known (and hard to get into) HD trackers. Content pertains mostly to movies in a variety of HD formats; however, there also exists documentaries and music (HD videos & FLAC audio).

Why HD-Torrents is underrated: Has popular HD torrents from HD-encoders including CtrlHD, ESiR, DON, EuReKA; loads of activity (leechers) on the torrents; seed-bonus system; mouseover mini-posters for movie releases; some nice HD packs & boxsets; documentaries/nature content; extended info on torrent ‘details’ pages; freeleech torrents (as represented by a gold coin).

User Classes: Three normal classes: Members; HD Maniac; HD Monster. ‘Tracker Stats’ are only available to “HD Monster” class (total upload over 250GB and ratio above 2.0).

Suggestions to HDT Improvement: HDT needs to make the torrent browsing similar to most trackers (with a list of clickable categories) instead of a dropdown list. Also - their “Rules/FAQ” needs a ton of work. (0day / General) (Pre-To-Me) is a fast-growing tracker that was born from humble beginnings as a spinoff site from back in May, 2008. Both sites appear eerily similar (even today). If donations were the reason for the split, we don’t see it - both sites herd their members towards VIP status (which does little more than exonerate you from negative repercussions due to Hit & Runs). VIP means you can do no wrong - be a leecher, H&R, save bandwidth. Apparently the tiff was about where the money went, not how the monies were being directed, as shown in the two “Donate” screenshots from both trackers:

Nonetheless, PreToMe is quite underrated; if you can get past the donations part. They have double the number of active torrents compared to FunFile (8,189, and 16,791 for PreToMe) - all in all, a very good low-level tracker with decent pretimes and tons of content.

Why PTM is underrated: Has 2 easy-to-use RSS feeds (regular and direct download); there’s the option to filter torrents by “Scene only” releases (currently they list 7,098 scene releases); great homepage with additional features (including detailed stats and shoutbox); bonus-system in place (called MyCredits) that can be used to purchase just about anything:

PreToMe signups (key courtesy of FileNetworks): (TV) has to be the most peculiar (unique) torrent tracker that we’ve ever had the privy to join. If you can get accustomed to how the torrents are arranged then you’ll find there’s a plethora of content at TvT. With over 1,000 categories (shows) to choose from (and 12,000+ active torrents), there’s something for everyone. There are multiple ways to view the torrents at TvT: Users can navigate directly through the shows by Category, All Shows or Running Shows and other sub-categories. Further, torrents can be browsed by Recently Uploaded, Recently Aired and Active. The only thing missing from TVT is a forum.

Why TVT is underrated: Good pretimes (30 minutes on avg. and up); loads of complete series’ and season packs for just about every show listed; huge selection of HD torrents for almost everything; content is heavily focused on categorization of shows (not individual torrents); everything is well-seeded; no “real” global ratio (although you’ll need to keep at least 1:1 overall); swarmspeed announced for each torrent; no userclasses; amazing DL speeds for popular content: (General)

![ - A Bit Torrent community](/ “ - A Bit Torrent community”){: width=”103” height=”98”}While Demonoid gets a bad rap in the private tracker community, it’s still a must-have tracker for just about everyone. Download speeds are an atrocity, security is non-existent, browsing is horrendous & poorly organized, and ratio/seeding means absolutely nothing. Putting all this aside, you’ll find an enormous assortment of torrents - many of which can’t be found anywhere else. Why Demonoid is underrated:

  • Sheer content: Demonoid lists 232,000 torrents (193,000 of which are tracked internally).
  • Find other tracker invites: Has a very popular ”invite offers” forum in the ‘General’ section. To view this thread, you’ll need to have previously registered separately to the “Demonoid Fora”.
  • No Bonus System (everything is freeleech); you don’t need to keep a good ratio. One reader wrote: “If they turned on ratio watching, they would lose 90% of their users.”

