Free TorrentLeech Invites Through IRC: Confirmed

This is news from a couple of days ago, yet comes with great skepticism from many in the private tracker community. Is TorrentLeech really handing out invites to anyone who asks? In a word, Yes. TorrentLeech is again offering invites - this time through their own IRC #invites channel (and currently continues to do so at last check). So, what’s the catch? Nothing at all. FSF confirmed this to be still working as early as one hour ago - and you won’t need to sign up to Travian or be a current member of FileList. Simply show up on their IRC #invites channel, and request an invite. Here’s how.

**Update Aug. 24:

** “Invites channel is CLOSED. Whoever got invited, got invited. Have fun to the ones made it through, and play nice.”

TL Invites - A Quick Guide

  • • Use an IRC client such as mIRC to connect to, and enter the #invites channel.
  • • Read the topic, but presently you’ll need to send a message/PM to _w00t_ (with your email address, preferably gmail) in order to request an invite, such as this example:
  • /msg _w00t_
  • • If it worked, you’ll be instantly kicked out of the channel, but there will be a message on your IRC server window, stating “You were kicked from #invites by… (Invite sent! Enjoy the site!).”
  • • Now, go back into your email (gmail) account - you’ll see a new message from “TL Invitation”. Open it, you’ll see a special signup URL, as well as an invitation code. Click on the URL and use the code to register. You’re in!

TL Invites - Extended IRC Guide

This is worth documenting even if only available for a short time. Hey, we’re here to help our readers, and also get some fellow friends into TL! For our readers who aren’t knowledgable with IRC, we’ll break it down into some simpler steps. Firstly you’ll require to download & install an IRC client, such as mIRC. For the rest of the tutorial, we’ll use mIRC for the example.

1. Run mIRC. When running for the first time, you’ll be presented with a “mIRC Options” window. Set up your user details in the “Connect” tab.

2. Click on the “Servers” tab and click “Add”. (if this window isn’t open, just click on the hammer icon in mIRC to open up mIRC Options again).

3. After you click “Add” (shown above), a new window will appear. To simplify things, enter in “” for both fields in the “Add server” window. Be sure to enter the correct Port number of 7011 (see below). Click “Add” to finalize.

4. “” will be listed in your server list. Highlight it, and click ”Select”.

5. You’ll notice below that the Server: has changed to your desired IRC server. Next, click Connect.

6. A “Favorites” window should now pop up, asking for an IRC channel to connect to. Enter in this in the field - #invites - and then click ”Join”.

7. At last!! You’re in the TL #invites channel. Almost done… Next, send a message to _w00t_ with your email address in this format: /msg _w00t_ <your email address>, (without the brackets) as shown at the bottom of the screenshot below.

8. If you did things correctly, then you were abruptly kicked out of the #invites channel. However, your channel status window should then report “Invite sent, enjoy the site!”:

9. It’s all gravy from here. If you used a gmail account (as recommended), check it for a new message from TL:

10. Click the Signup link, and use the supplied invitation code to signup.

More info…

• The #invites channel through TL’s web ”chat” link is unaccessible, so it won’t work for you. You’ll need to use a real IRC client to gain access.

TIP: If you’ve already applied for an invite, or possess a current account at TL (and are trying to apply for another one - perhaps for a friend using his/her email address); or you’ve previously been banned/disabled from TL -> signing up/reapplying again won’t help you. Dupe accounts = ban for both. Don’t try to cheat the system; using a different email address won’t hide you. You’ve been warned.

  1. TL FTW Says:

    TorrentLeech is the best!!!! TorrentLeech FTW!! :D

  2. Kinetix Says:

    *praises FileShareFreak*

  3. Max Says:

    i keep getting this no matter what i change my nick/ident/realname to :( “Lined (You look like a bot. Be sure to fill in your nick/ident/realname properly.”

  4. AzzA Says:

    goto tools > options > connect

    and fill in your nick and staff

  5. a/s/l Says:


    i’m glad i don’t use TL anymore now they’ve let the world and his brother in. SCC is so much quicker anyway.

  6. Cyph0n Says:

    Thanks a lot. Working like a charm.

  7. 1derman Says:

    got the invite……….gud looking out !

  8. Angry Says:

    I use TL and im so bloody angry they’re handing out invites to everyone.Handing out invites to every noob is BAD idea.I dont know whos bright idea this was.Whoever it was is an idiot.

  9. ara Says:

    got the invite thanks sharky

  10. J Says:

    @angry if you scared about that then get out the game and start paying for stuff pussy!

