RapidShare Links Vanish on Blogs, Warez Forums

Who says piracy doesn’t pay? Try telling that to professional uploaders on warez forums and release blogs who are now boycotting RapidShare en masse. In the aftermath of the TF article which earlier confirmed RS has terminated their entire Rewards program, it is no longer advantageous to upload files to RS. Realistically the decision will indeed have a negative impact on RapidShare’s own revenue take for new subscriptions, not to mention dissuade uploaders from using the service at all. A reader recently posted this on

“Let’s teach the greedy losers at Rapidshare an important lesson! No one use Rapidshare or post rapidshare links! Let’s give our hard earned money to any other downloader, even if same cost as rapidshare. They need to be forced out of business for their most recent despicable stunt!” - Source here.

One could easily dismiss the above testimonial to be from an isolated, disgruntled user who feels he’s been wronged by the changes in RapidShare’s policies. The reality is the boycott is very much real. Everywhere you look, new RS links are drying up on just about every popular scene blog and forum. Nobody is posting RS anymore, and rightly so.

For evidence, check out todays release on RlsLog:

…and look for a rapidshare link…. (at the time of post, you won’t find one)

RapidShare, and their Catch-22:

With fewer links to be found at the public level, non-premium members will be less inclined to create premium accounts. At the other end, loyal premium members (who actively post links) no longer have incentive to do so under the new model as a result of RapidShare’s soon-to-be undeniable decline in popularity. None of this is new to RS veeps of course, and in an attempt to damage control the situation they recently lowered their pricing scheme to expedite more premium account signups. A price reduction sounds like a snappy idea on paper; but if there are no uploaders it coincides with no downloaders, and eventually there’s no one left to purchase premium accounts. A classic case of a snake eating its own tail.

Removal of Rewards Program: A Gradual Process

It’s impossible to present an accurate timeline of events as to when RS began to cut back on their Rewards and other incentive programs, but it was a long time in the making. And we can’t trust RS’s own news page for accuracy intowards their own history (ahem, posts made there have been deleted at their own discretion). Launched back on August 14th 2008, this new Rewards program rewarded premium members the opportunity to convert RapidPoints into redeemable merchandise that included t-shirts, iPods, computer hardware and other tangible items. This blog post from 22-09-2008 outlined a current list of what was up for grabs at the time.

Somewhere between 07-23-2009 and 10-18-2009 (source here) RapidShare began to offer cold-hard cash for direct referrals through uploaders links. Hardly considered scandalous behavior, these same principles are what make other filehosters successful.

Not that RS didn’t already offer the option to convert RapidPoints into real money, but it wasn’t until March 4th 2010 when the Rewards program vanished from the site. And good luck finding a link to conclude it. But no matter…

If RapidShare’s key goal is to alienate or eliminate copyright infringers from using their service, then they’ve succeeded in spades. Unfortunately for RS the pricetag for such a drastic change in protocol is a steep one which deflates this 1-click hoster into a mediocre second-rate provider. Confused? RS is dead. From a P2P perspective, us “Pirates” have cleverly moved to greener pastures. While RS is not related to torrents, the takedown smacks of a similar agenda which includes mininova, TPB and IH.

Coming soon: Alternatives to RapidShare.

  1. SHARPIE Says:

    http://FTP... (FUCK THOSE PUTOS)

  2. Teacup Says:

    Who needs RS anyway

  3. E2 Says:

    The new plan is actually pretty awesome, I contacted support and they said they are working on something new with the rewards next.

  4. 1080i60 Says:

    poor RS
    I liked it because of the rewards
    but now without anything for us, it’s just another hoster
    now we can change to MU
    HF sucks!!


  5. AxLRose108 Says:

    torrentz rulzzzzzzzzzz

  6. chimpy Says:

    1080160: lol.

    HDBits is ossom.

  7. ninja Says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that most people who use RS have moved to Hotfile, which is almost as bad as RS in terms of limits for (free) users. They payout, and thats what is driving them I guess. There has been a slight increase in MU links, which pleases quite a bit, cause I have premium there, they payout and they are nice to free users as well as Premium users (unlimited everything!)

  8. Mark Says:

    SOOOO happy that RS is going on the decline. I was wondering why I was seeing less RS links, and now I know why!

  9. YaSs3r36 Says:

    I am a professional uploader and I’ve been with RS since years

    I don’t mind not earning from uploading

    I just want to pay server costs

    I am not willing to rip my pocket in order to “Share”

    RS is gonna die if nothing happens soon. My account lasts for more than 14 years anyway but we’ll see what happens

  10. arham12 Says: go to this site it lists rapidleech servers and rapidshare premium link generators no more wait times simultaneous downloads
    fast and free

  11. 4tw Says:

    We, at have also completely stopped Rapidshare :) It’s great to see the others are doing the same! :)

  12. Hotfile Forum Says:

    Since the fall of rapidshare, hotfile has begun to rise and megaupload has become more popular. Its great to see that this will not affect the warez scene.

    Now I’m stuck with a rapidshare premium account which will last for another 2 years, but I can’t download anything with it anymore :(

  13. Direct Download Says:

    We have noticed a huge decrease in rapidshare links from all the sites (warez forums and blogs) that are within our network. It looks like this boycott will last forever, unless rapidshare bring back some sort of rewards program which will benefit content uploaders.

    Looks like we will just have to wait and see. :)

  14. Hi Says:

    Good article

  15. hedh Says: is pretty good. Download speeds up to 3MB/s for free users.

