The All-new Torrents Open Registrations Checker

Looking for a great “live” solution to accurately assist in finding private trackers that are open for signups? After months of heavy development, Team Roots has finally launched a new, speedier (and vastly improved) version of TORC - the Torrents Open Registrations Checker v1.26. TORC has it all - a great list of current trackers; filtering options; tracker icons; detailed view; and, of course - automatic timed & repeat checking of selected private trackers to see if they’re open for direct signups.

New Features:

  • • Complete Redevelopment.
  • • Huge Performance Enhancements.
  • • Fast Parallel Searching.
  • • Tracker description on MouseHover.
  • • Custom Icons.
  • • Advanced Conditions for accurate results.
  • • Filters.
  • • Grouped View (Detailed View)
  • • Find (search tracker) function.
  • • Automatic Tracker Importer (Adder).
  • • Advertising options.
  • • Automatic Updates.
  • • New to v1.26 (released May 2, 2009) - TORC remembers the checked trackers for the next time it’s restarted. Also, there’s a new email notification feature that will send out an email when selected trackers are found open for registration.

How TORC Works:

TORC requires Windows XP, 2003, Vista or above; and the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or higher (found here). Download TORC from here:

Simple Usage: Run TORC, and put checkmarks in the trackers you want it to check, and click the magnifying glass icon in the left of the top menu. Here’s the index of the results of the search:

— Denotes trackers that are currently open for signups.

— The registration page exists, but signups are not open.

— Search timed out (no results reported).

— Signup page is down, or the tracker is offline.

For sites that display a green checkmark, simply double-click on the tracker name in TORC - this will launch you to the desired tracker’s signup page.

Automatic Interval Checking

By default, TORC is not set to “timer mode” whereby it will repeat and/or countdown to a predetermined time to recheck the selected trackers in the list. To enable this:

1.) Go into Options > Settings and change the radio button to “Repeat Timer”. The default is 10 minutes, which can also be changed.

2.) Next, you’ll need to turn on the timer to complete the action - this can be done by clicking the clock icon at the far right corner. This will start the countdown (i.e. - from 10 minutes) and it will repeat the check of the selected trackers once it hits 00:00:00.

Minimizing TORC:

TORC can also be minimized into the taskbar and automatically notify you when it’s found your selected trackers open - which is handy for certain trackers that are seldomly open, or the open signup time is short (such as Demonoid). Once TORC has found your trackers, it pops up with a message (and an sound alert) notifying which trackers it has found. (Note: careful with this; when you click the Launch button, TORC will open all of the trackers in the list that have checkmarks).

Customizing TORC


:** Trackers can also be arranged by category, as TORC makes it easy to find & select key trackers from a group. Simply click the Funnel icon and make changes as shown below:

**View as Detailed List or Icons

:** TORC’s trackers can be viewed in icon list mode (default) or changed to Detailed List which will show categories, signup URLs, and additional info. Access this in Options > View Mode >

**Tracker Settings & ‘Timeouts

‘:** In Options > Settings > Tracker Settings (tab), you can change the timeout value (the default is 5 seconds) to a higher number if you’re getting too many ‘timeouts’. Note that this is for each selected tracker - too high a value will undoubtedly increase the search time. Additionally, on the Search Settings tab you can adjust the Maximum Connections setting - a lower value may also help to prevent timeouts. Lastly, if timeouts occur much too often, either limit how many trackers you’ve selected in TORC, and free up your Internet connection.

Other TORC Features:

**Add/edit New Trackers

:** While TORC currently comes loaded with 182 private trackers, it also supports personal customized functionality - you can also add, edit & delete entries. To add a tracker that is NOT open to signups but you want to add it into TORC, you’ll need:

1.) The tracker signup page URL (i.e.

2.) Assuming that the tracker is NOT currently open to signups (but the page exists), you’ll need some text from the signup page that will probably disappear once replaced when open. For our example:

3.) Go into TORC, and select “Add New Entry”. Enter in a name for the tracker, and the signup URL. Change the radio button over to “text not found”, and enter in some text - i.e. ‘has been reached’ is a good example, and is expected to be replaced once signups open. Add in any additional info you want (you can always come back and edit the entry). Click OK to finish - the new entry should now be added.

