20 New Private Trackers: November 2010 Edition

With Winter just around the corner, BitTorrent fans usually expect to witness a spike in activity regarding new tracker development - and this November Edition is no exception. Lots of new trackers to report about; including 2 amazing new scene trackers; 2 new HD/Blu-ray trackers to hit the scene; and even some niche sites worthy of mention.

NOTE: FSF apologizes for a lack of recent posts. As many of you already know, I (Sharky) have been ill with recent surgery which has kept me AFK. Things will go back to normal soon :)

General/Scene Trackers…

Not quite ready yet for a public launch, scene tracker is still somewhat in beta but is currently open for registration in advance (but don’t expect it to last). Based upon Gazelle’s latest sourcecode, AlphaOmega (AO) is one of just a few trackers to employ What.CD’s new Ocelot backend code. Browse page lists 775 torrents in their first week of operation. Pros: Seedbox-hosted torrents; fast pres; also carries some P2P releases (FLAWL3SS, HDC). Cons: No ‘index’ page; no pretimes on the browse; each torrent ‘date added’ is measured in hours on Gazelle trackers as opposed to a particular time/date (H/M/S); indexes scene-spam (this could be a ‘pro’ if you’re into 0day apps listed individually).

Our prediction — No question that possessing sceneaxx is the make-or-break between 0day/scene trackers that want to be taken seriously - and AlphaOmega does not disappoint. Pretimes here easily match the big trackers; expect to find upwards of 150 new torrents auto-uploaded daily. Could be the next big thing - the quote below was pulled from their own Wiki page:

AlphaOmega (AO) was started by a group of guys that met on various top name private trackers. Most had been staff at some point or another.


They decided that it was time from them to come together and do things the way they couldn’t on other trackers. This staff used their abilities and experience working behind the scenes of a torrent site to build a site that would rival all others. AO was designed to blow past all others, and leave them in the dust pulling up their pants. AO’s staff is composed of elitists in the torrent world, composed of the top coders, racers, uploaders, and designers.


The site structure is something that has never been seen before. We are pulling releases from top group access on multiple gbit servers. At this point, each torrent is seeded from multiple gbit servers, meaning you will see the greatest speed possible. These releases are auto-uploaded meaning the pre-times are some of the best.


The site is beginning with seed-box only as the means of uploading and download, this provides much high speeds and is fairly rare in the tracker world. The site will never have open sign ups. Once the first round of users have been invited then they each will be given a number of invites. AlphaOmega will make it easy for members to invite friends, This is part of AO’s plan to make this the highest quality private tracker out there.”

Snappy-looking sceneaxx tracker SceneBytes launched less than a month ago (2010-10-24), yet already indexes 3,500 total torrents (with 4,500 seeds) and 1,514 registered members. Pre-times are impressive, and announced under each torrent title on the browse.

Our prediction — What you won’t find at SceneBytes are P2P Releases - SB is strictly a scene-only tracker. As well, almost everything here is considered scene non-spam (there’s no xxx-imagesets, small 0day releases, and almost no music). TIP: Combine SceneBytes with AlphaOmega (see above) and you get an overall completeness of scene releases which could only be compared to having axx at both SCC & GFT. Great stuff!

  • — Category: General/Mixed     Codebase: XBTit 2.1
  • — Signup Link: here.

Online since August, we’d have expected more people to have heard about TorrentOrb - a not-so new general tracker with 383 registered members. On the browse there are 1,780 torrents, with the oldest being from 27/08/2010. Those numbers seem impressive initially, however less than 20 of these have more than one seed and we found less than 10 leechers among all those torrents. Simply put: nobody is using this tracker.

Our prediction — Perhaps XBTit isn’t the best choice of codebase for general trackers. Unless you’re a high-niche site, very few torrenters can tolerate XBTit’s layout. Despite a decent torrent count, a thumbs-down based on the blatant lack of activity & abysmal Alexa rank.

  • — Category: General    Codebase: TBDev?
  • — Signup: You’ll find it.

Just a few days old, Speed-Bytes is a new mixed-content tracker with just 47 registered members and 161 torrents on the browse. There is no H&R system, although members are required to maintain a global ratio of 0.4 or higher.

Our prediction — Way too early to predict. Content varies between small apps, music packs, adult releases and regular movie fare. More activity is requisite if this one wants to stay healthy.

