Active List of FTP Dump Sites for Warez and Music

FTP, being one of the oldest methods of filesharing still in active duty, continues to be the preferred protocol for sceners, fillers and couriers providing & sharing the freshest 0day/0sec warez. With private BitTorrent, one must worry about maintaining a good sharing ratio. Usenet costs extra money for premium quality access and retention. eMule employs annoying wait times; even RapidShare downloads are queued & limited for free users. But none of this applies to FTP - it’s a leecher’s paradise.

But what is difficult for aspiring FTP users is to find available, working FTP sites to connect to. That is, until now. Here’s a list of FTP sites that are currently open (at the time of post), including an excellent 0day site, seen here:

FTP Tips: Connecting to FTP Sites

We recommend you use either an external FTP program, such as FileZilla (it’s free), or use FireFTP - an addon for Firefox (much easier). The links below are optimized for FireFTP, although most anonymous-access FTPs will work just by directly clicking on them in any browser (without the need for any FTP program). Although this rudimentary direct method will work, browsing FTP sites through an FTP program (or the addon) is vastly superior.


** The FTPs that require a username/password login combo to access will likely not be able to connect from direct clicking, and will require either an FTP program, or FireFTP. Sites with a login combination are shown as - ftp://xxxxx:xxxxx@ - where the x’s (separated by a colon) represent the username & password, respectively. The last number after the last colon (if applicable) is the port number. To launch these FTP hotlinks in FireFTP, right click the FTP URL and select ”Open Link in FireFTP”.

If a particular FTP allows for anonymous access, it should simply connect as-is (such as in the example above). If it requires a login, FireFTP should automatically enter the supplied username & password into the connect window; all you need to do is connect.

General (Multi Warez) FTP Sites: — This one’s a hot pubstro, get in while you can - the password will soon change (again). — Great FTP for everything, with 100’s of GBs! Check out the /music/ directory, there’s over 650 artists & bands listed alphabetically - each with subdirectories for albums. The /Soft/ directory contains a huge array of apps for 3D graphics, CAD/CAM and just about anything else. Browse around, it’s amazing! — Good Russian FTP with a little of everything: including music (A to Z with subcategories for artists); movies (mostly Russian, lots of DVDRs - directories are “Films01” to “Films16”); eBooks & audiobooks.

ftp://movies:movies@ —100+ movies, mostly recent DVDRips. — Mostly Russian games and stuff. — Not much, browse around. — Mostly crap, check if you want.

Music FTP Sites:

Many of these sites are Radio Station FTPs, and other dumpsites. — Just a staggering amount of music, be sure to also check out the /OUG/trashbox/Music/ directory, and /OUG/Phil Itunes Music/iPodMusicLiberator/Music/ - as well.

ftp://clubmusic:clubmusic@ — Amazing FTP board for house, trance, techno, electonic music mp3s. Music is arranged into sub-cats by genre, each with VA Artists & Mixes. — Tons of music; mostly house, trance, etc. — Log/pass is mp3 for both. After logging in, a popup may ask you for another username etc. - just click cancel. Just an insane amount of music here. — Not an FTP site, but worth including anyways. Nearly 900 different artists are listed, most of the music files are in *.ogg format. — Nearly 300 different artists; all files are midi (*.mid) files. — Very odd stuff here. Not good stuff, but odd.

Software - Apps & Games FTPs

ftp://leech:l33ch@ — Another ’stro, has about 50 older game ISOs. — Over 100,000 software titles, some of the stuff is interesting. — Old FTP, nothing new since 2004. Carries old ebooks, mostly computer programming related. — Mostly older games, but lots!

  1. guest Says:

    Hi, sharky. Thanks for the list, but most of this are eather down, password changed or not accessible =)

  2. HackedServer Says:

    “ — Mostly crap, check if you want.”

    Thats actually EA’s (Electronic Arts) server. You misleading by saying dump sites for warez and music. And exert from the welcome message ( ) :
    “Browse using your WEB client All connections are recorded with your system information.
    If you don’t like this policy, disconnect now!”’s ip is

    A whois on ip traces the IP to EA.

    Either way though, informative article.


  3. sparky Says:

    Wow this is some serious shit lol :D
    very nice stuff sharky!!

  4. Det Says:

    Is this a joke? :/

  5. April 1 Says:

    At least make a joke thats NOT obvious

  6. Tancred Says:

    All of these are very shitty except for the first one.

  7. João Says:

    Great list. Thank’s for the share.

  8. LOL Says:

    Yay, thanks a lot, but hey could you remove that first one so we get better speed :D ahahaha thanks anyway :)

  9. impressed Says:

    Wow, that first one is awesome! Hope your able to keep this article updated when they go down or you find new ones :-) . Thank you so much for your site and all the info you provide us!

  10. LOL Says:

    hmmm i think it’s already dead….. smh… at least i grabbed the sample lol…..

  11. Usenet Says:

    Usenet does cost extra money, depending on provider - but it’s entirely worth it IMO.

    I’ve just changed from GigaNews (most expensive provider), paying $25/mth USD for unlimited usage, 240 days retention (going up 1 day every day to 365)

    to AstraWeb $15USD/mth or $39 for 3 months, exactly same deal including increasing retention.

    But it’s money that is entirely worth paying… once you start using Usenet it’s just not worth going back, so superior an experience it provides: always full speed downloads, great pre times, all files in one spot, no ratio to worry about and a fantastic request system which ensures you almost always get what you wish.

    Over 5TB added daily on average, currently 4,961,610 individual releases according to Newzbin (not counting XXX). Once you discover Usenet P2P seems kinda childish & petty actually. I still use BT for stuff every now and then but not often - although I do preseed a hell of a lot to my favourite private trackers.

