13 New Private Trackers: September 2009 Edition

Traditionally, July and August usually aren’t the busiest months for new private trackers to make a début on the torrent scene. Tracker devs located above the equator probably have better things to do than sit inside feverishly working on code during warm days. And who are we to blame them? With Summer winding down, there’s still an impressive list of new private trackers to report about …or is there? For this article, we’ve put a new spin on the format to provide our own insight on these new trackers.

SeedFreaks started out at the beginning of August, and offers mostly German-only releases. Stats report 255 total torrents listed on the tracker, although the active figure is far less than this, as many are 0:0 torrents. The login/signup are both a little odd (or innovative - call it what you will) as you’ll find out here.

Our prediction — Great name, with a coolish logo to match. While it’s obvious that some effort was spent into developing the logo, site design and fetching the URL, the same can’t quite be said for the devotion of the initial seeders - who should be making sure to keep these first torrents seeding, especially in such a young tracker. Out of 255 torrents, more than half would be considered dead, and less than 40 have more than one seeder - not a good sign. Internationally, this site will tank. Then again, there really aren’t that many good Deutsch trackers to choose from, so we can’t thumb-down it. Download speeds were very good, at +600 Kb/s from 1-seeded torrents.

If there’s ever been one genre of tracker that everyone can agree on as being “international” - then it would have to be adult torrent trackers. Tinklas is a new Lithuanian tracker based on TS 6 code (you’ve seen TS Special Edition before; a popular choice for adult trackers, and also effective). With no official site logo (aside from what we created), thankfully the “staff” put more time into seeding than site dev - DL speeds averaged a respectable 120 KB/s on 1-seeded torrents. Not that we tested all of them.

Our prediction — With a *cough* strong domain name like xxx-tinklas, don’t expect this site to last forever (but prove us wrong). We’ll thumbs-up it for now, since they’ve kept a low profile and probably won’t survive more than a few months. Online since June 29th, Tinklas lists 141 active torrents and 306 members. Probably no authentic Lithuanian pr0n to be found, just in case you were inquiring.

  • — Category: Adult
  • — Signup URL: here.

It’s a pity that HQPorn has now closed down and its new successor is In any event, already serves up a total of 3,800 torrents and 2,900 members. Just like their predecessor - offers huge packs, DVDRs, siterips and HQ releases.

Our prediction — The old TBDev-coded site was visually superior - that’s not an opinion. But despite this, is doing well, regardless.

SeedScene, which is very much a slick-sounding name for a private tracker - unfortunately didn’t do something better with the default Xbtit code. We’re talking stock code; nothing customized (aside from removing the clock). Maybe we caught them at a bad moment, and got in too early. Doubt it though, since the oldest torrent is from July 27th.

Our prediction — Brace yourself: this may quite possibly be just one dude running a torrent tracker here - we’re not kidding. But if we can give props where it’s deserved, you can expect great speeds on the 30-or-so active torrents (we hit 1 MB/s DL on two torrents we tested). Surely the torrents are hosted on a seedbox, where the owner will be elated to see leechers.

BalkanElite is a new private tracker that sprouted up less than two weeks ago, and already lists a very respectable 90 torrents & 143 members.

Our prediction — Not much to say. Unless you’re Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian or Slovenian you probably won’t find a lot of interesting content. Having said that, of the 90 torrents - 44 are multi-sub DVDR releases (in PAL format) which may appeal to just about any European country.

Russian TorrentsBook is not an elearning/ebook tracker, but a general site with releases pertaining to any & all genres. With nearly 16,500 torrents, surely there’s something for everyone here.

Our prediction — The layout is suspect (it’s impossible to browse main torrent categories; only their sub-cats - and browse icons aren’t displayed) but the sheer amount of releases easily makes up for this small shortcoming. Great peers on the torents, too.

EvolutionBitz is another new August startup, and currently lists 136 active torrents & 428 members. Most of the stuff here is ’scene’ but there’s no real theme to the content.

Our prediction — TS trackers are a dime a dozen, so what makes Evolutionbitz stand out from the rest? Not much, actually. However, there are some decent large packs (music and TV series/seasons). Be sure to hit the “Thanks” button before downloading any torrents.

PremierTorrents surfaced some time in August, but it’s hard to tell since there’s no “date added” to the uploaded torrents. Presently listing 447 active torrents, at least half are in the Movies/XviD category. In our tests, download speeds were above average (600 Kb/s).

Our prediction — Don’t expect PT to overtake SCC anytime soon, but at least they’re running TBDev. A few things need to be fixed; such as removing the chatbox from every running page (this has to be hard on the database & server).

  • — Category: Music (live)
  • — Signup link: here.

New LiveJams is one of those rare trackers that’s using Joomla as a frontend with xbt backend. Featuring live music torrents only (no scene releases or studio albums to be found), LiveJams’ primary focus is for concerts in both audio and DVD (video) format.

Our prediction — Trackers that restrict themselves to “live” music tend to appeal to a limited niche audience, but don’t let that thwart you. Aspiring members can always have a look at the 300+ active torrents before deciding to register or not.

Games.BitFile is a brand-new games/console tracker with two distinct browse links (XBOX and PlayStation) although games-related torrents for both consoles can be found in each (wallpapers, appz, etc). Currently lists just 62 torrents.

Our prediction — It’s tough to form an opinion of such a young tracker - only the future holds the key to their merit. All torrents were uploaded between Aug. 27-30th, and no new torrents added since then.

Passion-Musique - if you didn’t guess - is a music tracker. Indexing 104 torrents in their first two weeks, P-M has both French & international releases, as well as a few appz, DVDs and videos.

Our prediction — The market for music trackers is so over-saturated now, it’s nearly impossible to find a niche - let alone come up with a successful ‘general music’ site based on the weak BtiTracker code. Details such as MP3 bitrates are not provided with each torrent, so it’s anyone’s guess to whether or not you’ll be downloading 128, VBR, 320 or V0 music.

ZanetteTorrent is latest torrent tracker to come from Portugal. Since forming in the latter half of July ‘09 - ZT indexes 162 active torrents, and caters mainly to music and XviD rips. Make sure your PC speakers are on low before logging in.

Our prediction — Won’t find much international (English) appeal - very little ’scene’ content and most of the music is Portuguese (naturally). Dismal DL speeds in our test torrent.

Don’t expect to compete with What & Waffles, but in their own right they’re still a very decent music tracker. In their first 2 days, H4U already indexes 175 torrents with 821 members. Freeleech on everything until September 15th.

Our prediction — If anything else, there’s some enthusiasm from the camp, although we doubt this will turn them into a true contender. Still, there’s some good packs and discogs.

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    I am feverishly working on code as fast as I can to add new features to the site warm weather or not. The site is actually based on a joomla front end, using xbt as a tracker and a front end that I made as a joomla component. There will be new stuff coming all the time.

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    Also we provide advanced rating system, based on amount of downloaded and seeding torrents and individual user rating for comments, torrents, etc (NOT on uploaded/downloaded traffic). And.. we support up to one million peers and 13000+ torrents (pron was removed). And, of cource, we support different retrackers (currently 384 subnets for Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States) and open trackers such as

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