CN: The Opportunity Awaits to Join the CN Tracker

CN. We can’t tell you much about the mystical CN tracker. We can’t tell you how many members there are; we can’t even disclose the number of torrents. Nor can we do a proper review, since the site is shrouded in secrecy. You may have heard rumors about CN - certainly it’s one of the best-kept secrets in all of BitTorrent. However, what we can tell you is that CN is a tracker unlike any other; their unique coding is absolutely spectacular, backed up by a solid community. And CN is now accepting applicants through a questionnaire found below.

On the surface CN is a dedicated movies tracker, but peel back the layers and you will notice that it is so much more. Our focus is on all types movies, regardless of language, genre or format.

CN is a tracker that prides itself on striving to be different as well as being quality conscious. It is a community that values social cohesion and interaction with each other. A place where we want hardcore movie lovers and the more casual movie watchers come together to discuss and share their opinions and recommendations on their favourite films.

It is a place that puts file sharing above all; meaning we absolutely encourage seeding and leeching as opposed to buffering and ratio whoring. People with seedboxes and fast connections are always welcome to help boost overall speed, but those who do not have either, need not be intimidated. A fast connection is certainly not a requirement to “survive” at CN.

While CN does maintain a somewhat strict inactivity policy, we feel it is only fair and reasonable, as CN is a place where every member should play their part and contribute to the community and tracker. If you have no intentions of doing so, then simply put, CN is not for you. Most of the disabled users you see on the site statistics are due to inactivity.

Together with a unique and comprehensive promotion system which requires all-rounded site activity to advance and a simple but brilliant seeding and bonus system that doesn’t exist elsewhere, maintaining a ratio is not a problem for even the user with the slowest connection.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an extremely tight-knit community, unique tracker features found nowhere else, enjoy and love movies, are willing to play a role in achieving something bigger than yourself, CN is the place for you.

Interested Applicants please fill up this questionnaire and PM the answers to[at] It is best to be truthful with all answers as we have ways of verifying whether it is accurate or not.

1.) What have you heard about CN and why do you want to join?

2.) How old are you and which part of the world are you from?

3.) List your home IP and any other IPs you usually access trackers with (work IP, seedbox IP).

4.) How many movies a week do you watch on average?

5.) What are some of your favourite movie genres?

6.) What are your personal top 5 films of all time? Elaborate why?

7.) How big is your movie collection? (Digitally and Physically).

8.) How many movies are you seeding on your torrent client right now?

9.) How long do you usually seed your movie torrents on average?

10.) Do you upload and/or encode movies?

11.) Provide me with all your movie tracker profiles. Additional profiles of your most used trackers would also help. (At least 4 profiles are preferred, more would be better of course).

12.) Name one site that you would like to be a member of and reasons why. Excluding CN of course.

13.) What are your views on account /invites trading?

14.) Have you ever traded before? If so, when was your last trade?

15.) What are you looking for in a good movie tracker/community?

16.) What will you be able to offer CN in terms of tracker and community?

17.) Please provide your email address for invite to be sent to. Gmail is preferred.

If you have been accepted, you will find an invite in your email inbox. Be sure to check junk mail just in case. Please give us up to 1 week to process applications. If you do not find an invite after a week, you have probably been rejected. Good luck to all!

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