  11. lol Says:

    yay more noobs to seed too

  12. Bolt Says:

    @ all the haters
    Why not just welcome us noobs with open arms. I thought bittorrent was about sharing, not being some exclusive country club for snobs.

  13. Noob Says:

    “@ all the haters
    Why not just welcome us noobs with open arms.”

    I agree with BOLT.

    Remember guys, you/we were all noobs at one point.

  14. Angry Says:

    @J: Arguing with fools only convinces them that they are as clever as you.

    and at the others yeah bittorrenting is all about sharing, but some of us worked hard to get in TL when we were started out and this kinda undermines it.I havent got anything against u guys but still, this is too easy, even if there was an interview it would have been fine, but this is an open sign up.

  15. BayTSP Says:

    And that’s how BayTSP got into TL. :D

  16. Coronel Says:

    Still working!
    thank you!!!!!

  17. heylookltsme Says:

    anyone having trouble connecting to their irc server?

    (i am)

  18. TL FTW Says:

    @ HEYLOOKLTSME, nobody is having trouble joining their IRC. It could just be you. Try joining their IRC again. Maybe they banned you from their server?

  19. danger Says:

    what happens if you’re a typing idiot and misspelled your email, and can’t rejoin the room? is there any way to fix this stupid mistake :( ?

  20. TL FTW Says:

    Danger, try joining their IRC channel. Join #tlhelp and see if they can help you. Hopefully this should work. :)

  21. Signs Says:

    Use the most advanced BitTorrent directory there is:

    There is an open registrations checker and lots of stats on every tracker.

  22. heylookltsme Says:

    @TL FTW

    I’m getting an error that says “You look like a bot. Be sure to fill in your nick/ident/real name properly.”

    But my information is filled out normally and I’m able to connect to other servers. :-(

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

  23. omg Says:

    when will TL learn….this is such a bad idea. handing invites out is just begging for them to be compromised and shut down. i have been a member for 3 years now and everytime they do this just pisses me off. i need to find a new home as tl is no longer safe to me.

  24. Supreme Cars, Inc. Says:

    Well, if you find that TL isn’t a safe place to go to anymore, then I suggest that you find a new home.

  25. jj Says:

    I have invites to the following private torrent sites:

    demonoid (when open)

    Email me if interested:

  26. Supreme Cars, Inc. Says:

    Click on my name to get into a new invites forum. We are currently open for registrations. Sign up, fast. There is currently an ScT GA in that forum! :D

  27. jereslack Says:

    Still works as of 20 mins ago

  28. ChainKiller Says:

    I can’t connect to the server. Does anyone know why?
    I tried Opera irc and mIRC

  29. Aj Says:

    @Supreme Shit
    Lol u r saying sct giveaway as It is ftwr giveaway. Lol Sct Is ur highest limit?

  30. BayTSP Says:

    AJ, don’t insult Supreme. As if you could get into FTWR. ;)

  31. phoenix Says:

    Thanx a lot. It worked.

  32. Dizzle Says:

    Beyond overrated. Beyond a spam scam. The entire TL staff and site are as shady as one can get. You might get what you want and it might seem good but they’d murder your mother and rape her for a penny.

  33. CooLio Says:

    It still works and it’s been 3 day now

  34. anon Says:

    Just tried to get in and got the message ..

    16:14 Topic: Invites channel is CLOSED.Whoever got invited,got invited.Have fun to the ones made it through,and play nice :) (This channel will be left open few hours,just so everyone can be informed)


  35. BayTSP Says:

    LOL! You people should have gotten in earlier!

  36. fee Says:

    i know the invites channel is closed. But why when I tried to create a channel (step 6), it says Sorry, only Opers may create channels.


  37. JohnS Says:

    i’m too late too! says Sorry, only Opers may create channels. what a bummer

  38. mediasentry Says:

    Better luck next time, guys. It’s a great place!

  39. None Says:

    For all the publicity TorrentLeech gets, it’s pretty lacklustre. Much prefer SCC with its freeleech packs, not to mention better security.

  40. laky Says:

    Hi all i am to late to, but can anybody send me invite if got,….plz

  41. All Your Pics Are Belong To Us Says:

    New + Free pirate friendly image host!

    Spread the word!

  42. Aj Says:

    I made some extra Invite for TL

    if any body want :
    @BAYTSP : I m dam sure that supreme is actully velocity which is know trader

  43. TL>SCC Says:


  44. All Your Pics Are Belong To Us Says:

    LOL You guys do realise that youre gonna get caught trading that shit?

