12 New Private Trackers Open for Registration

Here’s 12 new private trackers that we went through the headache of signing up at, so you don’t have to. We’ve discovered a private tracker that actually hosts aXXo torrents; plus we’ve even found a tracker that makes users do a speedtest before being able to browse the torrents.

— Signup URL:

Brand-new Portuguese SceneRush is off to a promising start - there’s already an impressive 169 active torrents in their first 2 days of existence. Don’t be fooled - there’s a good selection of English content too; including game ISOs, scene movies and DVDRs. All new accounts come with 10 GB upload credit.

— Signup URL:

Rebels Area is a Hungarian ‘general’ tracker with 1,581 torrents & 12,730 users. We’re guessing that they don’t want a tracker full of slow members - what’s unique is that users must first conduct a speedtest at (and enter in the test’s URL into their user profile) before being able to view any torrents.

Why We Like It: There are some cool ideas for seeding; including free torrents, ‘free for 24h’ torrents, 2X UL, special seedbonus torrents, and a Bonus Points system (with the option for a ‘Secret login’ & secret requests).

— Signup:

Powerstrike is a Romanian/English tracker that opened just yesterday; currently lists just 3 torrents. Time will tell on this one.

— Signup: here.

Tooziq has actually been around since the middle of 2008, but managed to slip under our radar. It’s an adult forum-style tracker with over 3,700 ‘articles’ or threads. Registration is required to view the torrent links; however, there are also a variety of DDL (RapidShare) links that are available to all.

Dead Site

— Signup URL: None

This Hungarian tracker has almost 7,000 members sharing 511 torrents - currently, everything is set to freeleech. Browsing is a bit of a pain, as the categories are not displayed (you’ll need to click on the category icons for various torrents to sort them).

— Signup:

Yeah, we know - the name is lame. But there’s over 3,000 torrents on this Polish/English tracker (although many of which are dead). Most of the content is for TV episodes, movies & music; and nearly everything is ’scene’.

— Signup URL:

Just launched last week, JuicyBitz is a games tracker dedicated to retro games, consoles & ROMs. Built on Gazelle, JB serves up over 50 torrents. Their forums are a pleasant surprise; be sure to check out the “Retro Video Reviews”.

— Signup URL:

Dark-Sky is a Hungarian tracker with 316 active torrents. Not much here for the English-folk.

— Signup:

TheBTClub is a newer French tracker with 2,250 total torrents (many are dead). Much of the content pertains either to movies or TV episodes - with a small array of eBooks & anime, as well.

— Signup URL:

At last! We’ve finally found a private tracker that hosts aXXo torrents on their own tracker - seriously! Just 70 torrents to be found at WTD in their first week of operation… but did we mention there’s aXXo torrents?!

— Signup URL:

New Polish/English tracker with 355 active torrents. We has some signup issues (gmail worked well), as we needed to reset the password in order to login.

Motorsports fans, start your engines! If you’re looking for a tracker that specializes in over 4,000 torrents for Formula 1, Nascar, Grand Prix, Rally, MotoGP and other motorsports, then TMK is the place to be. With the start of the F1 2009 season only a few weeks away, TMK has decided to offer open registrations for one last week only, to allow new members to join before the action starts.

TMK… At A Glance

Categories / Torrent Count:


— Signup URL:

No idea what BitZone offers; we never received a confirmation link after signing up.

  1. Chetan Says:

    Long way to go for these trackers

  2. who carezzzzz Says:

    blah blah blah who honestly gives a sh*t?? Write about a real story, like why Tl has been down for almost a whole day now.

  3. vader Says:

    tl is still down :) about BZ its very nice site :)

  4. Ter Says:

    TL is down cause of fire at their Data center, even pussytorrents their sister site is down.
    Funny how SCC and TL went down in the same week

  5. Bertus Says:

    Has is something to do with STM as wel?

  6. charlie Says:

    I think they need to make a correction. The part where they say that a tracker actually hosts aXXo’s torrents, they need to remove that and put “other peoples work, re encoded and claimed by aXXo’.

