100 of the Best Free File Hosting Upload Sites

Not everything that’s out there can be found as a torrent - that’s why release blogs and warez forums do amazingly well. alone offers literally millions of separate topics, with each one containing a downloadable release - numbers that by far eclipse even the most prolific public torrent indexers. So where are all these releases being offered for download? On those so-called 1-Click Hoster sites. Here’s a current list of the top 100 free file hosting sites on the ‘net.

You’ve probably come across similar lists, but we’ve cleaned it up for 2009. The number listed next to each entry refers to the “free user” upload size limit only. Many of these services allow for either free or premium registration, in which the allowable sizes of files will be increased. All sites listed below are essentially open to everyone for public uploading - signing up is not required, but optional.

1 GB and up

** - 100 Gb - 10 Gb - 10 Gb - 10 Gb - 5 Gb - 4.7 Gb - 4 Gb - 2 Gb - 2 Gb - 2 Gb - 2 Gb - 2 Gb - 2 Gb - 2 Gb - 1.5 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb - 1 Gb? - 1 Gb - unknown

500 - 800 MB…

** - 800 Mb - 800 Mb - 800 Mb - 600 Mb - 500 Mb - 500 Mb - 500 Mb - 500 Mb - 500 Mb - 500 Mb - 500 Mb (reg files) or 1 Gb (video files) - also has ‘RapidShare Leech’ service.**

200 - 450 MB…

Many of the sites listed in this range are extremely popular with those who upload to release blogs & forums since often the links are interchangeable with eath other, yet each part can be downloaded by “free” (non-premium) users. For example, if you’ve blown your free daily limit downloading Part 1 from, you can download Part 2 from, and so on. Movie releases are often uploaded in 2, 4 or even 8 parts (depending on originating file size and the hoster used).

** - 450 Mb - 400 Mb - 400 Mb ( mirror) - 400 Mb - 400 Mb - 310 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 300 Mb - 250 Mb - 250 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb - 200 Mb**

100 - 150 MB…

** - 150 Mb - 150 Mb - 150 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb - 100 Mb? - 100 Mb - 100 Mb**

Under 100 MB…

** - 61 Mb - 50 Mb - 50 Mb - 50 Mb - 50 mb? - 30 Mb - 25 Mb - 20 Mb - 15 Mb**

Sites that were not added to the above list include ‘registration only’ hosters, such as BitRoad, VIP-File,, etc. Online storage** sites that require accounts, such as 4Shared & were also left off the list; as were image file hosters (TinyPic, ImageShack).

Know of any others? Post ‘em in a comment!

  1. WBB Says:

    Warez-BB is awesome, not for downloads, because that’s why we have torrents! :P They have the most active community I’ve ever seen in my entire life. :)

  2. a/s/l Says: is great, although file upload is disabled at the moment while he’s moving servers. it even allows hotlinking of mp3s, pictures, html files and stuff.

  3. Agent Of Chaos Says:

    WBB ftw. I love that website and it’s made me who I am, on the net that is.

  4. enter8 Says:

    File size limitations. That’s… nice. If you really want to be helpful, though, make a list of average download speeds for free users and then rank each site fastest to slowest. That would be something that people could actually use.

  5. WBB Says:

    Yup. But, that’s also another reason why people use torrents. They’re just faster. You can’t say no to that.

  6. All Your Pics Are Belong To Us Image Host Says:

    Nice list! CHeers!

    I personally just use Rapidshare for everything, as generic as it is.

  7. Says:

    it’s GAY to use a web browser to upload large files

    FTP predates the interweb

    only free file hosting services that provide FTP upload option to free accounts are useful

  8. NEXTLIFE Says:

    Tsk Tsk…HTML, PHP Are More Dangerous Than FTP But You Have A More Direct Access In HTML And PHP

  9. omgwtfhax Says:

    mediafire is the best if you dont have a premium account because there is no wait.

    Rapidshare doesnt get good speeds even with a premium account for me (I have a 100mbit connection)

  10. Lasty Says:

    i m not sure because i don’t use these sites that much, but i think you are wrong about!!!
    it is IMHO one of the best and i think it offers unlimited upload for (free) registered users.. much more than 300 MB

  11. rohail Says:

    hey on that list is supposed to be 500mb but it only says 100 :S

  12. Admiral Says:

    Can you the please provide some sites that supports Remote Upload from FTP sites.