{[404]} TIP: Many private trackers are getting wise to websites & software that can identify when they open for registration, so they remove the signup page completely (but temporarily) when not open for signups. However, you can still add trackers that have taken their signup page down, and have TORC notify you when the page comes back online. Follow the steps above, and for “text not found” enter in this: {[404]} (with both sets of brackets). If or when the signup page comes back online, the 404 won’t be found and TORC will notify you. An example of this is when RevolutionTT does their “goodwillweekend.php” signup page. NOTE: You’ll obviously need to know the exact URL/name of the signup page, even if it is currently down.

TIP: By default, the new entry is added to the end of the list. Use the ”List > Sort List > Ascending Order” feature to list the new tracker alphabetically.

**Check For New Trackers

:** TORC supports an online feature where new trackers can be added into the program. To check, go to Help > Check for new trackers…

TORC 1.27 (NEW!)

**Update: September 2010**

— FileShareFreak is thrilled to present our readers with a sneak peek into the latest version of TORC v1.27 which includes some considerable changes & updates. Nowhere else on the ‘net will you find this version; that is, until the TORC team decides to release it publicly. Download TORC v1.27 from here.

  • * Feature to add external tracker update sources.
  • * All countries are now languages.
  • * Group List View.
  • * Sorting in all views.
  • * New improvements, such as Advanced Conditions.
  • * Added FAQ section with a link to your article in Read Me file.
  • * Added the 3rd party tracker updates support so that the list will get updated from various sources.

Q. How advanced conditions work:

A. If Advanced Conditions is enabled, TORC will compare the results from condition1 and condition 2 to produce final result. If Conditions2-URL field is omitted then it will search for the Conditions2’s text in Condition1’s URL.

Ex: Classic example would be to check whether tracker didn’t delete that url AND if the url is present then if text is there or not.

Q. How to add new language?

A. Remove the read-only file permission from languages.txt file and add new language at the end and save.

Q. How to add tracker update sources?

A. Just add the URL of the file containing updated tracker entries in the trackerupdatesource.txt. Create the file if its not there.


Q. How to create an updated tracker list?

A. Just create a backup file of your current trackers.tlist file; restart the application; add the new tracker details. If you want to add an icon then just copy paste the icon url to the icon field and save (currently supported protocols are http, ftp). Note: You can update the existing tracker entries also.

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    Seems to be using a crapload of the CPU. I’ve got a 3.2GHZ CPU and TorrentsOpenRegistrationsChecker.exe is using up 50% of the CPU.

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    Thanks for the tip, but i prefer OpenTrackers : you don’t need to install anything (it’s full web). But the database is not as huge as TORC but you can’t request new trackers to monitor via the OT blog.

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    @OHNO and MEH

    Try reducing Max Connections and see if it helps :)

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    If the program memory hog,i don,t care but if CPU hog,that a huge problem.

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    But, some sites in the list are invite only and they will never open their signups!! Also there are some sites whose signup pages exist but you need invites to join, the software marks them as open for signups such as, however all this can be fixed by deleting/editing them, Thanks again for this software !!

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    As for being a resource hog? I haven’t noticed it until I read these comments. I have a quadcore processor and this thing is taking up 25% CPU usage. That’s a lot but everything still runs silky smooth though so I don’t mind.

  18. Sharky Says:

    Torrents Open Registrations Checker v1.25 Update:

    Fix : A bug causing CPU overflow is fixed. All old packages of v1.25 are replaced with the new ones. So all users who downloaded the old packages should redownload them.

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    looks nice with the icons now

    with v1.25 when you tick selected trackers & close the program it doesnt save your selection when you reopen the program. v1.24 didnt have that problem.

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    You don’t have permission to access /files/orc/TORC v1.25 Installer.exe on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    anyone? please? i would looove to get this.


    The site’s down, can someone link a mirror?

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    You can grab the installer at Brothersoft but I want the portable version, anyone know a mirror or can upload it somewhere?

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    Site is up again, it must be some host issue :)

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    Thanks for the tip, but i prefer OpenTrackers : you don’t need to install anything (it’s full web). But the database is not as huge as TORC but you can’t request new trackers to monitor via the OT blog.

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    Torrents Open Registrations Checker v1.27 is in RC stages, it will be released to public soon.

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    @TEAM ROOTS: Thanks for the awesome work. Any possible date/month the new version will be released? :D