The timing couldn’t have been any better for In the wake of shocking news that rocked the P2P community with The Pirate Bay selling out and even removing its tracker from public torrents; and Mininova filtering out illegal content - torrenters are being forced to move on to greener pastures. is one such torrent site that has picked up the pace, quickly skyrocketing to become one of the Internet’s top contenders among public torrent indexers.

As torrenters flock to find alternative download spots, don’t expect ExtraTorrent to succumb to the same fate as their hobbled colleagues. Being hosted in torrent-friendly Ukraine suggests they can adequately sustain the influx of new users that are making the switch from TPB, Mininova, and Isohunt (the Big Three - all of which have legal woes).

Since launching in November of 2006, ExtraTorrent is considered a relative newcomer to the public torrent indexing scene. After just one year of operation, ET had propelled itself to an Alexa Rank at the position [of #36](/2007/12/02/the-top-100-bittorrent-sites-of-2007/ “The Top 100 BitTorrent sites of 2007”) among all torrent sites on the ‘Net, and #28 for public ones. Flash ahead to July 2009, and ExtraTorrent is now poised at position #9 overall for public torrent indexers and quickly moving up the ladder. Statistics

  • Online since: November 16, 2006.
  • Number of servers: 6 servers host the site and various features.
  • Daily ‘unique’ visitors: 350,000+
  • Torrents Indexed: 1,418,693
  • Total torrents downloaded: 208,964,659

With over 200 million torrents downloaded to date and 350,000 unique daily visitors, ET has maintained humility through it all and not strayed far from their grassroots. FileShareFreak was lucky enough to catch a quick interview with the administrator of ExtraTorrent:

FSF: What’s your take on the current situation with ThePirateBay?


ET Admin: It’s very sad that TPB sold out. They really disappointed all their fans…


FSF: Agreed. But more importantly, what about TPB’s trackers? How much of an impact will this have on public BitTorrent as a whole?


ET Admin: TPB’s tracker is the main one for most public torrents, and half of all torrents in the world will become dead. Of course, this is a bonus to other trackers but none of them are known as such a big brand as TPB.


FSF: What about Mininova and the filtering? Has this hurt them?


ET Admin: Yes, but Mininova is a big indexer and will live with the filters. Though of course, this brings their reputation down.


FSF: Any thoughts on the antipirates: MPAA, IFPI, etc?


ET Admin: These organizations make it look like torrent site owners buy a new Ferrari every month and new properties in Dubai; and that the poor MPAA, IFPI and others are begging & looking for food every day. They moan about losing millions but they earn billions. I think they must count this loss as charity and all people will be happy.


FSF: Well said. Any plans to conform, or add torrent filtering in the future?


ET Admin: Nope. Long live, ET!

ExtraTorrent Features…

Here are just some of ET’s features that keep ‘em coming back for more:

The “HOT Section” — Located on the left side, HOT is a continuously updated listing of the freshest video torrents on the site, complete with movie poster art. There’s even more hot releases (including adult torrents) to be found directly inside the Hot Torrents page.

Uploading — All users can upload torrents (both anonymously as a ‘guest’, or from a registered account).

Trusted Uploaders — Want to be sure to avoid spam & fake torrents? Then download from trusted uploaders and verified uploaders. Be sure to check out the big list of Top Uploaders and Top Members.

Register at ExtraTorrent to receive these privileges:

Customizable Interface — In the profile, registered members can remove advertising, add an avatar and fully customize the look & feel of ET (including change the default values for sorting torrents, torrents per page, filter out dead or private torrents, etc).

Online Chat — ET has a live chatbox/shoutbox available to registered members.

Torrent Bookmarks — The ability to bookmark torrents for downloading at a later time.

“Watched” Torrents — Similar to an RSS feed setup, users can configure keywords for future torrents coming into the site and be notified upon arrival. To activate, go into your profile, click “ET Torrents” tab, then click on the Watched Torrents link.

Our Last Words:

Of all the public torrent sites in existence, is the only one with a community feel much like a private tracker. There’s a rep/points system, PM system, profile links, various user classes, verified uploaders, torrent checkers (senior members & admins who validate torrents), members reviews, friendly assistance in the help chat, and even special uploaders & P2P groups who release content exclusively to ET. All this and more, without having to worry about blowing a ratio.

  1. nextlife Says:

    Thats Sad ;( TPB and Gamer X Factory or W/E the Industry that bought them out can go burn -.-. ET is actually good ^,^.
    NExTliFE - DFA

  2. Hangman Says:

    Yeah, great site. Thanks for the article!

  3. HackedServer Says:

    What about logs? It would be nice to know if they follow TPB and don’t log anything. But since they have profiles and everything, I’m guessing your information may be saved. If thats the case lets hope no one ever gets jurisdiction in Ukraine to bust them.

  4. josy Says:

    tpb gave a good fight.
    uphill and by themselves for the most part.

  5. silo Says:

    I always liked ET, as their torrents are usually clean and of decent quality. I never liked ET’s wait-before-download policy and it’ll need a better comment system to hold a candle to TPB.

