A Comparison of Three rTorrent Seedbox Web Frontends

More and more seedbox providers are beginning to switch over to rTorrent/libTorrent as their offered BitTorrent client - and for good reason: rTorrent is natively Linux-based so it’s easy on resources; it’s open-source (new UIs and plugins can be developed); and it’s a whitelisted BT client on just about every private tracker. TorrentFlux is bloated and has a high learning curve, and uTorrent WebUI is nothing more than an afterthought with minimal features. rTorrent is taking over the seedbox world, thanks in large part to three popular rTorrent web front-ends — ruTorrent, wTorrent and rtGui.


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ruTorrent is the latest front-end for rTorrent, and also our personal favorite. In active development, it accomplishes everything that uTorrent WebUI should do (but doesn’t). Developed as a uTorrent clone, ruTorrent almost entirely resembles uTorrent running on a local machine (home PC). It’s packed with features, is extensible & lightweight, and supports addons which can also be created. There’s not a single thing missing from this excellent rTorrent web GUI.

Features include:

  • • Torrent creation
  • • RSS Feed support
  • • Labels appended to torrents for categorization
  • • Content menu (right-click) is supported
  • • Tabs for data (traffic, files, speed, peers etc.)
  • • The ability to select/deselect files in a torrent (partial seeding)
  • • Automatically updates in the browser every 3 seconds (by default)
  • • Multi-language support
  • • Easy-to-install plugins (which you won’t find for uTorrent)


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Torrent Creation


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Thought to be the most widely-used WebUI for rTorrent, wTorrent offers many of the features lacking in uTorrent WebUI, like extra torrent info and available space remaining on the server. But when compared to ruTorrent, wTorrent is light years behind and missing many key features, such as:

  • • No torrent creation in wTorrent
  • • Selecting/deselecting files in a torrent to download is supported, although it requires countless clicks (individual files need to be checked manually, one-by-one; although there is a check all function)
  • • Torrents that are added as private don’t automatically appear on the main index page (are listed under the Private tab)
  • • WebUI does not automatically refresh the screen at a set interval (although this can be hacked using this Firefox addon)

Having said that, wTorrent does offer some decent functionality through Java & Ajax. Listed torrents can be opened up, which then displays 4 new tabs on the left side (see second screenshot below):

  • Information (default) — Shows the data path, data uploaded, ratio and setting the priority.
  • Files — Lists the individual files in each torrent. This is where files can be selected or removed from the download list.
  • Trackers — Shows the current trackers listed for the torrent. This is where trackers can be removed from the list (although no new trackers can be added, nor changed).
  • Peers — Lists the peers connected in the torrent.

About RSS feeds in wTorrent: While we were able to successfully add an RSS download feed, we weren’t able to actually add new torrent jobs (from the feed) to index page, or anywhere else. Editing the feed appears to still be a broken feature. One alternative method to saving .torrent files is to use the “add torrents to wTorrent” greasemonkey userscript. This will add a small “w” to the torrent download page, where torrents can then be imported directly into wTorrent from the tracker.


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Additional Torrent Tabs / Options


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rtGui is an overlooked, but fairly complete web GUI for rTorrent. By default, the rtGui webpage is automatically refreshed at 5 second intervals in the browser. Here’s a useful installation guide for Ubuntu.

Features include:

  • • List all torrent downloads or by started/stopped/complete/incomplete/seeding status
  • • Ajax-style refresh without reloading page
  • • Sort view by any of the displayed columns
  • • View detailed torrent information
  • • Stop/start/hash-check torrent
  • • Set upload/download speed cap
  • • Add torrents by URL
  • • Upload torrent to rtorrent watch-directory
  • • Set priority per torrent or file
  • • Peer listing
  • • RSS Feed of completed torrents (rssfeed.php)
  • • Does not require mySQL or any other database
  • • Bulk Stop/Start/Delete/Priority set
  • • Tracker URL display with configurable colouring
  • • Filter torrent list by tracker

I actually prefer rtGui over wTorrent, for the simple fact that it automatically refreshes the page (an important criteria for any torrent webUI). rtGui is still missing a few features that can be found in ruTorrent, such as torrent creation and tracker RSS feeds are not yet supported.

Each torrent job can be clicked, which opens up a variety of options (see second screenshot below) - including:

  • • Files listed in each torrent job (these can be selected or removed here)
  • • Trackers listed in each torrent
  • • Peers connected
  • • Detailed torrent statistics
  • • Storage options


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Additional Torrent Tabs / Options

Other rTorrent/libTorrent UIs




~ A special thanks to Xirvik-Torrent for allowing FSF to use their server ~

  1. Velocityy Says:

    Great review. Good job, sharky. :D

  2. J Says:

    27 euros for 180GB disk space on a shared box, thats about 3 times more expensive than many other providers

  3. Andrei Says:

    I think that ruTorrent is the perfect front-end yet to be used on a seedbox.A interface which resembles with WebUI and the power of stand-alone uTorrent sounds like a winning combination.