Need a Demonoid invite code? Try one of these codes on their signup page:

  • l1xs455488bg1igemorttyq4h6qv8yro7esbcnlhndub8
  • uqrsr5ay2nitgg012lasd3szw8jn1kczhnhm0
  • c2siwgy7q8dpq27v0od0c4cm5i7rcoa2xw2509r
  • 1q1ts4dwfjq29be3hnt3vv23kvga79lbcobdfs97rfh
  • ehpbxdj12nlxm8kzhscxinta77icz5alquh9o46apq1
  • x1nt40tw41quwzw6su9q9522xp231rlcmfr1bg72d8
  • kbq81mc0n1d0d0u45hoxlydoihmlx3idng
  • t2a5cm9ywpzlqb9lxatsmaydms4ss6wsspjo
  • 5qpd0tnkmpmqownxcz0yr50kgxr0xnce2h
  • ulwzx9g6mzxp2deuyg7cht9p9xhbafisl1hzlnjvzffi2
  • h293e9be2k5t9qjm87t2f2l02r55uswawl7p1al91w9h
  • tlf6zdu96o1ckstebia71i2km01a929otm
  • canlvo6d5ycqvnzrcd76aro2rzhx28bbift1kvv4
  • lngdvsjk0deo61c1nt9j9ba54ktr9ehj
  • fg5g62xwetmn8anonz29ttxbp5zpbzlomvogqsfccg
  • 77c0ubvhzn6q2xpdpzcyrl59mqle8gnjdtpxa
  • zo0×8oou7ieczkzmn56hfsxa0s86uu0gh1lilrjkoros
  • a7a98c1nge1u9zoqlz6qq24p374lb2wr0pem
  • j4rkt7lxyp4qhbj2kl3slj1gktp83vbjlfspwmsbxso
  • 1lsezfii5rh2lx8z4hbxmvakittklg03gkjl6
  • po3c3sz7fpxub5prh2f6fxl8ow7fpmlgt73
  • iobfrfjc5by4b281djvz53f43s2hbdrawd0rjs (General)

Another tracker that’s highly underrated is With nearly 13,000 active torrents, TBS is a hidden gem. Signups are currently open, and everything is currently set to freeleech. TBS is growing rapidly, as there’s currently over 57,000 members.

Why TorrentBits is underrated:

  • — Most torrents are well-seeded, guaranteeing good download speeds (I can easily max out my home Internet connection).
  • — Content consists of both scene and non-scene releases.
  • — Above-average pretimes: Between 3 minutes and a couple of hours for most stuff. Pretimes are announced for scene release torrents.
  • — Both English and Romanian releases.
  • — Tons of Hi-Def content.
  • — Customizable RSS feeds per category, with direct download RSS links. & (General) and are not exactly underrated in Russia & Bulgaria, but they’re often overlooked by the English torrent community. Both trackers are akin to Demonoid - huge userbases and tons of torrents. Of the two, Zamunda is a little easier to navigate (since it has an ‘English browse’ option) - whereas is forum-based (by default) with very little English on the site. In any event, both trackers offer releases that can’t be found anywhere else.

Zamunda — 62,000 torrents; 700,000 members. Specialties: Mobile/GSM - 677 torrents; HD - 2,000 torrents; Games (PC and console) - 4,000; Adult - 5,200; Applications - 4,500. Regularly has open signups - — Unknown # of torrents (millions?); 3,493,617 members. Has just about every category of torrent. Specialties: Navigation/maps; mobile phones, PDAs, iPhones & iPod (Touch) software; Mac-related torrents; graphics software & design (clipart, fonts, 3D models); automotive torrents & dox (manuals, repair & maintenance); audiobooks & eBooks. TIP: Use their tracker link - to browse the torrents instead of the forums. Categories on the tracker coincide precisely with the layout of the forum - to get an idea of what each category is, use Google’s translate service (click here) on the forum. (General / Scene)

Don’t be fooled by TorrentBytes‘ low torrent count of just 3,250 - a lot of new content gets added (~50 new torrents per day). TBy adds approximately 1,500 new torrents each month (older content/unseeded torrents get removed). Considered a ’scene tracker’, TBy incorporates a TTL (time to live) function on the site, so torrents older than 1008 hours (or 42 days) are, by and large, deleted (hence the low number of torrents on the tracker). For a low-level tracker, pretimes are relatively good (from minutes to hours).