    Do you personally enjoy compromising tracker security?

    Note to all who are thinking of buying an invite. Everyone… and I mean, EVERYONE who sells of buys an invite gets caught. Then they get a global ban. Know what that means? It means that youre blacklisted at every single tracker known to man, and will never be able to get access to another one again.

    Think about that next time you fund these idiots, or try to trade with them.

  45. Beatrix Says:

    I seem to have missed that party.

    Could someone please please please let me have a TL invite?

  46. Nick Says:

    Hey, I am a teacher who downloads a bunch of material for class off of TL. I was using a friends account, who recently got booted from the site. If anyone had an extra invite you could send my way, it would be most appreciated. Atleast it’s for a good educational cause. Thanks!


  47. me Says:

    Both e-mails plus traced IP’s sent to every tracker known to man, plus spread over every IRC channel I can think of to do with trackers. Nick, that means that your friends account will probably get banned too.

    Nice work. That is exactly what you get when you fuck with the wrong people. You were warned.

    Enjoy the global ban you dick heads.

  48. mcgreggers99 Says:

    CRAP!!! I just missed this
    I got a demonoid invite and a few other goodies if someone could hook me up with a torrentleech invite.

  49. mcgreggers99 Says:

    Yikes, nevermind….just read the above message…I withdraw my request….can’t be too careful these days.

  50. All Your Pics Are Belong To Us Image Host Says:

    Yeah, this is true McGreggers99. What would be the point of trading your way to get access to a tracker, then only have to hide while you are there to avoid being caught. Earning your way in to trackers is easier than most traders and sellers would like you to know, and this is what is sad with traders. They are only out there for one reason, and one reason alone. To profit from your downfall.

    Just get to know some people around the place at the trackers that you are a member of. If youre trustworthy, someone might help you out.

  51. Daniyal Lashari Says:

    brother whenever i try to join in the channel invites through

    /join invites

    it says “invites No such channel”

    and if through the above mentioned graphical representation i try to join #invites
    i get

    “Sorry, only Opers may create channels.”

    plzz help

  52. Velocityy Says:

    Did you read the article? Invites were closed a long time ago!

  53. recount Says:

    if someone could send me an invite it would be great

  54. Slow Says:

    Is there anyone who can tell me if Torrentleech are going to release more invites anytime soon?? =/

  55. Bustacoal Says:

    Hey let me know next time invites are open again. I’ll keep checking.
    If anyone has an available invite tho my e-mail is

  56. sumanta Says:

    hey this is a great site can anyone invite me in torrentleech pls my id is

  57. Kang Says:

    I would greatly appreciate it, if I can get an invite

  58. Diego Says:

    Hello, i would love an invite if anyone has one too

    Thanks, got demonoid invites when it’s back up, well if i’m still a member:(

    email me

  59. Diogo Says:


    can anyone invite me in torrentleech pls …thanks


  60. oldboy1985 Says:

    hii everyone .. if anyone has invitation i will be really very thankful..
    my id is

  61. Jeppe Says:

    Please can some one invite me to Torrentleech.
    Would be verry sweet =)
    My mail is

    Thank you in advance.

  62. Ja^ws Says:

    lmfao @ the n00bs trying they damnedest to get into a shit tracker :/
    first off, ill never touch that shithole site again ;)
    i gave them warning of a potential <-POTENTIAL! mpaa spy, of which, my site owner and a few other private sites have confirmed this. they instantly gline the guy, and proceed to thank me. i wake up the next day and to my surprise, Im glined aswell from their irc, odd, i bnc my ass back in there to ask them wtf?
    they tell me that i had/have no proof of my accusations and they let this fuck back in :/
    i lmao, said fine then, to hell with ya, and quickly /parted the shit, soon to be mpaa run irc server. now, i dont know if this fuck is still in there, but i aint takin no chances.
    the supposed mpaa spy’s nick was “SUPERGEEK”

    now to address that guy who is supposedly sending everyones email and IP’s around for selling invites, sure those swine should be shot in the face and spit upon, but your comment there,
    [quote=ME]Both e-mails plus traced IP’s sent to every tracker known to man, plus spread over every IRC channel I can think of to do with trackers. Nick, that means that your friends account will probably get banned too.[/quote]
    lol, you sound like a dickhead n00b, you may be able to send they info to as many sites as you can scrounge up, but them listening to you, is another story in itself. the whole “every tracker known to man” part :/
    give me a damn break you pwn, i can garuntee you are NOT on every single tracker known to man, and i can garuntee that most of those trackers dont give a fuck about your supposed information.
    to the teacher, if you need some help getting some shit for your students, no prob, there are a ton of trackers that can help you out.
    im on most every elite tracker there is, not that i need em with my l33t ftp axx, the fact is, if TL has it, so does every other fukin private tracker out there, and the ones that dont, are either a lil late, or dont have an autouploader bot.

