Cinavia DRM Aimed to Stop Piracy on Blu-ray, PS3s

Cinavia LogoHaven’t heard about Cinavia? Chances are, you will soon if you download pirated movies and attempt to play them back on a Blu-ray player or through a PS3. Cinavia is a somewhat new DRM technology that uses “audio watermarking” embedded into the audio stream portion of a movie. In a nutshell, what it does is compare the source of the audio to the format in which a movie was released (ie theatrical or commercial disc), and if the watermarked audio source detects a difference, the movie will either be mute (but most likely not play at all). So far, there have been at least two popular movies found on peer-to-peer that contain Cinavia DRM: TS/CAM versions of *The Wolfman

  • and *Shutter Island


Cinavia Torrent Comments

How Cinavia is applied - an example: If someone were to “CAM” a movie and use a ‘line’ audio source (from a headphone jack, as opposed to recording the ‘crowd’), the watermark in the ‘line’ audio will search for its match - in this case, being a theatrical source. Since a TS or CAM’s ‘line’ audio doesn’t match the original release format, Cinavia will block or restrict playback of the file. (Technical info can be found here and here).

Movies protected by Cinavia technology carry inaudible codes embedded by the copyright owner in their audio tracks that indicate where and how they are allowed to be used. For example, movies that are being released to theaters can carry a Cinavia code that indicates that they are supposed to be duplicated by professional replicators and played back on professional projection equipment only.

Blu-Ray, PS3 Only (so far)

At present, the Cinavia technology has only been introduced into Blu-ray players (which also includes PS3s; and apparently even the PS3 Media Server has a problem playing these DRM-protected files). A list of participating Blu-Ray manufacturers where Cinavia has been integrated can be found at this link. However, since the technology has now been officially stamped into AACS’s new agreements, all major manufacturers will be assumed to comply to the new protocol.

“Cinavia has been adopted as a required component of the AACS content protection system. Blu-ray players with Cinavia detectors began entering the consumer market in late 2009.

This is a big win for Verance’s Cinavia; not only are all (or most) BD players said to adopt it as the de-facto DRM standard, but Cinavia also has some heavy backing through studios like 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

After reviewing some examples of Sony’s product specs for their line of Blu-ray players, we were unable to find reference to Cinavia throughout their 2010 BD user manuals. With that said, Pioneer does include it in their BD players as shown here (see page 9 in the pdf).

Non Blu-ray Playback

Since the Cinavia protection is limited to Blu-ray players only (and PS3s), the technology does not affect any playback methods that do not include Cinavia detectors. This means that even if you download a media file which contains the DRM watermark, it will also require Cinavia-compliant hardware in order to acknowledge the watermark (and subsequently block playback).

DVD Players — It’s unclear whether or not future DVD player models will come with Cinavia (or retail DVD media), but at this time we couldn’t find any examples where it had already been incorporated (or planned for).

Downloading & Viewing on PC — This audio watermarking is ineffectual on media downloaded to - and viewed on - a home computer.

HD Media Centers — Again, same as above. Standalone or streaming units such as the WD TV or PopcornHour are not affected.

Older Model BD Players — Hold onto your old Blu-ray; these units do not include Cinavia.

Not Just TS/CAMs…

It’ll be interesting to see what happens down the road with Russian R5’s, as most scene/P2P releases use ‘line’ English audio dubbed over the native language. In theory, if Cinavia is incorporated into the original source R5, then most releases (as found on peer-to-peer, torrents) will be unplayable on a Blu-ray unit.

DVDRips, Screeners are another potential target, with the possibility that DRM-infused XviD/MKV rips may check for authentic retail copies.

The Impact on Piracy

As it stands, the Cinavia technology will have a negligible impact on piracy as a whole. Downloaders who are accustomed to streaming to a PS3 or burning to BD-R media will simply use an alternative method to view movies; this is clearly more of an inconvenience rather than a deterrence. Unless Verance’s Cinavia makes it into next-gen DivX-compatible DVD players, or else finds an insidious way to get it onto home PCs, not much else will change.