If you can navigate through their notoriously difficult signup page (you need to first read/click on the FAQ & Rules, and be sure to use both lower & uppercase letters & numerals for a username), you’ll find TorrentBytes is a worthy tracker on all levels.

Honorable Mention: PTFiles v2 (General) (the old Phoenix-Torrents) has recently been relaunched as PTF v2.0 a short time ago, and we can only foresee good things happening at this tracker. There’s often unannounced 24 hour freeleeches, and a ‘crazyhour’ feature whereby all torrents are freeleech (and 3x upload) for a predetermined upcoming hour each day. Currently there are 1,625 active torrents, and all new members receive a nice upload buffer of 7.0 GBs (signups are currently open). Content is mixed between non-scene and scene-only torrents (400) which can be easily filtered on the browse page.

Special Signup URL:

Why PTFiles is underrated:

  • — New accounts come with 3 freeleech slots (where you can select certain torrents to become freeleech or double-upload for two weeks).
  • — Torrents can be downloaded at .torrent, .zip or .txt files.
  • — There’s a Karma points system, rep points and IRC idle bonus.
  • — Has a shoutbox on the main homepage.
  • — Customizable torrent browse page (sidebars, categories, menus).
  • — Has a cool ‘Genres’ popup window, handy for selecting subcategories.
  • — Has ‘Scene Info’ links on many of the torrents (ZeroSec, ScnSrc and
  • — There’s an option to post anonymously on the torrent comments.
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    Like the feature a user can define there own look all done from user control panel.

    come take a look you won’t be sorry.

  9. Garfieldandoddie Says:

    regarding Sharky or anyone else know how often do they purge inactive accounts? mine has disappeared despite loging just last week, and Im sure I haven been banned since I havent downloaded anything at all.

  10. boseboy03 Says:

    Good to see HD-Torrents get a mention, damn good site with some decent internal encodes on offer with good speeds and growing friendly community. Bonus system is a nice extra but maybe need slightly refining for the 15GB seed bonus to add a little more incentive. Very pleased I joined up there before the signups were closed and I shall share my invites wisely when I find people worth inviting. All in all it’s a good growing site that can only grow with time.

  11. Yehhanyos Says:

    Thanks again Sharky for the nice article :) Since i knew about private tracker and i hear good things about IPT and PTM. Hmmm, i might join them some day!!

    @ Garfieldandoddie

    There is a nasty rule in the romanian trackers says “Accounts with nothing uploaded/ downloaded will be deleted after 4 weeks”

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    Honorable Mention: PTFiles v2 : 110% awesome site, “watch this space” ( )

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    IPT is simply the best 0-day tracker you CAN get into easily..

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    Let me add a few more facts about
    Many of the older torrents find their way to their free leech packs(movies packs, games packs, tv packs). There are currently about 1223 (to date) packs wich are also included in the mentioned number of torrents i.e around 3279. So be informed these contains 1223 free leech packs containing packs of different sizes. Many of these packs are above 100 GBs. I think you overlooked this. Thnx

    (I personally consider to be comparable with the top trackers like TL, SCT, SCC etc.)

  19. Dogboy Says:

    I’d highly recommend PTM. Very reasonable pre-times, lots of content and fast downloads. plus some nice friendly users. All in all, it’s my most used tracker..

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    gang of money hunger
    all they want is money money and

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  22. a/s/l Says:

    definitely agreed about everyone goes on about bmtv being the best TV site out there, but honestly once i got on i didn’t see what all the fuss was about. i ended up losing my account for inactivity on bmtv cos i never used it. sure it had a lot of content, but keeping a ratio there was way harder than TVT, so that made TVT more convenient for me, there’s always someone downloading from you there.

    the way the TVT website is organised is amazing too, quite a slow script, but excellent nonetheless. great quality files too, and fast speeds on torrents.