  12. RouteR Says:

    good one not working

  13. a/s/l Says:

    lol! nice one sharky ;)

  14. a/s/l Says:

    well better than “warner bros acquire pirate bay” anyway

  15. LOL Says:

    fuck pay 2 leech usenet man…
    FTP pubstro’s >>>

  16. April Fool Says:

    April Fool!!April Fool!!April Fool!!

  17. x264 Says:

    FIRST FTP : Is a viewing account

    This same shit account has been posted fucking everywhere.

    i guess the idea is some one will email him asking for a ‘premium account’ hence the pass:”premiumbetterthanthis”

  18. Sceneleechers Says:

    okay people hre the deal you see this FTP

    my friend acctually own that

    on that account you have these limits set to it
    * 10GB bandwidth limit every hour
    * Open 24.7
    * 1 Connection Limit per IP (500KB/s max)
    * FXP off

    If you want your own account is either
    $10 - 100GB a month or $25 - Unlimited Bandwidth a month
    10 connections for each account
    Open 24.7
    FXP on
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    if you want it contact me on

  19. x264 Says:

    ^ see

    *facepalm* and wouldn’t trust that as the correct email.

  20. bryan Says:

    lol (chuckles) nice one sharky ;)

  21. zig Says:

    In case it would be helpful, here’s a list of FTP search engines (not specifically for warez) :
    If you know other FTP search engines feel free to use the link at the bottom of the page to suggest them as well.

  22. Sceneleechers Says:

    seriously if you want an account contact me i can get you one

  23. bryan Says:

    stop trying to sell leech accounts sceneleechers, your friend wont be too happy when his ftp is closed down, taking for granted your not some nOOb. for 25$ bucks a month can get a shared unmetered seedbox which obvy comes with ftp axx, WAY more than 500kbs and 1 connection limit, and 10gb/hr limit? (chuckles)

  24. qqq Says:

    whats the pretime on usenet guys? better then sct or scc? or should i buy a vpn/seedbox instead for usenet axx?

  25. mafia87 Says:

    Thanks… :)

  26. João Says:

    You can get Astraweb for 11 bucks a month ad aeternum here:


  27. Pingu Says:

    jeez, what a load a crap…i’d find better ftp-dumps typing adresses at random, trust me!

  28. PINGUX Says:


    If you can find better FTP dumps..then please share. I know you don’t find any better than the first one so please prove us wrong!


  29. name Says:

    welcome back to 1997 …. those were time … anyone remember mitos? :)

  30. :S Says:

    how long till
    allows you to connect…I opened it in browser now I can’t use my client :(

  31. :S Says:

    How about you e-mail that e-mail that is in the link..he/she should help you.

  32. Pille Says:

    it would be nice, if there were a ftp with german-rls, too…
    because i don’t understand english very good, that i can watch those movies
    i hope you will find one or two

  33. that1jim Says:

    looking for soarmount wondering if you know his ftp ip add if u do tell him its that1jim aka yonot his hanggliding bud [black n white c1 comet] tell him my email add
    thanks much

  34. Me Says:

    Fuck Usenet idiot. Scene releases are not out there for people to have to pay for (even if it is just for access). The biggest fucking loses are those companies actively SELLING stuff that scene groups put out (indirectly or directly). Scene groups put out releases for no monetary gain for themselves and Usenet rips that off. That shit is REAL piracy. Those fuckers should be shut down, but nnnnoooo, they’re under a “secure” veil. Charging for warez… fuckers.

    At-fucking-least newbs who use file-sharing/P2P don’t go around trying to make a quick buck off the efforts of the scene. They freely share the shit.

  35. eric123 Says:

    @ ME so true….

  36. Says:


    FTP`s site list

  37. djrana Says:

    i want daily ftp file for graphics

  38. rapidshare downloads Says:

    great!! I needed this, thanks times one million!

  39. Gumball Says:

    check out looks to be an availalbe site

  40. Dickface Says:

  41. Keshav Says:

    i am looking for an ftp were we can download movies, musics, … all stuffs can any one help me please cause i am in france and here we don’t have the right to download because the government have create an organisation called HADOPI there job is to monitor all french IP’s
    so downloading on ftps is more secure

  42. Keshav Says:

    I have about 2tb of movies, music, softwares and i am ready to share everything on the ftps if anyone can give me access to it

  43. {Dotcom1} Says:

    Works in firefox & ie works best with flashfxp

    this is a very fast site i found that everyone may want to look at

    russian`s for movies & games {some english} look around

    tons of music vinyl riped to mp3 {great for virutal dj pro}

    Music Releases 2010

    New Games2010

    1998 to 2010 in vinyl trance + more

    plus alot more

    i have got about 40 more working sites plus i am going to open my own just sorting my files out

    i will post more soon if people want them

    and @ Keshav

  44. TxMatt Says:

    My fpt, Its got over 200+ linux/unix related books and over 2,000+ books related to /hacking/pen testing/Computer security/wire less hacking/banned book/programming/java/mysql/metasploit/c++/c/virus source code/Academic/cooking/ CHECK IT OUT. user: matt

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    If anyone needs a dump site feel free to use my site as a dump site for warez i have a dump account all setup so you can make and remove files and directories as well as resume

  48. Joeyboy Says:

    Info for the ftp site
    info’ for the Dumpsite

  49. Joeyboy Says:

    new Ip Information
    Contains New Movies and Other shit as well

    Dumpsite Information

    Check it out Upstream Is 10 megs and Downstream is 20 if you need a place to dump or want an account hit me up on Icq 14254275 or Email me and put the subject “Ftp Account”

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    where i can buy an access to a lowcost ftp server?