Tracker Communities Rallying for SceneTorrents

Whoever coined the phrase Black Friday gives it all new meaning, as this is also the weekend that SceneTorrents announced they’ll be quitting the torrent scene forever. Sadly, there really isn’t a substitute for this one-of-a-kind tracker, although many communities are pulling together to offer ScT refugees a new home. We’ve come up with a list of trackers that are offering invites, special/open signups or IRC recruitment in honor of ScT. If you feel like getting involved, add your site in a comment.


Still offering invites through their IRC #invites channel.

Stats: Members - 182,000. Torrents - 23,970.


Also offering invites through #scc-support, recently raised their member limit from 16,000 to 20,000 to accommodate stranded ScT members. Read the MOTD (channel topic), and have your ScT profile link available. This is said to be ending soon; we can’t confirm when.

Stats: Members - 17,727 Torrents - 43,691.

IRC invites are now up -

Stats: Members - unknown. Torrents - 8,700.


GFT has opened their invite channel to ScT members only. “We have limited spots for ex sct members. #gft-invites gets crowded so we had to set invite only when group of 10-15 pps are in. After they are done, channel is -i so others can get in, and os on…. so be patient and keep trying.” or

Register & join with your ScT nick, then have a screenshot of your ScT profile page. Topic: “If you are here from ScT prepare to have your stats available to show staff. You will be voiced when it is your turn to be helped.”

Stats: Members - 3,000. Torrents - 17,208.

Ratio-free is a “packs-only” tracker. Direct signup have now been opened - “And you can skip most of the questions just put in your ScT profile/screenshot and then say you heard about PiN from here.”

Stats: Members - unknown. Torrents - 600 (active). is also offering IRC recruitment to ex-ScT members: (hotlink here). “Make sure you say you’re from ScT and you’ll be asked to provide a screenshot and email.”

Stats: Members - 1,751. Torrents - 5,167.


Stats: unknown


Currently has open signups - scenelife[dot]net/signup.php

Stats: Members - 8,574. Torrents - 2,019 (active).


IRC: (hotlink here).

Stats: Members - unknown. Torrents - 19,600.


If the link above doesn’t work, simply join - “Please have a screen shot of your ScT account handy, and one of our staff will be happy to bring you on board.”


Has recruitment in IRC - (hotlink here). Make a screenshot from your ScT profile as proof, join channel and wait for voice (+v).

Stats: Members - 17,000. Torrents - 12,000.


Also has IRC recruitment - (hotlink here). “Do not query anyone unless allowed to. Also do not query more than one staff member at a time. Please wait patiently for your turn. It takes some time to check each and every one. Monitor the channel for staff members’ messages. Do not paste anything in the channel. Once allowed, query the staff member with a screenshot of your ScT profile, direct link to your profile and email address. All screenshots should be hosted on tinypic, imgbay, imageshack or photobucket only.”

Stats: Members - unknown. Torrents - 17,850.


More IRC recruitment - (hotlink here). “Post your ScT profile link or an uncropped screenshot of your profile, and your email address”.

Stats: Members - 16,652. Torrents - 20,632.


DigitalHive is another scene tracker that’s open.

Stats: Members - 24,384. Torrents - 7,138.


Has IRC recruitment - (hotlink here).

IRC invites: (hotlink here). Make a screenshot from your ScT profile as proof, join channel and wait for voice (+v).

Stats: Members - 21,308. Torrents - 13,594

Stats: Members - 18,268. Torrents - 4,804

Know of any other trackers that are opening special signups for ScT members? Post a comment, I’ll add it to the list.

  1. s3cretguy Says: open for registration new site but execellent pretimes and plenty of content

  2. Steveaguay Says:

    I think TV also had a ScT Sign up. But thanks for the List RIP ScT

  3. Kermit Says:

    We have our door open to accept any displaced members.

    Torrents - 19,600

    0day/Scene/p2p Tracker 6667 (+6697 ssl)
    on IRC if needing help /join #TTS-Help

  4. andrew110 Says:

    I’d imagine most people at ScT are trying to get into SCC.

    SCC is going to own every tracker now.

  5. CT Says:

    CT is also accepting displaced ScT users via their irc support chan.

  6. Hm Says:

    DH is open signups. Comparable pretimes to ScT, SCC, TiT etc.

    DH has been around longer then most sites at almost 4 years now with a big community, easy to seed torrents, bonuses etc.

  7. SOMEGUY Says:

    please remove the link to ScT Salvation forum, as it’s supposed to be only for ScT’s former members.

  8. grand Says:


    it’s not like there’s any rules on the forum saying so. and it really doesn’t matter anyway, all the giveaways on there require proof of account.