And even if they do, I’m certain that at this very minute there are reverse engineers attempting to crack the technology. And if they can DeCSS the DVD code, then a safe bet would suggest that this watermark should be an easier target.

  1. M Says:

    nothing beats the ol’ DVD :D, cept an old bluray player lol.
    someone will find away around this somehow.

  2. King Nothing Says:

    I wonder if the Blue-Ray players for the PC will have this atrocity built in.

  3. LoveMy360 Says:

    Just another reason 360’s will previal over blueray :D

    I’ll keep streaming my media over my 360 and pee on sony and all there efforts * which im sure there behind this * to combat any and all piracy efforts :D

  4. Gargamel Says:

    Pff….. lol.

    Blu-ray was supposed to be un-crackable too when it first came out and it was cracked 6 days after release to the public.

    50 Coders working to create DRM, then released to the public, 10,000 trying to crack it. You do the math. Only a matter of time. Probably a SHORT matter of time at that.

  5. no worries Says:

    think of this only as a speed bump. It’ll slow pirates down for a bit, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s rolled over.

  6. A. Thinker Says:

    Is this really DRM? I mean… DRM seems to be an extra peice of coding applied to restrict players… The audio track used in these releases is (most proabbly) encoded with programs like LAME. In which case is it not just some extra hidden “bloops and bleeps” which can simply be spliced out or “covered over”?d

  7. SceneKid Says:

    some one will crack this also :P

  8. Blu is not blue Says:

    The blu-ray is should have been red, everyone calls it “blue”ray, its BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-RAY


    Not talking about you sharky :)

  9. sK0Tt Says:

    you made a grammatical error. “chance are” should be “chances are”

  10. ((( ~ ))) Says:

    Let’s say that there are codes ‘embedded’ within the audio signal.
    If someone would figure out when and how these codes commenced, it could be theoretically possible to cancel out that piece of ‘coded’ audio by inserting only the ‘coded’ audio, but at an inverted phase so the coded soundwaves cancel each-other out.

    lol @ the industry about thinking that there would be no audio engineers between hordes of pirates. Although, through piracy I’m pretty sure that it would be near impossible to get a job in the future. Oh well, there’s always beer (oh wait I have to pay that as well :S)

  11. DamageCase Says:

    This is exactly why a custom built XBMC PC is best! No worrys about anything like this :D

  12. peter law Says:

    by the time its widespread some clever chinaman will have cracked it

  13. Grrrr Says:

    @ 03. LoveMy360

    Die FanBoy, Die!

  14. weedsmoker Says:

    bluray rips ftw.

  15. jonny Says:

    the industry is grasping at straws now, what a fkin joke. YOU WILL NEVER STOP P2P, OR PIRATING, YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY. why is that so difficult for them to understand? for every site the anti piracy groups shut down there is 20 more to take its place the next day, you will never stop us :P

  16. aXXo Says:

    Hi al this is the aXXo here.

    Yes im still around and have been for a long time, i never went away.

    Just wanted to let all you peeps know that I release scene but not under the aXXo name anymore.

    Anyways I have cracked the code for this already so enjoy all the new releases that are still going to come your way.

    Love all


  17. Says:

    nice to see u aXXo In FSF article..thanks for ur info

  18. bigups Says:

    aXXo dood that is so cool…looked on all the trackers but where is it? i’ve tried every copy and all are dead to ps3. lets have it man!

  19. Thomas Da Tank Engine Says:

    Ha ha……….that is not the real aXXo, I am…….na only jokin
    I dont think that is the aXXo, u must be dizzy to believe that

  20. aXXo Says:

    i’m really aXXo .. believe me..

