Mulve Returns as ThePirateApp and ‘Mulve Phoenix’

Everything starts with an idea. While it’s clear that the original Mulve music downloading client isn’t coming back online anytime soon, that hasn’t stopped new developers from producing their own Mulve-based applications. Just a few days ago, Mulve’s own sourcecode was released to googlecode where it can still be found in subversion only - this got the ball rolling on what will probably be a long line of future Mulve clone successors. ThePirateApp and Mulve Phoenix are two new apps based similarly on Mulve’s code and principles.


ThePirateApp is an open-source replacement to Mulve that actually made some improvements to the original client. For one, it works (well, sort of). Secondly, users of the app can provide their / account login credentials which is said to improve searching & connectivity. In fact, creating a personal account at vkontakte may become requisite for using future VK/Mulve clients:

“Because the application sends in a lot of requests from one account, it is recommended that you create your own account so you can enjoy an error-free experience. You do not have to fill out your real information in the registration page, all you need to do is use a working email account so that you can confirm your VK account once registered.”

For those who have errors when running ThePirateApp, try installing .NET Framework 3.5. As well, try running it in compatibility mode (see screenshot below). Right-click the Pirate-1004.exe file - or whatever the current filename is - and select “Properties”, then click the Compatibility tab. Make these changes, and click Apply to finish.

Additional updates & helpful info is available through their website. Keep up-to-date with the latest release; an upcoming new version is said to remedy some of the current issues. Just tested today, here’s the application in action:

Mulve Phoenix

Hot off the release press is another modified client called Mulve Phoenix. This one’s based off of ThePirateApp’s source code but doesn’t possess the ability to login to VK. Then again, with this Mulve resurrection you may never need to. It’s said to have no central download locations thus it’ll be harder to break. The only known link to download Phoenix is from here:

Mulve in a Browser?

It’s not only plausible to create a browser-based version of Mulve’s searching - it’s already been done. Right about when we first published our article, FSF spoke with one such developer who successfully incorporated a similar idea based loosely on Mulve’s architechure for pulling songs from vkontakte. In fact, he accomplished this feat weeks before Mulve’s sourcecode was even released, yet it didn’t use “Mulve” or Mulve.exe whatsoever.

After installing his code onto a VPS with a web frontpage which included a basic searchbox, only a handful of people were fortunate enough to test it out. It worked flawlessly - that is, until vkontakte/ blacklisted his server’s IP address, and it ceased to work. Another problem is that all songs have to be searched for - and transferred through - his server directly. Being centralized, naturally this isn’t an efficient means of usage, although other web-based ideas & improvements are still being sought out as we speak. He wrote,

“I can not ensure you that if you post <the site> on the frontpage of FSF my server’s connection will handle it.”

We’ll keep you posted when/if such a website ever becomes stable enough to be released to the public. For now, the project is still under lock & key.

We’d uncovered another new project, although the software itself is not ready for public usage (ie - there’s no working installer). But the source is available to anyone who wants to develop it further. Here’s the basic premise: The user is prompted for a captcha, and that user for is created using random data. A local ‘device’ named “Music” is then created. Now if, for example, the user creates a directory named ‘britney spears’ on that device, magically that directory will have all files found at The files are only downloaded if the user drag and drops the found files to another directory or opens the selected found files. The code can be found here:

• …and a supporting YT video:

  1. Sin Says:

    Hah, how I do love the internet and its many facets!

  2. Phogo Says:

    I Love been second!

  3. pruteanu Says:

    RIAA sucked too many cocks.
    Welcome PirateApp and Mulve Phoenix.
    RIAA takes it in the ass now. Fags!

  4. Brooke Says:

    Mulve sucks , try songr :)

  5. YOUR MA Says:

    No mac version no?

  6. Rookie Says:

    Thanks a lot for all this info!

  7. alex Says:

    who the fuck use Mac?
    useless OS.

  8. lol Says:

    Seriously, I’d rather use Songr.

  9. Ema Gene Says:

    Welcome back, will use skin for app in future

  10. gfxsky Says:

    Very nice with this returning.
    I hope i can use it better :D

  11. saiyan4life Says:

    It would be amazing if an app like this was available for the ipod touch or something. (The only thing I can do right now is find songs uploaded on mediafire and download them from there)

  12. dante Says:

    WOW spam
    there is no moderators here?

  13. goos Says:

    could not search and parse data

  14. filehostingdirectory Says:

    i only tried a few quick times but i could not find any songs, even after i registered for an account.

  15. MuldVarp3N Says:

    I don’t think that thepirateapp is online right now.. either way i can’t get a connection

  16. absconditus Says:

    Still looks very very poor. Barely a step up from limewire. Torrents still are better…

  17. andrew110 Says:

    Yeah I don’t think these apps are very reliable. Gnutella is good enough for singles if you know how to look for decent quality files (320/VBR MP3’s, track numbers in file name, scene formated file names).

    Never had a speed problem on Gnutella either if there’s enough sources.

  18. Spiffo Says:

    I got no results for my searches either. I wonder if these apps are just trojans…

  19. Voodoohippie Says:

    Nope they are not Trojans but rather a Downloader that simply cashes the streams and allows Downloading. Think Orbit Downloader on steroids that does not require your browser. Genius indeed. Groveshark Downloader is awesome as well.

  20. fantamag Says:


    I download new magazines from site
    free and fast, magazines true PDF format

  21. muQuick Says:

    You can use an online, search equivalent for @ with no registration nor software download.

  22. gotlost Says:

    There is another app I recommend. It was more intended as a streaming player with search option based on VK but can also download to disk, if wanted.

    It works on unix, mac and windows but needs air and java runtimes to work. Works perfectly for me:

  23. file sharing fool Says:

    Pirate one is back online, I just downloaded a few songs. good speed and search results

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