The 25 Best DDL Search Engines for RapidShare Links

Hands down, warez forums & scene/P2P release blogs provide the best source for valid, accurate working direct download links from file hosting services such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, FileFactory and countless others. Curiously enough, however, the sites that reign as the most popular choice for DDL seekers are ‘1-click hoster’ search engines, many of which eclipse any DDL forum or blog. One clear example is which provides searching for RapidShare links only; and despite this, continues to receive much more traffic than the impossibly popular

The truth is - the general public isn’t exactly well-informed in regards to where to find the real goodies; and search engines are counting on that. Many popular RapidShare engines are nothing more than a modified Google search using specific operators; others are generic web scripts that offer nothing special. In any event, here’s our picks for the Top 25 Direct Download search engines.

RapidShare/DDL search sites are mainly hit-&-miss. Uploaded files that are blatantly obvious to contain copyright infringing content are often promptly removed by RapidShare’s ‘bots, and therefore won’t even appear in a ‘live’ search. As an example if you search for “Dark Knight“, most of the results will just contain movie trailers and other nonsense that you weren’t looking for in the first place. But oftentimes these DDL search sites will find those hidden gems that slipped through file hosters’ moderation system, especially when it concerns non-mainstream content. Then again, it all depends on what you’re searching for - since RapidShare has a 200MB limit on file sizes (for non-premium accounts), this makes it nearly impossible to conduct accurate searching for multi-part releases - such as movies. For anything above the 200MB size, warez forums or scene blogs are vastly superior by offering sequential organized download links.

No matter how you search, there will always be elements that direct you to scam sites. P2P is free, no matter what. Keep the credit card in your back pocket.

DDL, RapidShare Search Engines & Sites

If you’re looking for a great collection of Firefox scripts, add-ons & tools to simplify downloading or check links, be sure to visit here. It’s also a good idea to disable the “linkification” add-on for Firefox when using link checker plugins.

Alexa Rank: 291

By far, RapidLibrary is the most popular RapidShare search engine - and currently lists over 10 million indexed files. On the homepage the last 200 searches are displayed, and both RS premium account holders & regular uploaders can submit their own links. But more importantly, search results can be sorted alphabetically and by file sizes. Additionally, files that have been deleted by RapidShare are shown in the results - thus queries are always accurate.

Test Search Word: Slumdog — Results: 520

Alexa Rank: 688

FilesTube is a multi-source search engine for all types of media. One of the best features of FilesTube is that the source URL (sites) are shown in the resultant queries. User who sign up and login can add links to their own “quick list” for future access, without the need for bookmarking.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 1,445

Alexa Rank: 1,430

At LoadingVault, users can search for files from RS and MU - but there’s also a unique feature that allows for searching/browsing of LoadingVault users/members. Regular searching is a bit of a headache - you’ll need to click in, and click in again, then type a small password to get to the link on RS - and finally, there’s no guarantee that the link will even work.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 18

Alexa Rank: 2,127

Very popular FilesHunt is a RapidShare-only search engine that does things a little differently. For example when searching for large files (example: a movie), the results will include all of the multi-part files, and the size will be reported as a sum of the set. While there’s no method for advanced searching of specific categories or even sorting the results, FilesHunt is still one of the best RapidShare searchers on the ‘net.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 41

Alexa Rank: 3,624

From the makers of comes 4MegaUpload - a complete MegaUpload search engine. Since MegaUpload’s file size limitation is 1 GB (for non-premium users), MU is quickly becoming a popular choice in the file hosting circuit, especially for those who share films and other large releases. 4MegaUpload indexes nearly 4.5 million files. Note: Avoid the first result in every conducted search.

Test Search Word: slumdog — Results: 93

Alexa Rank: 4,373

No frills, no gimmicks at MegaDownload - just good, thorough searching from both RapidShare & MegaUpload with accurate and well-organized results. If we had just one complaint, it’s that the DDLs aren’t displayed as their source file hoster URL, thus it’s impossible to use a linkchecker plugin. Users must “click in” in order to see if the links are still valid.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: hundreds

Alexa Rank: 4,708

If we were to pick a favorite DDL search engine - this could be it. Quick-growing Rapid-Search-Engine doesn’t just search for indexed files, but it also digs deeper by querying into popular warez/DDL forums & blogs such as and (to name just two). What’s unique is that the results are shown in sequential order, making it an ideal solution when searching for large multi-part releases. In the event that archives are password-protected, an appropriate password will also be displayed with each source result. Other features include a Link Checker, a search plugin, and even a Firefox add-on. RSE searches both and, and indexes more than 4 million files.