BitBitz is a brand-new nondescript general tracker that contacted us stating, “we are a new site looking for reviews good or bad”. Well, we’re afraid we can’t offer either - the site is just too new.

Our prediction — Who can tell?! Online for just a couple of days, there’s 48 torrents and just eighteen (yes, 18) members. Pros: New signups receive 10GB upload credit, all torrents are freeleech until 2011 & everything appears to be seedbox-hosted. Cons: TSSE codebase, lack of members/uploaders.

Niche Trackers…, as many of you already know, is a tracker created by the iMAGiNE encoding team. UTN can’t solely be classified as a movie tracker since they index all sorts of content; such as TV eps, small appz, games & music. At last check UTN has 1,470 active torrents (with about half being “movies”) and 763 registered members.

Our prediction — There are 118 “IMAGiNE” releases in total at UTN. Of these, 46 are “IMAGiNE Internals” which can’t be found outside of UTN (we checked) however, these 46 are only available to the VIP userclass (good luck getting to that, read on). UTN does have a bonus system for which points can be swapped for one month of VIP access, although it costs a whopping 10,000 points. Since UTN’s seed-point system is extremely cheap whereby it only pays out a maximum of 120 points per day (max. 5 torrents X 24 hours), in a best-case scenario it will take 83.3 days to obtain 10K points (enough to purchase 4 weeks of temp VIP). This is clearly no accident; members who want to be able to download IMAGiNE’s exclusive releases are far better served by donating, which begins at $5 for 4 weeks of temporary VIP access (or $100 for permanent VIP status). Is this worth it for 46 exclusive releases? You be the judge.

WrestlingAxxess is BitTorrent’s newest wrestling tracker, being online since 2010-10-23. While not exclusively about wrestling, torrents for MMA/UFC also exist. Current stats (total # of torrents including inactive, as well as the number of registered members) are not displayed on the homepage.

Our prediction — Amazing design, easy browsing - all WrestlingAxxess needs is more content. With just 120 active torrents on the browse, it remains to be seen if WA has what it takes to become competitive in amongst other high-profile popular wrestling trackers.

Online since October 30th, is an eLearning tracker - or more specifically, a self improvement & lifestyle tracker. To quote, uA calls itself “a private tracker that specializes in lifestyle content. uActivity will help you to share videos, E-books and audio files related to day to day human life. From Self Improvement, Fitness, Food, Drinking, Dancing, Health, Fitness, Seduction, NLP and Cooking to Magic Illusions and More.”

Our prediction — uActivity is a sister site to popular eLearning tracker Elbitz, so expect a good deal of initial interest. As of 2010-11-11, uA already indexes 611 active torrents.

  • — Category: Hi-Def     Codebase: XBTit
  • — Signup Link: here. is a brand-new community for high-definition content - including full/untouched Blu-rays, FLAC audio releases, HD movie encodes (720p/1080p) & even HD-TV. If it’s HD, it’s allowed. To quote, “We seed our torrents with seedboxes, so even 1 seeder could give you high speeds.”

Our prediction — Off to a decent start, Blu-Bits lists 92 torrents and 745 members since coming online in early November. Full BR’s are freeleech, and most everything else is half-leech - plus there’s an active request system.

  • — Category: 3D Blu-ray     Codebase: Forum
  • — Signup Link: here.

Newly forged 3dBlurayISO is a forum dedicated to providing 3D Blu-ray films (BD3D ISOs, encodes & side-by-side/SBS - all in 3D). Not exclusively just a tracker, most releases contain torrents as well as DDLs (Hotfile, etc) and NZB (Usenet) links. Members need to register first before being granted privileges to view most threads, and for the tracker (which is private) users are required to maintain a 0.5 global sharing ratio.

Our prediction — Blossoming community, but because of the specific hardware requirements 3dBlurayISO won’t be for everyone. Lots of activity going on here besides just torrents (there’s 136 in all) - including 3D hardware/software discussion and other related topics. 3D-ready HDTV, shutter glasses & a playback method are not included.

Online since September, Music-Torrents has had plenty of time to amass a respectable number of torrents, but has failed to do so. There exists just 59 torrents (and a lowly 42 seeds) among 1,161 total members. This tracker can’t possibly be serious - with over 1K members (all of whom are permitted to upload torrents) and just 42 seeders. WTF.

International Trackers…

JungleTracker is a new RO/EN general tracker that’s been online less than a month. Content is a mixed-bag between scene releases (and P2P) with a penchance towards RoSubbed films. Interestingly, staff are very generous with the upload credit: a new account just two weeks old already has 95GB ‘upload’ without downloading a single torrent.