  9. smartass Says:

    wow this a fukin bull as ScT will never die in my eyes all you assmuchers watch out posting your sites dumb ass as there are lot of people scanning th eforums looking for news and where to attack next !!!!!!

  10. ey Says:

    » Unable to join #gft-invites ‹invite only›

  11. Me Says:

    omfg, it truly is the end of the world when FunFile is offered to ex ScT members. LOL Funny thing is, if youre a member at ScT, I could almost guarantee that 90% of those guys know how much of a dodgy fuck l0ckd0wn really is, and all their scammer staff. hz101 - 4000$ a month paid by L0ckd0wn, GurlGenius - dupe account creator, and also now staff at gft, just look at her past history at ptm. jon - stoke the ScR server. And L0ckd0wn, apparently he is not running the show anymore? lies, he is scamming away from behind closed doors allowing his staff to be his front.

    Seriously, you wanna put feasible options for members ofr ScT, this makes me laugh. For the safety of people, I highly advise that FunFile is excluded from this list.

  12. Kebert Says:

    GFT invites not working here either.

  13. Dididave Says:

    As nobody seems to have the stats listed on the tracker here they are…
    Registered users 18,268
    Torrents 4,804
    Peers 10,177
    Seeders 8,787
    Leechers 1,390
    Seeder/leecher ratio (%) 632

    Time After Pre: 3 minutes and 37 seconds
    Miki Litvak - Winki Style EP-(TVRD060)-WEB-2009-PsyCZ
    Time After Pre: 38 seconds
    Time After Pre: 27 minutes and 45 seconds
    TV HiDef
    Time After Pre: 13 minutes and 45 seconds

    Approx Pre times for some of the many sections we cater for …..

    Anime Apps/0Day Apps/Iso Auto/Misc Books Covers Games/Nds
    Games/Pc Games/PS2 Games/PS3 Games/PSP Games/Wii Games/Xbox Games/XBox360
    InterActive DVD Movie/AVCHD Movie/SVCD Movie/VCD Movie/WMV Movies/DVD-R Movies/Kids
    Movies/MP4 Movies/Multis Movies/x264 Movies/Xvid Movies/Xvid Classic Movies/Xvid/Boxset Movies/XXX
    Music/Karaoke Music/MP3s Music/Rave Music/Videos TV/Boxsets/Rips TV/DVD-R TV/Episodes

    We are a Scene and Non-Scene tracker uploads open to all…..

    Free email’s are banned on sign-up but can be updated to free email address once logged into the site.

  14. detlef Says:

    ScL offline because of massive user influx. Dont bother to get in right now!

  15. Astaroth Says:

    To signuip U need to have an invite code. No other way.

  16. Kai Says:

    Someone knows if PeerPortal and DH are good site, like TL, TV and ScL? They worth the registration??

  17. slick Says:

    Great job nubs. you posted ScL’s URL and now the signups are closed again.

  18. wtf Says:

    Why in the world did you post ScL url thanks a lot guy.
    the site wont load now :(

  19. fail Says:

    u guys failed… first of all scl has 6000 torrents, and 4500 of them are active ( remember to visit the depot section)…. and u failed by posting the url.. now they will probably never give out invites for like 1 year……… morons

  20. sparky Says:

    great new site open to all

  21. :) Says:

    Dirty-Deeds has open sign-ups:

  22. ScR-Staff Says:

    Scenerace is open-reg and free leech at the moment. Everyone is welcome.

  23. POE33 Says:

    TB Now Open http://www.t******b***

  24. LT Says: opened signups for all users (a great turkish site)

  25. djExtacy Says:

    Go with SceneRace. Their staffing team is very friendly. :)

  26. Steveaguay Says: LoL ScL

  27. JD Says:

    GFT still offering invites? couldn’t get in their irc channel for quite a while now

  28. redperks Says:

    Come join us @ A new friendly Torrent Community with all torrents currently Freeleech and All Seeded with Seedboxes! Open registration for a limited time only! Dont forget to say “HI” in our shoutbox! :D


  29. Marhz Says: is a TV-Tracker with good pre-times.

    Registered users: 4,601

    (1600+ members in one week)

    You are all welcome.

    PS. We are giving all new members 2GB upload)

    / Marhz (

  30. mitraark Says:

    It is really weird that sites like Funfile and PeerPortal and Digital Hive are being listed as replacement for ScT Users. Personally,I would have to say ScL would have been ideal to house all ScT Members,as it has a Great Community and Good Layout.I didnt say SCC because they will probably become like the fuhrër of Trackers now that ScT is no more :’(

  31. grmeaper Says:

    ok ptfiles are giving invites to all as well as your ratio bk so even if you had 4.5TB just show us a pic and you willhve it bk on are site just come in to are irc and chat

  32. wooper Says:

    To all ScT members, come and join sX, we are a ratio free HD only tracker. We are currently offering invites to all ScT members.