  4. CS Says:

    ruTorrent looked great, until it caused my rtorrent (0.8.4) to crash. Then rtorrent had to rehash hundreds of GB… on a 233 MHz cpu. Great… I’m sticking with wTorrent.

  5. Says:

    J : you have names to drop ? I am interested. Thanks. ^^

  6. Ryon Sherman Says:

    I’ve started a project to help bridge the gap between rTorrent and many uTorrent frontends.

    I currently use uRemote (Windows) and Torrent-fu (Android) on my rTorrent seedbox.

    Check it out at

  7. Karim Says:

    This is all useless. These GUIs are just memory eaters. You will get the best speeds with rTorrent running on screen in PuTTy.
    Tutorial here:

  8. Help plz Says:

    How can I set a password on ruTorrent, like I can with wTorrent?

  9. HackedServer Says:

    Very interesting. Everyone has heard of wTorrent, but these other ones aren’t so well known.

    I’ve been using plain rTorrent in putty for a while, but it might me nice to have that ruTorrent. I’ll have to give it a try.

    Good article.

  10. steve51184 Says:

    how do we install rutorrent on ubuntu as i can’t find a guide anywhere

  11. Phil Evans Says:

    rtGui rocks! Runs much faster on lesser hardware, and on your EeePC, iPhone, etc,etc

  12. Phil Evans Says:

    Just one thing: Has anyone confirmed that the rutorrent code is ‘clean’? It stikes me as odd that alot of work has gone into the app itself, but it’s strange there’s absolutely no information about it - no even a quick’n’dirty install guide or anything…

    Or maybe I’m being paranoid because it comes from Eastern Europe?

  13. Dan Says:

    @Phil Evans:


    Quite a lot of documentation there. Also, since the project is open-source, I’d strongly doubt any shenanigans. It’d only be a matter of time until someone noticed something fishy in the code. Of course, I could be wrong.

  14. TJ Says:

    ruTorrent looks awsome, but it’s web page states it’s only single user.
    If it just means that rtorrent isn’t running multiple times & the GUI can keep track of multiple users, that is fine.

    I like that I can have my girlfriend have her own account & keep her torrents separated from mine (currently using wtorrent).

    I just switched from torrentflux-b4rt after my server (home file server/torrent box) had it’s primary drive go bad & wanted to try something new that might “just work”. TF & TF-b4rt both had habits of needing the PC to be restarted. I also just upgraded it to a software RAID5 with 3 (soon to be 4) TB hard drives, I want it restarting as little as possible.

    Long story for a simple question: Can ruTorrent handle multiple users? And is it “easy” to make the switch from wtorrent to rutorrent?

  15. hity Says:

    youre wasting your time with wtorrent ,if you want complicated you got it here,rtorrent straight forward , is a waste of time.i saw the offer on fsf for extra 100gig for free and was rubbing my hands in delight.when it came to changing my default wtorrent client to rtorrent i still havent had it,waited 5days for this and in the end i just give up and asked for a refund.there customer service is non exsisting and when i did get a reply it said my client would be changed in a routine maintenance check lmao.not very routine if i still waiting after 5 days

  16. TJ Says:

    I wanted to add to what I previously wrote.

    ruTorrent can NOT handle multiple users out of the box. From what I understand there is a work around, but it’s more work than I want to put into it.

    It’s very nice and was relatively straight forward to install. Just find a new rtgui instruction listing to install rtorrent & replace the rtgui instructions with rutorrent. That simple. You can also install rtgui as well if you’d like to try them both side by side. Since they both just read the data to/from rtorrent, there doesn’t seem to be any problem using 2 different front ends.

    I’m sticking with rutorrent, I just need to find a way to secure it.

  17. Dentoo Says:

    Feel free to try me easy to handle solutions and I would be more then happy for a rewiew and would cooperate in any way

    contact me on my site


  18. Bubbles Says:

    TJ you are able to secure rutorrent using .htaccess which is fairly straight forward.

  19. TJ Says:


    Yeah, I figured that out shortly after that post. Thanks though :-)

  20. Nameless Says:

    How to use utorrent webui downloading from

  21. scarecrow Says:

    Multiuser on ruTorrent is doable, although it does require some work- namely separate UNIX user accounts and multiple RPC sockets:
    If ruTorrent gets multiuser natively, it would be the perfect solution, period.

  22. cozee Says:

    yeah obviously they will give u a seedbox free to review and obviously its goin to work how you want cos ur reviewing it.
    Ive had personal experience with xirvik as of yesterday here’s the truth

    The speed is approx 30mbit
    the customer service via email never get answered the MSN support is never on.
    The rutorrent client crashes all the time and this is ona $100 a month seedbox.
    Absolutley pathetic hosting most they just like the colo[u]r of ur money.
    Im very disappointed in xirvik,i was under the impretion that they were pro’s well they are at snatching ur hard earned money and for $100 u’d think ud get top notch service.hahaha yeah not likely.
    want a seedbox steer clear of xirvik unless u like throwing money away.