  21. AXXO Says:

    No I am the real AXXO

  22. axxo Says:

    i am the real axxo

  23. AXXO Says:

    I find it very entertaining watching their futile attempts at stopping us, it’s even more entertaining than the movies they are trying to protect. And whats really funny is it’s just the idiots who pay for their crap that actually suffer, why bother buying a ps3 or 360 if what you need is a mediacenter? Wait for a mod, 360 already have one, maybe ps3 too for all I know, that way the machine becomes usable again. I have them both but I was never under any illusions that I would be able to use it as a mediacenter like they both claimed, I have them cuz I think picking them apart and modding is fun. Neither is working at the moment btw. These people need to wake up and realize that we are legion, we will never go away and we live to fu*k with you. We don’t crack because we want your crap for free, we do it for fun and the expression on your faces when you see years of hard work and money spent turn worthless in a matter of days. You are the corporate world and you exist to screw us over, we are simply returning the favor. One day when we rule the world we will make sure that your suits will be permanently infused to your body so you will wear it as a symbol of shame for the rest of your life which you will have to pay us to keep. Even after we make money obsolete you will have to pay to breath our air or walk on our earth as punishment for your greed that has held us back for so long.

    Also, I’m the REAL axxo.

  24. Da Gooch Says:

    couldnt you just convert the file to a differnet format to throw off the audio?

  25. Damian Says:

    Any news on this? I’m trying to watch The Losers on the PS3 and get the following message: Playback stopped. The content being played is protected by Cinavia and is not authorized for playback on this device. For more information, see Message Code 1.

  26. Kiddawg Says:

    LOL @ Damian. I just got the same message trying to watch The Losers on PS3. So I googled it and u trying to watch the same movie. Doesn’t help at all…just a funny coincidence.

  27. FUCK 360 Ps3 #1 Says:


  28. bilbaolegrobite Says:

    @16 - “the first axxo”

    Just prove it… Or just shut up.

  29. SyKoTiK Says:

    LOL I think it’s funny reading that whole aXXo thing. I know who aXXo, when it was just a single person, is. NOW aXXo is a group, so technically all of you who claim to be aXXo could be right.

  30. Edd Says:

    Had a movie tonight on my PS3, With Cinavia code in Audio track.
    avoided it by buying VGA to VGA cable 3 metres long, and running ir from PC…

  31. SpliceecilpS Says:

    Splice (2009) - Cam Rip - Stream/Download Links:

  32. Glacius Says:

    The losers doesnt work on ps3. Brings up cinavia playback message.

  33. Tetsaiga Says:

    This is funny. Sony decide to pull this stunt shortly after microsoft release a 360 slim.
    I am going to buy one as soon as I research that microsoft won’t try this.
    If microsoft may do this I will just buy popcorn hour.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if xbox sales went through the roof.
    Way to lose the console war sony.

  34. TheDude Says:

    Infectus has a mod chip for the PS3 that allows you to flash the NAND drive, & very soon you will be able to “Downgrade” PS3’s firmware, which is what contains the “Cinavia” bullshit…

  35. TheDude Says:

    …not to mention a lot of other bullshit headaches all the firmware updates have caused…

  36. Tetsaiga Says:

    We should make an effort not to buy blurays that have cinavia on them.
    If there is a rise in expected sales for them it will only encourage them.
    I do usually buy blurays I really like.

  37. Tookie Tookie Says:

    I had the same issue with The Losers

    I Remuxed The Losers using MKV MERGE and just disabled the Chapter track.

    worked fine streamed to the PS3 using PMS

  38. Tookie Tookie Says:

    you need mkvmerge 3.3.0 or 3.4.0

    the newer versions don’t fix the problem.

  39. Truth Says:

    360 rules!

  40. mikey Says:

    @ LOVEMY360 Are you serious??? You must also love spending 60 bucks a year for online gaming. Probably also a bill gates pole smokin republican as well.

  41. aXXo Says:

    Has the 360 become an icon for the republican party? Does Obama own a Sony Vaio Laptop?

    I got the message on The losers too… I find it funny that it happened 3 days after I order the parts to make a media center pc. It didn’t make sense to have the PC tower, PS3, Receiver, and TV all be running just to watch a movie. Plus I want to be able to fast forward without the PS3 falling on its face.