    the fact of the matter is, fuck torrentleech, is a shithole site anyway, and there are 15 trackers i can list off the top of my head that are 10x better/faster/smarter staff/faster pre’s
    the only reason TL opened they doors, is likely only to get in some new blood to donate to they ass’s.
    seeing as thats the only reason anyone wants to open there doors these days

    so in all, No, i will not send anyone invites to anywhere, seeing as i dont know your ass, and im not having hit and runners in my invite tree. so if you want on the best of hte best trackers, offer help, learn, upload, make friends, and most of all, dont make yourself known as some loser who raped filesharefreaks website daily looking for that almighty invite from some guy you dont want to know.

  63. liron Says:

    hi i cant connect to that thing its all the time saying that its closed some one can help me plzz i cant get an invatasion i need that soo mauch so thanks every one

  64. salwan Says:

    plz i’m engineer and i want invitation to my email is

  65. bobby Says:

    PLZ I’m lossing my mine demonoid is down can someone send me an invide thanks

  66. TI.Sucks Says:

    You dickheads are idiots! Nobody in their right mind would send you an invite! You hit-n-runners should go back to your public trackers because there is no place for hit-n-runners in private trackers.

  67. André Says:

    preciso de um convite para o torrentleech agradecia imenso o meu mail é

  68. André Says:

    I need an invitation to torrentleech very grateful my email is

  69. khaled Says:

    i need plz invites

  70. khaled Says:

    any one here plz

  71. jorge cunha Says:

    need invite plz

  72. noname91 Says:

    one invite plz :)

  73. dilip Says:

    need an invite to torrent leech and hd torrent

  74. akash Says:

    Hello friend please can you send me a invitation of torrentleech please….

  75. Chiaky Says:

    Please can someone send a invitation to me? I can’t join to #invites I think this no longer exist


  76. Scaka Says:

    this is no work anymore =!
    can anyone send me an invite?

    many thk

  77. Simo Says:

    Can any one sent me an invite please

    it dosn’t work :’(

  78. Simo Says:

    my email

    thanks :)

  79. 19Alex90 Says:

    Can anybody send me an invite? I won’t mess up with my account.. and I’ll try to seed as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance. :D

  80. Sérgio Oliveira Says:

    Can anyone send me an invite please



  81. geddunk Says:

    Can anyone send me an invite please


  82. Adi Says:

    can anyone send me a invite to

    thanks :)

  83. ALI Says:

    but i was tried and nothing success
    you can send me invitaion pls sorry on this e-mail :
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  84. glauber Says:

    I did not obtain to make please has as to order the invitation please to me my email and

  85. Omer Says:

    trying to signup for 6 months if someone help me here is my email address:


  86. Dex Says:

    Hi, i always wanted to register on that site for long time now and i missed those invites that were held.

    Can i have an invite if you have a spare one?
    My e-mail:

  87. InfamousFlip Says:

    Forget torrentleech here is a new site you guys should check out!
    Check this article out too!

  88. Saravanan Says:

    it says “Sorry, only Opers may create channels.”

  89. Sam Says:


    I missed out on this invitation spree, I have been looking for an invite for around a year or so now :( I am a member of demonoid (yay, it’s back up) and have a good ratio, (around 50g down 65g up) and would make a good member of the TL community (I upload a bit of original content that is not on any site that I can find) if I could get an invite.

    Again thanks, if you want an invite to demonoid just ask.

  90. saeed Says:

    gave me one pleez

  91. Amit Says:

    hey! there is no such channel called “#invites”

    Plz Help me plz

    plz mail me. :)

  92. Mike Says:

    Hello. I would like an invitation for the site. Please if anyone can send me an invitation i would appreciate it.

  93. Nilesh Says:

    Hey i need a TL account, i have a demonoid account invitation which i will trade, thanks
    email me at :

  94. Wahyu Says:

    Please invite me. Send it to

    Thanks so much..

  95. ahmed Says:

    please invite me urgent

  96. Rull Says:

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  98. ryhon Says:

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  99. ryhon Says:

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100.##### ryhon Says:

Please invite me. My Thanks in advance

101.##### Mark Says:

Please I desperately need an invitation for

my email —&gt;&gt;&gt;

thank you

102.##### Hell Yeah! Says:

Hi there! if anyone has an extra invites, please contact me!  
 my email: [asaf\](

I’ll be most pleased and grateful

103.##### Need it like crack Says:

Please send me an invitation to please

104.##### Jeff Says:

Need a torrentleercher invitation please.