Our prediction — JungleTracker is improving lately: On November 7th they indexed just 148 active torrents, now lists 645 - with a total membership of 3,000 users & 2,565 seeders.

There’s only so much we can say about a tracker with 50 torrents, let alone even be bothered to include them in this list. A selection of RoSubbed AxxO torrents pretty much sums it up nicely.

Our prediction — Romania is indeed home to some really great trackers, but TorFiles isn’t (and will never be) one of them. 55 total torrents since 2010-11-03 won’t win many fans. Move along, folks.

Other Trackers… — Supposedly a new adult tracker; had some database errors at last check. — The new URL of an unknown Polish tracker that’s using a database from a previous tracker. Has 4,204 members and 6,896 torrents. Registration is closed at last check. — Recently resurfaced using this old domain. Stats unknown. — Just 12 active torrents since debuting on November 8th, 2010. — Supposedly new tracker from the SeedZone staff. Down at last check. — Newer forum-style adult tracker. The tracker itself appears offline, and site abandoned. — New Polish tracker from September. Lists 394 torrents on the browse. — Newer Polish site with a user limit of 1,200. Games/XBOX tracker? — Zero seeders among 1,500 torrents, no new torrents during the past 10 days. Abandoned project? — Nice layout to this RO/EN tracker, but lists just 109 total torrents in their first month of operation. — No need to signup to view their 46 torrents. — Invite code required at this new Slovenian tracker. — Just 36 torrents since October 9th. — Romanian tracker with 330 active torrents. — RO/EN tracker that launched on 2010-11-18.

Updates on Last Month’s (October) Trackers… — Last month had 1,781 torrents, now has 3,843 - a vast improvement. — Increased torrent count to 1,388 from 467. — Had 776 torrents last month; now has 1,019. — Last month had 2,168 members and 1,215 torrents - now has 5,142 members and 2,911 torrents. — Had 384 torrents, now has 1,218. — Traffic to site has trickled to a crawl; torrent count dropped from 200 to 150. — Active torrents jumped from 591 to 1,347. — Had 800 internal torrents, now has just 230 total seeds. Public tracker stats not included. — Had 1,025 torrents, now has 1,805. Those interested in joining can apply through their invite app: — Now has 756 total torrents, as opposed to 182 active on the browse last month. — New stats unknown; no possibility to ‘recover old account’? — Increased torrents from 200 to 263. (SceneVids) — Had ~800 torrents, now has 1,300. — Slight positive change; had 766 torrents, now has 931. — Had 4,600 torrents, now has ~5,500.— Offline. — No change; indexes 367 active torrents (had 369 before). — Torrent count increased, but total seeders have declined. — Had 1,340 torrents, now has 3,252. — Had 200 active torrents, now just 138. — Had 2K active torrents, now lists 3,100. — Had 105 active torrents, now has 101. — Offline at last check.

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    Some great content going up and all hosted on fast seedboxes. Great if your an uploader at other small sites as you can steal there torrents :wink:

    Some stats:
    Torrents 2,915
    Torrents Today 479
    Peers 3,264
    Unconnectable Peers 59
    Seeders 3,257
    Unconnectables ratio (%) 2
    Leechers 7
    Seeder/leecher ratio (%) 46529
    Total Uploaded 27.93 TB

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    “At this point, each torrent is seeded from multiple gbit servers, meaning you will see the greatest speed possible.”

    I see only 1 seeder on 99% of all torrents.

    “The site will never have open sign ups.”

    Wrong again.

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    Hey sharky - just thought id point out that 3dsbs torrents is actually a pretty good site for 3D movies, there are very few groups out there that do 3d rips. And the 46 torrent count isnt exactly a negative point since there are very few 3D blurays available to encode. Again, for obvious reasons, its a niche tracker, but not one I would gloss over for owners of 3D hardware.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the site (just a member), and I DO use 3dblurayiso too, just saying both are good sources.

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    Torrent site != Tracker

    Our website for example is a movie torrent indexer.

    Which means that our robots crawl the web automagically searching for the best movie torrents available.

    We currently index BDRIP / DVDRIP / R5 / SCREENER only (No TS or CAM).
    Since everything is managed via our custom robots we have been able to put some intelligence there : only the best torrents we were able to find for each movie are displayed. Our robots target both releases (MAXSPEED, FXG, …) and scene (ViSiON, FLAWL3SS) groups thus making sure that the movies are made available as soon as they come out and that the most seeded torrent only are displayed.