  42. rtlustyo Says:

    “Plus I want to be able to fast forward without the PS3 falling on its face.”

  43. kennyNSR Says:

    gutted :( been downloading movies on to my ps3 4 ages and now this cinavia crap has burst my bubble hope someone cracks it PRONTO

  44. Arbetaren Says:

    I was watching the loser on my PS3, and encountered this Cinavia crap. A good thing is that I just ordered a HTPC a few days ago.

    Anyone wants to buy a PS3?

  45. Battlescarze Says:

    I use PS3 media server…just started having audio issues with new season of Entourage & True Blood…is Cinavia the reason? HBO is using this technology in their broadcast? Anyone know for sure? Has anyone found a workaround for either burning the downloads or streaming with PS3?


  46. dare99 Says:

    just had this playing splice on the ps3. Took me nearly 15mins to burn it DVD so there’s my piracy ended forever NOT!

  47. LmaoWhatAFail… Says:

    If you guys can HANDLE it, take out 4 seconds of the movie on each watermark. 2 Seconds before the movie cuts out, and 2 seconds when it does and after. Works like a charm on my PS3.
    Problem solved.

    Ye’ old uploaders will soon start doing this I am quite sure.

  48. LmaoWhatAFail… Says:

    Or just crack it I guess, but my way is for the people who just don’t want to wait.

  49. Inferis Says:

    Cinavia can lick my Balls. I got hosed on the whole “The Losers Audio Cut out when i uploaded it to my PS3″ bit Too… But big F’n Deal… I moved my Macbook 6′ to the left, plugged in a DVI cable into my TV, and Picked up where I left off before my audio Cut out. When will they get it? You CANNOT stop Piracy. Gods Balls, People!!!! Why am I going to Spend $20 on a movie when I can Download it for FREE!?!?! Especially movies that are questionable!!! Get a Clue! The Entertainment Industry is a bloated, corpulent, shameful corporate juggernaut that only cares about making itself more bloated and corpulent. Piracy is a right, not a crime. What I do with my electronic equipment is MY business and nobody elses. Lord knows we pay enough for the hardware up front without them trying to impose ever tighter restrictions on how we use it. And this whole Cinavia thing is a minor setback, At best!!! When will they stop wasting more and more money in trying to stop something that cannot be stopped??? Its like the rising and setting of the sun and the moon or the tides… just let it be…

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  51. BiG O Says:

    Ive read over 30 blogs and sites, and have a hunch. Ive read that Cinavia has to connect to some data base some where to match the audio to see if its a pirated video (CAM,TS, R5,R4,est.).

    So i was thinking , I have this App on my iphone that kinda dose the same thing , called Shazam. It matches the audio of the sound the iphone picks up and matches it to a data base to find out what song it is.

    So, What if you unplug your Ethernet or disable the PS3 wi-fi connection, before you watch the movie, so it wont have time to match the audio to the data base. Has anyone thought of or has tried the theory ? Im curious. cause its impossible to have all the audio data saved in the PS3 for the thousands of movies coming out. Cause i think they cant or wont appy Cinavia for movies in post production,or can they????

  52. ANANYMOUS Says:


  53. Matthew Ohyama Says:

    can you start using using bigger font its getting hard to read

  54. Nooobs!!! Says:

    Towards Axxo!
    You must buy the Ps3 or Xbox360 in the first place to mod it!!
    And their is no point in cracking something if no one is going to buy it in the first place..
    This will stop them from making it in the first place!!!! They Make money from you Moding it anyway! Just not as much as they would if you didn’t!!!
    IF the organizations where smart enough or wanted to stop people from cracking a product then they would just put soo many different layers and crazy high tech secsecurity features in it, It would take soo long to crack it wouldn’t be worth doing..


    :) SMiLeY cha cha real smooth :)

  56. PyrotiX Says:

    Solution: If you are getting the Cinacia DRM problem with PS3, you can remove the watermark by downloading ‘tunebite’ and converting it to 256kps MP3.