  6. Alex Says:

    Very nice site. They have great HOT section with latest releases. But yes some not verified torrents can be fake.
    But nice ppl there. chat is hot too :)
    I like ET :)

  7. xxxOBSCENExxx Says:

    @ Extra Torrent, there is no “wait” time for downloads, just register, and comment on our torrents, it helps the p2p community as a whole. We are the future. ET is the place to be for all your hottest releases, ALL MULTIMEDIA, from XviD/DivX, h.264/x264 DVD’s and BluRays, to all screeners, cams, telesyncs, telecine, to all music, to all software, ET is where its @. Come join our excellent community as we fight for file sharing freedom. We will not sell out as the others have. ET is the place to be. Extra Torrent, THE BIGGEST BIT TORRENT SYSTEM.

  8. babyboy187 Says:

    hey this is the best site around i have been on it for a while now good friendly comunity we all look after one another and help out each other where ever we can extratorrent is not only about torrent we like to have laugh and enjoy a chat too there isnt alot of fakes and people ruining it for others i recommend this site to anyone who wants to have a chat an download the best quality movies around
    cheers to ET the place to be for me

    from babyboy187

  9. msspanky Says:

    Extratorrent is the Place to be for all your Needs, Whatever it is you need, is the place. Friendly Admins, Trusted and Verified Uploaders, Admins working all the time to delete fakes and dead trackers. Admins are always helpful come to for a visist.

  10. Tonycabanna Says:

    ET great site great torrents the chat is very helpfull and just nice to hang out didnt encounter fakes yet like you have a lot on other sites and when it says : Torrent status: Checked Checked by ” name ” you know its not a fake.

    Anywayz just come and check

  11. locotus Says:

    Seems to me extratorrent is down, try to go there but couldn.t get in.

  12. ET works just fine Says:

    I’m not sure what your problem is but Extra Torrent is working just fine. try again.

  13. HackedServer Says:

    Still curious about logs. See #4

  14. taker Says:

    logs we all ET dont log any thing what so ever so come join ET the best place to be

  15. VoteTheDay Says:

    Vote on the future of The Pirate Bay you would like to see!

  16. theozzma22 Says:

    well wat can i say about et i found this site a long time ago and downloded some stuff and forgot bout it then came across it again and decided to join up every admin and almost admin was really nice at the time then as the months went by we got some really bad members and et was not the place to be at one point but we all stuck together and tried to make et the best place to be again we have really friendly admins who do there best to make this site wat it is peace and love too all et members/user’s

  17. PATTAM Says:

    Extratorrent is 1 of the most helpful and reliable sites on the net.We here at ET plan to help the site grow stronger and stronger so come check us out :)

  18. Josh Sanders Says:

    Here ya go… took 2 mins to download :)

  19. jdub Says:

    I used to be known as Jdub199044 there one of the top uploaders of ET, now im a new name Krazy_torrent_King, still one of the good uploaders there. all you gotta do is download from the trusted uploaders and and you get real torrents!

  20. dougie Says:

    Yep ET sure is the place to be and the chat we have is top notch ,on some sites you ask admins for help and you dont get any.People here will bust there balls to help all ,new or old members…And we have everything you will need here so come and see and make us grow .

  21. realitybitez Says:

    ET seems to have a lot of downloads and the majority seem real and not fake which is cool but Im getting a little put off by the naked chickies who keep popping up. Suggestions?

  22. xxxOBSCENExxx Says:

    Yes, if you have been a member for a little while, come to our chat, and speak to a moderator, they can remove the ads, also if you donate to the site for VIP you can remove the advertising as well.

  23. onyx Says:

    интересно читать, спасибо

  24. EX Extra Torrent Says:

    Extra Torrent ids a freakin joke. Tyrantical ADMIN petty types. I had one who had a hard one for me and set the system to ban me the minute i LOGGED ON. tHEY AND OTHER TORRENT SITE WHINE AND CRYBABY ABOUT THIS KIND OF JUNK AND CENSORSHIP; extra torrent IS JUST AS GUILTY.
    I managed to contact another admin and never got a response so Extra Torrent can bit it. Looks like they have…. You can’t even got to the web site. Ain’t karma a bitch.
    I’ll just stay on the private one’s where there is more common sense and people there will listen.

  25. beuShaN Says:

    I stay Extratorrent site past year and i never see friendly and helpful site like that.

    If anyone log E.T. in 1st time then he must read them Site Rules for get some idea, how to work with them.

    Stay With Extratorrent and enjoy! because this site day by day growing so fast.

  26. sai Says:

    yes it is a good site

  27. marc Says:

    ET is the Best torrent site here i have ever seen and i really love this site and all members

  28. sathyam Says:

    I like it great site. Thanks for the article!

  29. steve Says:

    Hi,I am a full time fan of ET.but now its been blocked in UAE .So can u suggest an option to enter ET or can u provide proxy ip and port no