  23. Justin Says:

    ….Wasnt aware that xirvik had $100 servers. Just got the dedi in france for 65 the other day (500 GB plan) and its perfect so far…..also if you claim that it’s 30 mbps that would mean ur dl cant hit over 3.6 mbps on a torrent? maybe it’s your trackers or the torents your on. Did you try using a different client? Just wondering cause with my dedi on scc im gettn 13mbps dl and 8-10 upload no problem.

  24. Says:

    Look at

    if you want a lower price seedbox with excellent service that is live 12 + hours a day.

  25. Nerd Says:

    is it tru that xirvik gave yall a seed box to test

  26. Jim Jones Says:

    Rapid Peer has been down ( at least my server ) for over 12 hours now with no response from their tech support. Not very good !

  27. Jim Jones Says:

    Coming up on 48 hours now. They finally replied to my email saying they don’t know why its down but will make it up to me.

  28. jackie Says:

    “ruTorrent looked great, until it caused my rtorrent (0.8.4) to crash. Then rtorrent had to rehash hundreds of GB… on a 233 MHz cpu. Great… I’m sticking with wTorrent”

    same thing happened 2 me, switched 2 rtGui and that worked much better.

    “The speed is approx 30mbit
    the customer service via email never get answered the MSN support is never on.”
    Don’t know about never but they r slow 2 reply.

    “The rutorrent client crashes all the time and this is on a $100 a month seedbox.”
    Had the $55.00 dedicated seedbox and the rutorrent client did crash a lot. No problems with rtGui though.

  29. rapidpeerawful Says:

    Agree with you james!
    Awful, awful. My seedbox is down (rtorrent is not connected) and its been 24 hrs, sigh.

  30. Andey Says:

    rutorrent for the win

  31. Jim Jones Says:

    Rapidpeer is down once again. Been over 24 hours so far. No reply from tech support!!!!

  32. Dave Hobson Says:

    Some posts about xirvik are true others are just bullshit. Mid to late January they had major customer support issues. It was a friggin nightmare…That all changed towards the begining of feb. Customer support is now good. Reliability is excellent and i often hit 12m/bit total on it.
    I have tried several boxes lately with different companies. were the worst of all. oh and then theres rapidpeer that someone was raving about. Signed up for a 15 day gigabit box. NEVER hit above 23 meg and that was a one off. Go a megabyte over your quota and youre suspended. They may reconnect if you beg and certainly will if you pay the fee they charge after the first infringement. So 15 days… Its day 13 …me thinks its time to get my files off there…Wrong…. Server crashes….Their response….nothing….Day 15 server back up…obviously i will get back the 2 days i lost and still get my files, wrong again. 15 days are up so fuck you.
    Each to their own and some people have obviously had issues with Xirvik, me included for the first week or so. But i have signed up twice more with them since, cos the issues are long gone.

  33. xirvik not bad Says:

    xirvik is not bad. Their customer support is a little slow but not bad. If you want bad, then you are talking about These guys are the worst I have ever seen. The speeds are slow. They do not respond to any of their help desk tickets and they will not refund your money contrary to what they say. This is on their dedicated servers too. I’d take xirvik over seedboxhosting any day of the week.

  34. xirvik not bad Says:

    btw rutorrent is garbage. That thing crashes all the time.

  35. Fair-GUy Says:


    Just to clarify, I am a user of SbH and unless you kept up with their news you need to know this:
    A few of their employees, help desk employees mainly, quit. And of course it takes time to train new employees. Thats all there is.

    When I first signed up I’d get an answer in less than a day. This was around early to mid 2009. No and for the past few months I have to agree, the help desk was slow. Very very slow.

    But hopefully it’ll pick up again.

    And for those of you saying they don’t refund:
    I got refunds when I switched seedboxes from a 500 Gig to a 650.
    I got my server put online even though I was late on payment once or twice.
    Now I have a better seedbox for the same price.

    Thats seedboxhosting in all honesty in my experience with them and it was my first seedbox.

    Thank you.

  36. Name Says:

    Seedboxhosting is a joke! Signed up 2 days ago, still waiting for some sort of response.

    Guess they took my money with a big grin on their faces. Will report to paypal and start a claim tomorrow.

  37. cookieee Says:

    Anybody recommend a good gigabit box semidedi with unlimited traffic and half a terabyte or so space? i tried and they are CRAP. well OVERSOLD And as i speak the server is down again this is 3 times in as many days!!! customer support is pretty much none existent “live support” is never online and expect to wait 3 or 4 days for email reply if they bother to reply…

  38. John Says:
    It is not really “unlimited” but 100TB a month. And the smallest one got 1TB storage.
    Great support. Not instant live reply but they are great with service, when my first dedicated seedbox had a failing harddrive giving me 3 “unusable” days they gave me 3 more days as compensation.

  39. pi$$ed Says: is definitely a scam.. a scam doesn’t have to take ur money and escape u know.. it’s there, it shows “online” on that friggin support button, but they never answer, tried tickets, mailing and blah blah.. got a gold package, paid 31$ with the extra for turbo ftp on dec 21st, not a single word till today 26th and the service is off, no hdd space so rtorrent is constantl pausing..