Tixati - an Advanced New BitTorrent Client

![](/images3/tixati-small.png “Click For Larger View”)Not too many BitTorrent clients are able to compete with uTorrent & Vuze, but if total control over your torrent transfers is a must, then Tixati is definitely something worth checking out. This new client offers an absurd array of advanced features; including trackerless torrent support, magnet links, and robust flexibility.

Tixati Features:

  • • Detailed views of all aspects of the torrent swarm, including peers, pieces, files, and trackers.
  • • Low memory usage.
  • • Support for “magnet links”, so no need to download .torrent files if a simple magnet-link is available.
  • • Super-efficient peer choking/unchoking algorithms ensure the fastest downloads.
  • • Peer connection encryption for added security, as well as IPv6 support.
  • • Full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) and PEX implementation for trackerless torrents as well as for torrents with an announce, including detailed traffic graphs and customizable event logging.
  • • Advanced bandwidth charting of overall traffic and per-transfer traffic, with separate classification of protocol and file bytes, and with separate classification of outbound traffic for trading and seeding.
  • • Highly flexible bandwidth throttling, including trading/seeding proportion adjustment and adjustable priority for individual transfers and peers.
  • • Bitfield graphs that show the completeness of all downloaded files, what pieces other peers have available, and the health of the overall swarm.
  • • Customizable event logging for each download, and individual event logs for all peers within the swarm.
  • • Expert local file management functions which allow you to move files to a different location even while downloading is still in progress.
  • • 100% compatible with the BitTorrent protocol.
  • • Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Linux-GTK native versions available.

![](/images3/tixati_transfers-small.gif “Click For Larger View”)

Why We Recommend Tixati:

While we wouldn’t go out of our way to suggest using Tixati on many of your private tracker accounts, this client is hard-to-beat for public torrents & magnet links. Connectivity and download speeds are above average without a sacrifice for high memory consumption. In our own words, here are just some of the advanced features we discovered:

  • Meta-Info: (Magnet link-to-torrent, and vice-versa). Magnet links from jobs added as .torrent files are displayed and can be copied from within the app, to share as direct links. Inversely, jobs that were originally added through magnet links can be saved as .torrent files.
  • File Priority: The ability to prioritize the files (pieces) sequentially in a downloading torrent. Great if you want to be able to preview a partially-downloaded file.
  • Auto-downloading: The ability to automatically add .torrent files from a target location. Tixati will scan a chosen target directly, and add/start .torrents that have been added here.
  • Multi file ’save’ locations: Finished files can be (globally) set to move to a predetermined location - but even better, individual jobs can be set to move to a desired location while downloading. For example, you can tell a music torrent to complete in C:\Music, and direct a movie to C:\Movies.
  • Ultra-fast magnet-link connections - no need to wait for the magnet link to connect to the swarm.
  • Support for both tracker proxying and/or peer TCP proxy.
  • Tracker filtering: The ability to globally block certain trackers from connecting.
  1. ashaman Says:

    What about RSS functionality?
    Also, private trackers will probably be slow in accepting it…

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  3. Yatti420 Says:

    Worth checking out.. Will be surprised if this client will even compete with the likes of utorrent… Aslong as the algorithms are not being aggressive and leech then this client should be fine on pvt trackers.. If it starts acting up its gonna get a mass ban..

  4. asif nayem Says:

    doesn’t work on some private tracker

  5. Ryan Says:

    Definitely worth a second look, thanks a ton for sharing!

  6. Redefinition Says:

    Uh wait a minute… doesnt utorrent have all these and much more…worth checking out but Utorrent is very private tracker friendly

  7. Afda Says:

    nice gui and features, I will be using this over utorrent from now on.

    hope it gets updated frequently.

  8. grand Says:

    looks interesting, but can’t exactly try it out, as i only use private trackers.

  9. right Says:

    It somehow reminds me of WinMX with that dark UI.

  10. Ifo Says:

    Sheesh…looks ugly

  11. pirateX Says:

    I quote: “The ability to prioritize the files (pieces) sequentially in a downloading torrent. Great if you want to be able to preview a partially-downloaded file.”

    Nice guys, you are promoting a BT client implementing sequential downloading, that’s likely the worst thing to use in BT.

    If you want to screw up the swarm and multifiles torrents, it’s the best idea.

    It’s just another Bitvomit client promoting hit & run leechers. *sigh*

  12. cpx Says:

    @ Piratex

    I don’t think that sequential downloading is sooo bad idea, however, it should not be used on a regular basis. This is only useful if you wnt ot preview a file, just as mentioned in article.

  13. ADre Says:

    Only one difference between utorrent and Tixati is that Tixati founders spent some money to pay this PR review here.

  14. troll Says:

    lol client fail

  15. matty Says:

    Who built/put this tracker out there? What’s the story on the creators?

    Will it work in Linux?

  16. l Says:

    If you had read the article, Matty, you’d see that it does indeed work on Linux based platforms.