    Channel: #sx.invite

  33. rr Says:

    For the next 24 hours, sX will be offering open signups for ex-sct member. It is a ratio free hd tracker. Anyone wishing to join after that may go to the irc channel: Server:
    Channel: #sx.invite

  34. anon Says:

    For next week or so has open signups pretty good pretimes very relaxed about ratio. also looking for uploaders to help the autobots out :) signup here

  35. ME Says:



  36. RandoM Says:

    So many ads for shitty trackers here.. Im sure that most of the ex-ScT members are already in trackers they want to be (like SCC or SCL)… In any case FAIL!

  37. RaGe Says: {games only tracker}is open for reg to all ScT members with a 6gig upload credit on signup

  38. Steveaguay Says:

    Ya its kinda funny Its like Hey ScT members come from one of the best Trackers to one no one has heard of and Pre times are shit! But it will be fun =)

  39. Shrike Says:

    What a fucking joke. If people from ScT wanted to be on these piece of shit trackers, they would’ve already been on them. That’s why they were on ScT, because these are SHIT.

    “I was about to committ suicide before I found out that funfile was open.”

  40. Fifok Says:

    Read that why Scene Torrents Closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. b2tb Says:

    open signup’s at

    2700 members, 4000 torrents

    only been open 5 months but we pride ourselves on fast pre-times.

  42. tm Says:

    we will take in as many signups as required

  43. SpartaRulz Says: great tracker wonder why nobody has heard or talked about them
    if ya want an invite hit me up with a email @

  44. None Says:

    Wow so many new/no name trackers.. Go with one that is established and has been around awhile. Most new trackers die after the first month from lack of donations.

    [ TL ] [ #7 ] [ Strictly.Come.Dancing.It.Takes.Two.S06E51.WS.PDTV.XviD-FTP ] [ 1h 27m 13s After Pre ] [ Race Won By DH 1h 26m 47s Ago ]

    [ DH ] [ #1 ] [ Cloudy.With.A.Chance.Of.Meatballs.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-ARROW ] [ 1m 49s After Pre ]

    LAWL. - Open Signups, been around 4 years, fast pretimes, fast speeds. 25k users.

  45. TeRoLE Says:

    I had the best stats of any user at SCT and am going to join the tracker that gives me the best offer. Here is proof of my greatness:

  46. Bigjev Says:

    TEROLE you sun of a bitch

  47. std Says:

    wow terole is god

  48. lightcatcher Says:

    don’t look at that link plz

  49. donkey Says:

    for a great community join here

  50. SeedBytes Says:

    Hi Def
    High Quality
    High Speed

    open registration and 50GB upload buffer!

  51. John Doe Says:

    @ ME @ 011
    - You do realize GurlGenius has not been staff for months. Her and HZ got fucking banned. If you dont believe me, go check their profile pages. :P

  52. GurlGenius Says:

    Funny me up there, bad mouthing trackers as usual. Then even mentioning certain staff members names! Shame on you. You must have disappeared Yousuck since the last time There was an article about Funfile. For your information, thats right lOckdOwn was a thieving pig, but since has finally died and gotten buried with some Samoli Pirates, the head cancer finally got him! Hz101 is now living in an australian homeless shelter with no one to pay his rent. As for myself Im now at GFT, will MicroMasters still sniffing at my ass like a good litl puppy dog. As for hard feelings I hold no grudges, for I did have several accounts at PTM and yes they did what they had to do. My fault and I accept the consequences. . But Funfile will always be one of the finest trackers there is. They are just super great! Nuff said.

  53. MicroMasters Says:

    With ScT out of the picture. Our sites will be busier than ever!
    Dont forget to put on your TinFoil hats too!

  54. GurlGenius Says:

    Oh MicroMasters that kind of talk makes me wet. Cyber me baby, make me drip, drip, drip!!!!! Meet me in the bedroom, I got rolls of reynolds wrap and ots of butter waiting. Please tell me Youve thrown a cookie at me and what a good little Gurlgenius I am.


    dude, nasty. at least say nsfw.

  56. brooksy Says:

    The best replacement is SCC and then TL, TV, PT.

    lol at the non-0day/general sites (PtP, PiN, etc.) trying to cash in on us good ScT users. obv we’re all active torrenters. Look at what we did to SCC.

    also lol at ScL. nice try lol.

    ChronicTracker isn’t on the list btw.