    I found 2 sites : Rapidshare & Filebox

    Is there any other sites.?

  13. 0h0h Says:


  14. pfi Says:

    mediafire is the best

  15. Rapidshare Search Files Says:

    nice list… where you find all this!

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Nick Says:

    Missed on the list.
    File dropper 5gb

  17. anonymous Says:

    FTP supported, webdev supported. filesize unlimited.
    Hotlinkable, but bandwidth restricted.

  18. anonymous Says:

    well, just saying.
    5 gigs for free users.

  19. Hamza Aid Says:

    - 300 Mb max file upload
    - Files never deleted
    - Unlimited & Direct Downloads
    - Storage Space per free account : 100GB
    - Remote URL upload

  20. Armoreska Says:

    Filebox is impressive

  21. UploadCell Team Says:

    UploadCell offers 500MB max upload file size for free users!!
    Just a correction for your list.

    - 2GB max file upload [ 500MB For FREE USERS]
    - Unlimited & Direct Downloads
    - Storage Space per free account : 10GB
    - Remote URL upload
    -Reward System

  22. filesearch Says: can be used to search files from following webistes

  23. SkynetTX Says:

    Good list, but does anyone know a site that compares these sites more complex? For example, how many days are the files deleted after (if no downloading) for free and premium users (if any.)

  24. joe011089 Says:

    I use megaupload Premium because you also get access to megavideo Free, so if their is a MU link on a release blog and you do not feel like downloading it, you can just watch it on megavideo.

  25. chimex Says:

    any1 got site like this 1 ?? upload, search and download type of site,???

  26. chimex Says: any site like this 1 ??? plsssssssssssssssssssssssss

  27. Says: offer:
    - 500 mb per file
    -In account you can create FOLDER or Delete file /folder
    -Its free !!
    -Never Deleted !!!!

  28. rararo Says:
    unlimited file hosting
    180 files formats supported
    latest features you will find here

  29. Tyler Says:

    if you want a site with reviews and ratings of such services, check out

    reviews are added slowly but they thoroughly check out each website

  30. Fredrik Pettersson Says:

    Hello. I have a filehosting/filesharing website at and we offer 10gb maxfilesize! unlimited downloads, no download wait time, Better than a premium account on another filehosting website!

  31. Cata Says: - file hosting and sharing website. 750MB upload limit, 100% free, no download speed limit, unlimited download and much more. Try it!

  32. Sean Says:

    I really do prefer file mirroring as it is way more reliable than just uploading to one site. I’ve found to be the most professional looking and easiest to use free file hosting mirror site. You just upload it to them and they upload it to a bunch of free file hosting sites and you get an awesome looking download page.

  33. barbarian Says:

    I also use file mirroring to give more sources to download and .I’m using which allows to list additional mirrors

  34. Jiten Says:

    20 Mb File Hosting

    unlimited uploads
    unlimited downloads also parallel downloads.

  35. Says:


    get premium membership for each one and you’ll be happy.

  36. Tyler Says: has lists of these sites and ratings and reviews for most of them.

  37. Rick Fran Says:

    We currently use the main reason we use them is that they use ultra fast safe servers and we use them to store our personal and business files,these are password protected and offer massive storage quotas which is refreshing to say the least as most only offer storage for small files.Another site that we also use is a nice little mirror hosting site this one offer the ability to upload a file to many other file storage site and once again this facilty is totally free.
    Hope you all have a fantastic 2010

  38. Matt Says:

    I used since it’s pretty snappy. I don’t think many people know about it yet.

  39. Nick Says:

    Thanks for this extensive list.

  40. Search zippyshare Says:

    Here’s good search engine for some of those hosts: - search zippyshare, rapidshare, 4shared, and more.

  41. best site ever Says:

    for Guest :
    - 512MB Per File
    - 15 Sec Wait time
    - 3 Upload Slots
    - Unlimted WebSpace
    - Unlimted Bandwidth

    for Free Account :
    - 1024MB Per File
    - 10 Sec Wait time
    - 10 Upload Slots
    - Unlimted WebSpace
    - Unlimted Bandwidth

    for Premium Account :
    - 2048MB Per File
    - No Wait time
    - 20 Upload Slots
    - Unlimted WebSpace
    - Unlimted Bandwidth

  42. Crossfire Says:

    Mediafire is the best!!!