    The website is free and does not require any subscription.

    As for stats, we currently have 3690 torrents for 2654 movies.

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    “AO’s staff is composed of elitists in the torrent world, composed of the top coders, racers, uploaders, and designers.”

    Their staff also seems to be composed of arrogant douchebags who don’t have the skills to back up anything they said. Other than the design/layout (which is good but not great) the rest of the site looks no different from any other month-old noob tracker. 99% of the torrents have only a single seeder, pretimes are sloooooow, and most torrents fall under the tv/movies/xxx categories that you can find on every other tracker on the planet.

    With all the AO c*cksucking that’s going on in various forums I expected something much better.

  62. Stoner Says:

    U cant judge a tracker by its first few months.. Sure some start out great… But then start to fail, others start out looking quite bad, but then turn into something special. Maybe they will maybe they wont… But every new site needs to be given time to settle in.

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    Portuguese Language invite forum(no traders).

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    Keep it up fellas!

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    fast on releases and well worth the praise they will get , massive thumbs up from me!!

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    I agree. SceneBytes seems much better than AlphaOmega. Looks a hell of a lot better. Gazelle FTL.

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    Invite only - Signups are closed presently

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    Torrents 468 :) just a quick update thanks for joining all that have :D

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    When u are feeling better mate can you do me a favour, stop writing reviews for sites running TSSE script, it seems every wanker with $150 to spend decides to start a torrent site, in the main they have no idea what they are doing, the sites look fcking awful and members security is a fcking joke.

    A little tip guys, if you dont know php, dont bother, you are putting yourselves and your members at risk.

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    (01)-(SCC) Ninja.Warrior.S12E01.PDTV.XviD-W4F (13.39s AP)
    (02)-(DH) Ninja.Warrior.S12E01.PDTV.XviD-W4F (15.41s AP) (W: SCC 2.02s Ago)
    (03)-(SBT) Ninja.Warrior.S12E01.PDTV.XviD-W4F (17.22s AP) (W: SCC 3.83s Ago)

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  81. dirty dirk Says: <—- this ones the shit!! i’d recommend joining and i’m not one for recommendations. In a few months/years time this will be up there with the best scene trackers and invites will be like trying to find buried gold. The speed in which Content is posted is ridiculously fast. Download speeds are getting better with the growing amount of users jumping on torrents but still need a lot of improving.

  82. Anonymous Says:

    @81 DIRTY DIRK


    I’m guessing that you’re staff on AO, since staff members are the only people who would post such fanboy nonsense and blatantly lie about how awesome the site is.

    (21)-(AO) The.Walking.Dead.S01E06.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE (16m 46.45s AP)
    (21)-(AO) Boardwalk.Empire.S01E12.HDTV.XviD-FEVER (18m 20.43s AP)

    Between pre times like those, the open signups, giving every user 20 invites each, and the 1 seeder and no leechers on most of the torrents… watch out SCC/GFT!

  83. ANONYMOUS Says:

    So its bad because it had open signups during its first couple weeks of existence, its bad because it gave the first batch of new users 20 invites, yet also bad because there aren’t enough peers on each torrent…..were the peers just supposed to fall out of the sky on day 1? Let me guess, FTN is the greatest thing since sliced bread, right?! Because unless a site is super l33t and hard to get into, its total crap, especially a new site. Bitch about pre-times, bitch about not enough peers (IF it actually makes torrents slower to download in your specific case, I’m guessing you never got past the browse page), bitch about gazelle if you don’t like it, but the rest of your argument has nothing to do with anything. The site is 2-3 weeks old. If its as terrible as you say, then guess what? Don’t join it, ever, and ignore posts about it. As you say, it’ll go away in 6-8 months. Your e-penis doesn’t get any bigger by acting like a douchebag in comments for a place that you clearly don’t like.

  84. SPTeam Says:


  85. John Says:
    the best place for torrent invites, discussion, tracker reviews, trades, sell, buy, etc ! visit and sing-up today!

  86. OMG Says:

    @ 83

    No what is bad, is all the coverage they have had and the crap they have posted in there forum instructing users how to make a review of there site.. Most of it is complete bull cr*p

    Users should be making there own reviews of a site, not what the owners/staff want them to say.