  23. a/s/l Says:

    oh, and there is a forum for TVT, but it’s for donors only i believe.

    there’s still IRC though :)

  24. David Says:

    IPTorrents is the one and only i use.
    IPTorrents is much better then RevTT/TL/ScT, i have account with them but i never download from them, i just download from IPTorrents.

    IPT <3 <3 <3

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    I <3 IPTorrents

  26. asdasdasdad Says:

    I’m surprised not to find SceneHD there. I do understand their reputation going down the shoot with the “recent” (not so anymore) open signups. But still an awesome site if you ask me.

  27. Graham Says:

    IPTorrents FTW :D I have been a member there for 75 weeks since signups were open and I will never look back :D

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    TB is the SHITTTTTT, tons of great packs

  29. Sary Says:


    IPT is underrated for wh0res not for me.
    it’s under rated only for scene groups and racers and pre timers not for normal humans !

    IPT is a comunity, not a F**kin racer site, L0ve IPT ( Da Best ) :D

  30. wwwwaaafffllleee Says:

    Ipt is a great site. Getting an invite is a breeze, and the quality of the tracker is amazing. The many freeleechs torrents make your ratio a joke. The best part about ipt is ive never had to worry about downloading something i want because my buffer wasn’t big enough. If your not a member of ipt i suggest trying it out.

  31. Jay Says:

    You really forgot about, the biggest tracker in Romania. It is a very unrated tracker because it has the free signup system active almost all the time.

    You should check it out.

  32. Jimmy Says:

    PTM ROCKSSS !!!!!! \m/

  33. boondock Says:

    I have to give the hats off to IPtorrents, they have made my day definately.

    Former member of both FunFile and PTM (both great sites, just too much bitching removes the fun), but as far as content and the community, IPtorrents takes the cake.

    Content wise, there is no comparison, within reason of course compared to other decent 0 day trackers or near 0 day trackers with an invite system that makes it near impossible to get an invite. More than happy there, they are a f***ing outstanding tracker. Best I have seen, speeds often max out my connection, on average see up to 5mbps on my 100mbit seedbox.

  34. BDK Says:

    well all i can say ipt rocks and there pretimes are just as good as tl and scc and the content is amazing just ask me lol im an uploader there.

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    IPTorrents been my favorite all the time.

    IPTorrents FTW =)

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    man we are getting there all is uploaded with seedboxs so fast and 0sec now to come and see us we close soon going privet Live Stats - Users: 3115 Active Torrents: 1847 Seeders: 2822 Leechers: 118

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  39. Tom Allen Says:

    I’m on pretty much all the torrent sites and never paid a thing. That includes SCT, SCC. Etc. I can say that iptorrents is one of the best. Iptorrens is probably just as good as torrentleech.

  40. ShadowMan Says:

    Due to some technical difficulties, we now have a new domain name,

    Come on over and visit us, we’ll leave the light on!

  41. I bet you would love to know Says: is the best site there is forget everywhere else with a seedbox and a good head you will be able to survive and reap the rewards better than zamunda

  42. djkoatsy Says: - Open Registration till October! :O (dont miss out one this opotunity)

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    That’s what comes of focusing only on the levels, many underrated trackers !

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    IPT is the best hands down, i’ve got all the best scene trackers also but what makes IPT stand out from all the rest is the community and staff. IPT is just as fast as TL/SCC if not faster sometimes if your not already a member there do yourself a favor and join us!!

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    hello. I have an invite to (HD) I need access to anyone?

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    IPT is by far the best torrent site, i have roamed the www for a couple of years in search of the perfect tracker. i came accross this through chatting to members in an open tracker site, got an invite to this, TL, revolutionTT and TB, out of these, IPT is by far the best site to come accross, easiest to use out of the lot, i have power user status on all listed and still believe IPT is by far the all time great of them all once experienced…