  43. Crossfire Says:


  44. Crossfire Says:


  45. Crossfire Says:

    change hyperlink color

  46. Crossfire Says:


  47. Crossfire Says:

    change hyperlink color

  48. Crossfire Says:


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  51. Crossfire Says:


  52. Anthony Says:


  53. Logan Says:

    Hey, I just created a free file hosting site with hot-linking.
    Check it out!

  54. Shyamal Borsaikia Says:

    Very Good File Mirror Hosting Website!

  55. DJboutit Says: rules 2gb file size files never deleted & premium users get $4 pre 1000 downloads

  56. bp Says: is the best i have ever been to.2 gb files 3 at a time on gigabit servers with mp3 and video players to watch what you store not just link it. But it gives you all the links for web an forum also. And its FREE!!!!!

  57. ken Says:

  58. baadshah Says:

  59. peixe Says: is the best one so far, big files big storage, try it :)

  60. Bingis Says:

    is the best one so far

  61. Yohan Says:
    free hosts files up to 10Gb per file, unlimited total file storage

    FTP upload supported

  62. free files Says:

    I like it is simple and allows 100 mb for free users.

  63. Nol Says: is the best , 250Mb and make money for upload

  64. Warez-bb Uploader Says:

    Hello guys this is a list of the top Highest upload speed filesharing in my opinion up to 5000 mb 200 mb 200 mb


    Wolrd Highest upload speed filesharing

  65. king Says: 500mb

  66. nadz Says:

    Why dont use torrent site instead, for unlimited space. Provided that your files are in .torrent filename.

    I am using it at

  67. ramonfer Says:

    Another site to Upload Files on Multiple Hosts is .
    You can upload files on 12 Hosts with only 1 click.
    Works fine.

  68. Ross Nareen Says:

    I came across MediaLightbox - - few months ago when needed to back up large graphics, found the system really good for quick uploads without any messing around or fussy functions either

  69. Nicholas Says:

    Hey guys is free and its fast

    There is a 10 mb size limit

    Your files stay on for 30 days

    wait time of 40 sec

  70. hasitha Says:

    I think the best Free file hosting services at the moment are fileserve and Hotfile. They let you upload files even without an account and also you can earn money from your uploaded files. Important thing is both of these services really pay !

  71. fil upldp Says: multiple file upload site. great upload tool.

  72. InternetDJ Says: is a great site to upload music and mp3s.

  73. Nancy Says:

    Put in the list! The website looks very simple and easy to use. The great thing is it provides you up to 1GB of uploading files, which is quite large space for me :)

  74. TooFiles Says:

    Great free file hosting site with large online storage space up to 1 GB. Very easy to register and log in to upload according to each categories: images, videos, musics, and documents. What I like about it is I can upload multiple images and it automatically resize the size of images for me, which is really convenience.

  75. Art Says:

    You need to add to your list they are great!

  76. sathyam Says:


    I personally just use Rapidshare for everything, as generic as it is.

  77. Hina Says:

    The best place for kids

  78. Padraic Says: offers 1GB of free space along with a 300MB per file limit. Their service is very fast and easy to use. You can even upload up to 5 files at the same time. It’s great for personal file storage.

  79. Paulie Says:

    i use for sending artwork files to clients - it’s got a really neat approval feature which i find very useful

  80. Risda Says:

    Here’s another one, unlimited fil storage, but max file size is 200MBs per file.

  81. Nicholas Says:

    GX Upload is now a 250mb per file

  82. Ed1H3r0 Says:

    Hey I made a new 1….
    Its allowed 1024 MB files…
    Also the waiting time for downloading a file is 0
    Check it out :)

  83. brucelee Says:

    started using it for over a month now. you can upload up to 2 gbs. i think you can download unlimited times too

  84. brucelee Says:
    started using it for over a month now. you can upload up to 2 gbs. i think you can download unlimited times too

  85. tim Says:

    check out its free to use and really straight forward. also there is no waitng times or annoying popups!

  86. Roshel Says:

    I also get a good site for search anythings

    Good day !!…

  87. Oli Says: Is great, the most simple upload site i’ve found and it supports loads of file types though it currently has a 10MB limit.