Use uTBackup to Save and Restore uTorrent Settings

µTBackup is a clever new utility that allows uTorrent users to save all those program setting files in order to import or restore into a new uTorrent installation - such as on another PC or when upgrading the OS. No more searching for the “appdata” folder and having to copy/paste the files or backup the directory - this little app does it all for you, at the click of a button.

How It Works:

µTBackup compresses the directory which contains µTorrent files and saves it with .utb extension. To oversimplify the process - run µTBackup on the local machine and click on the “Backup µTorrent files” link, and save it as a .utb file. On another computer or new OS (or the same one), run µTBackup again, and this time click “Restore ‘em”. All uTorrent settings (including the actual .torrent files) will be restored to a different or new instance of uTorrent.exe.

How It Can Be Applied

There’s not a lot of documentation on their website, but we’ll explain two methods in which µTBackup can be applied:

1. Same PC, same Windows OS.

Generally it’s not a bad idea to backup your uTorrent settings in the event something goes drastically wrong with your current OS. Everything will be saved; including all .torrent files, RSS setups, IP blocklists - as well as uTorrent configuration (labels, preferences, port/connection settings, etc).

To make a uTorrent backup - download, extract and run µTBackup, and click on “Backup uTorrent files” link. You’ll be presented with a Save As location for the .utb file (and enter a name for the file - the name is arbitrary). Click Save to finish:

Remember where you saved this .utb file, since you’ll require it when loading the old uTorrent setting through ”Restore ‘em” in µTBackup. You’ll now be able to completely delete or uninstall uTorrent, and restore it to its original state (just don’t delete the seeding data folders, as these are not saved in the .utb file, just the .torrents and uTorrent program settings).

NOTE: You need to completely exit uTorrent (kill the uTorrent.exe process) in order complete a restored backup. Restart uTorrent after completing.

2. Different PC, same (or different) Windows OS.

See below for Known Issues. Of course, you can use a free gmail account and email the *.utb file to yourself in order to access it on another OS or computer. µTBackup will need to be downloaded and ran on the second machine in order to restore the backup (click “Restore ‘em” and browse to the location of your saved *.utb file).

Known Issues / Supported OSes

Vista only? µTBackup’s website at claims that it has only been tested on Windows Vista (x86). For this it works flawlessly, and correctly imports the files into the default uTorrent path:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent

We’ve also tested it on WinXP SP2, and it also works great - but you may need to install:

  • Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable - found here.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - found here.

µTBackup is also reverse-OS compatible, in that we were able to save the .utb file in Vista and successfully load it into a uTorrent installation in WinXP on a second computer. The caveat, however is that uTorrent will have needed to be installed into the default path (Program Files\uTorrent\) and that the working uTorrent program files directory (aka the appdata dir) is located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\uTorrent\

(Unless you hacked or customized the installation, all paths should be OK).

Directory Paths, Cross-OS

By default, all individual torrent directory paths (the seeding locations) will take on the same dir structure as the original uTorrent installation to which they were originally backed up. µTBackup does NOT backup the actual torrent directories (content) - just the .torrent files and the uTorrent settings files. You’ll need to manually move the finished torrent files/folders to the new path or harddrive on a different OS, in order to continue seeding. Otherwise, this can be accomplished on a per-torrent basis (right-click a torrent, select Advanced > Set Download Location…) and browse to the proper location.

Thus, when working with external drives or custom paths these may need to be manually edited to suit the new path on a different OS or machine. For example, if you’re seeding from an external drive hooked up to Vista it may appear as Drive (F:) but when plugged into XP it may be listed as (E:) - depending on hardware configurations.

TIP: When working across different OSes (on different machines or otherwise), it’s not a bad idea to set a default location for downloaded files before making the µTBackup (.utb) file. The reason here is that downloads paths are saved (by default) to different locations in both XP and Vista. This can be done through Preferences > Directories in uTorrent. Make the applicable change, and proceed to move your torrent folders/files to that path - then make the backup. On a new OS, this save location will be imported into the new uTorrent installation when doing “Restore ‘em”. Just be sure to also move your torrent folders/files to the same location (which will probably require you to manually create the new “Put new downloads in:” directory on the PC with the new OS).

  1. Maggot Says:

    Isn’t it better to just dump both the uTorrent and the contents of it’s %APPDATA% folder somewhere on the non-system partition? This way it doesn’t require any special backing up or copying in case of reinstallation.

  2. cewood Says:

    Whats even better is using uTorrent in portable mode, whereby if you create a utorrent.dat file and place it in the program folder, it will store ALL its settings in that file.

    Someone should have give the author of µTBackup the heads up.

  3. cewood Says:

    My bad, that should have read settings.dat

  4. Velocityy Says:

    Looks good. :D

  5. Ownertbwu Says:


  6. Bertus Says:

    Does it also backup all running torrents?

  7. Umok Says:

    Uh. Yeah.

    Because it’s oh-so-diffucult to type Start> %appdata% > enter > click//drag/done.

    No thinks. Rather than let some potentially crapware app do it for me, I’ll do it manually.

  8. WTF Says:

    µTBackup does NOT backup the actual torrent directories (content)
    Why would you use this program if it doesn’t do enything extra
    Everyone can simply copy the files in %appdata%\utorrent en place it bakc after reinstalling uTorrent, Next time make sure there’s a use for a program and don’t was you’re time


    sucks.. i though it could back up the directories as well..bummer

  10. christ Says:

    is it work to import to Win7 ?
    Coz i try and get error “file invalid or corrupted”
    help me please…

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