  17. asaf Says:

    • Expert local file management functions which allow you to move files to a different location even while downloading is still in progress.

    sounds great! it’s the one thing I’ve been missing in utorrent forever. but since I use a lot of privates, I guess I’ll have to wait and see if it’s accepted…

  18. assre Says:


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  19. joazito Says:

    @ asaf :

    You can (sort of) change the location of files while downloading in uTorrent if you change the torrent’s label

  20. 100th Says:

    lool @ CN tracker :)

  21. ooo Says:

    you can change the location of the torrent in utorrent easily. Just stop the torrent, move everything that’s already downloaded in a the new location you want and then right click on the torrent inside utorrent select advanced and then select Set download location.

  22. dave Says:

    ill have to check it out.

  23. rillo Says:

    RIGHT wrote:
    “It somehow reminds me of WinMX with that dark UI.”

    Good guess there chief, The maintainer of this project is believed to be Kevin Hearn, the author of WinMX. Unpatched WinMX clients started to advertise this tixati in the spam window a few months ago, so obviously, the owner of the domain (which was never unregistered after the WinMX peer network cache servers were taken offline) ALSO owns or is deeply involved in this tixati project.
    I do believe Kevin is trying to do what he did early in the decade, Bittorent all the rage nowadays, OpenNap was all the rage back then. When he created WinMX It had a special secret handshake that gave WinMX clients priority over other clients. Server owners hated this and thus you have your long history of WinMX being a commonly banned client on the majority of OpenNap servers. He basically took the OpenNap protocol for a ride while he developed his own network, which he would later sell out all of its users and left them in the dark in fear of the **AA.
    Don’t look for any private trackers to accept a client maintained by a guy who is FAMOUS for giving users of his own client preferential treatment while making it harder for others to connect! And if eventually he develops the Tixati peer network, Don’t get too attached to it, cos he’ll just shut it down in a couple years when he gets scared!
    Stick with your µTorrent, It has all the features you need and doesn’t need improvements or a replacement. µTorrent runs on any and all versions of windows and on all versions of WINE without any problems. Tixati only runs on windows newer than XP and on particular Linux distros. Bram Cohen, the bittorrent protocol author - liked µTorrent so much that he replaced his own client with it and bought the company. You tell me what’s more trustworthy!

  24. rillo Says:

    Here, have a look:
    any similarities there?

  25. hellsing487 Says:

    hello,i need revtt invitation…….here is my ratio.

  26. CUL8R Says:


    So…Your TL username is hellboy321 and on iPT it’s …harder to read …aFadali ?

    Well, I hope for you that no TL or iPT staff is around…or… you will taste the banhammer for your st*pidity !
    Come on dude, asking for an invite on a public site ? Don’t you know that’s not tolerated? And posting non blurred ratio screens where everyone can see your username….

    I wonder how you got in TL and iPT, trading maybe?

  27. Jimmy W Says:

    Hey RILLO, could you be any more full of BS? You sound like a rejected 14 year old girl.

    I’d like to see you stand up to the RIAA and risk losing your shirt before saying the WinMX people ’sold out’. Yeeeesh. Did you see what happened to the other recipients of those cease and desist letters when they didn’t shut down? The limewire guys have already spent hundreds of thousands in legal fees and still haven’t been to trial. And yet you criticize the WinMX people, who never spammed or made money off that program for shutting down? Wow what a jealous asshole you are. BTW there are still tens of thousands using WinMX, it’s as simple as changing the hosts file to use a new peer cache. I ran an alternate cache for a few years after the official one closed down, and there were insane numbers of people using it, so the shutdown was no big deal for most users.

    Your conspiracy theory about OpenNap is amazing. Did little green space aliens take part in the conspiracy too?

    I hope the WinMX people are involved in Tixati, WinMX is awesome and I’ve downloaded tons of good shit from there. And they never put spyware in. Have fun wiping uTorrents cum off your chin. You and the other 5 people using operating systems from the last century can stick with that flimsy POS. LOL

  28. Annabelle Delinois Says:

    Well, the listed females are enticing however these are ready and willing. See for yourself Candice Kirner

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  30. Herbman82 Says:


    I’m very disappointed that the reviewer didn’t mention this, but you can customize every single color that appears in the program.

    I don’t care about half the features. But customizing the colors is the only reason I’m using this program instead of utorrent, my interface looks BEAUTIFUL now :-D

    Download speed is the same as when using uTorrent, so this is now definitely my favorite program,

  31. Avi Says:

    Utorrent is the FUCKING torrent downloading client i have ever used .
    Vuze is the best .

  32. Rochell Gindlesperger Says:

    I always have got a little something to say on these matters, but i’d better not on this day.

  33. GreG Says:

    I have been using this for about a week and am really impressed. I have actually been getting higher speeds on Tixati than uTorrent (not much but still an increase) and my uTorrent was set to optimal settings. You can change the colour scheme so people should STFU about that. It works on demonoid and is getting reviewed on BakaBT right now so I guess that it is still in the process of getting accepted by some trackers. Thumbs up from me.

  34. Honk Says:

    I’ve tried TIXATI for a while and I liked it. I really liked the function that you could so easily download a part of a torrent first, and then later you could easily start downloading the rest of the torrent. Like if your gonna download a tv series but want it to go fast so you can start watching it, this is great. Is this the “sequential downloading” that they say is so bad? Anyways, as far as I’ve understood you can’t do that so easily in utorrent, so therefore I like TIXATI better. But if it’s so bad then I won’t do it anymore…;)