Test Search Word: slumdog — Results: 1,977

Alexa Rank: 4,862

We’re not sure what all the fuss is about at OneClickFiles, aside from the huge adult overtones in the searches and uploaded files. We managed to only garnish 7 search results for slumdog.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 7

Alexa Rank: 6,293

ShareMiner exhibits vast searching capabilities by incorporating blogs, forums and other DDL search engines into their queries, resulting in a thorough search - time and time again. Also offers categorical searching and a “search in title” feature.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 491

Alexa Rank: 9,069

FilesPump is a multi-hoster search engine, and currently lists 17 different popular file hosters (and each can be chosen individually in a search). Query results can be sorted by size and alphabetically. In the event whereby a large release is found in multiple segments, each piece is listed sequentially. With more than 7 million indexed files, FilesPump continues to be one of the better DDL search engines around.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 51

Alexa Rank: 9,219

RapidShareIndex is a Google file host search utility by default, but that is not what sets RSI apart from other engines. Users are able to browse through categories (audio, video, software, etc.) and it even shows descriptions, images and track listings (for music) for just about everything listed on the site. There’s also the RS Links forums for even more stuff.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 93

Alexa Rank: 12,636

See “” below.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 59 (all dead links)

Alexa Rank: 12,773

Very cool newer DDL search engine is Users can search from 18 different file hosters (unfortunately though, not all at the same time). The source sites (blogs, forums, etc) are displayed within frames on Avun which is great for quickly snagging the links. Avun impressed us greatly - go check it out and see why.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: hundreds

Alexa Rank: 13,337 is a decent site to find links in all genres, and even has categorical browsing for each (apps, games…) although these links appear to be not working. Be sure to avoid the first 11 (top) results in a search.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: lots

Alexa Rank: 13,805

How long do these search engines hold on to the files in their index, after the links are deemed ‘dead’? Obviously a long, long time if RapidShareData is used as any indication. While boasting over 10 million indexed files, a search engine is only good if it reports at least some working links. Where’s da warez?

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 7 threads (all dead links)

Alexa Rank: 19,133

While not specifically a file-hoster search engine, FlixDump offers movies-only downloads (with nearly 9,000 films listed in their database). Tip: Avoid the first results in the search queries.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 5 (all are working)

Alexa Rank: 20,921

FilesFind is another MegaUpload (only) search engine that currently indexes nearly 5 million MU files. In our tests, accurate searching was a little erratic - a search for “slumdog millionaire” (quotes or no quotes) yielded results for “millionaire” more than anything else. A search for just ’slumdog’ gave just one result - and it was a dead link on MU. Note: Avoid the “download” link on the right side in the results.

Test Search word: slumdog — Results: 1

Alexa Rank: 23,184

KvAz boasts over 11 million indexed files from RapidShare only. In the search results, the source sites are shown at the top of each listing. There’s also an option to search the KvAz “verified files” only, and although most of the links contained herein will ‘work’, it greatly hinders the number of search results shown.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 687

Alexa Rank: 25,414

Simply put: This site sucks. Why are people even visiting it, is anyone’s guess. Search for something, you’ll see why. Move along, folks.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 5 (all dead links)

Alexa Rank: 30,210

This is exactly the reason why blogs and forums are far superior to file hosting search engines - at RapidShare-Searcher we searched for “slumdog” and we were pleased to see 59 results. Digging deeper, we checked all 59 links - and not a single link worked, not one. Is this because the movie Slumdog Millionaire doesn’t exist on RapidShare? Nope, with certainty we can say it exists hundreds of times over. But with the word slumdog in the file name being such a dead giveaway, it’s an easy candidate for RapidShare’s deletion system. +1 for forums & blogs - FTW.

Looking for eBooks? Try their eBook-Search-Engine.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 59 (all dead links)

Alexa Rank: 31,756

If customized Google searching is your thing, then UVRX is your kind of place. Custom searching is orchestrated through different file hosters separately, thus the results are uncluttered and easy to browse.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: hundreds

Alexa Rank: 36,069

Word of mouth spreads fast, and we’ve found an instant winner with FileCrop - look for this one to go straight to the top. FileCrop searches both RapidShare and MegaUpload, and presents the results in table-format while showing the size, source and # of downloads. In the case with multi-part releases, results are shown sequentially. FileCrop is also a great tool for discovering other sites (forums & blogs) to download from. Queries can be filtered by file size before searching - very handy feature for honing in on something specific. Be sure to check out their Top 100 Music Chart as well.

Looking to start up your own file hoster search engine? Take a note of FileCrop - this is exactly how searching should be done. No complaints whatever; FileCrop FTW; a FSF favorite!

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 500+

Alexa Rank: 46,458 is a very decent site for finding RapidShare links; currently lists over 1 million indexed files. Totme distributes information supplied by third parties and provides Internet links and references gathered from outside sources. They incorporate a multitude of categories (for browsing the links or direct searching), unseen anywhere else - as well as NFO files, screen captures and additional extended info.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 2 (both working)

Alexa Rank: 99,268

While not the best search engine in the world, KeyEagle does have some handy features including displaying the most recent files on their homepage. Be sure to avoid the first 15 search results, these will only lead to trouble.

Test Search word: slumdog— Results: 0

Alexa Rank: 198,438

Newer offers a streamlined interface, and allows you to find what you’re looking for in the quickest way possible. The main difference that separates it from other search engines is link delivery. Whereas websites such as RapidLibrary supply you with each link individually, Fileonfire supplies them together as a batch so that you can quickly download them at once. In addition, it provides a photo to accompany each title, allowing the user to get an idea of the titles quality before downloading it.

Test Search word: slumdog — Results: lots

Other File Hosting Search Engines: (Google style) (Google style) (Google style) (Google style) (not specifically a search site) (good RapidShare & MegaUpload search engine) (indexes other forums, blogs & search engines) (indexes other forums, blogs) (good, underrated RS search site) (general DDL search) (general DDL search) (Vietnamese/English) (good new site, should gain popularity. It’s a meta site that indexes other indexers). (Impressive ‘Google’ search).

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