  57. Achillean Says:

    Any ScT members will definitely be disappointed in many of the trackers posted here as ScT’s speeds, content, pretimes and community is simply unrivalled. Many of the trackers are like vultures so everyone know ScT members are top notch members any tracker would want.

  58. SpartaRulz Says: :)

  59. Assistant Says:

    We at Fuckizone are working to ensure that you reach the tracker of dream. For SCT former members specially and for anyone individually. We are glad to accept new members to our community, and we are ready to help, and support them.

    Our Link:

  60. blah Says:

    ScL sucks like shit. Don’t bother to get in there.

  61. ScL Says:

    ScL doesnt sucks!
    if you read their announcements their racers are on holidays!
    i am waiting to see what they are going to do when they are back!
    for the time i think it sucks a little lol

  62. CT Says:

    ScL did seem kind of sucky when I joined a while back. Was just sort of dead compared to ScT (:wubScT:).

    CT sucks bc their admin/sysop sucks. Saw him talking all sorts of hating bullshit on IRC. Fucking racist teabagger.

    Also agree with some of above good sites, although perhaps different orders. SCC, PT, IPT, TL for ScT-comparable. IPT also adds a lot of cool appz etc. Also really like PTF for community, site features, & unique content. Lots of the more active IRC & forum people seem to be appearing there too.

  63. TorrentSeed Says: has open signups thats only going to last a few more days

  64. left Says:

    The torrent-damage ratio seemed super-fake to me.

  65. BG - SD Says:

    come say hi!!

    99% torrents run on 100mbit lines…

  66. corsutscorner Says:

    We gladly welcome you to our small, but growing site. We specialize in horror/sci-fi/fantasy. Torrents are seedbox hosted for speed. We have a small arcade, blackjack, casino, and a good tutorials section in our constantly expanding forums. Join us and
    help create a community to be proud of. Why not give us a try?

  67. STN LOVER Says:

    Well STN has now decided to shut its doors. WHY? Because Yocto the site admin had a hissy fit because someome questioned his honesty on running the site as he decided to make the site a ratio site again.

    Yocto`s words

    “Yea, but the real problem is, how to be consistent when idiots are trying to find ways to abuse a system. A system that had no rules, and yet, I’m the bad guy.

    For everything that I try to do, I get a shit load of negative feedback, complaints.
    And a bunch of fucking people that can’t read.

    The subject of the thread is “Temporary” for Christs sake.

    But you know. I’ve had my fill. It’s been fun, and it’s been real. Just not real fun.

    I’ve come to the conclusion. I don’t see eye to eye with the majority of people. The sense of entitlement that some people have is outstounding.

    Additionally I am extremely tired of fighting with people, arguing, and trying to educate people.

    So effective Dec 15th, I’m closing STN. I will process and give refunds.
    No need to send me a pm with your transaction ID as I’m refunding everyones money including previous donors.

    I’ll spend my time, my money, and my effort on something else that brings me enjoyment. Because taking abuse from the handful of ignorant, uneducated people here is consuming way to much of my time”

    Its more likely that Yocto couldnt afford to run the site any longer and he was looking for any excuse to get out. Since his message many members have pleaded with Yocto to keep the site open but he has ignored all messages and is keeping away from the forums.

    At the moment there are no torrents to download and the only thing working are the forums.


  68. Trackback :: ScT aka Scenetorrents is closing down - Page 3 - P2P | TechEnclave

    […] Originally Posted by Smith_shah wow noticed just yesterday that ScT closed down, i spent a whole month only seeding and built an awesome ratio, good thing i still got TL or else i would be stranded… nehow whats this i here about ScT users gettin a/c in diff trackers, more INFO plsss? Too late, few trackers are still offering invites through IRC but most of them stopped. Perhaps you could try your luck with the ones mentioned here Tracker Communities Rallying for SceneTorrents | THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks an… […]

  69. maxhunt Says:

    DESCRIPTION : Torrents.2areg is newly arrived torrent forum, in a short period it got very good name, with in 3 months they got “275 users”, “2649 posts” posts and “360 topics” with active status like moderators, V.I.Ps, Helpers status, users have many advantages of joining here,

    Minimum Participation?………….YES

    Private Tracker Reviews?………. YES

    ‘Open Signups’ Thread?………….YES

    Credit / Points System?…………YES

    Offers & Requests?…………YES

    Invite Trading?……….NO

    Invite Giveaways?………..YES

    Locked Forums?………… YES

    OUR NOTES : When requesting a giveaway, quality posting is taken into consideration, especially when being offered by the admins. So make meaningful posts - perhaps add a review, help someone out in a thread, etc. Keep your speed and ratio proofs handy - they may be requested.