    Hope this helps anyone else who had problems!

  57. dmax Says:

    It is a wasted effort they might make me take an extra five minutes to view my pirated content nice job cinavia you are the retarded step child on the DCMA

  58. magicman Says:

    So, fn gay. find something better to spend money on douchebags, stupidest idea EVER. There’s ways around this crap, wasted energy on Cinavia’s part, in the words of Cypress Hill once said, IMMA GET IT ANYWAY.

  59. Onessa Says:

    another lame attempt to stop the unstoppable if you(Sony warner bros etc) decided to sell your movies in digital copies for cheap at reasonable prices id buy them but since ur greedy and ill never pay for a damn one of them i ahve terabytes of media ill never pay u a cent for for the simple fact if i did buy it i wouldnt be able to use it as i please anyways so why bother paying you for a shitty digital copy when i can download a BD rip and watch/convert to play on all my devices

    stop beeing greedy you mother fuckers and open your eyes the more you restrict the content the less people will buy it other then the corporate polite americans who are gullible(I’M american so i know) most people have no idea what is out there they spends thousands on crappy dvds bds that scratch break have fbi warnings etc who the fuck wants to pay to have that shit

    Same for Cable companies ill never spend another cent on you i used to pay 130$ a month for cable and what did i get commercials tell me why when i pay for cable television i get commercials wtf shit is that fucking nickel and dime us too death u worthless piece of shit when all tv was free then yes commercials make sense but why is dumb coporate america payign assloads of cash for tv ridden with commercials wake the fuck up u stupid people and start fighting back download commercial free hdtv rips and say fuck you to corporate companies why you are at it donate to EFF to support are digital freedoms before all the world has censored internet wake the fuck up

  60. the bannerman Says:

    been messing around with the ps3 and cinavia protected file and have worked out that when you play the file you get about 20 mins watch then the cinivia banner kicks in and mutes audio.
    i have found that when this happens exit file go to time settings in the ps3 options change time zone to any other and change the date to a different date (say 2042) then go back to the video file and it plays perfect for another 20 mins or so!!!!!!!!
    hope this is of help to people.

  61. eza17 Says:

    The way round it is as BANNERMAN says but the quickest way to do it is:

    Play until the cinavia banner kicks in (after about 20mins).
    Quit the movie, and go to date/time settings.
    Set the time one hour back.
    Resume playback and the cinavia banner will kick in again.
    Quit movie again and go back to date/time.
    Correct the time by moving the hour forward.
    Resume playback and you’ll get another 20 mins.

    I think this way is the easiest as it only takes a few seconds and you end up with the time set correctly.

  62. Deacon.31337 Says:

    Run HDMI from Video card to television, enable extended desktop, Drag your file to the 2nd desktop and poof your watching Cinavia content. It’s just another $10 cable from Makes for an easy fix when my ps3 wont stream the file because of not having some of the obscure codecs that people use occasionally. Stupid RIAA for using a new obscure “codec”/security measure to me its the same thing.

  63. brotherFROManotherMOTHER Says:

    hmmm….using home media center through LAN…worked fine on SALT. Downloaded SALT to PS3 and got the cinivia error and audio muted. Never had a problem with streaming the the CAT5 cable…only when downloaded directly to the PS3.

  64. yay. Says:

    Thanks Bannerman. Yours was the best advice.

  65. styll Says:

    Cracks for the PS3 system are there. you need to run the file trough a programm though, ( takes around 10min on a 5Gb movie ). Then burn it.. Cinavia, will be unable to mute, or do anything with your movie..

    Go and google for the programm.

  66. ughhhh Says:

    are movies and shows that are played from an sd card affected by this cinavia non-sense to ? or is it just when you use the disc drive?

  67. flosharp1 Says:

    cinavia will gone down like all other copyright protection

  68. flosharp1 Says:

    correction : cinavia will go down like all other copyright protection

  69. Orion Says:

    Just buy a player without the Cinavia chip. It’s as simple as that.