    Fuck… groups put in too much hard work to see aXXo claim their work as his own…

  7. Diji1 Says:

    I don’t aXXo encodes these days but from what I used to obtain quality appears to be nowhere near low enough for ’scene XviD’ -> XviD re-encode, I’m unsure of how ‘DVD9 -> DVD-R (ie. scene has re-encoded mpeg2 -> mpeg2) encoded again to XviD would fare as far as quality goes but i suspect this would again lead to more quality loss than aXXo displays. As far as aXXo encodes his main problem is always aiming for 1CD file size when much content requires 1.4GB - he compares very favourably with 1CD scene rips IMO - sorry, but XviD is fairly advanced in it’s implementation now, settings for high quality are known and optimised by most amauteur encoders. Please don’t tell me that the scene has “special” settings that they tune for each title (except possibly iNT releases) - the scene is a race, not someone watching encodes over and over before releasing.

    Is anyone actually able to provide any sort of persuasive evidence or proof that aXXo re-encodes DVD-R - or XviD, which I highly doubt but I guess it may be a possiblity. Such as watermarks, glitches, same cropping, bitrate switch for end credits starting on exactly the same frame as scene … etc.

    Or else I call BS on this whole re-encoding tale that goes around - especially as I see every man and his dog repeating it, it just smacks of many people trying to appear as though they’re somehow connected and more knowledgeable about either the scene and scene content or video quality so they say that.

    Seeing as aXXo only encodes retail DVDs I fail to see why there’d be any need to download what he could most likely easily get - and really, you think he’s short of people that wish to send him unreleased (in whatever location he happens to be in) content to encode. You know, seeing as most people know his “home” forum and he’s known to millions.

    Like I said, I stay away from aXXo but fail to see the evidence for re-encodes: most likely is low bitrate on some releases which the scene released as 1.4GB.

  8. Joe Says:

    Juicy Bitz looks interesting, cheers

  9. me Says:

    BiTT ( has over 300 aXXo torrents.
    Come on man.

  10. Chris Says:

    rofl, bitzone ip banned me, and I didn’t even do anything ROFL. I’m not the usual ‘zomg they banned me as pfyuqp84h 0q zomgbbq” person, but I literally did nothing. I never downloaded one torrent, I made about 2 forum posts, and got in via recruitment thread. Then I wake up and I’m IP banned… rofl.

    My advice would be to stay away

  11. SpankieGirlFriedn Says:

    Love Tooziq. It’s tracking many rare extreme sex vids

  12. silicate Says:

    You forgot to mention FTS ( is open for registration :)

  13. erbman Says:

    “I think they need to make a correction. The part where they say that a tracker actually hosts aXXo’s torrents, they need to remove that and put “other peoples work, re encoded and claimed by aXXo’.

    Fuck… groups put in too much hard work to see aXXo claim their work as his own…”

    @Charlie im all for file sharing and that but if your gonna be like that think about the hard work the actual makers of the material put in you tit. Who cares if he re-encodes other peoples releases to a smaller size so its more convenient for some people, you expect him to go and buy everything he releases.

  14. OB3 Says:

    Arg! I just found out about the Monekys Kingdom and registration is closed!!!!! It hasn’t been a week… and registration is closed! ARG!!!! I’m apart of Racing Underground, this would have been a completion here for me..

  15. snail Says:

    I would advise any one who has a server to not join themonkeykingdom

    I joined a few days ago, leached 2 files and upped 5+ times what i downloaded, went to log in and found my account disabled
    they are the type of people who are too lazy/stupid to do a simple whois on my IP showing on thier site, if they had they would have found the IP belongs to
    so NO dumbasses @ monkeykingdomI didn’t cheat my stats


  16. Jabba TMK Admin Says:

    We dont disable accounts at all. Its probably due to a recent server move as certain IP’s we failing just short of the datacentre. We have made some tweeks now to the server and everyone is reporting that they can get on just fine now. Let me know if you have any further problems. Cheers Jab

  17. snail Says:

    my bad and my mistake

    it was due to the server move

    horrah I’m still there … and still leaching
    thanks for the reply

  18. Greg Says:

    Hi Jabba,
    Is TMK still online? Unable to get to it this morning. Hope it’s just a temporary outage and nothing more serious (like FOM). Keep up the good work!

  19. April 1 Says:

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  20. fankie Says:

    Wonder which ones will last in the long term

  21. alex Says:

    everything is about HD Bluray and H.Q 720p 1018p

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