The Horror Charnel: Open Signups for One Week

There’s a history between private trackers and Halloween that goes back a long way. It’s that one special holiday when sites come out with unique themes, contests and special events. For some trackers, Halloween also represents an occasion of substantial growth - especially so for horror movie trackers such as The Horror Charnel. For THC, it usually signifies the time of year when they open their doors for registration, such as right now.

“The Horror Charnel has opened its doors for new blood until November 1st. If horror, cult or sleaze movies are your thing, then come join us as we’re about to celebrate our 5yr anniversary. :)


“The Horror Charnel is very community-friendly and that’s what drives us. It may seem strange to have a community of friendly horror fans, but we do. From the day the site opened, the goal has been to have a place for horror fans to come together to share the movies they enjoy, have fun, and to keep things friendly.”

Not since last Halloween has The Horror Charnel been ‘open reg’, and before that it occurred in February 2009 (on a Friday the 13th, no less). From now until November 1st THC is open to anyone looking to sign up.


Dare if you will, THC is not your run of the mill tracker. Primarily a movie tracker - whether it be horror films or cult classics, there’s bound to be something for all horror genre fans out there. While horror-related Hollywood releases make up a small portion of what THC has to offer, THC truly shines when it comes to rarities, b-movies and lesser-known international films of the genre. They’re a treasure trove for classics, indie, foreign, rare, old & low-budget horror.

Just shy of their 5th birthday, Horror Charnel is plenty long in the tooth having been online since November 5th, 2005. Just 18 months ago THC indexed about 500 active torrents; today that figure sits at a comfortable 2,700. On any given day an average of 20 new torrents are added to the tracker; a modest feat considering the specialization of its content.

On the browse page, torrents contain mini-descriptions as well as a mouseover feature that contains a plot summary and poster art. Inside the torrent details pages is something to behold - here you’ll find a plethora of info about each release, including; full plot & cast, external links to IMDb & soundtracks, video trailers, sample screenshots, media & rip specs, trivia, and more.

Other THC Features…

• Both site and tracker have optional HTTPS (SSL), for added security.

• Loads of rotating freeleech torrents (125 and counting), which often includes torrents from the ‘Theme of the Month’.

• Active Request / Offer system — Can’t find something? Request it; other members or staff will do their best to track it down. Have something you’d like to share? Offer your wares in a special section & view the feedback.

• Advanced IMDb autofill & parsing provide an abundance of info about each film, even for scene releases. Not only does it add uniformity and completeness to torrent pages, but it greatly assists uploaders, as well.

• Enhanced Karma System — Karma currency is earned through various site interactions. With Karma points members can set individual torrents to freeleech (for everyone), buy off H&Rs, bump torrents to the front page, or even donate points towards a sitewide 1-week freeleech.

• Free Movies Of The Week — Members can submit a movie (or pack, up to 3 titles) that they would like to upload; a poll is created and then members will vote for which movie they would like to get the most. The winning movie is then uploaded and automatically becomes freeleech for all.

All in all, hardcore fanatics of the horror genre will definitely rejoice in what The Horror Charnel has to offer. There really is a wide range of content unseen elsewhere, with fresh torrents guaranteed to flood in on a daily basis. The expression, “I came for the movies, but stayed for the people” couldn’t be more true as it is at THC.

  1. foggyhaze Says:

    Great tracker imo, nice that they’re opening up for some peeps. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice tracker with a decent amount of torrents.

    Pity that the design/layout is fucking hideous.

  3. imfamous Says:

    Thanx :)

  4. domos Says:

    tnx guys :)

  5. HerpDARPA Says:

    For B-movies and horror, I can’t see how we need any more trackers when we have Cinemageddon, but I’ll check this out anyway.

  6. HerpDARPA Says:

    Few minutes in, haven’t even dled a torrent, but the UI is hideous and the lag onsite is ridiculous. The torrents also seem underseeded in comparison to CG, but it does have some rare stuff I wouldn’t see elsewhere. A few of the packs actually seem to be stolen from CG and claimed to be compiled by them, though, but that’s a gripe against users rather than against the tracker per se.

  7. manicmac Says:

    A lot of members at THC are at CG too. So yes they do have alot of the same uploads. That is for folks that are on one site but not the other. And for older torrents… lots of us will reseed when the need arises. Just like at CG… older torrents get reseeded quite often. Both are great sites indeed for the harder to find horror titles!

  8. brent Says:

    one of my favorite torrent sites. if you enjoy the horror genre don’t pass it up!

  9. Dungus Says:

    Gmafb. THC helped C.G get on the map. And if THC is a hideous layout, C.G is downright sewage level. The environment At THC is real friendly, where as at C.G they have some nice uploads but some real bad members who can get real nasty. And as far as credit for Movie credit. C.G members have done the same with THC. So please be fair about that.

  10. JIN Says:

    both cg and thc is good

  11. aaaaaaaaaaaa Says:
    here you have free invites for private trackers and also you can buy/trade invites :)

  12. Thanks! Says:

    Thanks FSF!!! We LOVE horror movies, and this site will be perfect for my collection!

  13. snuggles Says:

    Thanks sharky and thanks FSF for the very nice write-up / review :)
    It’s always nice to read stuff like that, being a private site we don’t often see things like this, and it reminds us that what we are doing is a good thing.

    Also, thanks people for he positive feedback! We try and make THC as fun and friendly a place as we can for fans of horror cult and sleaze. We have been doing this for almost 5 years now, and it never gets old!

    About about the mildly negative comments above… Honestly, I don’t see the need lol.
    Most of our sites, and our site(s) staff are friends and have been for a long time now. There is no competition between us, and there never will be. We all help out each other and support each other in times of need, and when times are going well. It would be great if all members did the same ;)

    As a very wise coder once said to me; “sharing is caring”… do that and the rest is just fun!


  14. ShadyGuy Says:

    Snuggles is right, while THC does have packs and uploads that are straight from CG we at CG encourage this kind of thing. There’s no such thing as a “Cinemageddon Exclusive”. What you download from CG you can upload anywhere you like. Both sites are great and although we do have overlap, we each have our own niche. :)




    MAX USER LIMITIT - 666,666,666

    - REALLY ??! :OOo

  16. rbzdsrbvzsev Says:

    Signup on any private tracker has never been easier - is an awesome website where you can get invites for free on many trackers and also buy / trade invites, tell this to all your friends!!!

  17. Red Says:

    Thanks 016, that is an awesome way to find people who are in need of a global ban. Cheers!

  18. Dungus Says:

    Also a note of interest. THC is partnered with LKRG and “THC” so you will be seeing some great and fresh new rips coming soon. THC also has a great easy going forum, were everyone can sit back and just be fans.

  19. manicmac Says:

    Now thats good news. ^ comment above.
    Hey THC has a fun IRC channel too. Been a while since I stopped in but had some fun trivia games and stuff to earn bonus points on the site.

  20. Romano Says:

    Comunidade de Torrents em Língua Portuguesa.

  21. Crispy_Critter Says:

    TheHorrorCharnel will be moving to a new server today due to bandwidth issues with host. All is good so have patience while THC gets it’s strength back. ETA = 12 hours from this post.

  22. ZombieRob Says:

    Thanks for the patience. The server is due to be back up sometime this evening 11/22/10
    We are getting new hardware to provide a smoother usage. To keep updated you can visit us at (6667) #horror-charnel

    Thanks THC

  23. chapagrill Says:

    Im not going to lie. I’m just posting this post for a backlink. Thanks