BTRealm Torrent Community, Open for Signups

In foresight it’s not always easy to gauge whether or not a new BitTorrent discussion (& invite) community will do well, considering the fierce competition from already well-established forums. Thus when a new torrent forum launches, they’re going to need to come up with three key criteria in order to be successful: active members, unique features and experienced staff. Fortunately for, they possess all three. And unlike other recent startups, BTRealm is directly open for anyone who wants to register - that’s right; no IRC recruitment, no application form, no mandatory introduction post, no profile links or silly speedtests. Registration is scheduled to be open until the end of January.

About BTRealm:

While BTRealm may be the newest kid on the block, they’re certainly not the least experienced. The BTRealm admins have all been staff at other invite forums - in fact, it’s more of a spinoff sister project from two other well-known forums. For those who’ve been around the invite circuit, certainly you’ll recognize many of the names (staff & members alike). Since officially going public on January 1st, BTRealm already lists an impressive 850 members with 3,500+ total posts.

Invites, GAs, Requests, Reviews and Recruitment:

BTRealm - Features:

BTRealm boasts quite an array of unique features not seen on other boards, including many customized (UserCP) settings as seen here. One thing that really stands out is the BTcash feature (whereby site credit is earned for a variety of forum activity - posts, creating threads, virtually everything). BTcash can then be swapped for upgrades in user class, VIP status, custom titles, ‘living’ avatars and other options - or even used to gamble with in the Bookie area.

No Rep System — Refreshingly, there isn’t any “reputation system” at BTRealm - so for those looking for tracker invites, you won’t be required to have amassed x amount of ‘rep’ before qualifying for the giveaway. As with all invites, check individual GA threads for requirements.

VIP — Some forum areas and features are off-limits to non-VIP members, and also for those who are at the default userclass (ie - ‘Grunt’ rank) when first signing up to the board. Thus, it’s important to climb the ranks and/or obtain VIP access - all of which can be obtained simply from being an active member. That, or donate. Site contests are also a great way to get involved.

Quick Stats:

  • Name/URL: BTRealm /
  • Signup Link:
  • Online Since: Mid-December 2009 - open to public on 01-01-2010
  • IRC: (hotlink here)
  • Members: 425


  • Trading: No trading, no account giveaways.

  • Invite Giveaways: Yes, open to all members (no postcount requirements; no ‘days on site’ requirements, no ‘rep’ requirement).
  • Invite Requests: Members require *100 posts

    • and 14 days as a member in order to make requests.
  • Rep System: None. Uses BTcash for advancement, VIP and other goodies.
  • Tracker Recruitment: Yes. “BTRealm is working with a number of tracker staff, to keep the forum ‘tracker friendly’, and several are reps onsite, although not all are listed as such.”
  • Tracker Reviews: Yes, currently lists 34, with more being added.
  • No-Movement Trackers: Yes. Some trackers are blacklisted, or only available through recruitment.
  • VIP Forums: Yes. VIPs also gain access to other features, see here.
  • Forum Stats — Threads: 1,471 | Posts: 3,502 | Members: 855 (2010-01-15).
  1. Noname Says:

    Looks like a good place, but some-one has spammed the shoutbox area threatening etc.


  2. Bran Says:

    these kinds of places always turn out to be like frat houses with hazing rituals. Thank you sir, may I have another? Nazis, the lot of them.

  3. WHO??? Says:

    Everyhings fine now as that looser was banned and chatbox cleared. It is a Wonderful place!!!!!

  4. Ghost Says:

    I have been a member there for some time now and the place is quite good with a friendly staff. The only thing lacking was a bigger userbase as is the case with any new forum, but something which I am sure this article will take care of.
    Thanks sharky.

  5. Aj Says:

    Guest Acc does not work for me :/

  6. itis Says:

    this forum sucks
    more new lame bt forums!

  7. new life Says:

    tottaly suck site and all newkids there also mod

  8. new life Says:

    PL SHARKEY before post any site review cheak this site status coz this site tottaly suck

  9. Brom Says:

    should one use a different username than in the trackers? never read something about this point

  10. w00t Says:

    @ new life

    and you should check first the name of the writer..coz you totally suck..