    Pretimes are pretty dismal on most stuff but yeah they aint the worst ever seen on a private tracker.

    As for some of the other crap, like having access to groups dumps, I very much doubt it, having multiple gbits seeding every torrent.. Yeah right.. That aint happening.

    Its a “OK” site.. Design aint all that compared to alot of the others.. SCC, TL, GFT even SeX although that is another overrated piece of Cr*p site.. These sites get all the hype take in 1,000’s of users and just dont perform on what they set out todo. I bet out of all the people who signup they have less than 10% that are active.
    There are many more better smaller sites, that dont go for the coverage that AO and SeX have gone for..

  87. delbhoys Says: come and have a look at this site

  88. matt Says:

    wheres the updates? this site is walking dead

  89. gl00zak Says:

    agreee with mr matt, where are all da updates mon

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    @ 97,102,105

    Read the articles completely and be considerate ya @s$holes

  107. odin Says:

    @anon right hole blog is run by sharky and no one else you ki$$a$$

  108. Anon Says:

    @ ODIN

    Come on, do u want buddhas son coming back and posting his crap.. I would rather wait myself lol

    Also look at the date of this post. (22nd) so I wouldnt expect another one on new trackers till around the 22nd of this month. Tbh though how many new trackers are there, that you know about since this last article.
    Maybe more due one on new seedboxes. Remember torrentfreak and filesharefreak are run by the same people.. Torrentfreak gets the lions share of articles as they cover more bits around bittorrent. This blog is aimed more at sites/seedboxes/bittorrent apps. So will be a bit slower in getting new aritcles.

    Also dont help the main poster/blogger is not very well. So on that note.. Get well soon Sharky.. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and come back with something good in the new year.

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    FileShareFreak is now officially dead. It was fun while it lasted! Have a nice day.

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    Sharky could you please make an official anouncement? Is it that you just have other goals in life?.. I would understand that.

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    Sharky I’ve got an idea for your next article. “Game trackers are dead”
    Who would want to have a separate tracker for computer games? You can download all the stuff from scene and general tracker.

    blackcatgames has open signups lol

  176. @scenepeople Says:

    Why in the world would you call your site scenepeople and then upload all external torrents? On top of that you have posted that site is freeleech for right now but remember Please do not hit ‘n’ run, keep the torrents seeded! Are you serious, you really want people to download and seed torrents that you pull off a public site and put on your private site. I also noticed the owner name was “X”, and when I asked “X” if he was “X-Blade” he replied no. But then the name “X” disappeared shortly after. Hmmm this leads me to believe that A: You are X-Blade B: You use to be the site owner of Which if any of you remember correctly Sharky (which we all miss and hopefully gets better soon) gave him the The LOL Tracker of the Month back in August (check the part 1 of August). I remember the site was only open a short time and you ran off with a couple of members donations (which they are only to blame there selfs for donating to such a shit site). So anyone wanting to check out the “scenepeople” beware it won’t last longer either. PMSL at external torrents on a private site!!!

  177. :( Says:

    \o/ thanks for the heads up 0176. This all sounds phunny.
    … is going to look for that August thread.

  178. @Everyone Says:

    It would seem that aka “X” aka “X-Blade” is now going by the name “deejayisea” still can’t get over the fact that there name is scenepeople and they upload tons of externals pmsl

    Taken from there chat box:

    [12:24] Mikey : wow someone has been busy
    [15:08] deejayisea : ok i have loads a url going to this site lol :O

    People this is only spelling trouble for there site and you if you download from them be smart avoid like its a toothless hooker with herpes :) . There are so many sites out there to choose from I would grab and trust shit from the pirate bay be for this shit site ;)

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    I’m not on that tracker but I think I heard that it’s dead. I’m not sure though..

    @Everyone else. Lol you guys pay attention to trackers like X-Blade? It’s the first time I hear about this tracker in the comments to this thread. There are only a few good trackers. Stick with them.

  182. Says:

    no, ;( above is wrong, he is not on that tracker but he thinks he heard its dead… ha whatever. sciencehd lives on, stronger than ever.. i am member and i love it there. u have to do a workaround to get there now thou.. and change it in the rutorrent tracker announce too… not to poke bad about anyone thou…
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    No wonder you stay on TPB.
    Good luck.

  190. :( Says:

    \o/ @Pants. Don’t you understand that advertising your tracker in such a way doesn’t do good for it? No, thanks. I won’t register.

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