Planning on earning enough pts to send out for invitations if I get

105.##### mortis Says:

a need code of invitation for torrentleech please a need one bye
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106.##### sakis Says:

Please invite me. My Email

107.##### sakis Says:


108.##### Edgaras Says:

I think this trick dont works anymore…..  
 So can anyone send me the invite for TL…?  
 Someone,make me happy!

109.##### RAX Says:

hi. can anyone help me with getting me invite?  
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 thanks a lot.

110.##### DoPeSmOkEr Says:

There is a lot of stupid people here.

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Hi everbody,  
 Please send me an invitation.

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113.##### anrichp Says:

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cheers guys

114.##### drejko Says:

Please if anyone can contact in this part of the torrentleechu
adminom. I was in fact no need to delete an account since I had a
good ratio! I can not contact because I blocked the ip address.
Please let me activate the account. Please if anyone can help me in
this regard. It has a seedbox are thought to be not doing it
honestly. Thanks! My mail: andrej.pesl @

115.##### rafael Says:

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116.##### CAPITAL1 Says:

I need and invitation. Am a member of demonoid.

117.##### Cable Says:

I want a TL invite!  
 Thank you!

118.##### Ahmed Ash Says:

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Demonoid invitation plz help me ANY ONE !!!! @this mail plz ((((
[]( )))) thanx
in advance !!! ![:)](/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif)

119.##### kobe Says:

hi, i had acc on torrentleech and i get hacked, my ratio was about
0.800, so i hope some1 will send me invitation on my mail

120.##### bahaa Says:

Need a torrentleercher invitation please.  

121.##### bahaa Says:

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Than you very much!

130.##### sasa Says:

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131.##### M Kamran Says:

I was a heavy user of TL, and my ratio was over around 10 (positive)
with over a 100 gig upload…

i was out of the country for sometime and was unable to access Tl
and when i cam back, i had apparently been banned… and i have no way
of contacting a moderator of Tl do get my case across..So i would
like to request a invite plz.. my add
[](, i won’t get that time
consuming ratio back, but atleast another chance to make it again..


132.##### syph3r Says:

id love to get an invitation to the best torrent site on earth  

133.##### Daniel Says:

I would Really Appreciate it if someone send Me an Invite, I always
keep a good ratio never hit &amp; run and never got banned from any
tracker so you have nothing to worry about, If I manage to get
invited to TL ill get that seedbox to make sure I seed a ton of data
 Please send invite to

134.##### SeedOrDie Says:

I need one invitation for TorrentLeech &amp; I will be a good
seeder, so please send me one invitation to my email adress:

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135.##### mandy Says:

plz could some kind man or lady send me an invite plz..

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136.##### alex0082ass Says:

can u send me an invite on TL plz. i tried to join thier channel but
it doesnt exist


137.##### onchamandiay Says:


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139.##### jak Says:

@ 062 • Ja^ws Says:

hey Ja^ws, your a fkin liar and you know it. are you the one who
posed as geen from scc and tried to continue this lie about
supergeek. the guy is not/never was an mpaa spy, and you got no
proof from other sites either that he was. your lying. period end
of. why dont you get a life and stop spreading bullcrap fake info.
this whoile thing started as an argument between supergeek and
another user who then posed as another staffer and proceeded to
claim supergeek was a spy for mpaa, even tho you had zero proof.
grow up loser.

140.##### AZolmbi Says:

I am trying to get a acc at TL can you invite me, and the “channel”
# invites, it dosen’t exist, you can send me invite on Mail:

 Please send as soon as possible.  

141.##### Dooglag Says:

Hi Guys ive been trying this for the last hour and no luck =/ Just
tells me i cant create a channel :L

Any chance someone could give me an invite to the torrentleech?

[]( If Possilbe &lt;3

Many Thanks.


142.##### ismail Says:

These methods have been removed  
 please invite Torrentleech

143.##### dipanjan Says:

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169.##### Affinity Says:

TL arent inviting anymore but I believe
[][28]{: rel="nofollow"} are open for account
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out. Its a new tracker but I think it will be up and coming pretty

I would get an account asap, before its close.

170.##### naveed Says:

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171.##### naveed Says:

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173.##### reedemer Says:

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182.##### Dima Says:

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