  11. fuckthis Says:

    open signup?! i’d rather have a 14 year old half a fag lecture to me for half an hour about being a good member, asking me to make promises, insisting the site isn’t for invites, that it’s a community…

  12. RAWR Says:

    OiNK’s admin, Allan Ellis, found not guilty. FTW!

  13. Dinglebat Says:

    Hey everyone,

    A big thanks to Sharky for the article, very well written.

    We have got some good numbers through since this article was run, and activity levels are up.

    Again, thanks to Sharky!

  14. c00li0 Says:

    i would watchout on that site

  15. c00li0 Says:

    the admins login to users accounts
    Cyb - Login To User Account vb script

    SEE HERE :

  16. c00li0 Says:

    heres the full backup :
    and u will see he was using the script

    as i copied all the files using [root@localhost 1]# wget -r -l1 –no-parent -A.sql

    Admins niclk is Dinglebat u will find his ips and info in the backup

  17. Dinglebat Says:

    That was actually helpful, coolio, pointing out the security issues, I appreciate that, although I would have preferred it to have been done a little more privately.

    Anyway, you also reminded me to uninstall that little plugin - it was used during testing, to check the user priveledges, as a multiple account detection script was preventing me from logging in to any other accounts. It’s now uninstalled, but thanks for the reminder.

    It’s been brought to my attention that coolio has also said that I am stealing passwords - I’d like to point out that even if I wanted to, vBulletin doesn’t show user’s passwords, so I would have no way to do so, even if I did want to.

  18. anon Says:

    Only scene stuff
    161K members

  19. Beagle Says:

    @ C00li0: I’m sure they’re not the only forum of that type with the ” Login To User Account” plugin installed. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them did….. I know TPS uses it.

  20. CHEAKING Says:

  21. youguysareclowns Says:

    lame lame l la l la lame…..LAME

  22. yea Says:

    tried to login using guest account:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never


  23. Dinglebat Says:

    We’ve disabled the guestuser account, due to abuse.

  24. Cookledoo Says:

    This site is such a big fail.
    Security issues, admins using users logins, kids staffing.

    Crap crap site. Stay away from that!!

  25. stupidsite Says:

    no speedtest req? no profile links? yea right

  26. Dinglebat Says:

    Stupidsite, it’s up to the user giving the invite away, what they ask for.

    Speedtests and ratio proofs can easily be faked, I think they’re a waste of time. The only thing I think is useful is getting a profile link, and sending the user a PM on the tracker. But unless you’re a collector, chances are the person asking for an invite is going to be on trackers you aren’t, which pretty much makes profile links a waste of time, too.

  27. TI FAN Says:

    T-I is the best place for invites and everyone knows it. Why bother with the rest when you can have the best? T-I FTW

  28. RoflCopter Says:


    less then a week shit is closed up tighter Scourge’s Ass. What happened to being open till the end of January. Kinda shitty not to hold onto what you said in your article. IRC channel abandoned as well.

  29. Dinglebat Says:


    “Registration is scheduled to be open until the end of January.” - At no point did I, or Sharky, say that it would definitely remain open until then. We got the numbers in that we were hoping for, so we made the decision to close early. The site is very active, and going well so far.

    For what it’s worth, there is an application procedure - you’re more than welcome to submit an application if you’d like to join.

    PS: Our IRC channel has changed to a different server, which is why that channel appears abandoned.

  30. itis Says:

    TPS, baS, T-I are the best!!

  31. edwardo Says:

    Been a member of the above site since it opened, has grown in leaps and bounds and now sports a thriving, positive community. I was reluctant to get involved initially but have been helped along by the friendly staff and have ended up learning loads about BitTorrent

  32. ashmax Says:

    less then a week shit is closed up tighter Scourge’s Ass. What happened to being open till the end of January. Kinda shitty not to hold onto what you said in your article. IRC channel abandoned as well.