  16. Random Says:

    Thanks for saying what needs to be said !

    3 things I wish for:
    #1 rapidshare is regretting their actions
    #2 rapidshare makes a reward program
    #3 no one goes back to rapidshare


  17. gtg Says:

    RS is godawful anyway. What person in their right mind would ever use it?

  18. KrazyMon Says:

    Stay away from they make you buy one of there seedboxes to download there torrents. kind of sucks slow speeds didnt see alot of seedboxes and slow on the pre time side

  19. PILLBOTTLE Says:

    Everything on Tracker Access is on a seedbox, and they do there own encodes and groups upload directly to the site so KRAZYMON… are full of S*&t.
    You are prob…one of the people who got booted off for being a a%% hole.

  20. david love Says:

    who use RS , its shit

  21. Leak Says:

    New awesome only-leak music private torrent tracker. Open signups won’t last long, so get in :)

  22. i feel good Says:

    PILLBOTTLE you are so right mate

    020 • PILLBOTTLE Says: 11.07.10 at 2:09 pm

    Everything on Tracker Access is on a seedbox, and they do there own encodes and groups upload directly to the site so KRAZYMON… are full of S*&t.
    You are prob…one of the people who got booted off for being a a%% hole.

    thanks for leting me know about trackeraccess. org all on seedboxs and the great uploads from all the big groups it just rocks only site for me now thanks for the heads up about the site

  23. brent Says:

    RS paled in comparison to MU even before they got rid of rewards. Not sure why all the uploaders on WBB continue to insist on using RS

  24. brent Says:

    At second glance it looks like more and more WBB uploads are on MU and especially this site called fileserve

  25. Wanna Play Says:

    LMAO at “I FEEL GOOD” and “PILLBOTTLE” what groups and anyone can take someone else encode change something and call there own. Plus “I FEEL GOOD” you can tell your your a fake person just by your comment and the time difference of your and PILLBOTTLE comments. Plus “I FEEL GOOD” you would have been on site for 20 Mins and now you love it LMAO. Now I never been to your guys site so I cant comment on that part but if you were really as big as you state then you wound not need to come here and spam up alot of these articles that Sharky writes. Now to comment on the article that Sharky wrote. I have always thought Rapid Share sucked anyways and its a matter of time before they fail completely. Thanks for the article Sharky and sorry for all the loser sites that have to spam your articles to get members. They should have more respect for you then that.

  26. some1 Says:

    Vanish yea right 60 days period ring any bell
    believe me no dramatic changes for the rs future

  27. Draconian Says:

    Hmm why not just stay with bittorrent? its better than RS!

    btw, looking for tv series/movies seedbox or dedicated uploaders @
    most importantly active members :)

  28. CyberMind Says:

    Great article Sharky!

    Please consider mentioning FileServe in your upcoming “Alternatives to RS” article. It’s been dominating the warez scene for the past couple of months and has rapidly expanded in a very short period of time. They not only respect uploaders by offering a very very promising reward system but also offer kickass services for downloaders. They have staff that actually works WITH the end-user that enhances the overall experience which matters the most. ( - Just check that thread to see the awesome support only ONE support employee gave)

  29. fk Says:

    fuck rapidshare

  30. arham12 Says:

    fileserve is shit

    megaupload is best
    then comes rapidshare

  31. kmk Says:

    Sharing matrix

    Are just scam sites which are fooling with users showing great reward money

  32. Bob Says:


  33. KrazyMon Says:

    lmao cherrytorrents is lame go with the best

  34. KrazyMon Says:

    by the way REGISTRATIONS OPEN!! on but im sure it wont be open for long

  35. BASiQ Says:

    meh, been a Mediafire guy myself, best host in the world!

  36. eugenemal Says:


  37. anonymous coward Says:

    @035 • KrazyMon
    Fuck off, registration at PT is open all the time.

    Good. Now let that happen to all share hosters who pay their uploaders. I make sure not to let these people make any money through me.

  38. cdnpic Says:

    down loaders still prefer rs :(

  39. 33t Says:

    I’ve never been a rs user, but i did contribute to the block bandwidth usage idea that rs is charging now, it was a good idea because we could use for example 500 GB block bandwidth to download all the files in your shared folder and allow direct access which will be used for direct source seeding on torrent files :D so your torrent files would download faster from the http seeding provided by rs. anyways there are cheaper alternatives to RS, like megaupload, MediaFire and lots of cheap VPS with unlimited bandwidth.

    rs, has always been a crappy company and idolized by stupid users, i would say megaupload is the best hosting network in the world right now using the mega manager you will reach 6mbit every time.

    there are many upcoming hosting sites, such as good dll speeds

  40. James Says:

    I used to use RS as my primary means of downloading for many years, until I got my seedbox.

    I am currently in the process of moving all my RS links over to Hotfile.

  41. Tomo Says:

    Well, rapidshare definately sucks now. Megaupload and hotfile scam you for reward points. I’ve just got started with fleserve, they pay the best rates at the moment.

    Time to start uploading to fileserve: :)

  42. XvCluTchvX Says:

    A very very well written article! thanks for the read!
    It just stopped working one day =(

  43. Downklown Says:

    Damn, always wondered what happened to the great RS. Links are dropping like flies.

  44. barbarian Says:

    Great Article, THX to be honest that was evident that they are changing their business model after the last law suit against them ,anyways moved to file host long time ago,hotlinking allowed,torrent leech,url-leech features.

  45. Blazing and Pimping Says:

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  46. release scene Says:

    yeah pretty